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  1. They met on Sunday and awarded it to Man Utd.
  2. That’s got to be the first time Joe Mercer has ever been grouped with Shankly and Ferguson in a great manages list. He wasn’t a bad manager but really? Strange to compare any of them to Dean Smith too, for a whole host of reasons. If in 15 years time Dean is mentioned in the same breath as those two then we will all, well most of us, be absolutely ecstatic. Of course you are very welcome to your opinions.
  3. He’s setting up for saying winning at Old Trafford 3-0 is no big deal these days, as Ronaldo is only a poacher.
  4. There seems to be a constant moving of the goal posts for some posters. For example Dean used to get stick, often regardless of the result, if he didn’t make subs at the exact moment that was deemed to be correct. Now with greatly improved strength in depth, his substitutions are down played because we’ve built a strong squad and the opposition hasn’t. Baffling.
  5. They didn’t the last time I went to Anfield, you could hear a pin drop when we weren’t singing.
  6. Beat Man City at the end of November, Pep resigns in his post match interview and you won’t be able to move for Citeh fans in the club shop asking if we do px deals on nearly new Citeh shirts. They’ll all be on the train back to London in their new Villa shirts with their Citeh shirts in a Villa bag, moaning that they couldn’t do a swap. Those without new Villa shirts will be pleased that they’d kept their old United shirts and were going home to get changed before they went to the pub.
  7. We’ve done that as have lots of clubs’ fans since I can remember and that’s going back well into the 70’s. Maybe a bit naff but it’s not new. I doubt it’s ever put a goalkeeper off!
  8. Fear not Phil, the club that started the league will at some point, somehow save the league. The Corinthian spirit will be restored and the mighty Villa will return to the very top of the pile, lords of all we survey.
  9. I’ve not been here for a few days, took up fishing. So in my defence I’m not match fit. Still he would make a hell of an impact sub. Imagine being so good that he couldn’t make the first 11.
  10. I was just thinking something similar. Whether he’ll be happy with the roll or not I’m not so sure. If he keeps knocking out 20 minutes like yesterday he probably won’t be too concerned.
  11. I’ve always thought Everton were a proper club, classy and respectful. That is mirrored in their fans too. A huge difference between them and the lot across Stanley Park.
  12. From what we’ve seen of the lad so far, I know that isn’t very much in terms of minutes on the pitch, I’d say he’s better than both Trez and AEG by quite some way.
  13. That’s absolutely right, without a quality bench we have no options and won’t progress. Chelsea started the game on Saturday with 5 European Cup Final players on the bench. If we want to eventually compete at the top we have to think that way. I think the club know this, just some of the fans that need to get up to speed.
  14. Halcyon days, now long gone and undoubtedly never to return.
  15. I remember that cartoon well. It was after the European Cup semi final, when there was a “minor” disturbance during the game. Well people on the roof, pitch invader blocked a shot, game stopped for 20 minutes. Like I say minor, it was the 80s. I think it was on the Brum Mail at the time.
  16. I’ve no idea how the owners carry out their assessment but I doubt it would be on a week by week basis, I’d hope and believe that they will be interested how we do week by week but they’ve never come across as short term knee jerk reaction types. They’re assessment will I’d think be a broad over view. I’m sure they will employ people looking at the minutiae but more to help the whole club tweak things here and there. When I said that targets and circumstances will be changing as the season goes on, I meant that stuff like long term injuries to key players, can inevitably have an effect on our season. Equally a few players doing better than we’d hoped, perhaps young players, may mean that we aim to finish a place or two higher. It’s just guesswork for us fans and probably the same for those at the club but a much more informed guess.
  17. For what it’s worth, I think the club set targets but with in certain parameters, both of which, during the course of the season will change. There are always circumstances both good and bad beyond the reasonable control of the club. Yesterday’s farce in Brazil being one of them. The season we got promoted, exceeded our target. The next season I believe we basically hit the ultimate target but probably too close for comfort. I’d imagine that there is an upper and lower range of what we would aim for but with caveats along the way, injuries etc. Basically long term Dean is doing a great job and long may that continue for his, the club’s and us fan’s sakes. I believe he and the club are growing together at a very good rate.
  18. Yes and we were in Wales so I’m not sure we got anything. I remember the headline the next day, so that could have been the first time I knew the result. Happy memory though.
  19. I was on holiday with my Mom and Dad at Harlech Wales, in a caravan. I believe it was a night game and we were trying to get radio updates. One of the newspapers next day had a back page headline, “Villa 1 - Villa 4.”
  20. Get to the next local antiques roadshow, that’s got to be worth a few grand surely!
  21. I’m glad you found the strength to post in here, I like your posts and agree with lots of what you say. Not that my endorsement is anything to get excited about. My ability to produce endless twaddle doesn’t seem to be decreasing as I get older. I agree that there is a certain therapeutic value to this place, unfortunately for my wife I tend to bang on in “real life” too, often about quite random subjects which she has little real interest in. Recently the topics have included, the offside rule, cricket particularly LBW and fishing. Bloody hell I sound boring to myself now!
  22. Depression is a lot harder to deal with than a broken leg or one of the more well recognised diseases. Many people suffer in silence, we struggle to open up and don’t want to be seen as weak. Being depressed isn’t a weakness it’s a disease and a disease that’s tough to deal with and often goes along silently. This place often becomes toxic and some of the vitriol that is regularly directed at hard working people, because a football team lost a game, is as shameful as it is dangerous. I’m sure people in high profile jobs generally develop a thick skin pretty quickly but they’re humans with feelings and shouldn’t have to put up with it. They also have families who perhaps aren’t as thick skinned as they are. I’m not saying there’s no room for banter or criticism but perhaps we should all just think a bit more before we speak and try to express ourselves without the need to assassinate someone’s character, just because they got something wrong or have a different opinion. I know it’s a well worn phrase, but taking time to be kind needs to be something we perhaps all should try to do a little bit more every day.
  23. Then famously and hilariously Karen Brady said to Big Ron, “It must be great having your son playing for you.”
  24. I’m possibility now the only man in the Highlands outside his workshop singing, “Brian Little walks on water!!” The neighbours will think I’ve been on the sauce a bit early!
  25. Brian Little walks on water, what a phenomenal player, so many incredible memories. Then he came back as manager and bought us more joy. An absolute gentleman and top bloke. I remember when we were trying to get Dean Saunders from Liverpool and Brian wrote an open letter to one of the papers. He said something like, “Aston Villa are the best and friendliest club in the country, I’d advise Dean to go there. When I retire, I intend to spend the rest of my days watching The Villa.” That’s my Christmas present sorted, thank you Brian.
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