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  1. He's not - he's just made a mis-step - and is scared of all those Citeh fans he's been encouraging
  2. What a Representative for Wellingborough - his old tweet was utterly unambiguous
  3. "This is more on the nose than you think (I think)" - in response to someone saying it's all a bit ironic that Jack's renewing while Kane wishes he hadn't renewed...
  4. Sam Lee admitting he might know Feck all after all
  5. Completely agree, the relentless press coverage here from the usual players has been all via Citeh, and zero NSWE - I get the feeling our lot know a shit ton more about playing this game than anyone has given them credit for.
  6. Yeah I thought that but this guy is a yank, he just won't put bitter winding up on Leeds behalf before his reputation of calling big sports stories early - IMHO. Plus the Bucks connection. It passes the most stringent sniff test.
  7. The bolded 'meeting room' is of course intentional and a reference to everyone expecting a meeting today. I think this is well and truly sorted and we are building up to a big announcement, at their leisure. I mean everyone is watching now, and you can't help but feel it's a FU to Citeh who had been so loudly briefing the press over the last few days.
  8. Going City - Fabrozio told me
  9. Gentlemen's agreements sound all very noble, but if you don't have it on paper in what is a multi million pound business environment, you're a bit of a mug.
  10. Either Jack's better behaved or there's less in his bid than Kane's
  11. Thanks, I did and am stillnonethewiser...
  12. **** all - just did the old eye thing and associated himself with a friend of Grealish - said friend then joined in saying something entirely non-commital - but they joined in nonetheless.
  13. ok you and @tinker - need to elaborate
  14. I saw that little flutter of info - resulting in deleted tweets. Hard to know if these guys are just getting off on the drama or not.
  15. @tinker - that der positive thing you said needs a little backing up / filling out....
  16. Why the doubt you negative bastard?
  17. I hope you get Todd Cantwell. Sounds like a threat
  18. I don't think if NSWE were about to accept the highest transfer fee in British history, that they would say to Jack you'd better come in and train until the fax gets to Citeh. This is a pause in proceedings and Jack's now back in the fold and not surrounded by agent/family only. Psych-ops ongoing...
  19. Well what it does say is that Jack hasn't thrown a hissy fit and avoided returning to camp because he's so desperate to get to Citeh. As it stands he is a player of AVFC. Yet the last 3 days coverage painted a different narrative.
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