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  1. Currently Steve Bruce is the most senior person with any footballing experience at the club. 12 games or so until the transfer window - get rid of the cabbage at your peril!
  2. I can't look at that and not think Labour, Greens and Lib Dems need to coordinate to oust the tories. Meanwhile at Starmer HQ -"Can we win it on our own? Yes we can!" deluded numpties.
  3. I can see why it works, I'm naturally left, but I do not support the way many on the left fall over themselves to be politically correct. If I'm not completely abnormal I suspect we all are a bit more complicated than simply left or right these days. Boris offers us a bit of both, Starmer tries to - though the former clearly has a better eye for it.
  4. I know, but they are paying attention to public opinion, tories are not on natural ground, ideologically
  5. Bozza delivering Jezza's policies - it's the best we're going to get to the policies people want in a character that people feel authentic. I mean we could improve on Bozza, and we could certainly improve on the policies but I don't see any other option presently. Starmer has neither the authentic personality (what in fact is his personality?) nor the ability to go further left than Bozza, as that would be doing an antisemitism. UK is in a rut.
  6. England actually deserve to lose this at the last - subs have taken us backwards, now they've lost concentration. Shit from Southgate. Proper shit.
  7. I actually have hopes for this report. Not for its substance so much but as a sign that his party are coming for Boris. It is no surprise to see Jeremy Hunt behind it - he has been needling Bozza for some time, and this is very much an intentional wounding too, there will be more and more of this as the party jostles for a new leader.
  8. It will be fun for a little bit yet - being the richest club in the world creates no end of opportunities to poke fun at any particular failing. I mean, anything short of appointing a champions league manager and the ire and gags of an entire country of football fans will be aimed squarely at the geordies. They will eventually have the last laugh, but not before we've all had our fun.
  9. It would be perfect if the 'investment fund' actually functioned as an investment - 17th place the target every yer - perpetual Ashley
  10. 100% they have a problem - it is why 10 mil on severance etc is a major play on rafa - the perfect manager for now
  11. The Saudis are used to a wonderful controllably life - do they realise that they have just given ALL their opponents a platform for criticism? XR are blocking motorways in the face of Boris Fing Johnson - do the house of saud have any appreciation of our ability to be words removed? This is very different to football money from before - there will be worldwide broadcasts of NUFC which will be vandalised by protestors - I wager that the Saudis are deluded and will **** off when they realise.
  12. Dean Smith does not start a match thinking we haven't got a chance - we start games thinking we have a chance. No way is it written in this way. We have money and we have nous, we will be fine.
  13. The trajectory we are on is going to be the same as NUFC - you spend pretty much what you can to jump a few places every season. This season is a bit different in that we've banked the Grealish cash. I hope we carry on, and stay ahead.
  14. They will have an advantage over everyone bar the top 6 - then they are making up the numbers - not a bad position to be in but this takeover is happening 2021, not 2008. Our task is to make the top 6 too, and we have a shot.
  15. Agree. The prem has never been more powerful - we are well positioned in a league that in the next few years will make mental TV money. I see the NUFC deal as good all round (well apart from the murdering regime).
  16. Wot, fail to win the Champions League more?
  17. Gerrard for manager? He's fav at the moment. If so, does that spell out ambition?
  18. Now that we know they will be a powerhouse, all eyes on getting them relegated just for the giggles. New manager will have to get the best out of existing squad before buying in Jan window - and we all know too many at once can be a negative. Rafa would have been absolutely perfect - If I was them I'd pay the compo to get him off Everton.
  19. They're the biggest winners in all of this, their hand strengthened considerably, the threat of another super league diminished further. The best players can go to PSG if they want, but if they really want to test themselves, they'll go to the prem where the real competition is.
  20. Gossip that they are going after key staff at Citeh - they could get them all if they wanted, they will run to the highest bidder. Will be fun watching Citeh have done to them what they have done to others.
  21. I see it as 6 points a season that'll be harder to get (and it's not like we always got them before). My biggest concern is on transfers, they will be going after our targets so that'll add another layer of difficulty. But I see an opportunity here - NUFC will disrupt the order and weaken a few teams around them, less so us. And maybe it'll be a psychological blow to the likes of Spurs, and cause less investment at some other top 10 clubs who may now fall back to being happy in the prem but nothing else.
  22. I can't fault the NUFC fans, they had no power to change things under Ashley, and now no power under the Saudis - yet Ashley = intense misery and Saudis = dreamland. They've every right to enjoy this. If they start defending human rights abuses though that's a different ball game.
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