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Found 38 results

  1. We have a new Sporting Director it would appear, good luck and welcome Jesus.
  2. This looks as though it is as good as done. He comes with good pedigree from Liverpool and Chelsea. Can he deliver for us in the role of CEO? Hopefully he can’t do much worse than previous encumbents.
  3. av1

    The NSWE Board

    Sawiris, Edens, Xia, CP. Dump it all here.
  4. Today the club have announced "significant investment" from a company called NSWE, headed by Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens. It is assumed that they have bought a controlling stake in order to ease the club's cashflow problems and will eventually complete a full takeover of the club, although this is yet to be confirmed. Here is some information about Nassef - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nassef_Sawiris Welcome to the Club, Nassef. Please don't be another false dawn. This club is at the heart of football. We deserve better than we've had of late.
  5. There's a meeting of the Fans Consultancy Group prior to Tuesday's game with Barnsley and VT have been invited. If there's anything you want to raise about the club, the matchday experience, ticketing, hospitality, merchandise, the club website or anything at all that isn't player performance, please let us know in this thread and we'll raise anything that people want raised at the meeting. Thank you!
  6. It’s nearly that time again. Next Tuesday night, again with CP. Anyone else going ? What a difference a year makes !
  7. Today the club have announced "significant investment" from a company called NSWE, headed by Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens. It is assumed that they have bought a controlling stake in order to ease the club's cashflow problems and will eventually complete a full takeover of the club, although this is yet to be confirmed. Here is some information about Wes - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wes_Edens Welcome to the Club, Wes. Make us feel proud again.
  8. Our new CEO, Keith Wyness, fronted up to the media today alongside Di Matteo and Xia. Spoke very well, and comes with a good track record and experience from Everton. It's good to have an experienced CEO in place and an owner with ambition. Wyness has a big job on his hands. "I've seen many chairman come in and promise the world and deliver an atlas!" Let's hope we don't get an atlas.
  9. allani

    Living wage

    I was reading the BBC web-site this morning and, although I am usually very sceptical about such headlines and stories, I was very surprised to read that only 4 Premier League clubs pay their staff the voluntary living wage rate (Everton, Liverpool, Chelsea and West Ham). Now I am not someone who necessarily believes that companies should be forced or even encouraged to flatten their salary structures and reduce the pay gap between the highest earners and the lowest earners. However, that said I was pretty shocked by how little some staff members at certain Premier League clubs appear to be earning. Therefore, in the hopes that some NSWE Board members glance at VillaTalk every now and again (or have staff reporting to them that do) I would like to propose that we, as Aston Villa FC fans would whole heartedly encourage the Board to commit to not only paying all staff working for the club the Voluntary Living Wage but that actually they pay slightly above that rate (I think outside London the rate is VLW is £9 per hour whilst the National Minimum Wage is £8.21 - so a minimum £9.50 at AVFC could make a fairly significant difference). I think this would be an incredible commitment and really reinforce the idea that Villa is a proper family / community club that celebrates all its staff and recognises the important role that they all play in the successful operations of the club and our match day experiences as fans. Voluntary Living Wage
  10. Accounts for Aston Villa Football Club Limited were out today. Heres a couple of interesting points I took out of it. Worth noting That these set of accounts do not include player trading and wages. These figures, along with those seen within AVFC Ltd are ultimately consolidated and published within Recon Group UK Limited, whose accounts are overdue. I am only including the rough figures from the accounts, for exact see the links above. Revenue Revenue in total is down 9% from circa £71m to £65m, broken down as such: Broadcasting income is down 16% From circa £48m to £40m, expected due to prolonged time in the championship. Believe its our last year of parachute payments, so likely to decrease further in upcoming years. Commercial income has decreased by 20% from circa £10m to £8m. Gate income has increased by 10% from circa £10m to £11m, most likely due to the playoff run and what was a relatively good season. Sponsorship income has increased by 76% from circa £3m to £5m. Admin expenses Total increase of 23%, from circa £79m to £97m. Staff costs have decreased by 28% from circa £8m to £6m, due from a reduction to staff levels of 283. Broken down this is a reduction in full time employees of 31 and part time (match day and events) of 252. Directors pay has increased by 22% from circa £360k to £440k. I think these sums would only be in relation to Keith Wyness, and if so would suggest he gave himself a nice pay rise while letting other staff go. Speculation though. Depreciation charged to the P&L is relatively the same. Other Accruals and deferred income has increased by 130% from circa £9m to £20m. This pretty much explains the increase to administration costs during the year. Not sure on what they have accrued for though, speculating it might be with regards to the HS2 stuff. No stock suggests we continued to outsource the catering. bank loans and overdrafts were fully paid off. There is a note on contingent liabilities which states that an ex employee has bought a claim against the club for unfair dismissal. See Keith Wyness. However at this point it is impractical to estimate a cost in relation to the claim. Suggests no costs recognised for it within the accounts. Feel free to add any further points i might have missed. Currently an operating loss of £32.5m for the time being, however until final accounts are out from Recon we wont have the full picture with regards to FFP.
  11. Cue the “can she play left back?” witticisms.... Express & Star link
  12. I've seen a few posters over the past few weeks discussing the state of our finances. The 2015/16 accounts should be released in the new year, but the truth is we are a financial basket case of a club.To put this in perspective, most Premier Club's are now profit making with Villa possibly the only club not to have posted a profit in the past 10 years. With the 15/16 accounts set to reveal a £5-10 million loss, the truth is we never once made a profit under Lerner's regime. Infact, the last time the club made a profit was 2002, when we made a meagre £342,196 profit. I reckon we will post losses of £30 odd million for this season.
  13. Any news on the DOF and CEO appointments?
  14. meme

    Steve Round

    We all knew this was happening. Now it's happened Thoughts? Care? Cash? Lerner's Fault?
  15. Heretic

    Tom Fox

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. I couldn't find it. It's an article where Tom Fox talks about his time at Villa. More on link
  16. Nowhere to be seen again yesterday, has he completely lost interest ? When did he last attend a game ? I don't think he's been this season at all so far
  17. I know nothing about him - hope ive spelled his name right :- Anyone got any details on his CV - Has he returned to us from Liverpool ? - What's his job role ?
  18. avfcDJ

    2016: A memoir

    Been a bit of a crap one, hasn't it? Started out with the board refusing to back a new manager, followed by humiliation and relegation. Between it all were the protests - which were (if I do say so myself) something to be proud of. Then we get Tony, RDM and the absolute chaos of his management. Following that Bruce and a revival. Been one hell of a year and one we won't forget - for bad reasons mainly, but some good in there in parts. What are your main memories?
  19. This coming Monday, Villatalk has been invited to a supporters group meeting with Steve Round, Technical Director. If there are any questions you'd like asked to him about his role, the direction he wants to take Villa in, what he's done so far, his feelings on managers or just about anything you can think of that might be of interest, please let us know in this thread.
  20. Appointed a new chairman. But yet again appoints someone who has NO experience within Football. http://www.avfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10265~5273031,00.html
  21. According to BBC Sport Brian Little has been appointed to the board along with David Bernstein. A step in the right direction at least Little cares about Villa.
  22. New Chief Commercial Officer From www.avfc.co.uk: Aston Villa is pleased to announce Charlie Wijeratna as the club's first ever chief commercial officer. In this new role Charlie will have responsibility for all areas of revenue generation and will also oversee the club's marketing and media operations. Speaking on the appointment, chief executive Tom Fox said: "We are really excited to have someone with Charlie's commercial background joining the club. "He has valuable experience in football from his time at Tottenham and has a proven track record in revenue generation at both London 2012 and now the Baku 2015 European Games. "He knows how to build highly effective teams and develop winning partnerships with top global brands. "Under his leadership we expect our commercial operation to generate the revenue that a club the size of Aston Villa is capable of." Charlie Wijeratna commented: "I am delighted to be returning to football at such a storied club as Aston Villa and I'm really excited about the challenge and the opportunity in front of us. "I am particularly looking forward to working with a senior management team that understands the opportunity that the Premier League's global television reach offers clubs today. "Aston Villa is one of England's great football clubs and I am keen to make my contribution to developing the club's commercial revenues while respecting its heritage and values." Charlie started his career at Sky Sports making sports TV programmes before spending eight years in the city as a corporate lawyer and then an investment banker. He initiated London's bid for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, with the bid's first chairman Barbara Cassani, putting in place the commercial and legal deals behind London's winning proposal. After the Games were awarded in 2005, Charlie was the driving force behind the sponsorship programme that raised over £700m. He was also responsible for the sale of the Paralympic broadcasting rights, London's licensing and retail programme and the sale of hospitality rights. In total he led deals that raised over £830m for London 2012. At Tottenham Hotspur, Charlie was responsible for the overhaul of the club's brand and visual identity and at Baku 2015 he assembled a first class team that has so far built a new brand, completed and announced 14 sponsorship deals and announced broadcasting rights deals covering 47 countries. Now for an assistant manager, hey!
  23. In sure he has a thread hidden away somewhere. Apologies mods if he has one, but he's back! http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-owner-randy-lerner-11055402
  24. Statement from the club. http://www.avfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10265~5429868,00.html Interesting set-up. Thoughts?
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