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  1. DaveAV1

    Micah Richards

    It’s probably how much we’re paying Micha Richards per game he’s played.
  2. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    Brian Clough was an outstanding manager, as he famously said, “I’m not saying I’m the best, but I’m certainly in the top 1”. However that was a long time ago and I’m not sure he would view the game now in the same way now as he did then. I still agree that ultimately the players win or lose matches, but the days of dismissing tactics are gone. In fact Cloughie probably had his tongue in his cheek when he said that. Tactics have always been relevant, but they need carrying out by players. Both are equally important.
  3. DaveAV1

    Micah Richards

    I thought we paid £400k forMacca.
  4. As long as they can move the ball quickly and intelligently they will be able to control the game and open up defences. We have lacked speed of thought all over the pitch for years.
  5. Only back up to our midfield? He does have two legs doesn’t he?
  6. DaveAV1

    Aaron Tshibola

    That’s the problem, everyone walks in our midfield. What we need is a few who can at least break into a jog.
  7. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    All managers have patches like this, particularly relatively young managers. It’s how they react to these set backs that defines their career. We can analyse all day and night and come up with all sorts of different conclusions, but the only thing that really matters is whether they can turn it around or not and in a time frame that the board are happy with. I think he deserves and will be given time. The squad will definitely get a major overhaul in the summer because so many contracts are ending, so we are definitely in a transition period. Patience will be a virtue, but the owners are ambitious men and will need to see progress towards the vision they have for the club. There won’t be any knee jerk reactions, but Dean Smith won’t get a free pass either.
  8. DaveAV1

    Glenn Whelan

    I’d like to think you’re right Mark, but we had a young centre back making his debut yesterday and some people, on here at least, had written him off after 20 minutes, as they have the new goal keeper after just 2 games. So you can see my worry, but I think on the whole though people are reasonable and more forgiving, particularly of young players, if they see they are putting enough effort in. Although sometimes players who are nervous and unsure of themselves tend to go into their shells a little and that can come across as not trying. On the whole though, with so many players needing replacing in the summer, you’re right to say that there are opportunities for young players to make their mark and contribute to the rebuild.
  9. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    You mean I might finally get a game Andy?!
  10. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    An extra striker when we had virtually nothing in midfield and no control is just a waste of a player.
  11. DaveAV1

    Glenn Whelan

    I read that as, “Just go to the stables and retire Glen”. Freudian slip I’d say
  12. DaveAV1

    Glenn Whelan

    Crisis or glory, we don’t do middle of the road!
  13. DaveAV1

    Glenn Whelan

    I think you’re right in advocating the use of the younger players and I believe Smith wouldn’t be against this. The only problem being that introducing youngsters during a mini crisis isn’t ideal. This has often been demonstrated when we throw them into cup games and expect them to be world beaters because they’ve been very good at under 23 level, only to be disappointed. We need to introduce them gradually, not too many at a time and give them time and patience. Both of which seem to be in very short supply. So I’m all for giving the kids a chance, but we need to try to introduce them with a certain amount of control and not expect too much too quickly.
  14. DaveAV1

    Glenn Whelan

    I agree TRO. In fact I’d go as far to say that we have not just held on to players well past their sell by date, we have actually signed players that were already past their useful life. To add to the problems we’ve signed them on such mammoth contracts, in terms of both wages and length of contract, it has been impossible to move them on. The better ones seem to have been signed on loan. So it is a double whammy, players with a decent future we sign on loan and ageing players getting towards the end of their careers we give long and expensive contracts to. I know some players are only available on loan, and I wouldn’t dismiss the loan system, but our general recruitment policy has been disastrous for years. Apparently we have 13 players coming to the end of their contracts at the end of this season and so we have an opportunity to start afresh. Let’s not blow it this time.