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  1. I doubt we’ll be buying a world class operator as at the moment they are out of our price range and we’re probably not yet attractive enough. However I think we can bring in a potential world class operator or indeed develop Ollie into one. I don’t think we are about buying our way to the top like Man City etc. The draw bridge has been pulled up on that route anyway. I believe our plan is largely that with proper investment and the correct coaching we can get to the top our own way.
  2. That’s the big question. You’d like to think that the medical staff along with the coaches will have a much better idea than us, but even they won’t really know until he’s back on the pitch and involved in a few games. By which time the window will be closed. It’s probably a case of fingers crossed if he’s looking good. Any serious bids on serious players would suggest Wesley’s recovery isn’t going too well. Either way January isn’t a good time to buy when you’re desperate, as we all remember from last year. I think if an opportunity presented itself that offered real value we may go for
  3. DaveAV1

    Dr Jo

    It was an interesting appointment at the time. It didn’t quite work out but a foreign manager was reasonably rare at the time. Ground breaking stuff from AVFC again.
  4. DaveAV1

    Dr Jo

    Celtic have announced his passing. RIP Dr Jo.
  5. Well at least you could understand her.
  6. Perhaps we can’t win the PL but we could certainly make the top 1.
  7. It sounds largely like a lot of form filling in and organisation joining to gain points and very little to do with anything that actually helps the environment. One of the ways to gain points is to analyse how fans get to the ground. So when they know that Old Trafford is full of cockneys and people off long haul flights, will their green credentials be marked down?
  8. Whilst I agree that an injury to Watkins would be a blow, I don’t think Benteke could give us what we need. For whatever reason he just isn’t the same player he was when he was here before. For me we need someone who could cover right across the front line. A player who would push for a starting place out wide or as a striker. We probably need another Ollie Watkins.
  9. If you must have a dry month, surely February, as the shortest month, is your best bet.
  10. Makes him sound like a rent boy.
  11. This fear that our good players will jump ship if a “big club” comes calling is over hyped, largely by pundits who generally played for these type of clubs. We are genuinely building something special here. The players love being here are enjoying their football and their day to day work lives. Add to that the ambitions of our owners, the backroom set up that is being built and the progressive nature of the club, why would anyone want to leave? They can achieve everything in the game right here and enjoy the journey along the way. I’ve always thought we were a nice club and the affection
  12. Whilst I have no idea of the actual impact that Covid has had on both sets of players, the approach of the two managers was the complete opposite. I think it was about a month between Newcastle’s Covid outbreak and ours. Before the Man City game Dean played down the effects it had had on our players and highlighted the positives. Bruce was still talking about it before our game last night. It sounded like he was getting his excuses in before a ball was kicked. Dean’s refreshing and positive attitude is reflected in the way we play, Bruce’s dour and negative attitude is similarly reflect
  13. Wednesday against Burnley will give us a good opportunity to have a go at that.
  14. You think we’ll let one in? How very dare you!
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