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  1. Steve Bruce

    35 mins into the game on Tuesday, Reading had had 246 passes and us 23. And Bruce said we were unlucky to loose!! Promotion favourites with 23 passes in over half an hour. Unbelievable.
  2. Steve Bruce

    You could be right there may well be scarier stats, but these are definitely hide behind the sofa stats. If you take points per game and multiply by 46, with him we get a fraction under 78 points, touching distance of play offs. But without him we get under 18 points over a season! Go on admit it, you're scared!
  3. Steve Bruce

    You may well be right, except he can't dodge the fact that he bought Elphick and made him captain. Oh and forgot to buy is a midfield. I'm still happy to give you we could be better off than we are now. In fact if my 3 year old daughter was in charge we couldn't be worse off and everyone would love her post match interviews. They'd make more sense!
  4. Steve Bruce

    Damning to say the least, but nothing we didn't know at least 6 months ago. I did feel an air of sympathy for us from their fans, an empathy because they had too suffered at the hands of Mr Bruce.
  5. Steve Bruce

    Whilst I have generally agreed that the squad is pretty decent, I do feel that we are possibly storing up problems for the future. Without going through the whole squad, we don't have any cover at left back and the centre of defence is looking very short term at least. I believe James Chester is the youngest at 28. Whilst JT is excellent we don't know if he will last all season and the main reason we bought him is to get the dressing room fired up, surely that should largely be the managers job? Samba old and questionable ability now anyway, Elphick poor and going, Richards not a footballer. Central midfield has no creativity and the guy holding it together, Jedi, is 33. The only decent striker we have is currently injured and the possibly decent Hogan is injury prone. We do have some promising youngsters but that's all a bit if, buts and maybes. We need to get them firing quickly or lots of them will be past their prime before we know it.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Hopefully our board are busy negotiating a deal with SB for his severance package and with Fulham and Jokanovic for his replacement. Fulham won't give him up easily, but we need to grow a pair and act like a big club instead of just playing like one. Get him in, he sounds like he has the right sort of arrogance to not be overawed by the size of the challenge ahead and the right style of play to back it up.
  7. Next Aston Villa Manager

    I doubt Wyness or Round would risk Moyes. He's on a downward curve and the obvious link to him would be seen as a job for an old pal rather than an imaginative, progressive appointment. All eyes are on them as we search for the next great hope.
  8. Steve Bruce

    Pop your head around the door and have a chat with that Zidan chap, see if he fancies a new challenge. Perhaps a word with Christiano whatshisname wouldn't hurt either..... Oh and a little bloke called Messi may be worth a shout
  9. Steve Bruce

    Now known throughout the football world as, The Lambert Gambit
  10. Tony Xia

    FFP may be being used as an excuse because, A. The Doc hasn't got the dosh, B. It is a really true and we are close to some terrible punishment, or C. The Doc doesn't trust Bruce to invest anymore of his dosh and is keeping his powder dry for the next incumbent. Since I have no evidence as to which is true, then for my mood/sanity I'm going for C.
  11. Steve Bruce

    Sorry that was probably in the wrong topic.
  12. Steve Bruce

    When Steve Bruce first came to the club, he said that he'd been waiting for an opportunity like this for 20 years. If he was any good he wouldn't have had to wait that long. Perhaps we now have to take a calculated gamble. Any appointment is a risk, as we are now witnessing with Steve "Safe Pair Of Hands" Bruce. The club isn't too big for the right manager, a guy with the right type of arrogance to know he can do the job. Once someone else has taken the risk and found the next Jose or Pepe their next move is to a top six PL club. The board really now have to show they have the right people advising them and find that gem. I know we're all desperate to get promoted asap, but I for one would give time to a manager who was growing with us. It's no good saying we want to develope the Aston Villa way and then appoint someone like Big Sam, because then all we'll be getting is the Big Sam way.
  13. Steve Bruce

    I don't think it's harsh at all. Any well run business should have a plan in place to replace key senior members of staff. In fact I'd say if they haven't always got some sort of short list going then there's grounds for claiming corporate neglect. Even if Bruce was doing a good job he could step under a bus tomorrow. You've got to have a plan for all contingencies.
  14. Steve Bruce

    The very worrying thing is, if you extrapolate those results over a season, with JK we get 72 points which leaves us outside the play off places (80 was the 6th place total last year). Without him we get 39 points and are relegated. Shocking!
  15. Steve Bruce

    The worrying thing is that we are only 3 games in. The players can't have lost faith in him after such a short time, so the only conclusion must be that they didn't have any in the first place. Therefore we need to look at the people above him and ask why they didn't see this coming? Surely it was apparent toward the end of last season. Were they so blind to the problems because they had already made their minds up that stability was king and they were sticking to the SB plan no matter what? They took the easy option rather than being proactive. Steve Bruce old school manager, Steve Wyness old school CEO. Tony Xia has been a breath of fresh air and has spent money. However that only buys you so much credit. He's a young guy with modern business ideas, some of that needs to start being implemented nearer the first team. I'm not suggesting soccer ball geeks sitting in front of screens pouring over endless statistics, but a forward thinking, football CEO who has a plan and the ability to implement that plan. Who that is I have no idea, but we'd better hope someone at Villa Park does and quickly. Bruce is the immediate problem, we will discover soon enough if the problem runs deeper with the next appointment. If it's someone like Wagner then we may be able to start looking forwards and upwards, if it's someone like David Moyes then I fear the future looks as bleak as ever.