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  1. DaveAV1

    Louie Barry

    Does this make Barcelona our feeder club?
  2. Nah a twinged arse can be tricky, 7 day recovery period, best not to risk him!
  3. I recall in the early 70s when Utd went down, I think that by Christmas Alex Stepney, their goal keeper, was their top goal scorer on 2 because he took their penalties. So the current lot have still got plenty of room for improvement.
  4. The BBC had them on 28, they’ve corrected it now. 30 looks better for them.
  5. Burnley are only 3 points above us, there’s a long way to go for all of us.
  6. They’ll probably change manager a few days before knowing our luck.
  7. 2 down 1 to go. Unfortunately I’ve got little confidence that Man U can come back from 1-0 at home to Burnley.
  8. Yes but he knew he was going to assist Mings in scoring a brilliantly placed 95th minute winner.
  9. DaveAV1

    Louie Barry

    What about the sunshine?
  10. DaveAV1

    Louie Barry

    It’s that or global warming.
  11. DaveAV1

    Louie Barry

    Plus he’s one of our own, his Mom will drop him at the gates and pick him up later. It’s not as though we’re child traffickers like Chelsea.
  12. Definitely, he does it all the time in training
  13. Yes it’s a pity Old Peculiar had to go back to West Ham.
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