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  1. Steve Bruce

    The very thought of shaking it all about is putting me off my lunch
  2. Steve Bruce

    I've just been looking on the official Villa site and under vacancies there's a picture of Steve Bruce. I apologise in advance sensitive Inners, just being naughty
  3. Steve Bruce

    I think that Trumps all.
  4. Steve Bruce

    Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not trying to get you....
  5. Steve Bruce

    Bruce's innards should really put some meat into the debate. At least we can stick to the fatual stuff......
  6. Steve Bruce

    No it's not!
  7. Tony Xia

    It's not that bad, Gabby will play 2 games against SHA, Richards won't play at all and so the other two will average 22 games apiece
  8. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Any particular July?
  9. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    It's spelt miss
  10. League Cup Draw 1st Round

    Unfairly used by Sky? How very dare you! Whatever next?
  11. Steve Bruce

    You're right and worryingly little sign of the trend changing.
  12. Steve Bruce

    That baffled me too. Norwich scored loads of goals, it was defending that they had problems with.
  13. Steve Bruce

    I largely agree with the above. It's fair to say that the club has been utterly shambolic up to the arrival of Xia. It does appear that key areas, such as appointing an experienced football CEO, have been addressed, but there is plenty still to do. Steve Round's appointment with a remitt to develope an "Aston Villa" culture that was to run throughout the club and become recognisable as a style is yet come to fruition. That's not a dig as that could take years and as such we need patience. I don't believe Steve Bruce's appointment was part of a long term strategy and I certainly hope that his, let's be kind, cautious, pragmatic approach, isn't anyone's, from board level down, idea of the new "Aston Villa way". Hopefully his promotion nack doesn't go missing and he gives us the spring board to develop a bright and exciting future. I have to admit though that my optimism is a little fragile, which is out of character for me.
  14. Steve Bruce

    It's regularly appointing bad managers that has done the damage. I don't recall many complaints when any of the recent managers have left. It's the lack of a proper structure, such as that at Southampton where the problem lies. Although I'm not a fan of Steve Bruce, I am very much against sacking him, if there is no proper structure to back up a vision of where the board wants us to be. And I don't just mean, the simplistic idea of being in the Premiership and winning it in 5 years time. It needs to be a proper plan that will survive the inevitable set backs and steer a steady course to a well defined, achievable goal.
  15. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I didn't realise it was spelt with a "p"