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  1. Steve Bruce

    You’re right but the hatches could be battened down about 84 minutes earlier.
  2. Steve Bruce

    I think your 4-5-3-1 formation should sort out being short in midfield GH. Unless of course our manager plays 5 of them at right back
  3. Steve Bruce

    Well you make a good point when you say weve been out flanked. That seems to be a problem for the club in general both on and off the pitch. People say that Randy Lerner lost out when Man City got their mega rich owners, but that’s an excuse made by people who don’t believe in their ability to overcome and win come what may. Look at how Spurs have developed over the last 8 or 10 years while we’ve gone in the opposite direction. They are an extremely well run club who are always thinking ahead. They surprised people when the got rid of Harry Rednap despite getting a top four place. They saw he wasn’t for the future and probably questioned his morals and the image that had on the club. Even more close to home, they saw through Tactics Tim and released him at the end of the season. We rewarded him with a new contract. Doctor T is probably at a pivotal point already in his ownership. I’m reluctant to criticise him at the moment, as you often remind us he took over a basket case. I believe we could and should have made more progress on the pitch already, but off it, where there appears to have been no proper management structure in place, then that probably does take more time. My fear is that his appointed CEO is old school and we need new school. Perhaps he is the steady the ship man and once steadied we will see a change to a modern progressive CEO will look at things differently both off the pitch and most importantly for us fans, on it too. Oh and your last line TRO is probably the most worrying in terms of our short term future.
  4. Steve Bruce

    I’m sorry but Wolves were taken over in the summer of last year, the same as us, and their manager was appointed this summer, so he has games to get his team to top of the league. Steve Bruce that has had 12 months not 12 games, so who is to blame?
  5. Steve Bruce

    If we find playing away so difficult then we have a big problem, given that they make up half of the matches. Of course most, if not all teams do better at home, but we seem to have a problem with the mind set. We expect to struggle and the manager doesn’t know how to overcome this. As a team we are not comfortable in our own skin, because we don’t really know who we are, as others have said, we lack a footballing identity. Therefore in situations in which we are less than comfortable, we don’t have that bedrock of a familiar identity to fall back on. Bruce’s footballing identity is to tough it out and struggle on, picking up results by being obdurate. This has worked for him in the past, but the football world has and is continuing to move on. Steve Bruce won’t just reinvent himself and so should move aside, or be moved aside, for a much more forward thinking manager who is comfortable in the brave new world. The worry is of course that this won’t happen, because we have a CEO who isn’t ready for the brave new world either. But that’s for a different thread.
  6. Alan Hutton

    From the Scottish Cafu to the Scottish Roberto Carlos. Stick him up front he could become the Scottish Pele
  7. Steve Bruce

    Shame it didn’t happen yesterday.
  8. Steve Bruce

    Personally my whelm has never been more undered.
  9. Steve Bruce

    Pundits! You think the pundits have any interest in any team outside the top six in the PL, let alone outside the top six of the Championship?? They back him because it’s an easy slap on the back for a media friendly old buddy. As for Steve Bruce being, “the most universally agreed perfect appointments you’ve ever known”, I’ll have to assume you’re very, very young.
  10. Steve Bruce

    I've been asking the very same question for months. The second halves are generally much worse than the first. We seem to tail off in the last 10 minutes of the first half and instead of addressing it, whatever he says makes it worse.
  11. Keith Wyness

    I hope you’re right mate. Otherwise we’ll be stuck in the past for a long time yet.
  12. Keith Wyness

    Old men think like old men, young men think like young men. That's why Wyness can relate to Bruce and why the club is being run 10 years behind the likes of Wolves. The man at the club with all the power is however a young man. Perhaps his inexperience in football led him to opt for experience to help his learning curve. Let's hope his education is reaching a point where he can allow his young mind to do the thinking and move forward with tomorrow's men and not yesterday's.
  13. Steve Bruce

    Come on Mark I think you’ll find that that’s above your pay grade......
  14. Steve Bruce

    Up or down?
  15. Steve Bruce

    Steve Bruce plays a negative style of football, but he has got a nice car. You want balance, I give you balance.