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  1. I thought they signed Downing because of that fake video of him kicking balls into dustbins about half a mile away?
  2. DaveAV1

    John Terry

    Heard it from a mate who occasionally gets to hear things from a mate. So just random gossip. No agenda but nothing you could put your wages on either
  3. DaveAV1

    John Terry

    From his pocket?
  4. DaveAV1

    John Terry

    Is the Daily Occurrence the sister paper to the Daily Mail?
  5. DaveAV1

    John Terry

    I heard that Smith took over the coaching of the defence during/after lockdown. If that’s the case I can’t see any chance of us wanting him to stay. Unless it is now a club tradition that we pay huge amounts of cash to retired CBs regardless of their contribution. Micah certainly set a trend.
  6. I think there’s a chance he may be loaned out and that would suggest that we have a better player(s) coming in for his position. The suggestion that he might go to SHA is less believable. I doubt they can afford a loan fee or be able to afford to pay more than £1.47 a week towards his wages.
  7. I think for the right money he’d be at BMH sitting on the floor in a line with JT singing, “Oops up side your head”. Those cockneys like a party.
  8. We’re sneaking Messi in under the wire.
  9. Snobs, that ages you Don.............
  10. That’s a fine tale of how you broke into the business. I’m humbled to have heard it from the horses mouth.
  11. Pray tell me kind Sir, what was the influential roll you played on the BigBreakfast with your fellow celebrities?
  12. On the basis that I hardly recognise any so called celebrities on various celebrity programs these days, then yes your claim to fame can be recognised. I expect to see you in a jungle sometime soon or prancing about in a tight suit in a ballroom.
  13. My Grandad was a printer for the Evening Mail. He was one of the first men to do colour prints. He’d turn in his grave if he saw what it has become.
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