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  1. Let’s buy the whole of B6 and build a real Villa Village. Hotel, shops, gym, pubs, restaurants, car parking, railway station, helipad, concert venue. Even throw in a football stadium! Let’s get it done! P. S. No poxy funfair.
  2. £100 million? Pahh, never mind the lose change, NSWE will want to build something that stands out like a unique super stadium that is recognised around the world as the home of Aston Villa. None of your cockney bowls or something that the council knocked out in Manchester or East London. If we build it, they will come!!
  3. Regan and Little together were very good - would much prefer Regan over Woodward any day Surely it’s Regan and Carter?
  4. I’m not sure if it’s true or not but apparently Paul Scholes didn’t have an agent and just used his lawyer to sort out the legal stuff. I’m with you I don’t see the point in agents. They’re all very wealthy but seem to be petrified of missing out on another couple of quid in endorsements or whatever. The day they ditch agents will be a great day for football.
  5. Don’t worry mate we’ll all bring a bottle.
  6. To the best of my knowledge JT wasn’t employed in any capacity for the use of grammatically correct English. It’s the kind of thing that my sometimes ocd mind picks up, but I recognise the irrelevance of it and the pointlessness of pointing it out. Not the kind of mistake that the eloquent English speaking Bielsa would make eh? There’s an abandoned rock somewhere that must be missing your company, surely it’s time that you crawled back under it.
  7. Book me in on my next trip to Brum too mate.
  8. I’d agree it’s not a simple yes or no question. It’s also one of those questions that we could all be very clever about in hindsight. Like you say the people who make the decisions we have to accept that they have more knowledge of the multiple factors that go together and have to be considered. After all that, it is still really only their best guess, albeit a pretty well informed one. Ollie for example could continue his good injury record or suffer a leg break the day after the window closes. Nobody’s got a crystal ball.
  9. Yes I’ll bet you £50 million because that is probably the difference between a good season and finishing in the European spots or an average even flirting with relegation season. That is the bet or risk we take without adequate cover for Ollie. I haven’t got £50m and I guess you haven’t either, but the club have and I’d bet that they wouldn’t be willing to take that bet, because that would be at the very least reckless.
  10. I doubt he’d walk straight into a top job and so his new club would be unlikely to be able to offer our top coaches anything like what they already have at BMH.
  11. The annual media Merry go round is all a bit draining. This season they are really plumbing the depths, largely because the club has got all the leaks plugged and so the press are desperately trying to squeeze any drop they can out of their dried up ITK network.
  12. He’s done it the right way. Gained some good experience and not just jumped into a job that he would have got purely off the back of his playing career. He’s even done the right thing by us, he hasn’t spent months going to interviews when he was getting paid by us. He’s left as he arrived with his head held high. Proper bloke, thanks JT and good luck.
  13. DaveAV1

    Matty Cash

    A man clearly in denial.
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