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  1. I think part of the reason was that crowds in general were down during that era due to violence at grounds. That semi final was stopped for 20 minutes! If that happened now the ramifications would be a great deal worse than playing 1 game behind closed doors. It makes me laugh when I hear BBC pundits compare a joyous semi final cup victory pitch celebration with a return to the “dark days”. Especially when some of them were playing at the same stadium a few years later when a lot of people were killed and we were banned from Europe. Selective Scouse memory never fails to annoy me. Never the less during that time a lot of fans, particularly families, stayed away. I remember seeing a story that Dean told about his Dad not taking him to Rotterdam, probably for that reason. From what I recall, there wasn’t many young kids there on that glorious day.
  2. His Dad said something similar in 1945.
  3. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    Perhaps now Ron is a Holte Ender In The Sky, he will be able to look down and see his son, the Villa manager. RIP Ron.
  4. I actually agree. I was just playing about. There’s an old saying, something like, nothing good is ever run by committee.
  5. Was he CEO? If you’re right then obviously I’m talking bo11ox as far as that’s concerned! But he’s still had a lot to do in a very short period of time. There has been a lot of learning on the job throughout the senior ranks at the club.
  6. I’m not saying that time is the only thing that matters, just that it is a factor. I believe that a lot of the planning for this season was done in the belief that it would be spent building in the Championship. Obviously we weren’t going to turn down promotion, but as a club we’ve been a little caught on the hop. We don’t just have a relatively inexperienced head coach and coaching staff but we have inexperienced owners and CEO as far as football is concerned. The owners have demonstrated a great deal of ambition and have recognised that a huge amount of change was required throughout the whole structure of the club. Doing this in the Championship would have been a challenge, given the mess we were in and the expectations that are always there with a big football club, that challenge is obviously greatly ramped up in the Premiership. Most people accepted that this would be a tough season and we would most likely be in a relegation battle. I’m not so sure what a lot of people thought that would look like. If they thought a relegation battle can be conducted from the comfort of mid table then I’m afraid that was never going to happen. If we try to see things in the context of where we are in both the long term development of the club and the hard fact that we have a hastily built first team squad with a new recruiting team and an inexperienced coaching staff, then being in the relegation zone by 2 points and with 10 games to go with a game in hand is probably about where we could reasonably expect to be. Perhaps we have made mistakes with recruitment both in policy and individual purchases and yes there is plenty that we can criticise from a performance point of view which stands firmly at the feet of the coaches. Things need to change and I’m not saying that there isn’t an argument that one of those things could be the head coach, but it’s only fair to make those judgements in the context of our individual set of circumstances, which are unique for every club. The real comparison that will stand for anything at the end of the season is did we get more points than three other clubs. At the end of the season I’m pretty sure that the board will have a lot of thinking to do. I don’t think staying up or going down will guarantee in themselves that Dean Smith will still be head coach next season. But I don’t think that where Sheffield United finish will make a blind bit of difference to that decision. Time is important, what you do with it is even more important, there are many factors and dare I say, only time will tell.
  7. The significant resource that Chris Wilder has had is time.
  8. We’re not a terrible team, but like most teams towards the bottom of the table, we have turned in a fair few terrible performances. In my opinion we have lacked the right level of grit and dynamism, plus we have shown more than a little naivety at crucial moments. The good news is that our grittiest and most dynamic player, John McGinn will be back and raring to go. His influence could be massive and crucial for the last quarter of the season. I don’t think that we should be considering playing under theses circumstances but money swears and it looks as if they will cobble something together. So it is what it is and we can only do our best with the circumstances with which we are presented. The opportunity to stop and reset will hopefully be grasped, because being relegated won’t help the situation any more than staying up will. So we might as well do our best to stay up.
  9. Players and managers saying that they’re buzzing to be back, can’t wait to start and have kept super fit etc. is exactly what you’d expect to hear. Releasing pictures of enthusiastic training sessions is just what they always do. The truth I would imagine ranges from McGinn type enthusiasm to win a 50:50 and my enthusiasm to watch a rerun of our FA Cup final against Arsenal. Probably the latter being in the majority.
  10. I hope you self isolated for 14 days before coming in
  11. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    Whilst Mings shows leadership qualities and Jack leads by example, you’re right there’s nobody that can pick the team up when things are going badly. Having said that we shouldn’t be looking for a single player, it should be a collective. I think as a group of players they generally are quite united, there seems to be a good spirit. However we’re not going on a lads holiday, we’re there to win football matches. Perhaps the odd personality that gets under people’s skin and winds them up is what we’re missing. I’m not saying we should be all falling out and having punch ups, like Newcastle a few years back, but it all just seems too comfortable.
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