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  1. DaveAV1

    Villa Park name/sponsor deal

    You can change your car, your house, even your wife, but you can never change your football team. I pity people who can’t understand this as they’ll never experience the true highs that football can bring to real fans.
  2. DaveAV1

    Neil Cutler

    Spot on.
  3. DaveAV1

    John McGinn

    He had him earmarked as a right back.
  4. DaveAV1

    Jack Grealish

    Throughout Jack’s senior career the club has, until recently, been in varying degrees of crisis. He has played under some very poor managers and there’s an argument to say that for the last two years he’s received virtually no meaningful coaching. Now we have new owners who have appointed a modern, progressive manager. I believe this is a huge opportunity for him to fulfill his undoubted potential and hopefully he will. He needs to for both Villa and himself. Star player a lifelong Villa fan, managed by a lifelong Villa fan, surely now all the stars are aligned?
  5. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    How would you define success for Walsall and Brentford?
  6. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    He’d definitely come back, he has family and friends here. He didn’t want to leave in the first place. And that’s straight from the horses mouth.
  7. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    31 points out of that lot. An extra point for beating the Noses.
  8. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    Good post. I think the team needs to be fitter, but as you say younger players are naturally that little sharper in that respect. We missed McGinn last night. His energy and ability to get up and down the pitch could have made all the difference.
  9. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    Spot on, we really missed his energy. We’ll need him on Friday, QPR currently 3rd in the form table. Hopefully every day we get a little bit fitter, because one of the reasons we can’t play for 90 minutes, with the intensity Smith wants, is that we don’t have the fitness levels. Norwich were definitely fitter than us in the second half.
  10. DaveAV1

    Axel Tuanzebe

    Not bad for a right back.
  11. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    Yeah why couldn’t we get a bloke with 4 promotions behind him?
  12. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    Speak for yourself
  13. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    Above my pay grade
  14. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    I think in the modern context of the game, head coach is exactly what Dean Smith is. He is in charge of the first team. Whereas traditionally the club manager was exactly that, he managed the whole club. Ok there were Chairmen and accountants etc but the manager dealt with the coaching, either directly and/or through a team of coaches, the signings, players contracts the lot. The game has moved away from this and there is now an army of people running every aspect of the club. So head coach is I think the right title, but the responsibility for winning matches remains as it has always been with the bloke who is deemed to be in charge of the first team, regardless of his title.
  15. DaveAV1

    Jack Grealish