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  1. DaveAV1

    Time for a takeover

    The consortium who Mandaric is helping, or another?
  2. DaveAV1

    Tony Xia

    Only if they can find him in their office, they never go outside and do any real journalism these days.
  3. DaveAV1

    Time for a takeover

    Maybe that’s the consortium Mandaric is advising?
  4. DaveAV1

    Time for a takeover

    And Xia is in the country. Hopefully something is happening.
  5. DaveAV1

    Keinan Davis

    Thoughts are with you. I lost my Dad in 1999 but still find myself having conversations with him in my head whilst sitting on the Holte End. Take all the happy memories with you.
  6. DaveAV1

    Tony Xia

    You make a good point when you say that he employed people to run the club. I believe they are also culpable. But when you own anything, the buck stops at you. When you employ people you still have a responsibility for their performance. You can’t just walk away from responsibility. You take the praise for the success, you have to take the flack for failure. As for if we had won the play off final everything would be fine, I’m not so sure. I believe that would have papered over the cracks. We may not be having this conversation now, but at some point in the future we probably would. Poor business is poor business no matter what level you’re at. With the money washing about the Premier League, I shudder to think the kind of debt the clowns running the club, Xia being at the head, would have got us into. We’re up to our necks in it now, we may have drowned without trace in a sea of debt in a year or two had we been promoted to “The Promised Land”.
  7. DaveAV1

    Tony Xia

    Easy Jet then thumbing it up the M40
  8. DaveAV1

    Tony Xia

    You make a good point. But doesn’t mean they’ll be worse either. In fact our current owner is setting the bar incredibly low.
  9. DaveAV1

    The Rebuild

    And this is the biggest worry for me. He’s just digging a bigger hole every day.
  10. DaveAV1

    The Rebuild

    I think the problem is Craig, that even those who should know what’s going on don’t. Xia is kidding himself if he thinks anyone will pump money in without control. He will have to sell eventually but is hanging on for a better offer. However as he gets us more buried in debt, the offers will be getting lower not higher. Until he sees the reality of the position he’s landed us and himself in, we’re in a state of rapidly declining limbo.
  11. DaveAV1

    Steve Bruce

    I would appreciate his depreciation.
  12. DaveAV1

    Steve Bruce

    I agree TRO it will take more than two years to get things right. But you said that as though we’d made the first steps on a long road to recovery, when in fact just the opposite is true. Xia and all those responsible for running the club have taken us massively backwards over the last two years. We are on the edge staring into the abyss.
  13. DaveAV1

    Steve Bruce

    Because it’s not about ffp, Xia is skint he needs money now. We are so in trouble it beggars belief.
  14. DaveAV1

    Tony Xia

    I think you have to be very careful with that approach. There are liable laws and the like which his lawyers would be all over. If he Is a crook then we should try everything possible to expose him for what he is. But we can’t expose him for being what we think he might be without proper evidence, that would stand up in court, if push came to shove.
  15. DaveAV1

    Ross McCormack

    The question is, what is best for Aston Villa? It’s easy to say, we’re in the sh1t and we need everyone, especially those with talent, which he definitely does. However if his inclusion in the squad has an overall bad effect then he has to be kept away. I think the whole thing could have been handled better in the first place, kept in house, retained some value in him and got him sold at the first opportunity. However that ship has sailed and we have to deal with the present. As none of us have the inside knowledge of his “issues”’ we have to trust Steve Bruce does have that knowledge and go with his decision.