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  1. January transfer window 2018

    The problem is, in the increasingly unlikely possibility that we get promoted, we will be set up for hoofball, which is completely out dated and unsuitable for the PL. Ok it will always be a rebuild job, but at this rate we will need to completely start again and all those players will of course need months and months to settle in again.
  2. Steve Bruce

    Absolutely spot on, we are almost half way through the season and as yet haven’t beaten any of the current top 8. We are about to play three out of four games against top eight opposition, hopefully that record will change. If not we can forget the top two completely and start worrying about maintaining a top six spot.
  3. Steve Bruce

    Well there was this fella called Ron Saunders.......... I envy you your youth Chris, but not your bank of Villa Memories
  4. Steve Bruce

    I pretty much agree with all of that TRO. I think Dean Smith is a good manager and doing very well with the resources he has at his disposal. However nobody really knows if he could make the step up to managing a club the size of Villa. It’s like asking a bloke who has run a corner shop very successfully to take over as CEO of Tesco’s. Possible but unlikely. However that doesn’t mean there aren’t other possible candidates out there. It’s as much about their personality and character as it is about their coaching methods. They have to have the type of arrogance to actually believe in themselves. An attribute virtually all successful people have. Dean Smith could even be that kind of bloke, I know virtually nothing about him. But neither am I proposing him.
  5. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    We certainly need to remain resilient. Ultimately it could be too many draws rather than loses that’s scuppers us.
  6. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Well there’s nothing wrong with a bit of optimism, but the stats aren’t so encouraging. We are currently averaging 1.76 points per game, it is considered that we need 2 points per game over the season to get into the top two. To enable us to do that, from now on we need to average 2.2 points per game. In actual points, that means we can only drop another 20 points in the next 25 games. I wouldn’t put a great deal of money on that happening. I preffer your scenario though
  7. Steve Bruce

    I agree it’s unusual and I thought it was crazy when Southampton sacked Adkins and appointed Pochettino, at a time when they’d fought their way out of the relegation zone. So what do I know!? I’d like to think it would be a bold and progressive move, although the press would call it mental for sure! Purely hypothetical at the moment of course. I noted that you said you wouldn’t mind if it happened and my intention wasn’t to be critical of your post.
  8. Steve Bruce

    TRO I wasn’t talking about the current situation, but the situation if, a big if, we were promoted.
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I thought it was Inter Millwan we played?
  10. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Yes but the problem is that they are the kind of games where a team might take their eye off the ball and be hit with a sucker punch, losing a game they were expected to win. However teams are always up for it against us, so that doesn’t happen. And remember Reading took us to the cleaners.
  11. Steve Bruce

    Stevo, in what way would it be mental if he was sacked if we were promoted? Do you think he should be kept on as a reward, or do you think that the board are simply not ruthless or competent enough to make the change? If it’s the latter then I probably agree with you. If it’s the former, then I’d be saying that there’s no room for sentimentality. His chances of even keeping us up are remote. His style is no longer relevant in the PL and has been left behind by a lot of clubs in the Championship too.
  12. Steve Bruce

    I’d hope so!
  13. Steve Bruce

    There are no obvious replacements I agree. But we’re just fans, not employed or with enough knowledge to really know who is available. Did many of us know about Pochettino before he arrived at Southampton. Or Wagner, Eddie Howe, Sean Dyche? Would we have been clambering for Santo when he arrived at Wolves. These guys are all now hot property and as such probably out of our reach. Someone at the club needs to be able to unearth the next hot property, because by the time they’ve become an obvious choice, it’s too late. Not easy I know, but that’s what we ultimately need. Southampton have been pretty good at it for a while and Wolves new owners certainly appear to have got it right. Mr Wyness and his merry men have a big responsibility. If they’re not up to it, then they need to move over and let someone else try. But that’s for another thread.
  14. Steve Bruce

    The problem is, that he has been cut so much slack, that keeping in touch with the play off places is now deemed to be good enough for him not to lose his job. At the start of the season, even the staunch Bruce supporters, were saying top two is the only acceptable scenario. I’m not having a dig at you VLV, I think most people are reduced to lowering their expectations. And looking at the bigger picture, that has been the case since Randy Lerner lost interest.
  15. Steve Bruce

    We haven’t as yet beaten a team in the current top 8. Three out of our next four games are against top eight teams. Performances and results in those games I believe are key to our season. Unless we can start beating the teams around us, we have no chance of progressing and achieving our season’s target of automatic promotion. If we can’t do that, then the option of rolling the dice becomes very attractive. Particularly if we can identify a suitable candidate to advance us.