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  1. I agree with a lot of that TRO. I certainly think it applies to last night’s game. However if we leave aside the Liverpool game because that was so much a one off it’s hard to compare it to any other game we are likely to see for a while. Certainly against a team that we’re Champions by so many points. The other three games I thought we worked hard in throughout. Obviously that came with goals against Fulham. In the other two particularly against Leicester both sides more or less cancelled each other out. Those types of games are often decided by a moment and it’s no bad thi
  2. No they didn’t. Is it impossible for you to see the world in anything but black or white? They played well and were better than us yesterday. Were Liverpool a league 2 team against us? We’re not brilliant but can on our day can be very good We are also not terrible but on an off day can be bad. To be honest that can be levelled at pretty much every PL team this season judging by the first few games.
  3. I’m not sure we were being outplayed in the first half but there were warning signs certainly. If we’d have put away one of our chances at 0-0 perhaps the game would have been different. However second half, particularly once they got in front, we were certainly outplayed. Bielsa is a very good coach and gets more out of his team than the sum of the parts. Like a lot of people though I’m sick of hearing about him and Leeds. The commentator banged on about them moving in to a CL place and added dismissively that we remain 2nd. Still plenty of room for improvement for us. I’m su
  4. I think you’re right and I think that’s a pretty common fault of a fairly young player making a big step up to the PL. I’m sure the coaches won’t have missed it and I believe he will take on board the criticism and work on it. He’ll have bad games as will the team, it’s how they react that’s important, we don’t want to spoil all the good work from the first 4 games by going on a losing run now.
  5. He’s a young player who has played just 5 games in the PL. He was great against Liverpool but largely inconsistent in other games. I thought he had some good moments tonight, others not so good. Like the rest of the team he isn’t going to be great every game. Winning the first four games has been great but it’s probably raised levels of expectation to something a little unrealistic. Add to that the fact is this season has been a very strange one results wise across the board. We’ve got 33 games to go and as a team our first target realistically should be to get another 28 points as quick
  6. There’s an argument to say that there was possibly an advantage after lockdown because to some extent there was less pressure on the players. However now the pressure is lifted and with the huge momentum created by recent results, then crowds at Villa Park would be hugely positive. Like you say even before lockdown we got something like 70% of our points at home. So the argument that no crowds at Villa Park is a good thing I don’t believe is true. It’s a false narrative as someone once famously said.
  7. With England stalwart Kalvin Phillips injured Bielsa’s Leeds will line up with a false central midfield and play with just 10 players on the pitch. The maverick genius said, “Technically we have won all our games this season and have been lucky to find ourselves let down by the outdated scoring system.” A spokesperson for the BBC agreed and added that they thought Villa had been the biggest beneficiaries so far of the old system and moves were afoot within the FA to address the problem. Sources at Anfield suggest that any changes should be applied retrospectively and their rece
  8. DaveAV1

    John Terry

    I’m sure many years ago I heard one of our CBs, it could have been Ken McNaught or Allan Evans, who said he always looked to get 10 goals in a season. We haven’t had a striker score that many recently!
  9. DaveAV1

    John Terry

    Gary Cahill actually only scored 2 goals plus his overhead kick against SHA which counted as 25.
  10. You’re right, I always thought pace was lacking in his game but not anymore. His football brain is also developing all the time. That pass to Target on Sunday was superb and only very few players would be able to see and execute that sort of ball.
  11. That appears to be the basic approach that we are attempting, except we are a couple of years behind them and operating at a lower profile.
  12. My problem was that somehow we were watching the game 5 minutes behind everyone else. This I only really noticed when the goal alert came through! Full time also came up and so it was the most relaxed I’ve ever been watching the last 5 minutes of a tight Villa match.
  13. DaveAV1

    John Terry

    Sorry I should have finished the sentence. JT said, “See that lineswoman Dean, I’ve had her to teach the U18s about the offside rule.” I’m really not sure what you thought I was trying to say....?
  14. DaveAV1

    John Terry

    I didn’t name names TRO
  15. DaveAV1

    John Terry

    During recent games I think I’ve seen Dean and JT talking a lot more. They seem to chat a lot as they walk off the pitch. They could be talking about the weather or JT could be saying, “See that lineswoman Dean? I’ve had her.” Either way they seem to be much more connected now, whereas previously I used to feel that JT looked like an outsider
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