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  1. Steve Bruce

    I agree the transfer window has changed things, generally in favour of the big spending clubs as usual. Chelsea have over 30 players out on loan letting other clubs develop them and take the risk, then keep the good ones. But that's a subject for another time. Using the example you gave of Frank Carradus and Des Bremner, I would agree with no disrespect to Frank, who was a fine player, that Des Bremner was an up grade. However I don't believe that either of those players were expensive or high profile. They were good players but most of us hadn't heard of before they arrived. They were bought to fit into a system that suited their style and they improved as players because they worked hard and knew what was expected of them. As opposed to a number of our January signings that were expensive, came with big reputations and with little thought of how we would utilise them and how they'd compliment the system. If indeed there is a system.
  2. Steve Bruce

    Well that's a bloody good question, which I can't answer. However that's more or less what the club said or implied and most people nod towards Southampton as a good example of how it's possible. I believe that the club appointed Bruce as a quick fix with the intention of finding the Aston Villa way once we'd solved the immediate problem of not being in the Prem. The Doc said as much in a tweet soon after Bruce's appointment, which said something along the lines, that he'd been impressed with him and he might even keep him beyond promotion. A back handed compliment if ever there was one!
  3. Steve Bruce

    Perhaps I should have said, "IF those who make the decisions etc". Listen I'm not saying sack him, and have said he will be our manager in August but I am concerned that he may not take us forward next season. Only time will tell and I hope that his experience will see us through a good preseason and all our worries are put to bed.
  4. Steve Bruce

    I agree, the appointment of Steve Round was supposed to enable us to develop an "Aston Villa way" and provide continuity whoever the manager is. Please tell me what we've watched for the last 30 odd games isn't the Aston Villa way.
  5. Steve Bruce

    I hope you're right Mark. There's a lot of faith being put in this summer's preseason. Steve Bruce has a huge turn round to make. At the moment he's being cut some slack as he's seen as sorting out someone else's mess and in a relatively short period of time. Pretty soon if improvements aren't made then the blame will be placed on his shoulders. It's a big summer for Steve and for AVFC, No pressure Brucie lad!
  6. Steve Bruce

    Well if that is obvious to fans, it's concerning that those who actually make the signings, whoever they might be, didn't notice themselves.
  7. Steve Bruce

    TRO is at about a quarter to patience, I'm about five to and GH is a week next Thursday!
  8. Steve Bruce

    Whilst I'm not about to disagree with GT or TB, it was a different game in those days with regards to how clubs functioned. The manager was in charge of almost everything, where as now we have directors of football, CEOs and the like running the club and shaping the culture and direction they want their clubs to go in. At least they should be!
  9. Steve Bruce

    The players who have had the most impact this season, in my opinion of course, are Kodjia, Jedi, Baker, Chester and Hutton, with an honourable mention for Taylor. I was, like many, very excited by the January signings, but Taylor who was probably the least exciting, is the only one who has shown any sort of consistency. This concerns me greatly because Hourihane, Lansbury and Hogan were probably the best players at their clubs and had all been having great seasons. I know people will say they need time and there is some truth in that, but they haven't just struggled they've been rubbish. The main reason for this I believe is that we don't play in a way that suits their style of play and so every ga,e they loose a bit more confidence and a bit more form. They all looked pretty decent for the first game or two but they've all gone backwards since then. I'm concerned that we will never get the best out of them because we will never play a style that suits them. Steve Bruce keeps complaining about performances but continues to set us up negatively what ever formation he picks. The definition of madness is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Equally worrying with another transfer window on the near horizon, does Steve Bruce have a plan regarding the type of players we need to suit the style he intends to play?
  10. Steve Bruce

    And a grape I guess
  11. Steve Bruce

    But can you walk the rice paper?
  12. Tony Xia

    Sadly the later, the side effect being the former!
  13. Steve Bruce

    Ah but we're drawn like moths to the flame
  14. Tony Xia

    Quite right too, none of this new man, bloke hugging how's your father. It's bad enough with the players hugging and kissing when they score. Although we seem to have managed to cut that down considerably over the last few seasons.........
  15. Steve Bruce

    I really do hope you're right TRO because he is definitely going to start next season with us and I want to win every game and storm the league. I just don't have as much faith in him, blind or otherwise, that you do. I think by now we should be seeing signs of a consistent plan and players should be more comfortable with each other. Because when players are more at home playing together things like poor first touches and stray passes become less frequent. By the way I don't have a problem with a little blind faith, after all we are supporters and should be supportive. Sometimes blind faith is all we have to cling on to!