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  1. Since you’ve brought up abusive language, am I the only one who is uncomfortable with the My Old Man song? It’s one of our best known songs and yet I think thousands of fans singing c#&t is just wrong and does us no credit. I’m not a prude and I’ve often used terrible language at games. You can understand why over the last 10 years! But that’s just frustration spur of the moment stuff and I try to keep it down, especially if there are kids and ladies near. In these modern times when we’re trying to be a forward thinking all inclusive club I don’t think that there’s a place for a song with the C word included. It’s too late to change it obviously, so just drop the song.
  2. The point you make about our better players being below par today is very important. We’re someway off the finished article, some players still settling in and some players possibly a little below, at the moment anyway, PL standard. So our better players have to make a big impact to get us what we need from games, which almost didn’t happen today. Some good players were average/poor and some average players just poor. The clear exception was Jack, who you could claim won us the game today. These types of performances are going to be fairly regular until we increase the quality of the squad as a whole, so that we’re less dependent on a handful, or fingerfull today, of players.
  3. Yeah fancy picking the same team that won the last match 5-1. Must be crazy.
  4. On the BBC website they’re saying there has been loads of rubbish VAR decisions. Missed a clear pen for Watford, who are leading Spurs 1-0, disallowed a Wolves goal for offside, not sure if accurately or not. VAR just isn’t working, probably because it’s being run by the same incompetent idiots as were incapable of refereeing a game without the technical “assistance”. Ruining the game when goals can’t be celebrated properly.
  5. Thanks for the responses re Morelos. I know nothing of him, just a look at the obligatory YouTube video. As most have pointed out, he’d need to sort his temperament out and make the very big step up from the poor standard of Scottish football. Probably a click bait story at the end of the day.
  6. We’re linked with Alfredo Morelos who is banging in the goals at Rangers. I have a Rangers mate, who txt me a pic of him this morning with the message, “Hands off”. He looks good on YouTube anyway. He’s Colombian so perhaps we need Jaun Pab to have a word, if he really is any good. Rumoured at £20m.
  7. DaveAV1

    Tyrone Mings

    This is absolutely true. I moved to The Highlands a couple of years ago and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard stuff along the lines of, “If you’re from Birmingham, how come you’re not black.” One bloke seriously said that he thought 90% of people from Brum we’re black. My response that it’s probably the other way round and that it doesn’t matter either way, seemed to genuinely amaze him Now I don’t think for a minute that he or people up here in general are racist, but there’s a lack of experience of meeting many people that aren’t white. This obviously effects how people perceive other areas and the people who live there.
  8. We’ve had plenty of cowboys at the club though.
  9. Don’t be daft. The net spend is about right, but this time we’ll only buy two or three...
  10. Truly pathetic rag of a newspaper. In the Dier article I read they had Everton at fourth favourites to sign him alongside West Ham with us third, then about two paragraphs later they had them at second favourites. I’ve generally stopped reading their rubbish, I mistakenly followed a link to the article. Confirmed I haven’t been missing anything.
  11. I agree that mistakes, some of them terrible have been made, but I feel that there’s still an aura about the place. I could just be a sentimental old romantic though!
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