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  1. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    Could be why he came of injured.....
  2. My wife is from Inverness and we have a 4 year old daughter. We moved up to be closer to her grandparents, both of my parents have passed away. Having been up here for 18 months I love it and have no desire to move back, it’s just great. I miss some good mates and of course The Villa. That McGinn, what a player!!
  3. That’s amazing, she certainly puts me to shame. I was a season ticket holder for years until we moved up here in August 2017 and still had one last season despite the move. This season I’ve only been to one game, WBA, meh. Give her my admiration next time you see her.
  4. Near Kiltarlity, 20 minutes west of Inverness. I past through Forres yesterday funnily enough, do you live in Forres?
  5. You’d be amazed how far north Inverness is! We live about 20 mins from Inverness and it’s 460 miles from our house to The Holte End, a place I miss more than I can put into words. Still Hibs is relatively close at 171 miles away so if we set up a friendly I’ll be there!
  6. Cally Thistle or Ross County would be more convenient for me. Don’t be so selfish, I’m further away from VP than you!
  7. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    What we haven’t seen much of in the past few years, is players playing above themselves. In fact just the opposite, players at the top of their game for former clubs have been very disappointing. We now seem to be getting the best out of players. Ok players like Jack, SJM and Mings are obviously very talented and really having a huge influence on games. But players who have often been written off, by fans anyway, the likes of Taylor and Elmo are now really finding some form and making us a much better and balanced side. We’re becoming a side that is better than the sum of it’s parts. I know a lot is to do with the confidence and momentum that a good run of results brings. Nevertheless if we can maintain that togetherness and confidence in each other, then we can really build a team. So many times we’ve been beaten by teams, that on paper and in terms of cost, we should have had no trouble with. We’re learning how to be a proper team and one that can play in a way we can enjoy and be proud of. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this season and next season, regardless of which division we’re in.
  8. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    Well done mate, takes a big man and all that twaddle. I just hope you haven’t jinxed him now!! P.S. Plenty of what you have said has merit. I just thought you were a bit harsh and too hasty to pass judgment. Only time will really tell.
  9. I agree they were the better side, but we weren’t embarrassed.
  10. The game that they won in injury time? Yeah really embarrassing.
  11. I always thought he was slightly better as an attacker, probably because his mistakes were less damaging. But I agree he’s improved beyond recognition. He used to make half a dozen mistakes a game but he’s really cut them out. Fair play to him and the coaches.
  12. No it’s something about his interest in auto eroticism.....
  13. Steady on, you’d better have a lie down
  14. DaveAV1

    Tyrone Mings

    Agreed, that’s a great comparison. Throw Chris Nichol in and perhaps he’ll bang in a shot from 40yards in the Playoff final
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