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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Perhaps it’s an age thing for me too but there’s something solid and permanent about bricks. It says this is Villa Park, the home of Aston Villa who’s chairman founded the first league in the world. We’re not flash but we’ve been here for a long long time, our walls are built on the history of our forefathers and their glories seep out of the very fabric of the place. This is our home and this will always be our home.
  2. Sadly money talks, or swears. The players began taking a knee, not that it’s a bad thing, when they were under some moral pressure over staff being furlowed etc and they were happily keeping their mind blowing wages. The excuse they made for this was that because they earn so much they were paying lots of tax and therefore supporting the NHS. They forgot to mention that they also made even more money from other commercial sponsors and all of them employed very expensive accountants to “manage” their tax affairs. Along comes the sad case across the pond and the media savvy agent controlled players jumped on the distraction bandwagon and suddenly their greed is yesterday’s news. Take a knee not a pay cut! I’ve nothing against taking the knee at all. It highlights a problem that me as a boy of the 60s saw plenty of growing up in Brum but never experienced directly being white. So I’m therefore reluctant to comment, as I probably don’t really understand. However my point is that, when privileged and rich sportsmen stand up against abuse of any kind it is a good thing. However when they conveniently turn a blind eye if it hits them in the pay packet, then the argument is considerably weakened. Certainly in the eyes of the racists. The very fact that the FA and PL have allowed a blatant fudge of the rules in allowing a murderous state to control a major football club is as appalling as it is predictable. The first major player to say “NO! I won’t take their filthy blood soaked lucra,”should be applauded to the heavens and hopefully should set a fine example that’s followed by all. Sadly I’m not holding my breath.
  3. Certainly something to chew over.
  4. Socket to me Phil, let’s ratchet things up.
  5. It’s because he’s useless.
  6. The internationals are a bit of a spanner in the works.
  7. We certainly are keeping the cogs turning.
  8. I don’t disagree on the individual ability of those players but at the moment as a collective they aren’t playing to the best of their individual abilities. Conversely our players are all playing, on the whole, above their individual abilities. That doesn’t mean that the level at which they are playing isn’t sustainable. Most, if not all of our players, are upping their game and progressing as individual players as well as how they’re playing as a team. That’s massive credit to Dean and his coaching team. I understand what @Phil Silverssays about the top 4 being a closed shop, but perhaps sometime in the not too distant future, that closed shop can be broken. If we continue progressing, on and off the pitch, the sky is the limit. Who else could go from near bankruptcy under the ownership of a skint chancer, to hammering the champions 7-2 and owned by two astute and progressive thinking billionaire businessmen. Maybe the same gloriously baffling club that came from the third division to European Champions in 10 years. Anyone want to bet against us?
  9. I agree Andy, I think we’ll go at them early on to knock their already fragile confidence and get the crowd on their backs. Tough game but winnable. I think Deano said Bailey wouldn’t be back until after the internationals. That would be a nice bonus though.
  10. On the current form of both teams you’d definitely fancy us. Of course we all know that anything could happen and they will be desperate to get a result at their place after the performance and result last week against Arsenal. We have the players and set up to hurt them and we won’t lack confidence. We can’t just write them off, they still have players who can do is damage too, but there seems to be something not right going on at Spurs just as there is something very right going on with us. We’ll see how it plays out on Sunday but it’s nice to go into a game like this with confidence.
  11. I think that it is always dangerous to expect to win no matter who we are playing in the PL, even Norwich. I think however that we have developed a mentality whereby we believe we can win any game. Saturday will have strengthened that belief hugely.
  12. Did he post a picture of his flash new Merc, or is that just a crap centre half thing?
  13. Well that’s a better deal than you offered Villalad.
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