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  1. My Dad took a group of kids to BMH as they’d been invited to watch The Villa train. The security then wasn’t as it is now and so Dad just parked up the minibus and walked into the changing rooms looking for someone who might know they were coming. He immediately met Brian Little who was an absolute gentleman, knew Dad’s name and said he’d go and find the boss. My Dad thought Ron would say a quick hello and get someone to show them around, but that wasn’t the case at all. Ron was charming, made a big fuss of the kids and took them all out to the first team training pitch, stopped training and set up a match for the kids to watch. All the players were equally wonderful to the kids, everyone got autographs and had a kick around with the team. Dad was so impressed with Ron, the players and the whole club. We were both immensely proud of our football club. I apologise to anyone who has heard me tell this story before on here, but I thought it might be a fitting time to recount it again. Thank you from all of us Ron. Rest in peace boss, you were hard as nails but had a big heart and truly knew people, a man’s man.
  2. Who are you and where have you hidden villalad21?
  3. Lansbury is 80!?? I know he’s knocking on a bit now, but 80, surely not???
  4. DaveAV1

    Wesley Moraes

    We’re not going to get rid of Wesley, he’s young and has only played 14 games at PL level. He’s developing and settling in both on and off the pitch. Some players do it instantly, others take months, some don’t settle at a club at all. Benteke took a couple of months or so before he started to look like the player he eventually became for us and to be honest he hasn’t as yet reach those heights at either Liverpool or Palace. Ken McNaught took about two thirds of a season, I shudder to think of the abuse he would have got these days on social media, but once he settled we couldn’t play without him. I agree he has plenty of room for improvement, but it’s much too early to write him off, particularly as we now have a coaching set up that is very good at developing players. I think we should and probably will be in the market for a striker in January to both play with and instead of Wesley depending on the circumstances. It will help the lad and certainly take some of the weight of expectation and responsibility off his shoulders. It also shouldn’t be forgotten that we are scoring a decent amount of goals as a team and he is our leading scorer. He’s a young player that’s leading the line at a major club in the biggest league in the world. That’s some responsibility. I’m sure he and the coaches know he needs to improve, but he also needs time and patience. A strike partner that brings us something different and we could see him suddenly take off. I hope so anyway.
  5. Odious, classless, little oik. It amazes and disgusts me in equal measures that the clueless idiots at the BBC spend licence fee money on such a knuckle dragging fool.
  6. That’s the first time and probably last that Fergie has been compared to Doug. I’m not even sure if Fergie could do a bicycle kick!
  7. That’s spot on. Macca was never afraid to put into row Z if the need arose, but then again we are talking about a world class footballer in his case, but still the point is valid, Mings needs to improve that important element of his game.
  8. Man Poo and Man Shitty. Come on embrace your inner child
  9. Brucie has probably got a plan for dealing with Snodgrass and Abraham.
  10. On the issue of trains, I understand that adding an additional service on match days creates a big scheduling issue for the rest of the service. However would it not be possible to add more carriages to the existing service? One or two extra carriages to trains after the match would make a huge difference. There are often more half empty carriages on the trains travelling to Aston before the game than there are on the dangerously full ones after the game.
  11. I understand your point and the media have always been annoyingly obsessed about their favourites, led by the arse kissing BBC. That will never change but hopefully over the next few seasons our role in this soap opera will grow, which may in someways not always be particularly palatable. However provided that means we are successful on the pitch and off it run in a morally correct way, interpret that as you will, then we can perhaps truly feel the joy of being in the PL.
  12. The voice of reason. Are you sure you’re in the right place?
  13. Mourinho has just summed it up when he said that Wolves have been playing together in this tactical style for 3 years. They have a much better and more settled squad than us. We made huge changes to the squad just a few months ago, we still need much more in terms of players and time together. Over the top and predictable criticism is as daft as it is unhelpful.
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