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  1. One of the reasons we’re all on here is because we’re after information. Somebody gives some out in good faith, offers no guarantees and gets slaughtered for it, because people have made stuff up in the past. If you don’t want to accept the reality of social media sites like this and take them for what they are, them really your only option is to wait for the official site to announce stuff. But where’s the fun in that? i think @AvfcRigo82 has heard something interesting and been good enough to share it, he didn’t have to. I don’t believe he’s ever claimed to be ITK in the past and so I can’t see why he isn’t telling the truth. He’s just passed on something in good faith. Perhaps his source could be easily identified in some way if he offered up more info as he may be in a privileged position with info that only a very few people would know. No Scotland Yard won’t be involved but perhaps internal club disciplinary action could be taken and a person could lose their job.
  2. I went to school in Aston from the age of 11. I caught 2 buses with a walk at each end, we played in Aston Park every lunchtime, (Only shot at once with an air rifle, missed) and we had to walk to the games pitches about a mile away once a week. (Again only shot at once with an air rifle, hit my mate on the arse!). There was occasionally bits of trouble but nothing serious. Now all the kids are dropped off and picked up by parents, but I’m not sure that’s indicative of the area being significantly worse. I think it’s more a case of both parents driving and being able to afford two cars. I mean all the kids get dropped off by car in Sutton theses days, even if they only live a 5 minute walk away.
  3. Like Sturridge, he’s been consistently mentioned all window. It’s human nature, if we don’t like the link we dismiss it as lazy journalism, but if we like it we hang on to it and cherish it like the girl we can’t quite get. Occasionally though the dream comes true and we get the girl. P.S. Like I did when I met the wife. (You never know when they’re watching, they have strange powers blokes will never understand. It never hurts to cover your back. They can’t see messages in brackets though.)
  4. Putting Gabby with William McGregor on a statue is just crazy and completely unfeasible. The rest all seems quite reasonable though.

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