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  1. That bad? I got twenty minutes in and fell asleep. I must say though with the whole Egyptian theme I thought it was going to be a good one.
  2. A'Villan


    Would the Stan Smith collection pique your interest?
  3. A'Villan

    Do you read?

    Well, I think I might leave you to that one and be on my way. The only even slightly associated thing I can think of to oily men in leotards is Arnold Schwarzenegger was responsible for laying down the death penalty for Tookie.
  4. A'Villan

    Do you read?

    Is this going with the LOTR/Hobbit theme where Bilbo or Frodo (I'm a bit shocked I can't recall which) has a riddle contest with Gollum?
  5. A'Villan

    Do you read?

    Well, as long as you're amused I suppose
  6. About to watch X-Men: Apocalypse.
  7. I've made a total of 24 transfers. Edit: I am pretty unreliable with logging in though, and checking who's hot. I like my front three, and I'm hoping my midfielders have the season where potential is realised.
  8. A'Villan

    Do you read?

    The Hobbit was the first proper book I read on my own. I remember being so absorbed in it that I cried at certain stages of the story. Never read LOTR.
  9. A'Villan

    Do you read?

    Started this a few weeks back:
  10. Watchu talkin' 'bout Willis?! It's so good!
  11. A'Villan


    Purchased these yesterday:
  12. One large lamb pizza with garlic sauce, and a large Hawaiian pizza, bought for a sum total of $14. Half price Thursdays:
  13. Got my jerseys for the King of The Court tournament on order. Got knocked out in last years event in the semi finals by the eventual winners, a side made up of three NBL players, one of which represents their country at basketball. I'm squad captain, and I've been recruiting, got an NBL championship winner of my own this time, and an import who enjoyed a solid NCAA career. We'll be playing under the team name, "The Four Horsemen" because we about to bring the end for all who come before us. Edit: Sorry about double post.
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