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  1. Had a meeting yesterday with colleagues regards the findings of the royal commission into mental health, and it's recommendations. I had personally been asked to submit a piece for the royal commission, however while that was something I really wanted to do, it didn't happen. That was made amends yesterday, I was so well received in the meeting, management and leaders applauded my input. That was followed up by a meeting with the mental health advisory board I am member of today, where we discussed General practitioners and their role in mental health. It was an interesting dis
  2. I know nothing of the Kurdish people other than they are one culture that has got recognition for the genocide committed against them. Excuse my ignorance again VT, just airing my thoughts. I like the spirit of this Musa fella. He reminds me of my Papou, in an outburst of rage against the indecency and injustice he felt committed against our family, *puts on best Greek accent* "They don't ah-understand-ah, I'm-ah make-ah them-ah ah-understand-ah!!!"
  3. "Not everything faced can be changed, but nothing is changed until it is faced" - James Baldwin
  4. How strangely relevant the interview given by Aaron Russo (U.S presidential candidate, film maker, among other things) on his discussions with David Rockefeller (the man behind the creation of the twin towers for trade in NYC) are today. On another note I won't get "bollocks" for quite as readily, you are aware back in the 1970's you could buy property for two years of your annual income, no estate agent commission fees, no bank mortgages? Zero.
  5. This was released by a 21 year old youth, perhaps written in his teenage years even: "I sit and reminisce Thinking of bliss and the good days I stop and stare at the younger My heart goes to 'em They (are) tested with stress that they under And nowadays things change Everyone's ashamed of the youth 'cause the truth look, strange And for me it's reversed We left em a world that's cursed And it hurts 'Cause any day they'll push the button And all good men like Malcolm X or Bobby Hutton died for nothing Don't it make you get teary The world looks dreary When you wipe you
  6. One of, anyway: “I’ve wrestled with alligators, I’ve tussled with a whale. I done handcuffed lightning And throw thunder in jail. You know I’m bad. just last week, I murdered a rock, Injured a stone, Hospitalized a brick. I’m so mean, I make medicine sick.” -Muhammad Ali
  7. Personally I find patience and a considered temperament to be equally as powerful in expressing one's POV, as being visibly and verbally present with animated language. Passionate antics may be appropriate and useful in the heat of the moment to relay urgency, however it is fleeting and momentary in its use, and if it is not received and implemented as intended, then it's not much use. Whereas a measured and thoughtful addressing of any issues so that what is instilled in the players is absorbed allowing for the importance of the message to be received and understood to the point where it's ap
  8. Any comments based on experience of the Honda Accord Euro?
  9. Surely @TRO you understand that preparation is the most fundamental path to victory. As said by Miyamoto Musashi and written into the Bushido principles, "Do not think dishonestly, the way is in training." Pep can be as passionately animated as he likes whilst delivering sideline instructions, but riddle me this, if his players had not prepared with any instructions prior to KO, would they, or would they not, spend the entire 90minutes focused on Pep's antics and guidance, rather than focused on the game unfolding before their very eyes, should they pay attention to Pep's intense gesturing and
  10. Sheffield United were sixth, equal on points with fifth placed Wolves, this time last season, and they maintained that position through until July last year, before dropping off somewhat. Dean Smith gave Nakamba and Ramsey opportunities to impress in our last two, and I respect any coach who grants his players time on field, if and when he feels they deserve it, even if they aren't necessarily first choice. I also respect any manager who has the guts to try a setup and approach that he hasn't previously, with the thinking that the new composition will be dynamic and fruitful. So
  11. Nakamba and Ramsey ahead of the alternatives is an interesting option, but I'm glad to see him offering opportunities to squad players. However, today, they aren't delivering, changes needed. Barkley and/or Luiz added, or perhaps Sanson. I'd personally love to see Sanson, but not sure this is the right situation, would be a great way to announce himself if he did influence a win though.
  12. I believe there's a Villa fan, if not supporter, on the other end of that keyboard, but what do I know? Cognitive dissonance comes to mind, but I'd rather focus on the match!
  13. Considering the team we've put out, I'm coming to the same conclusion, so there's a consistent theme there. Play better, we must.
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