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  1. Well, I'm doing just great in this little exchange, aren't I? haha
  2. Nor the English for being pompous!
  3. It was my attempt at humor. You assume that my taste buds like the real thing, when I actually find it almost foul. If we're talking about the same, 'the real thing''. I am half Greek btw. I like the sh*tty milk chocolate version.
  4. My dear bickster, how you underestimate me.
  5. I'm going to dig myself a hole and jump in head first by saying this.. But some of the dogmatic thinking in recent posts is almost worship in it's own form.
  6. I have a similar story, couldn't reverse the boat and car without the lock turning at an acute angle and us getting maybe a meter down the ramp.. About a dozen cars are waiting on us, car horns are beeping and people getting sh*tty. Then some genius (no sarcasm) actually decided to get out his car and help us spuds out! Who would have thought?! The solution was clearly to do what everyone else was doing and just get angry and frustrated with the situation.. Upon entering the water, we went in a direction which we were unaware would lead us to underwater rocks and that you can't navigate. The people that were fishing on the pier starting calling and shouting at us to turn around, but I couldn't hear them, so I turned the boat and headed directly for the pier.. They were so pissed off.. hahaha.. I think because maybe the boat would scare away the fish, I don't know, but I think we managed to get on the wrong side of everyone but us! There was 4 of us in a 2 man dingy that day, and we were lucky not to die I reckon, maybe a slight exaggeration, but it's amazing it didn't get worse. Add to this the drain plug had been replaced with a wine cork. And we were all stoned. What a mess.
  7. Now this one resonates with me and we agree here. The bomb diggity.
  8. Fair enough. You might be right, I think I see where you are coming from at least. Sentimental gestures are not going to bring these people back, they're not going to wash away the pain, and sometimes they aren't even genuine. So I think I do see your point. However sometimes it's nice to know you're not all alone in this world, and sometimes a thoughtful gesture can go along way. Sometimes even the notion that there's a man in the sky that you can speak to and ask for help is comforting for some people.
  9. You're welcome. I wouldn't have a clue, I'm not living your experience, you are. But I do know tough times. Really, really tough times. I think it's fair to say that death would have been kinder for me for a few years there. Things got better, now things are actually pretty great. I still have problems, but I don't live there. But that's me and my story. I don't want to shove it down your throat, I probably do it in every other post I make already! I still think, and go back to, my statement earlier, where I say that you can be these things even when you don't know it. Not knowing you, I can't say for certain, but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.
  10. Let's cheer so loud from Australia they can hear us at Villa Park guys!!! It's 11:45pm here right now, I better get to bed, 5am KO and the alarms are set from 4:30am onward. Eagerly awaiting this one but I best get some shut eye, I've got a full day after the game.
  11. @Tomaszk I'm a bit of a dork at the best of times. Apologies to the forum for that one.
  12. I don't know what to believe anymore. Articulate, coherent, eloquent conversation from someone who's apparently pissed on the vodka-redbulls! Great post @KenjiOgiwara Edited: Unnecessary ramble garbage.
  13. I am going to take a stab in the dark and say that your 2nd and 3rd choice theories are based on 2nd and 3rd hand information, at best. "Some Spanish winger" "and probably Abraham back" Excuse me for being direct and perhaps offensive, I understand conviction doesn't necessarily equate to truth, but it doesn't come across as factual when the detail is so vague. I am also inclined to think you might've missed the mark because from my understanding, we were very much in for Coutinho and talks were under way. Then Liverpool came in, Inter were happy with and accepted the bid, the player was more than happy to go there rather than here. End of. And to go on.. Phillips might turn out to be some player, personally I rate Luiz much higher, but Phillips wasn't picked up by anyone, the fee for him was considerable. Butland may've been first choice, I don't know or care, Heaton has been immense for us, that's something I will vouch for. Some world class saves, not many blunders, if any. Of course we would've had Abraham back, I told this forum he would cut it in the Premier League and look at his form right now. As with Coutinho, it's out of our hands. One more stab at your post then I'm done, I promise, Klopp wanted a CB and Southampton were playing hard ball? I think some parallels can be drawn with Villa.. A certain Villa acquisition by the name of Tyrone rings a bell. Bournemouth stance was cough up or he stays, we sign him, he gets an England call-up within weeks. Ha! "You're a natural, ain't ya Tyrone?" "'Course I am" Fortunately our Tyrone is a natural at what he does, I'm not so sure about the one from Snatch.
  14. And in another news, I'm quite keen to see what Marvelous can do for us in the Premier League, having seen him at Crewe. Luiz, whilst I really like him, and think that he is considerably better than Nakamba on the ball, with a greater capacity to get us forward, is also more risky with his play. I like the way Nakamba broke up play and won the ball, he made some very tidy and timely tackles and interceptions, and his distribution, while modest, was always safe. I liked that from him because we would gain AND retain possession through his efforts and that allowed for other players in midfield to get forward. Lansbury had two assists and Hourihane had two goals, Grealish had a goal and an assist. I know it's against Crewe and not a PL side, but still it was very effective. I wonder if that's what we want from our defensive midfield position if we are playing a single pivot. Someone reliable, tidy and timely who will allow others license to get forward. What do others think? Don't get me wrong, I like Luiz, I think he's the best player we have in the DM role in terms of individual talent, skill and potential for growth, and I want him on the pitch. For me though, it's about what's going to give us the greatest chance of success week to week, because you can only win one game at a time. I'd like to see Marvelous one game. I'd be all for a double pivot with Marvelous and Luiz in the holding role, with Luiz having a license to get forward and break the lines of our opposition, MN as safety. Very encouraged with the two signings though, I think both might turn out to be up to standard, Luiz has a lot of ideas up his sleeve and with greater execution, he'll be nice.

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