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  1. A'Villan


    Even just watching him run is impressive.
  2. Apologies! In typical fashion I was too eager to speak before doing my share of listening, or in this case thread reading. The Burgoyne and Cayne brothers were special, as was Warren Tredea, and Wanganeen. I've just woken so can't say I remember too many more off the top of my head.
  3. Marlo Stanfield was my favorite character. Don't ask me why. As for specific season, I'd have to refresh which was which, but they are all so brilliant. The best TV series of all time in my book.
  4. Andrew McLeod being snubbed for the Brownlow medal, and not just once I might add, is part of the reason I completely stopped following AFL. The man was a magician and an artist, by far my favourite of all time. Seeing as you are from Adelaide, and they were my childhood team, honorable mentions go to Tony Modra, the Jarman brothers, Mark Ricciuto, Simon Goodwin, Mark Bickley, and that whole '97 and '98 ensemble. My Dad being born in 1954 and bred in Footscrazy meant he has always been a Bulldogs man. I converted to the doggies to please the old fella somewhere along the track, but have never really followed the game for a solid 15 or so years. Watched the Bulldogs finals run and glory in 2016 though. Haven't watched anything outside of highlights against Brisbane this season. You never know I might tune in this Saturday. You know Luke Shuey? Norm Smith medalist for the West Coast Eagles? He and I were good mates and the rovers for our local club in my early teens. I polled more votes per game than him in the league's best and fairest in our final year playing together, but gave it up for basketball.
  5. A'Villan


    Went for a run today with crew from basketball. They all did 10km, I did 2.5km. They are Ugandan, Sudanese, and Somali. I am half Greek, and half Irish. My people have been retiring too young and drinking too much for too long and I am suffering the consequences I tells ya. Edit: The Ugandan bloke did his 10km in just over 14 minutes. Double Edit: The Ugandan bloke did not do that, he did 10 laps of a 400m track at 14 minutes, so I guess 30 minutes or so for the full 10km.
  6. United, City, Chelsea, and Liverpool are insanely great teams at present. You could argue that a decade ago Arsenal's and Chelsea's squad were as good, maybe, if you were trying really hard, even though United won the PL with a much weaker squad.
  7. Thought this was going to be our first test of where we are at in the immediate future, post-Grealish. Could have been worse. There's more than a few positives to take from a loss that by the scoresheet should easily be forgotten.
  8. I shouted at him in the street one time, "HEY GEOFFREY!!" he spun around, and I waived. He smiled and waived back. Good man.
  9. I'm still a bit more disappointed that Grealish has moved on from this club than I would like to admit, mostly because I simply like to spend some time each week watching the man play football. I also feel like he could have been like Michael Jordan became for the Chicago Bulls, but not to be. I remember being lambasted for suggesting Grealish would reach the heights of your David Silva's and Coutinho's, and it's quite apparent he will more than likely surpass the latter in influence if he hasn't already. Anyway, I wish the young man nothing but the best. Even if he has made comment in private that Villa lacked ambition and that we wouldn't see Europe, I think that may well just be him deflecting the negative energy he feels from his decision to move, and an attempt to justify it, but the less I indulge speculative and inconsequential hearsay, the better. All the best, Jack. The skies the limit.
  10. Hopefully followed by a sledgehammer down the gob for good measure.
  11. Will re-watch Spielberg's thriller Munich tonight, or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow as it's 10pm already. Based on the Israeli government's secret retaliation against the Palestine Liberation Organization after the Munich massacre at the 1972 Summer Olympics. Really good film, I don't often seek out films, especially not to re-watch, but this one from memory at least is worth the watch!
  12. You know, I see often enough, people undermine and deny almost to disqualification other peoples feelings, even their own feelings, and women are included in that. I'm not applauding what this 'mistress' has done, however nor will I swing the gavel down on her like it's my place to, especially by saying that it's not her place to speak on certain matters that have nothing to do with her. This matter has nothing to do with me. The situation is undesirable, and sensitive, best not to exacerbate the situation. Ignorance is in no way bliss, and that adage irks me, like this experience is better off being missed out on. That's a mindset I do not share. Stevo, I'm not here to pry into your life, I like you though, so I hope you can come to terms with what you have done. Because you did it for a reason. Whatever that may be, and you matter too. One thing I said to my father just two or three weeks ago, was that I understood why he did what he did and that I love him regardless. That's 25 years after he cheated, a quarter century. That's after all the emotional turmoil I've endured as I was raised by my single mother. I'm just glad at some point she channeled that rage into being the fighter that we needed her to be. Enough about me though. Honestly, if you want a chat, do yourself, her, and your soon to be world within a world a solid deed and talk about what's going on. If people's response is disappointing, let them be disappointments, you were at least true to your feelings. I'm more than happy to discuss anything with you, you're certainly someone I have time for. No hard feelings in any case. I trust you in this, I do, but wanted to offer my thoughts, obviously you'll take or leave them.
  13. My Dad cheating ended what had been for 18 years. As you're possibly not interested in me offering that story, I won't. All I will say is to take care of yourself too. The onset of your feelings, her feelings, your children's feelings, other life challenges may not be immediate, and while I am no one to speak for you and yours, or your situation, if you want to be the best father you can be, you've got to be there, so protect your neck too. Stoicism is great, I'm all about that. However, I feel that it is only that way when we are true to ourselves and are that way for this purpose, and not only for the sake of others, and how we want to be perceived. I will share that my Dad thought hiding emotions and being emotionally distant on what mattered to him, for the sake of us, was the way to go. The greatest lesson is that we always have a lot to learn. We cannot offer our children what we do not have. If you want them to have certain characteristics, then embody them yourself. Kindness? Strength? Prosperity? It all starts with you having it to give them. I don't know you, @Stevo985, outside of seeing you as a poster on this forum to whom I like and enjoy reading your posts. Make sure you keep that chin up. You seem accepting and stable and all that, but so did my Dad, so forgive me saying.
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