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  1. A'Villan

    Dean Smith

    Liverpool, United and Arsenal are all what they are today because of the appointment and retaining of Shankly, Paisley, Ferguson and Wenger. In terms of the most sought after silverware, Chelsea and Manchester City are literally not even half of what Liverpool and United are, and both are still a long ways behind Arsenal, even Arsenal's decades of top 4 finishes and CL knockout phase appearances don't count for trophies, imagine if they did. They might actually of become history's invincible club. It takes the right man at the right club for such a thing to transpire though. Fortunately for us I think we have a manager who's very capable, and hopefully that potential is realised with this club, as we have a ceiling as high as English football can take you. Aston Villa literally is a sleeping giant, belonging to one of Europe's top 25 most populated cities, not only should it be an English powerhouse, but a European one. Why do we think your Madrid's, Barelona's, Munich's and Milan's have historically dominated the worldstage? How did PSG rise to prominence? Because everyone wants to play under the big city lights.
  2. I'm guessing we are, but only on loan with an option to buy deals. AC Milan released they had only received loan offers for Piatek.
  3. I doubt Samatta has been told he will be guaranteed starts at this stage. He will be coming here to prove himself, within our ranks, then the league. He will enjoy a considerable pay rise I assume, as will most players that we are looking to bring in, who have a mutual interest in coming to join us this January. If there's an ounce of substance to some of these rumours going around then I wouldn't be surprised if we have 30million to spend on the right player, if they become available.
  4. @KenjiOgiwara I can only think of three players (active) who I've seen trap a lofted ball with such finesse under pressure from opposition, and that's Messi, Neymar and Jadon Sancho. Loader then goes on to score from outside the box with a curler that couldn't be better placed. It's in an academy game, but my oh my, that's a prospect. Great shout.
  5. No, he's been used as a substitute at Reading, coming on briefly at the tail-end of games. Has started in the cups on occasion.
  6. Had not heard of him before your post, very talented and skilled young man. Would be an excellent statement signing.
  7. Knows how to tuck them away beyond the keeper's reach, that's for sure.
  8. https://tbrfootball.com/napolis-reported-move-for-politano-could-help-villa-land-linked-winger-callejon/
  9. https://tbrfootball.com/gaston-pereiro-suggests-aston-villa-are-interested-in-signing-him-from-psv-eindhoven/ Four consecutive seasons scoring double digits in the dutch top tier isn't bad, especially at age 24.
  10. Read that a deal for Slimani is an option as long as it's a permanent move, Leicester aren't interested in loaning him to us.
  11. If that's the case, he's an absolute bargain. Even if the fee is 3million. Look at how good Traore has become. Not to mention other players only two years Barry's senior going for 100-200millon
  12. Carlos Tevez, now that's one old man I wouldn't mind seeing at Villa.
  13. I had used google tools to only bring up links as recent as this week. Apologies.
  14. When I remember to be somewhat less of a nuisance and adhere to social and writing norms, you can expect more of it!
  15. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-transfers-said-benrahma-16629567?int_source=taboola&int_medium=display&int_campaign=organic
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