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  1. A'Villan

    Dean Smith

    Lampard was captain for their 2012 Champions League victory, and is quite notably more accomplished in regards to playing honours and records than Terry. But I see where you are coming from and agree. My post wasn't to undermine the ability of Dean Smith to perform on the biggest stage of his career, rather the opposite.
  2. I wouldn't blame anyone for enjoying a hot shower. I know I do during Autumn and Winter over here. I came off a bit conceited and didn't mean to be pedantic about other peoples shower habits, it's not like there is evident hygiene concern. Except maybe some pong from my post. My bad.
  3. Thought you could use a reminder, seeing as your back and legs, which make up a large portion of your body surface area, apparently don't get a scrub.
  4. A'Villan

    U.S. Politics

    The conservative right-wing political party got re-elected at federal level in Australia yesterday. No one saw it coming. People are trying to fathom how it came to be. As in, people are trying to figure out how the masses elect a people that don't serve the masses. The headline for their campaign was, "Now is not the time for change'. I'm more inclined to vote for assassination than I am giving some of these mobsters a place on my ballot card.
  5. I'm with @mjmooney on this one. The purpose of a shower is to wash and cleanse. Maybe for those in the UK it's for some warmth too. Just scrubbing the main culprits for odor is like only brushing the teeth visible when you smile. You're taking half measures to keep up appearances. We're not so run into the ground from our night long sleep that we can't wake up in the morning and accomplish the simple task of doing a whole body wash, are we?
  6. This. We are favourites because what has come to pass is a 7-0 scoreline between us and Derby. And because of the perception that securing a playoff place sooner equates to superiority. Derby will have to do more soul-searching than us to find a way to come out on top of this fixture. That, in my mind, doesn't mean they are any less likely to come out on top. It just means that they must change the dynamic from what has come previously, to something that can provide.
  7. The point was merely that the odds are not in favour of the attacking team to score at each attempt. Your Manchester City example is apt. City scored 6 goals from 23 attempts at goal. That's 25% conversion. In a cup final, that's about as good a victory as you'll see. City created a shot every 4 minutes for the entire 90 minutes. That's uncommon even for a team dominating a tie, and shows the disparity between the opponents. Earlier we saw Liverpool lose 3-0 to Barcelona, a scoreline that flattered the Catalans. 2nd leg comes around and Liverpool win 4-0 to record one of the all-time great comebacks. People are touting it as the greatest ever comeback in Champions League history, because no one expected Liverpool to overturn their deficit. This time the margins were in Liverpool's favour, and the result may seem to indicate that their was a dominant side in each game, when the chances in both were of similar quality. In order to successfully penetrate the lines of the opposition, attacking players must use the gaps, create space, work angles and have the skill to execute. We agree. Off-the-ball movement is equally crucial to unlocking defense and creating chances that can be finished. It's what made Barca the anomaly for passing sequences used in build up. Without the work of teammates putting themselves in purposeful positions, the man on the ball becomes the sole option, and those odds of scoring at each attempt get slimmer.
  8. A'Villan

    Dean Smith

    There's talent everywhere. El Ghazi averaged double digits in goals over two seasons with Ajax. Look at them at the moment. Champions League semi's holding their own. Last I checked Marko Marin was available for less than a million pounds!
  9. I see where you're coming from. I kind of meant the football world. Those that know him, those that matter. Regardless, he'll be viewed by tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands.
  10. May not be the Champions League final Jack, but this is your platform to show the world what you've got, and it's a football pitch all the same.
  11. A'Villan

    Dean Smith

    So possibly the most inexperienced man in dealing with a fixture of this significance will be Dean Smith on Monday. Perhaps slightly unexpectedly, that's to our favour, and no hindrance to our chances of gaining promotion in my mind. His position and status in world football has been humble up until now, despite earning his way into one of the better divisions in the world. The modesty in which he has operated with has allowed him to focus on what's important, the fundamentals. Work ethic, detailed knowledge and philosophy. Smith envisions an approach that is applicable to any footballing side. Age, gender and level are insignificant. Ego is the only obstacle in this way of playing. We see Mourinho talk about football heritage and whether or not his players have the capacity to perform for United. Smith doesn't know any better than the budget at Brentford and Walsall. Smith has to develop his players to the standards he expects. It's on him if it doesn't come to. The unassuming nature of Smith's football life has allowed him to concentrate on what's essential to his role, to coach football, in the game we all love. That's how it appears to me.
  12. You're mate might be right. We've done it comprehensively twice this season. They've not scored and we've got seven goals against them. But it's a different game in so many ways in this meeting. Everything to be gained over one fixture. A year worth of commitment on the line. Temptation to be audacious will be everpresent. There will be place for bold displays, but impertinent ambitions will likely prove costly. This is true both of tactics instilled by coaches and the moment-to-moment decisions of the players as the game plays out. It's Derby who have more soul searching to do to come up with a performance that will merit the desired outcome. I only hope that the line above doesn't become the very thing that unravels us during the match. But I don't even want to indulge doubt about our game. Maybe I'm wrong, but I expect Smith to send those players out the Aston Villa way, 'Prepared'. In life, you won't always be motivated, and that's why you must learn discipline. I believe that will be true of this decisive football encounter too. Who wouldn't be motivated to go out and win the playoff final? The urge to win will be unanimous, despite being uniquely reflected from one individual to the next. I'm sure Lampard will have an influential way of inspiring in his team the kind of confidence he had going into the big games as a player. Who knows maybe more so than Smith. Smith's never really performed on these stages in any capacity outside of his own mind. I know why I was backing Smith even when the disgruntled groans from supporters were so many, and loud, that it seemed like he may not last a season. I backed Smith because despite the results being poor, we had shown that we could be better than any other side, at the fundamental aspects of the game. We have not strayed in our focus on those fundamentals and developing them to our needs. I guess the outcomes speak for themselves at this point. Quietly confident.. UTV!
  13. Hope everyone going has the best time. Make it sound like a home game and make sure you leave that ground knowing you were part of the Villa team that gave it everything. I'll be screaming at a screen from somewhere here in Australia.
  14. Because football requires a team to penetrate past the lines of opposition and put the ball inside the posts. Even at a standstill, two lines of four men cover just under half the goal line for width and height. With their arm span at full width, those two lines cover double the space between the goal posts. With one leg outstretched, eight men of average height (6ft) cover nearly exactly the width of the goal (10cm short). Without wanting to go on a huge tangent about the space covered by our opponents once we reach the final third, and how it relates to difficulty to score.. You can see through basic math and stats that when an opposition has one or even two lines of defenders, added to that a goalkeeper.. When all are standing between the ball and the goal, and are able to anticipate and react to the movement before attackers reach their intended target.. It makes the angles and space allowed for a successful attempt at goal quite minimal. This is why we see so few successful attempts in proportion to total attempts. An average for the best player for 'key passes' made, from any given team, generally makes up for about 1% of a teams total passes made. This is probably why, statistically speaking, direct play yields a higher goal rate per pass made over possession football, because lines of defending are surpassed quicker.. This is probably why crosses, again, statistically, yield the highest chance of creating a goal from open play, because lines of defenders can be outdone by skilled delivery and runs.
  15. That's one for the 'Player You've Forgotten About Thread'.
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