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  1. Everybody it looks like @Aston_Villan4 has been turned by the Night's King and has now joined the army of Shite Talkers in the media.
  2. Please excuse me chiming in again AVFCDAN, I just wanted to add that from the very little insight I have into your life and mind surrounding gambling and alcohol, that it seems you are aware that both can become problematic should one not take care and responsibility. That's great. Really. That awareness could easily be the difference between you enjoying both as pastimes that are affordable and relatively harmless, and both slipping into habits that are costly and detrimental to your wellbeing. I'm sure you know, and I'm not trying to mother you, but having other pastimes you can look to for
  3. Thought the score line was harsh, but it happens. So does this:
  4. A'Villan


    I came to this thread to see what wholesome goodness you had brought to it. I had a feeling it was going to be your usual antics too. True story, my Dad and I were down by the beach pre-pandemic and we bought some fish 'n' chips, Dad then said, "now, where do we get some cheap Coke?" Me, "Colombia!"
  5. Took Barkley and Werner out to be replaced by Foden and Martial this week. Martinez Keane - Ake - Coady Grealish - Foden - Maddison - Bale - Rodriguez Calvert-Lewin - Firmino Bench: Leno, Wan Bissaka, Gabriel, Martial
  6. Don't mind me. I barely saw the interview.
  7. Yeah, I agree entirely, in saying I interpreted it a certain way I wasn't suggesting that it should be taken as his meaning. Hell, it might've been the angle the news I was watching was spinning for all I know, I really don't remember. Cheers for the clarification.
  8. If I'm honest that's the way I interpreted the snippet of video I saw from Biden speaking. Have we established which George he was referring to?
  9. You do realise that if one were to find themselves in this predicament the only preference should be that the assailant isn't willing and able to do harm. The rest is neither here nor there.
  10. Heavy binge drinking is more dangerous and harmful than consuming one serve of alcohol daily. My recommendation would be to get educated beyond the stigma and dogma by looking into the vast sources of educational material on the subject. Then listen to your own body, heart and mind and decide what's good for you.
  11. Check your inboxes, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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