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  1. A'Villan

    Steve Bruce

    Some things are done in good taste, others aren't. Football under Bruce, for large parts, has the taste of a tub of piss somebody farted in. There's no penetration that actually forces a contest, challenging both sides into committing to their best effort. Rarely anything that puts our opponent on the back foot or that backs another teammates ability. We are instructed to throw caution to the wind and play the most uninspired safe pass, whether that be playing it long and direct, or on the odd occasion we attempt some build up play on the floor. Furthermore, it's all so pedestrian. Any team that presses can force an error when we play like this. We bypass midfield by default, no one-twos to draw the defense (the one occasion we saw it Abraham and Kodjia linked up to create a chance). There's a real lack of belief. I'm going to take a term we use in mental health and use it here because I think it's apt and the reason for all the above. It's called 'dignity of risk' and our playing style under Bruce severely lacks any. In mental health dignity of risk is the idea that self-determination and the right to take reasonable risks are essential for dignity and self esteem and so should not be impeded by excessively-cautious caregivers, concerned about their duty of care. This in football terms would be a manager not allowing his team to take the necessary risks to win a game out of concern for 'getting beat'.
  2. A'Villan

    Ratings & Reactions: Blackburn v Villa

    The taste of a tub of piss somebody farted in. No ambition or dignity of risk in our play.
  3. A'Villan

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    Let's get another now. We don't deserve it but we can do it.
  4. A'Villan

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    YES! Get in Hourihane, you beauty!
  5. A'Villan

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    Five minutes added. Come on let's take a point away Villa!
  6. A'Villan

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    And we've just lost again.
  7. A'Villan

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    Finally we play some football! Nice from Abraham and Kodjia there.
  8. A'Villan

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    I reckon Kodjia's going to change the game. Don't know what he's done to lose his place when we drop him just to setup like we have.
  9. A'Villan

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    You're here. Was just about to tag you and say it's a bit predictable isn't it? Long balls galore today. Little pressure until we're in a position where we must make the tackle, giving away a few free kicks in dangerous areas. Most worryingly we have no audacity on the ball. Everything is pedestrian. At least Blackburn are playing some passes that force a challenge for both sides and back themselves to win the contest.
  10. A'Villan

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    We could've used that penalty for sure. Adomah looks useful again at least.
  11. A'Villan

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    That is something I hadn't even considered. I would be so disappointed with 11th if I'm honest. Don't have much else to add but I take your points.
  12. A'Villan

    U.S. Politics

    I don't know there's an explanation for that even at the best of times. Seriously though I was referring to TPTB as an enemy of the people, which I wasn't sure had any relevance to your post.
  13. A'Villan

    The VT "It's the weekend!" thread

    My pre-season kicks off on Monday and I am playing for another professional contract, something I am grateful for. I will be returning to my boyhood club and where I spent my early 20's before falling out with the head coach in oddly what was quite an amicable way where both of us respected each other, he just gradually stopped playing me even though I was our top scorer for lengthy periods over two seasons. I had to pull out of a coaching role which he had to pick up the slack for the reason for what happened and my exclusion from the mens team. New coach now and new beginnings, the club I have spent my recent years with have given me permission to train with boyhood club, who are now a division higher than the other. So I will just be preparing for Monday and getting some university work out the way, doing some reading, hopefully getting an Aston Villa stream working and if I have time I will volunteer with the homeless, but I am not on the roster for that this weekend. Tonight I was with a group of friends and we went for dinner, had some great discussion. It's a wonderful thing having people around you who add meaning to your life.
  14. A'Villan

    U.S. Politics

    Can you please clarify this and elaborate on what you are alluding to here please? It would be most appreciated. While I don't think I grasp your post just yet, I have a sound belief in never underestimating people, and that includes an enemy. The battle for our hearts and minds might be where the fight is, but the means to which could easily be through taint and pollution as it could be through integrity and trust. Please excuse me if I have missed the mark entirely with that comment. A favour to ask to finish. If you have the time and interest, can you read my post in the 'corporate evil' thread and again, only if it suits you, do some reading on the Red House Report and tell me what you think? I would be intrigued.
  15. A'Villan

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I really don't watch TV but I do occasionally join the family for an episode of Brooklyn 99.