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  1. A'Villan


    I'd like to acknowledge that the above comment was a silly comment to make considering that was the first I have ever seen Pistol Pete play. I only knew of him before. Dropping my 3rd tier Australian skills is the same sentence as Pistol Pete is slightly embarrassing on reflection. He's doing it in the NBA with a casualness that not many get away with. Don't mind me. Thanks again for posting the highlight reel though @Brumerican
  2. A'Villan

    André Green

    I struggle to remember how the game from a month ago played out sometimes so I might not be the best judge. I just know I've seen him on a few occasions and he never left much of an impression. At the same time he was never noticeably poor either. At 20 he's still a baby. Some athletes professional careers don't become noteworthy 'til they hit 30!
  3. A'Villan


    Thanks for posting this. I'd never seen him play before that. Great pass on him, amazing peripheral vision. I'd argue he was no greater than Magic Johnson in that regard though. Just because he can do things others couldn't doesn't make him GOAT. I'm the only person I know who has ever spun the ball on their finger whilst running from half court and only releasing the spin mid-air on the way to dunking. I play in Australia's 3rd tier. I've also got some nice highlights where I pretend to pass by releasing my hands from the ball and push my arms forward in the regular passing motion, leaving the ball temporarily suspended in air, before catching it again and putting up the layup or floater. Gets that big man protecting the paint to try and block the pass every time meaning he has no hand up to block my shot. I can throw an around the back pass too. Pete's got some slick moves, probably a pioneer in his own right. That said I'll take fire over flash every day of the week. Jordan did some things incredible things too.
  4. A'Villan

    Leeds United

    All I have to say on this topic is that I told you so!
  5. A'Villan

    André Green

    Have never seen him do much for a game. Personally would be surprised to see him play ahead of El Ghazi or Bolasie. Possibly Adomah based on recent showings.
  6. A'Villan

    Henri Lansbury

    Thanks for the update. I was hoping to see him on the pitch so ditto what you said,, frustrating.
  7. We still don't have a fitness coach as far as I'm aware.
  8. We'll see what the new hierarchy are made of. Whether it's 10 or 25 to come in is not so important, as long as they are equipped to handle the challenges of the coming season. Losing Grealish is something I really don't even want to think about. Promotion this season it is then!
  9. A'Villan

    Jack Grealish

    This is so good to hear. The Villa prodigy licking his lips at putting on another show for us. Brilliant!
  10. A'Villan

    Dean Smith

    I was just attempting to be playful rather than taking things to heart. High caliber players became so due to thousands of repetitions they do honing their skill in accordance with the TACTICS that their team requires them to learn and implement. Another thing, clarity and familiarity with the tactics actually allows players to play HARDER and FASTER than they would otherwise. So this idea of playing with initiative is actually hugely boosted by a players understanding of his role within the tactics. When the team knows the game plan they can sprint to space without having to look over shoudlers to check for support. Bodies instinctively knows what to do and when to do it.
  11. A'Villan

    Dean Smith

    Here I was thinking you just called me stupid. I was brought up under Keep It Simple Stupid. Straightforward is a little more apt and less derogatory. "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein. This applies to tactics as well. For if an individual player lacks clarity on his role the plan does not go accordingly. Even the anomaly that was Barca's tiki taka. The taka has to be there for the tiki. There is no blueprint. Every player was brought up in a different manner. Their coaches having different ideas on how to play. The difficulty for Dean Smith will be coordinating his players under a single mindset. You leave it up to the players and they will go with what they were used to which will differ from one to the next. That Leaves us vulnerable to exploitation when there is confusion as to who goes where in order to support the other.
  12. A'Villan

    Dean Smith

    I think initiative is the perfect word to describe what is required of any athlete, across any sport. I agree with you in part on the level of its importance in determining an outcome, I'll explain why. 45 minutes of play that is heavily contested by two teams consisting of players of a similar caliber is a long time to expect any rehearsal to go entirely to plan. So for that reason it is the initiative of the players to win the contest at every opportunity. To do this successfully enables a game plan a greater chance of being implemented successfully. There is obviously a balance which can tilt to one side on any given day. One one hand you have 11 individuals come together with the objective of scoring more goals than an opposition of equal number and relative skill. Does a team that is unified under a game plan designed to expand and contract according to the way the game develops have an advantage against a team that has not communicated or coordinated itself? Absolutely it does. On the other hand you have the same setting but this time the 11 individuals have a higher intensity and work rate, committing a greater level of energy to winning the ball than their opponents. The advantage clearly lies with the team of greater commitment. On the third hand (because we're weird like that), you have a greater level of talent and skill level than the opposition. I'd say these 3 elements are probably the biggest contributors to how a game is decided.
  13. A'Villan


    Think most do once it's dried!
  14. A'Villan

    Dean Smith

    We're in agreement. However none of this addresses the specifics of any given game plan and is a general approach. It's all well and good for Smith to have a philosophy but it's the details of his tactics which will determine whether the football we produce is effective.
  15. A'Villan

    Dean Smith

    I watched an extensive interview in which he addressed the need for a team to be able to play according to the demands of the fixture. He said that players must be able to play a number of ways as this adds to the repertoire of the team. I have heard him say in multiple interviews that he believes there is a certain way he wishes his teams to play and that is to be on the front foot taking the game to the opposition. That can manifest in a variety of ways, making use of any formation, tactics or player he chooses. I see his philosophy as rather loose as long as we are taking the game to the opposition. Can't see how he is 'hell bent' on any other principle.