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  1. Like I said, I thought it might be insightful. Wasn't trying to be inflammatory or contentious.
  2. Yes. I also voted. Wasn't aware that it had such support. Thanks.
  3. Fair enough. If you say you are just asking the question, then I'll take your word for it. You've offered some recommendations of your own, which I thought might be insightful. That was part of the reason I thought I'd comment on how you've addressed Carlos. I agree that you need to be careful not to waste your time. Why scrutinise his counsel when you make your own? 'Quacks' have turned out to be pioneers more often then the mainstream would care to admit.
  4. Partied Friday and Saturday night. Had four drinks and was surrounded by coke, didn't partake. Had a great time and showed myself I can get among it doing my own thing. Usual basketball commitments. 4 hours of scrimmage on Saturday then a match today in an hour. Not really feeling it because of mind being elsewhere. Will do an assessment piece for uni today and attend a mosque on recommendation of a Muslim friend to share condolences for what happened in NZ. Oh yeah, watched us whoop ass and propel ourselves into a playoff spot! Kind of regretting that, didn't sleep and I'll feel that on court today. F*ck it, UTV!
  5. Take it easy fella. He's trying to lend a helping hand. Experts are human and fallible. They get it wrong too. Not trying to have a dig at you here, but tell me, if @Carlos_the_third has done extensive reading, including feedback from people who testify to it, that has credibility, no? Even if he hasn't, it's just a recommendation, people can either explore it further or not. Empirical evidence and scientific method offer only partial truths.
  6. If it hasn't already been mentioned in this thread, a senator in Australia has come out and said that allowing Muslims to immigrate is the cause of the attack. He also mentioned that while they are the victims today, Muslims are usually the perpetrators. His integrity doesn't end there.. He was egged by a teenager after his comments and the senator then punched this teenager twice in the face and his men then proceeded to headlock the teen and ground him. I don't want to give this guy a greater platform, but he also made a 'final solution' speech on immigration. His name is Anning. But today is not about Anning and neither is our future.
  7. Wrote to my friend this morning asking what I could do to support the Muslim community. It's so far beyond what happened in NZ. I have hundreds of Muslim friends and acquaintances and while I don't share their beliefs, we have wonderful discussions and they are beautiful people. I'm writing a letter and attending a mosque today. The line has been crossed so many times it's worn out of existence. I won't trade in humanity for patriotism.
  8. Tuned in late but just chuffed with what I did see and that we are back in the promotion hunt! 4am so I'm well and truly done but the rest of you revel in this! I'll join you in the morning.
  9. Bit absent minded of me.. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. This sums it up nicely. The netball comment cuts deep though.
  11. I was just having a vent/rant. Basically though, say a football referee called for a free kick in your own half when the call should have been for a penalty kick.
  12. Paid referees who are meant to be of a certain standard but aren't. Filled in for my brothers domestic basketball team last night, as I play in Australia's third tier usually, domestic games are more for a bit of fun than a challenge. They played zone defense and so I would just launch 3's as they weren't stepping out no matter how many I hit. Think I had over 20 points from 3's alone. Fun times. However this game did go down to the wire, and thanks to a mistake from the referee and then myself, we could have lost the game. In the final stages with the score at 41-40, I was fouled in the back-court and should have gone to the free-throw line because of accumulated fouls. I thought we were down at that stage and having missed 2 or 3 shots all game and 100% from the free-throw I thought "you beauty". Then this referee, who's been out of position and made some poor calls throughout, tells me it's a side ball. No way Jose! I tell her to go and ask her colleague because its without doubt free-throws, him and I had just discussed moments ago that next foul was to the line. She says 'side ball' and me being me I let it go. That was my first mistake. I take the side ball and throw a bad pass, unforced error, my first all game and probably done out of frustration because I threw the pass too hard and slightly off. Thankfully we were actually up and the opposition failed to make the most of the turnover. We went the other end and scored another. I've been a qualified referee before and even entry level standards if followed allow a game to run smoothly and fairly. This chick has been around for years.
  13. WBA? Up there, however I would actually say Stoke have a better squad on paper. I say bring on anyone, anytime. In the league we've only been done in by more than a single goal twice under Smith. Shows we've been in every contest.

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