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  1. A'Villan

    U.S. Politics

    If you have the time and the interest, could you expand on this. I'm not aware of the ins and outs of Egypt's current situation. I am fascinated by her history though.
  2. When you have no doubts about letting a fart rip safely and it's a follow through. The outrage I felt when I figured out Adam Sandler was not going to show up declaring it's cool to sh*t your pants and save me was real.
  3. Plotting the next cookie raid. I like it. Much more important business than recruiting players. Cookie monster for the Aston Villa boardroom!
  4. Yeah, I've got to put my hand up and own that one. Thanks for pulling me up on it too. She's told me not to stress and asked if she can contact me over the weekend, as the funeral is on Monday and her family is priority currently. Understandable to say the least. Full credit to her for being forgiving and willing to put it to the side to see if something worthwhile comes.
  5. He's got you walking around with a permanent pitched tent, hasn't he? If a bloke can't get loose a few times a year to wind down from the demands and routine of any profession without being judged for it.. Well, some people need to buy a bag of cement and harden the f*** up, cause it'll happen anyway and your negativity isn't exactly insightful. Next, buy a bag of feathers and lighten the f*** up, if a headline has you outraged over someone of age having a night out, the night out is the lesser of the two evils..
  6. I don't watch the MLS so I'm not in any position to have an opinion. I understand they have an import system. Yes, money talks, and they all were at the tail end of their career, but we are talking about greats of the game here. Anyone of them would of walked into any championship team at the time they joined the MLS. But as I said I understand the import system and that money talks. I'll take your word for it that the championship is better.
  7. Beckham, Thierry Henry, Ibrahimovic, Rooney, Kaka, Drogba, Pirlo, David Villa, Schweinsteigger, Lampard, Ashley Cole all have graced the MLS. The championship saw a 37 year old John Terry and that was a massive coup.
  8. MLS #19 in the world Championship #20 in the world A-League #61 in the world (so you see why McCormack slotted in nicely)
  9. I've never really known the ocean of motion that is life to be smooth going.. I've not met a leader or captain who's never been conflicted in the decision making process. I've certainly never met someone who is exempt from being involved in conflict at some level. Friendship is the most valuable experience a person can have, it might be the only thing you'll never forget. My Grandma has dementia and is in a ward. She doesn't remember that she owns a house. She has no belongings she remembers as her own. But every time I walk in to greet her, she starts reciting a poem in Greek about my beard. I speak a few words of Greek, she knows little English. But our bond endures despite her having dementia and forgetting that I can't speak Greek literally every minute or so. I have to try and come up with a response that won't offend her or confuse her or make her try harder to convey her message, every minute.. It's not like it used to be when she would call me Levendi, and knew enough English to tell me that's what I was and it meant strong, honest boy. It was either that, or, "you hungry?" and she would serve up some of the tastiest Greek cuisine. She took care of the family, and now it's our turn to take care of her at times, that's what friends are for. It's challenging at times, and I don't even have to help her with the toilet or change her nappy. Sorry massive digression and on a tangent about my own stuff, but I want to reiterate don't listen to the naysayers. Trust yourself. If there's only one thing and one thing only that every successful person has in common, it's that they trust in their ability. They aren't afraid to trust their intuition and they aren't afraid to fail and make mistakes, not because they don't experience fear or discomfort, because they don't live in it. Same goes for relationships. If you can't swim and learn to navigate around pitfalls then you're only going to tread water so long before you drown in your relationship problems. Don't really know where I'm going with this anymore, but it's good to hear that some of the aggression has gone from the dynamic. Might be a golden opportunity to work through some stuff. I nearly lost the use of my good hand because I punched through a window out of frustration during a heated argument. They're not the most productive exchanges.

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