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  1. A'Villan


    Is the loved one prone to eating socks? We've spent more than $20,000AUD (no lie) on our poor old Groodle. She's just turned 10.
  2. Thanks for this. Agreed. Shoot me down and perhaps rightly so, but the Villa players and Smith might benefit from empty stands right now. Murmurs, groans or even shouts of SMITH OUT! Or, BOO! Well, that's not exactly going to inspire the confidence we need to pull ourselves above and beyond the drop zone. To clarify, I'm aware that nobody on the board is explicitly disrupting team morale by airing their views on a supporter's forum, but I can only imagine the stadium vibe given the mood on here.
  3. We were the better team against a Sheffield United team who just put Spurs to bed and look like playing Europe next season. I don't think a win will come against Liverpool. Manchester United, Arsenal or even Everton in all probability won't result in triumph either, but we can most definitely take it to all of those three and hope to earn a result, or at least a sucker punch that gets us recognition on the table. We most definitely can and should be playing our hearts out to control every inch possible against Crystal Palace and West Ham. Ultimately we are judged on the results and outcomes, and losses and consequently relegation will be deemed failure. I still don't think we're as poor as some are saying. We're not as good as I'd like us to be, far, far from it, but considering the circumstances and how fine the line is for margin for error in this league then I think we've managed a relatively successful season by being in it down to the wire. Survive this season and I don't predict we are relegation fodder again this time, next time around.
  4. Ja my God. I'm seeing him for the first time there, thanks. That's like a composed, poised and efficient Westbrook, only with the finesse to finish, not just the explosive force to power home. Me likey!
  5. A'Villan

    Gym Routine

    Right now my routine is very basic: 10 x pushups 10 x tricep dips 10 x reverse crunches 10 x knee to elbow plank 10 x burpees 10 x squats 10 x lunges or calf raises Repeat for between 5-10 sets
  6. A'Villan

    Gym Routine

    @Straggler Apologies I can be a bit more helpful than terrible attempts at humour. Circuit training is great because you can tailor it to whatever level you're at and get a whole body workout in. Bruce Lee, my idol both in terms of genius and what he was capable of physically, used circuit training as his go-to for his reflexes and physical acuity. Let me get you his handwritten workout routine, back in 5 minutes.
  7. A'Villan

    Gym Routine

    10 x jabs of steroids Rest for 30 minutes 10 x cold beers Vomit for 30 minutes 10 x cigarettes Cough for 30 minutes
  8. Liverpool were all over City in the beginning of this match, they were the better team. I haven't watched anyone but Villa up until this game, this season, so I can't agree or disagree with your views on City being the better team over the season, but don't really feel like the scoreboard reflects anything other than a great pressing team going down against the run of play, and then being punished for dropping the momentum and allowing City to find theirs.
  9. Upon review of your list, I've noticed Halle Berry. Seeing as you're the Minister of Cleavage, here's this:
  10. Feel free to elaborate my friend. I take your interpretation to be that blind optimism in circumstances whereby there is little to no scope for the desired outcome to come to pass serves no purpose? Accurate, or no?
  11. A'Villan

    Gym Routine

    @Straggler You're not lying. I just had a look at the 50kg barbell set I bought back in 2010 from Rebel Sport for $99, and that's now priced $199. I actually gave that barbell set away to a friend from basketball to use during the pandemic because I don't use it, I'm happy with body weight circuit training.
  12. Apologies, I voted 'other' thinking this was a preference poll. Jumped the gun, my bad. Trump and the whole beast that is the USA conjures thoughts of elections being postponed indefinitely as a consequence of martial law, or even worse, the country going to war, as congress would then hold the cards on what is to come of things. But I'm sure I'm just spouting my ignorance and cynicism on the subject and not much more! It's not a prediction regards the election, but if Biden does win, the USA has some hope of systemic change, and I wonder if the voting population are ready for that in the USA, I wouldn't know. 'He has approved our undertakings' is the phrase on the back of the dollar bill which implies a God given right, and when you consider the USA's war culture, having spent 93% of her history at war, the motto 'might is right' is quite fitting and synonymous with the Latin printed on the dollar bill. Trump personifies that kind of mentality, I'm not sure Biden does. There's a long way and a many an obstacle 'til November.
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