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  1. It's an awful rule, just another one that is designed to take goals away from the game. The Leicester decision was an absolute shocker, but Brighton have been getting lucky with VAR for a few seasons now.
  2. Miraculous recovery from Ramsey there was able to run off the pitch... Amazing.
  3. Guilt edged opportunities missed by both teams. We definitely should have had two from Targett and Watkins with Konsa's header not as easy as it first looked. United should also have two. Greenwood really should be doing better, was an easy side foot pass around Martinez or a simply square pass to Bruno for him, along with Pogba's header which was inches away from going in. Extremely happy with our attacking intent on that half, especially Cash showing how overrated Shaw is. We do look vulnerable to the counter though.
  4. I think they did the one Europe idea because it was a big anniversary of the tournament. Well I hope so anyway because I agree with you the tournament lacked identity without a single host.
  5. Lets punish the victims of bootings shall we. If you get megged, chipped, or put flat on your arse, it's on you.
  6. **** chest height? This commentator is a clearing in the woods.
  7. When the ball went to James you just knew he was going to play that peach of a cross. His delivery is unreal.
  8. It's a shame, one game he makes us forget who Jack is and the next he's nowhere to be seen. I really like him though lol.
  9. And you're giving Ollie stick even though he isn't playing?
  10. I get your point there but Archer has had 2 good if not excellent chances to hit the back of the net and not taken them.
  11. I think he's been poor since he arrived in the prem. Not sure exactly how that improves Archer's performance tonight but there you go.
  12. I'm sorry for pointing out how poor he has been in this match so far. That ok for you precious?
  13. Yup we're trolls for pointing out how bad his been. Let me go back and edit my messages to say how amazing he is for you.
  14. He's been very poor this half. Two glorious chances and a volley from a corner that hit the dugout.
  15. Imagine getting fouled, breaking a rib and then having your fitness questioned.
  16. I like what Sanson has shown so far. Once he gets a few games under his belt he will be a solid player.
  17. How would they photoshop peas the wrong way around... Also why would you need to photoshop peas? What's going on?! I need to know the answers.
  18. Sure I've got one in the basement, let me go check.
  19. Linekar saying it was a flattering scoreline and was a pretty even game...
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