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  1. 2016: Worst Year Ever?

    Decidedly not the worst year ever. Giant pandas, the symbol of endangered species for many years, were removed from the endangered species list Ebola emergency, feared by many to become a global epidemic, was declared over by WHO Americas declared free of measles by the WHO Globally, terrorism deaths declined 10% Acidic pollution declined to levels last seen in the 1930s. CO2 emissions were flat for a third consecutive year Deaths in childbirth globally declined to half the 1990 level Peace in Colombia makes the Americas a continent of peace; globally the death rate in wars is a quarter of the lowest rates in the 1980s Malaria deaths are 60% what they were in 2000 Around 100 million people rose out of extreme poverty 2016 was a gut punch for me personally in a lot of ways (capped off by losing my dad and my favorite uncle), but on balance for humanity, it's midtable for years in most VTers' lifetimes.
  2. Week 17 New Year Bonanza

    Do you think Marrone will be the new permanent coach? He does seem to have Bortles playing better.
  3. What do you drive?

    He owns the Subaru distributorship for New England.
  4. What do you drive?

    Coworker has one (a cross trek) and the transmission went within a year... Also note that if buying a Subaru in New England, you're giving money to Ernie Boch, Jr....
  5. Any tie game in the NFL pretty much has to be good and weird, and that was definitely one.
  6. I admit that I haven't watched any of the Premier League this season (and to be fair, haven't shelled out for the channel I can watch EFL (?????) games on), but with all the moaning about the quality of the games in the NFL this year, how bad can the football from Man City, Chelsea, and Man Utd be? Of course, pundits have been whining that the NFL is going downhill for at least 25 years, so...
  7. Week Oh and 4 (Eagles & Packers bye)

    Two weeks ago, the two longest streaks of not going an entire 4th quarter down by more than 1 score were the Patriots at 35 games and the Panthers at 27 games. The current leader in those stakes is the Raiders at 19 games and counting.
  8. Week 3. Featuring various teams .

    Fitzpatrick (Jets vs. Chiefs, 2016): -324 DYAR David Klingler (Bengals vs. Oilers, 1994): -302 Rex Grossman (Bears vs. Cardinals, 2006): -284 Weeden (Browns vs. Eagles, 2012): -274 Smith (49ers vs. Colts, 2005): -270 Tim Hasselbeck (Washington vs. Cowboys, 2003): -270 Aikman (Cowboys vs. Cardinals, 1990): -269 Donald Hollas (Raiders vs. Dolphins, 1998): -266 Brian Griese (Broncos vs. Colts, 2001): -265 Kordell Stewart (Bears vs. 49ers): -263 Basically, when nearly everybody was using run-based offenses with deep passes, interceptions were a lot more common and weren't viewed as that bad. In field position terms, a deep interception isn't dramatically worse than a punt. http://www.footballoutsiders.com/audibles/2016/week-3-quick-reads
  9. Week 2 - Spooky Rams

    Losing is what does it, especially when a lot of those losses are blowouts. So you get a lot of those by being either a QB whom a bad team has enough confidence in to be on the wrong end of a lot blowouts (of course, after enough of those, one loses their job) or by just hanging around long enough (and being a QB with a reputation for comebacks helps). On that theme, the leaderboard for all-time losses. Vinny Testaverde: 90-123-1 Favre: 186-112 Tarkenton: 124-109-6 Warren Moon: 102-101 Kerry Collins: 81-99 Drew Bledsoe: 98-95 Brees: 124-94 Marino: 147-93 Esiason: 80-93 Joe Ferguson: 79-92 Jim Hart: 87-88-5 Eli Manning: 99-86 Dan Fouts: 86-84-1 Elway: 148-82-1 Ken Anderson: 91-81 Peyton Manning: 186-79 Dave Krieg: 98-77 Palmer: 84-77 John Hadl: 82-76-9 Matt Hasselbeck: 85-75 (The actives who are within possible striking distance, considering their age, include: Rivers (93-69), Roethlisberger (115-56), Ryan (75-53), Brady (172-51), Romo (78-49), Flacco (77-47), and Rodgers (81-40), Alex Smith (69-53))
  10. Week 2 - Spooky Rams

    Also: Blake Bortles is now the all-time NFL leader in garbage time touchdowns (defined as TDs when down by multiple scores in the second half in games lost*). In 32 games played, Bortles now has 21 such TDs, passing Johnny Unitas (20 in 211 games) and Tom Brady (20 in 223 (and counting)). *: Yes, I know that down 9 points in the 3rd quarter isn't really garbage time. QB DYAR (minimal defensive adjustments in force; honestly I'd expect all of the top 5 to see major declines as retrospective defensive adjustments take hold)) Fitzpatrick (176) Ryan (174) Carr (147) Garoppolo (144) Manning (141) Palmer (131) Tannehill (130) Newton (101) Dalton (91) Prescott (87) Rivers (86) Taylor (83) Siemian (81) Bradford (63) Cousins (50) Mariota (43) Wentz (43) Keenum (31) Flacco (24) Brees (17) Roethlisberger (10) Hoyer (10) Wilson (3) Brissett (-10) McCown (-16) Gabbert (-25) Bortles (-34) Stafford (-37) Cutler (-60) Rodgers (-64) Osweiler (-69) Smith (-95) Luck (-114) Winston (-173)
  11. Week 2 - Spooky Rams

    Since the start of the 2007 season, the Patriots have lost a total of 39 games (regular and postseason). Gus Bradley now has 39 losses since 2013.
  12. Week 1 - Riverboat Ron's Redemption

    Bringing in the college headhunting rule (sending off for more than one half of football (if you get sent off in the second half, it carries over to the first half of your next game)) would be a start.
  13. The Chargers' loss was their third blown 21-point-or-greater lead since 2012 (blew a 24-0 lead against the Broncos in 2012, blew a 28-7 lead against the Texans in 2013).
  14. Week 1 - Riverboat Ron's Redemption

    Top QBs by DYAR this week (zero over a season is calibrated to be roughly the level of mid-tier backup QB; at this point in the season, there are no adjustments for the quality of the opposing defense, so Stafford, Brees, Luck, Carr, and Gabbert will all probably see downward revisions and Newton, Siemian, Garoppolo, and Tannehill will all probably see upward revisions) Stafford (197) Brees (195) Luck (150) Winston (148) Carr (132) Rodgers (106) Ryan (96) Dalton (75) Wentz (70) Rivers (66) Hill (58) / Prescott (58) Palmer (51) Roethlisberger (42) Smith (37) Garoppolo (37) Mariota (30) Gabbert (24) Bortles (18) Osweiler (17) Manning (10) Cousins (-2) Wilson (-4) Flacco (-25) Fitzpatrick (-27) Newton (-28) Siemian (-53) Taylor (-60) Cutler (-79) Griffin (-94) Tannehill (-120) Keenum (-177)
  15. Jeff Fisher still thinks it's 1975. You have to think that he's going to be gone within minutes of the end of the season.