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  1. Fly intra-Europe business class and get back to us. Economy seat pitch with a blocked middle seat, though there's a better shot at meal service. At best it beats UA Y+ (why they haven't followed DL/AA in giving extra legroom Y free booze, I don't know).
  2. For historical reasons, my employer has an HP laptops only (with Macs sort of tolerated) policy. But I recently discovered that the supply catalog categorizes the full line of ThinkPads as "Building Supplies" which are orderable. T590 ordered and expensed. 48GB RAM.
  3. Job and kid, mainly. Watching my first full game in 3+ years right now in a hotel lobby in Bangalore.
  4. Fortress has the reputation of being much more on the "invest money to build something sellable in 5-10 years at a profit" end of private equity than the asset stripping end. Being a bit of a railfan/borderline foamer, I'm most familar with what they've done with the Florida East Coast (large scale investment in passenger service (partly to make property around the tracks more valuable... shades of the Bucks), intermodal container connections to ports in Miami, and improved capacity)... the scuttlebutt from the railroad forums is they plowed around $1bn into the FEC after buying it, then sold it after a decade for a couple of billion more than they paid ($3.5bn) plus what they invested afterwards. Similar story with the Central Maine and Quebec: previous owners (multiple regimes) had really underinvested with disastrous (literally, in this case) results and bankruptcy. Post-purchase, they've spent a lot on replacing decrepit tracks and on replacing obsolete rolling stock. They've also been a bit more aggressive than the previous regimes about building traffic.
  5. 2018 Buick LaCrosse Essence (2.5L mild hybrid) with Sun & Shade package, Sights & Sounds, and Driver Confidence 1
  6. Decidedly not the worst year ever. Giant pandas, the symbol of endangered species for many years, were removed from the endangered species list Ebola emergency, feared by many to become a global epidemic, was declared over by WHO Americas declared free of measles by the WHO Globally, terrorism deaths declined 10% Acidic pollution declined to levels last seen in the 1930s. CO2 emissions were flat for a third consecutive year Deaths in childbirth globally declined to half the 1990 level Peace in Colombia makes the Americas a continent of peace; globally the death rate in wars is a quarter of the lowest rates in the 1980s Malaria deaths are 60% what they were in 2000 Around 100 million people rose out of extreme poverty 2016 was a gut punch for me personally in a lot of ways (capped off by losing my dad and my favorite uncle), but on balance for humanity, it's midtable for years in most VTers' lifetimes.
  7. Do you think Marrone will be the new permanent coach? He does seem to have Bortles playing better.
  8. He owns the Subaru distributorship for New England.
  9. Coworker has one (a cross trek) and the transmission went within a year... Also note that if buying a Subaru in New England, you're giving money to Ernie Boch, Jr....
  10. Any tie game in the NFL pretty much has to be good and weird, and that was definitely one.
  11. I admit that I haven't watched any of the Premier League this season (and to be fair, haven't shelled out for the channel I can watch EFL (?????) games on), but with all the moaning about the quality of the games in the NFL this year, how bad can the football from Man City, Chelsea, and Man Utd be? Of course, pundits have been whining that the NFL is going downhill for at least 25 years, so...
  12. Two weeks ago, the two longest streaks of not going an entire 4th quarter down by more than 1 score were the Patriots at 35 games and the Panthers at 27 games. The current leader in those stakes is the Raiders at 19 games and counting.
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