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  1. That website does not constitute an independent arbitrator. The fact that we paid £22M is probably the largest factor informing that £27M valuation, with the premium driven by the fact that he has simply played half a season in the PL, so pretty arbitrary. In reality, I’m not convinced that is what someone would pay for him. The better proxies are goals scored and quality of performances, neither of which suggest that was good business at £22M.
  2. Before that, I can see him getting really annoyed at some of the dross in the squad and get a bit petulant with them. Wouldn’t blame him.
  3. This will rattle the happy clappers
  4. It’ll be Suso in charge of selling those players, so think the values are way off. He won’t get those fees.
  5. Great at winning the ball but not at playing the ball
  6. Was that deliberate? I thought Grealish took it on himself to drop deeper to get the ball as our centre backs were just aimlessly knocking it long
  7. I thought he’d be more up for it today, given the history.
  8. Such is the strength of your conviction?
  9. Please elaborate on why we would go from strength to strength?
  10. Even if we manage to somehow stay up, we aren’t building the philosophy or style that can be maintained once we lose Grealish. We already know that Suso’s incompetence means we won’t replace or rebuild, so what’s the point in staying up? The time to invest in the squad was whilst we still had Grealish
  11. Showed again today that, tactically, he just is not PL standard. Yes, he only had rubbish players to choose from, but constantly unimpressed him.
  12. Think the Club have really let him down by bringing in the dross that they have. We really should have reciprocated his hard work for us by bringing in some proper players to support him. Very, very disrespectful to the lad
  13. For this transfer strategy of buying dross to work, Smith needs to be able to coach players and make them better. He can’t.
  14. If this man had an ounce of self respect, he’d walk. Our relegation is almost entirely driven by his incompetence. It’ll also be this clown negotiating the sale of Grealish for us. No way we’ll get market value for him. A shambolic disgrace
  15. Pimlico_Villa


    Ah, legitimate debate is increasingly becoming very difficult on VT. There are too many Happy Clappers with a very delicate and sensitive view of the Club. It’s easier for them just to shut down debate than tolerate it.
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