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  1. Yes, but we are constrained by not having an ounce of quality beyond the starting 11, aside from Lansbury. He probably could conceive of a Plan B, but we just don’t have the players to do anything differently. That is why Jan is massively important recruitment-wise.
  2. That’s a fitness issue and also because we are usually chasing games
  3. Not sure there is much he could have done today. When you have to bring Neil Taylor on, it just emphasises the complete lack of quality beneath the first eleven. It’s the infrastructure around him that need to address that. We have to accept that we are not going to win away against decent teams with this injury crisis. The players that make up the rest of the squad are just not good enough
  4. I strongly suspect he is taking bribes. No way a player can be that bad. Whoever bought him in the first place should be questioned as well. If this is the formation we want to play, then we should have gone for a player that can play that 1 up top role properly.
  5. His injury record is another factor why top teams won’t buy him. He consistently misses chunks of seasons through injury. If England selection had been next week, he would have played today, especially given it is a TV game.
  6. I think it is an essential priority, as well as some quality out wide.
  7. I don’t think we’ve ever had a worse player than him. Like playing with 10
  8. Anyone know why Liverpool refused to wear a poppy on their shirt today?
  9. Cannot head the ball, can’t hold the ball up, can’t control the ball, has no physicality and doesn’t get any refereeing decisions. A complete and utter waste of space.
  10. Not good enough to start, but a good impact player to bring on after 70 mins.
  11. Thought he wasn’t interested at all today. Davis did more in 5 mins than Wes had all game.
  12. I actually think he could play as a Striker.
  13. At Arsenal, yes. Yesterday, though, he was constrained as two subs were injury related. He should have brought Davis on earlier though
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