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  1. I know it is difficult for delicate happy clappers to admit we have players that aren’t very good, but to try and put a positive spin on Trezeguet is just ridiculous.
  2. With Wilson, I imagine the fact that his Bournemouth team that was ultimately relegated beat us twice so easily must have shaped his view on us and Smith. The more worrisome thing about the Wilson deal was that we needed to wait for Newcastle to try and shake him loose first before we got involved. We’re meant to have this list of players - Smith references it frequently - but instead we look to have resorted to trying to hijack what rival clubs are doing. Given we reportedly have this sophisticated recruitment set up, why are we doing that?
  3. Pimlico_Villa


    There is honestly no point whatsoever in having this sophisticated recruitment set up if all we can do is try and hijack other team’s moves for players (like we reportedly did for Wilson). What is going on with the list of players that Smith frequently references? Smith being perceived as a lower league Manager is not going to be a draw for the calibre of players we need. If we have the budget and the backing that we think we do, let’s move on to Poch. Edit: Wilson, not Watkins
  4. I’m not fussed about rushing him back because I really didn’t rate him in the first place. He was completely ineffective anyway and will be even worse for such a severe injury.
  5. Yes, because Watkins could still be played wider.
  6. Mentioned in another thread that he is the only player we have who can run. Zero pace anywhere else in the team.
  7. Saw today that Guilbert linked with Nantes. If we lack pace in the team, why are we selling our quickest player?
  8. Incredibly selective to just reference those players when he also oversaw the signings of dross like Wesley and Samatta.
  9. He so desperately needs to lose some weight. There is a player there for sure, just needs to get fit.
  10. Hopefully he can now demand the club sign proper players in order to help him.
  11. Pimlico_Villa


    Can’t you read? I said that there are people seemingly not concerned, not that they’re happy about it. It isn’t what you describe as ‘showing a little patience’, either. It’s happy clappers desperately trying to put any gloss on what is a truly chronic situation.
  12. Pimlico_Villa


    I know everyone on here likely invests a lot of time and emotion into the Villa and use an unfounded sense of optimism as a coping mechanism, but I am genuinely amazed by the blind faith that so many have. Utterly detached to say the least. Here we are having barely survived last season with one striker that hasn’t scored since January and one striker who is completely allergic to scoring goals and there are still swarms of happy clappers that aren’t even remotely concerned with that predicament. Genuine question: based on the prior two windows and activity so far, what makes you believe that we are going to sign proper players? Much more logical to look at the approach taken this window - relative to how desperate the need is for proper players - and deduce that the club is just not bothered. Far more evidence to support this than the contrary, but I know happy clappers don’t like hearing that.
  13. Pimlico_Villa


    I really don’t know why recruitment has been so chronic for so long. Under various owners and strategies it has been awful. In saying that, it doesn’t justify us giving up like we have in this window.
  14. Exactly. That first month has at least two winnable games and we know that if we can’t win those winnable games, then we won’t claw those points back from top sides.
  15. True, but by not doing it early we’re risking ~18 points. If we go into season with same front three as last season then we are almost guaranteed to struggle in most those first 6 games. Just do not understand the logic of backing Samatta as first choice going into the season.
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