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    Gym Routine

    With my basketball season expected to kick off within two months, here's where I'm at on the daily(back to the basics): 4 x 10 sprints of a 30m distance in under 1 minute. 4 x 3 minutes of 15m sprint followed by 15m of lateral shuffles followed by 15m of zig-zag sprint, rinse, repeat. 5 x 10 pushups, 5 x 10 reverse crunches, 5 x 10 jumping squats. 150 makes from various shooting positions on the court. 5 minutes of high intensity dribbling (no I don't drool on myself) drills with head up, no looking at the ball.
  2. A'Villan


    While alcohol was never my thing, every kind of drug except for the prescription kind was on the cards for me from the age of 14. I'm too embarrassed to divulge the finer details, but I moved into a drug den aged 16, and I know exactly how you feel when you say it's horrifying. I remember in my mid-teens me and another two lads were moving some guns for a dealer of ours. One of the three idiots picks up the gun from the seller's table, points it right in the face of the other lad, point blank, pulls the trigger. Has no idea whether the gun was loaded or not. He laughed, thought it was hilarious. Tragic.
  3. Man Utd have a worldwide fan base that is almost double that of their closest Premier League rival, and well over double any team after. Surely that affords them some clout. If it weren't for what SAF had built, and that global adoration they have accumulated as a consequence, they might've plummeted after SAF's reign. I mean they didn't challenge silverware in any competition or CL qualification with a squad consisting of Rooney, RVP, Young, Kagawa, Mata, Evra and Vidic.
  4. Keep your coins, I want change. Restarted my volunteer work with the homeless. Before I would work an 11pm-7am shift once a fortnight for the Salvation Army in a shelter/cafe where we had between 2-5 staff and volunteers combined on the floor or in the kitchen, and over 100 homeless set up a bed in our space overnight, with hundreds walking through the door for a feed overnight. Thankfully I am now only doing one shift per week that goes for 1-2 hours and we have adequate numbers of volunteers for the amount of homeless who gather for our BBQ's. I'm considering returning to the Salvation Army on a once a month basis because I know how much of a nightmare it can be for the staff and volunteers there, but also for other reasons which I won't bore you with. I remember learning one day that we had done a survey of Melbourne's homeless and over 70% reported child sex abuse. What struck me, more than the sheer numbers of child sexual abuse, is oftentimes, in the mainstream and among common folk, the mentality is that being homeless is a lifestyle choice, that these people did and are doing it to themselves. Now, that to me these days, is almost like saying to a child that has been raped, "you did it to yourself". And that is deplorable and despicable. As with the law, ignorance is no excuse. My experience of mental health among the homeless, is that they know they are being shortchanged, and spat on in the process, and that's exactly why they are oftentimes miserable.
  5. Wes Edens and Sawiris need this memo. Change go'n come.
  6. Do you like it chewy or crisp? I suppose you can't really go wrong either way!
  7. If you like crime or gangster movies, Fresh (1994) is one of my all-time favourites. Samuel L Jackson at his finest, and Giancarlo Esposito is in it too.
  8. The lady afforded the job of issuing passports literally told my Colombian friend of African descent that he needed to go back to his own country.
  9. I'm only three episodes in. Honestly, who hits 63 points against that '86 Celtics team in a playoff game? (I don't think LeBron has ever hit over 50 against a team with a winning record, certainly never in playoffs) Pippen contract situation was interesting. Penny Hardaway gets a deal worth double what Pippen is offered. Both Top 5 draft picks, though Penny is a rookie, Pippen a NBA Champion.
  10. Everyone turns to you because.. YOU ARE RELIABLE, YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE FIERCE, but most of all, YOU ARE KIND, YOU ARE HUMAN, YOU ARE LOVING. And everyone hopes you be true to yourself first and foremost. Anyone who doesn't isn't turning to you @NurembergVillan, they're leaning on you. If that's the case please be kind to yourself and let whoever needs knowing that you need to stop and rest, because things have been weighing you down. @Villan_of_oz has got your back, he's Aussie so you know he's fair dinkum!
  11. I found an article written by a man I have had the privilege of meeting and working with. Written for students but is truly for everyone.
  12. Good gracious me this is outrageous. The risk involved in such experimentation. Please tell me marmite is a different spread to Vegemite? This reminds me of the time I asked my little brother if it were possible that if we mixed soft drink with milk it would taste something like a spider (soft drink and ice cream). It was a dangerous game we played, but I think we managed to finish our glasses without chundering.
  13. Listening to Eric Thomas talks and Bruce Lee podcasts. Edited a family photo to look illustrated by pencil and put it in a frame for Mum today.
  14. That was the name of the tournament. We were eliminated in the semi finals by the eventual winners. The guy with the ball is Yusuf Qaafow, he represents Somalia in basketball and was a teammate of Patty Mills when Mills played in the NBL.
  15. Exactly, you don't get anyone interrupting your routines at a public basketball court at that time.
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