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    I think marijuana is fairly harmless for anyone who waits until adulthood to use it, and avoids doing it first thing for the day. If you have a sober and productive day where you take care of what needs doing to survive and thrive, then from my perspective most people will be able to be in the clear regards any long lasting detrimental consequences for using marijuana. Whether it is of benefit is up to the individual, and I've always encouraged people to listen to what their body is telling them, when it tells them. I'm not your mother @Stevo985 and you certainly strike me as a capable and in touch person from what I can grasp on the boards. It is for that reason that I want to say please avoid using it for when the mood is low. I'm just projecting from my own experiences though. It is certainly great for a good night sleep. However with increased use, and especially when using a Sativa strains, it can go from that to having the reverse where you cannot sleep. Unfortunately some people try to smoke more to sleep, this is where a 'sloth' lifestyle can occur. Not sure if any of that helps, or is of interest.
  2. @Eidolon Did you guys feel that in Adelaide?
  3. We just experienced a considerable earthquake here in Melbourne, at least by our standards. Had the whole house shake for a period of time where I thought it best to get the dog and vacate in the event the house buckled and came down.
  4. Weightman's looking good for selection. Liberatore could have one of his best like he did against Brisbane, his old fella came so close to premiership glory. My Dad to this day is adamant that Liberatore Senior kicked a goal that was given a behind that would've meant the Bulldogs beat the Crows in 1997. Honestly, Max Gawn is the only Melbourne player I know, and I didn't know I knew him before I just googled him. Had no idea he would be that kind of influence on the game. Good on him. I think the last time I paid Melbourne any mind was when Jeff Farmer and Shane Woewoedin were playing.
  5. I agree with your sentiments, for sure. My psychiatrist openly undermined my stance once, I'd go as far to say he openly mocked me, albeit lighthearted, he did so because I had strung a chord in him though. The power imbalance and authority became highlighted in this interaction. He'd said that they had a particular diagnosis down to a concrete science, and I replied that our understanding of physics and what constitutes for reality is changing to considerable degrees within our lifetimes as we discover fresh insights, so I challenge his statement. He said, "Well, now A'Villan's an expert physicist". Thanks, Doc, way to win my esteem, not that it matters.
  6. I agree. I love anybody who operates with a level of integrity and modesty in their profession, or level of knowledge, skillset etc. and that includes the acknowledgement of being mistaken, lacking in an area, or being fallible. I find the quote that I posted to be on the side of condescending and even arrogant, but that's just me. I think a lot of people are scientists at one stage or another in their life @fruitvilla, but at a guess, you mean to say that is your trade and you specialise in one of the 'natural' sciences? Or have I missed the mark?
  7. I took it to mean that one cannot disagree with a scientist, and any attempts to are a wrongdoing, on the basis that science is a search for truth, as opposed to being a finality that professes to know all, and therefore scientists are pure and faultless as they never claimed the whole truth to begin with.
  8. To have a scrupulous and discerning mind. Which also means knowing when we don't know, and to be at peace with that, until we do. The World Health Organisation's roots are found entrenched in Rockefeller territory. The Rockefeller's that created the World Trade Centers. The Rockefeller's who own the land on which Rockefeller Avenue sits, and NBC the crown jewel of media coverage resides. Einstein apparently once said, and whether it's his quote or not it resonates deeply with me, "Most people say that it is the intellect that makes a great scientist. They are wrong, it is character." I wonder, if we are meant to trust that it came from bats in a market, and then the script changes to Biden wanting investigation into the Wuhan lab, which was known for pathogen creation. To what degree can we trust the science? When it is riddled plagued to the core by espionage, sabotage and corruption?
  9. All I know of DeRozan is he is apparently a mid-range specialist, and I've noticed while he's a superstar, is a peripheral figure in the conversation as an MVP or title winner. I also hear for a go-to-man, he's not got the job done when it counts. That's just what I hear. I'd like to think he can do a Jimmy Butler who was our go-to scorer but inconsequential in terms of title races or MVP accolades. The right moves and development have seen him turn into a leader who has nearly taken teams into a finals series. If DeRozan can emulate Butler's influence and leadership, we have a very capable side. Vucevic averaging a double-double for a decade, very close to it. LaVine averaging over 30ppg for a stretch of 10 games last season. Just curiosity here, what makes you say we overpaid for Vucevic and DeRozan?
  10. Thanks for this, food for thought.
  11. Thanks, was unawares to that. "Abracadabra" is from the Aramaic, "Avrakehdabra" which literally means, "I will create as I speak". To cast a 'spell' with our spelling.
  12. TrailBLAZING one's way to understanding the cosmos requires the HIGHest levels of competency in all things space cadet, thanking you kindly.
  13. If the moon can influence the oceans and tides, then who's to say it can't move us in some way, given that we are made up of so much water?
  14. Excited for the Bulls. Ecstatic even. Wonder how the chemistry will fly? Hopefully to a dynasty. @Brumerican how you feeling about us landing Caruso? Starting five: Lonzo LaVine DeRozen Patrick Williams Vucevic And we actually have some depth too now. Great we still have Markonnen to compete with Williams and likewise, Coby with Lonzo.
  15. A'Villan


    The images in above post were broken, so here they are again.
  16. Bontempelli for the Norm Smith medal this coming weekend.
  17. A'Villan


    My father's garden.
  18. A'Villan


    Even just watching him run is impressive.
  19. Apologies! In typical fashion I was too eager to speak before doing my share of listening, or in this case thread reading. The Burgoyne and Cayne brothers were special, as was Warren Tredea, and Wanganeen. I've just woken so can't say I remember too many more off the top of my head.
  20. Marlo Stanfield was my favorite character. Don't ask me why. As for specific season, I'd have to refresh which was which, but they are all so brilliant. The best TV series of all time in my book.
  21. Andrew McLeod being snubbed for the Brownlow medal, and not just once I might add, is part of the reason I completely stopped following AFL. The man was a magician and an artist, by far my favourite of all time. Seeing as you are from Adelaide, and they were my childhood team, honorable mentions go to Tony Modra, the Jarman brothers, Mark Ricciuto, Simon Goodwin, Mark Bickley, and that whole '97 and '98 ensemble. My Dad being born in 1954 and bred in Footscrazy meant he has always been a Bulldogs man. I converted to the doggies to please the old fella somewhere along the track, but have never really followed the game for a solid 15 or so years. Watched the Bulldogs finals run and glory in 2016 though. Haven't watched anything outside of highlights against Brisbane this season. You never know I might tune in this Saturday. You know Luke Shuey? Norm Smith medalist for the West Coast Eagles? He and I were good mates and the rovers for our local club in my early teens. I polled more votes per game than him in the league's best and fairest in our final year playing together, but gave it up for basketball.
  22. A'Villan


    Went for a run today with crew from basketball. They all did 10km, I did 2.5km. They are Ugandan, Sudanese, and Somali. I am half Greek, and half Irish. My people have been retiring too young and drinking too much for too long and I am suffering the consequences I tells ya. Edit: The Ugandan bloke did his 10km in just over 14 minutes. Double Edit: The Ugandan bloke did not do that, he did 10 laps of a 400m track at 14 minutes, so I guess 30 minutes or so for the full 10km.
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