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  1. They spent the week meticulously preparing for the danger of Dan James on the wing…
  2. He did commit himself, but credit to Lukaku too. Lukaku is predominantly left footed and shaped to shoot, and sold him chopping back inside to his right. Sometimes you got to put your hands up, plenty of greats have been done in the same way I’m sure.
  3. I like what I’ve seen of him so far. Tricky and rapid. Rapid acceleration too which is key. Hoping he gets a start next week.
  4. Clearly been following Villa for a few years, highlighted by the nickname shirt for Gabby on the far left.
  5. Yeah I expected graphics to be worse. Will have a look and see how much I can pick it up for. I’m assuming you can still play online leagues etc? Edit - just read it’s only the legacy edition on Switch so will be ‘cheaper’, but not an issue as I’ve not played for a couple of editions
  6. Has anyone ever played FIFA on a Switch? Bought my son a Switch earlier this year, and sold on my PS4 as never used it. I quite fancy casually playing FIFA in the Switch, being able to play handheld of an evening without abandoning the wife for hours!
  7. I thought exactly this. A really stupid thing for them both to do!
  8. I think the term is sansonitis
  9. All the wonder kids on the move. Including Nuno Mendes. My inner FM nerd -
  10. Cucurella from Getafe to Brighton for €18m Spurs have bid €30m for Emerson Royal from Barca, a full back apparently. No me neither…
  11. The official statement said they agreed to play the first 2 games then travel back.
  12. Yes, sorry. The content of the message from Craig Butler to Lange is fine. The sharing publicly from Butler not so. Should remain private. I agree here.
  13. Nothing at all wrong with the content here. He has an obligation to follow up to see if there is any interest in his players. The only issue I have is the 35 unread messages.
  14. Looks like he was out on the pitch post game today, with his family. May be a farewell, and something in the offing for a move. May result in activity inbound for us. Who knows!
  15. Doesn’t sound like we’d be too pleased if they go.
  16. He’s playing centre back for Dortmund tonight as we speak. On Sky Sports Mix.
  17. Moussa Sissoko to Watford. Good signing for them!
  18. As always. Speaks so well. Interesting that he was the one attending all the BLM kneeling calls etc rather than the actual captain.
  19. It depends which direction you’ll be approaching from. I travel in from Kidderminster, so get off the M5 at West Brom. There’s a few places to park further out, we use a cash and carry that they charge £5 and open for match day parking. About 10 minute walk down past Tesco. Think the road is A4040. Ive tried to show you on the map below where we park, best I can using the black circle!
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