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  1. Grealish won’t be fit by Saturday. Many are clutching on straws. Also, I find the mass amount of speculation about him addicted to drugs ect very weird. Let’s support whatever team is out there on the pitch.
  2. I think he is done here now. A player with his ability should be at least coming off the bench when we’re losing against a team in 18th place. DS does not trust him enough at this moment. Will probably end up at Newcastle if they stay up.
  3. I am reserving my judgement because we have had players start slow and look better the following season. He appears to be more defensively aware off the ball, tracking runners ect . He is not a starter.
  4. He is still learning at this level. Some could say at our expense but he is improving also. Facts were we looked poor for most of the game and the manager made a tactical change that influenced the game. I hope that he learns from this game and season and I hope that he has a few things lined up in the summer.
  5. Changed the game. Physically imposing, high energy and good on the ball. He has the makings of a very good box to box midfield player. He should be starting ahead of Sanson. Yes he is inexperienced but how else is he meant to gain experience at this level?!
  6. He is a problem for defenders at this level mainly because of his physical strength but he has the unexpected turn of pace and feet. Defenders do not know enough about him to deal with him. He needs more games because he has something that a lot of strikers don’t have at this level.
  7. Big game player. He is rugged, robust and not pleasing to the eye but he knows where the back of the net is.
  8. He has performed better defensively but he redeemed himself. Very similar to what happened with John Stones.
  9. A big talent. A season in League 2 will be great for his development
  10. He’s gone down again. He had a shot on goal , He scuffed it and went down again. Hes gonna be subbed off after 37mins. Not looking good at the moment.
  11. He’s gone down after a tackle. Physios are on
  12. We might actually get Jose the sack for the 2nd time!
  13. I personally think that Smith has lot more to achieve at this club he has proven to me as a footballing fan that he has improved as a coach and manager this season. I think we just lack quality and early results have got to some of the fans head. We need to remember where we was, the longer we stay in the league to more quality we will have. We will always attract quality players with the likes of Grealish, Konsa and Martinez in the team.
  14. He is ready for selection tomorrow! Great news
  15. He is at the perfect age to break into our first team squad. If he is the real deal, we are going to save a LOT of money this summer
  16. The game is too quick for him, He will take some time to settle.
  17. I really don’t like how much we depend on Grealish. We need an alternative.
  18. He has stepped up this season. I hope the small section of fans put some respect on his name.
  19. We will miss Jack because he is one of the best players in the league. We are better placed than we were last season to cope with his loss.
  20. Barkley is looking a bit passive off the ball. Not really committing himself.
  21. Good change! Douglas did not look his usual self against West Ham
  22. Players peak at different points in their career. We are yet to see the best of Ollie. His mental sharpness will improve and his touch will improve too. As I mentioned previously, this is his 2nd full season as a striker. He may not be naturally gifted but he works very hard and he will be even better next season and beyond.
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