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  1. The issue is not is scoring goals, it’s the inability to control the game with possession. Mings and Konsa were tremendous last season. Having three at the back is the problem, we are yet to see if Sanson is the player to help us manage possession better. Mentally we crashed in the last 15 minutes which was reminiscent of the old Villa pre Dean Smith. As I said if we finish mid table, it’s not going to be look good for Dean Smith and our squad. Martinez would be gone as well as a few others.
  2. A game like this can really determine how we move ahead this season. The selection was wrong, to concede three goals with three CB’s is shocking. 3-5-2 is not working. Hope he gets it together because if we do not finish in the top ten he will be gone.
  3. I thought him starting ahead of Hause was weird. From the first minute he was off, he gave that pass away in the first 10 mins and we nearly went down, and was responsible for the equaliser.
  4. Top Goalkeeper. I will be amazed if we are able to keep him next summer.
  5. Yh this kid is looking a serious player at the moment. Need to tie him down long term.
  6. Playing for Poland will improve him. He will never be considered England’s top 2 RB.
  7. Happy for him. Great performance tonight.
  8. I can see us playing a 4-4-2 that can switch to a 4-3-3 anytime during the game. 4-4-2 Watkins - - - Ings Bailey - - McGinn - - Luiz/Ramsey - - Buendia Switching to the 4-3-3 Bailey - - Watkins - - Ings - - Buendia - - McGinn- - Ramsey/D. Luiz
  9. Poor article and very bitter which represents the current feelings amongst a group of Villa fans towards Grealish. Many fans don’t and never want to understand the business of football. Football is not fantasy, it’s a well marketed product that is sold to the masses. Grealish, like most of the football players are part of it, it’s a business. Everyone needs to move on from this, because it’s becoming very toxic.
  10. Invaluable experience for him at this age.
  11. Smith probably wants his players to get a full 90 mins.
  12. If we lose to Newcastle it will probably be down to our back line more than missing Ollie. Its a long season no need to worry. would rather us get these injuries now than midway through the season.
  13. I look at Chelsea and see their academy players coming through and a lot of them are Premier league quality but never make the grade at Chelsea. I hope that we produce players at the same level if not higher and give them the opportunity to be first team players.
  14. I can’t see is bringing in another CM although we need one. we are heavily stacked in that position and the club doesn’t want to block the pathway of Carney Chukwuemeka and Jacob Ramsey.
  15. He can go very far if he continues to apply himself. He will get double figures this season. Great move
  16. This will be a transition season for us.
  17. He dealt with Sarr better than Targett. He will be our new left back this season.
  18. Dean got the selection very wrong today. Young should have started left back. Ramsey for me should have started. Bailey should have also started and been replaced by Traore in the 2nd half. I hope that he learns from this match and he doesn’t keep tinkering with the team during the season. if we finish outside the top ten he won’t be here next season. I’m certain of it. And I like him a lot.
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