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The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

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24 minutes ago, LondonLax said:

That would have been a soft penalty. It was a rebound that hit him as he was turning, we’d be livid if it was given against us. 

But they have been given this season against other sides. It’s the lack of consistency.

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57 minutes ago, sne said:

Arms not to his side when it hits his arm, he's clearly making himself bigger blocking the ball, intentional or not.

No penalty given

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I believe Sterling was about to come into the box and would have had a clear shot at goal too.  I reckon some of these refs would be happy to change their decision if they had a second look at it on the monitors, which is the most frustrating thing for me.

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Sky gave a quote from the PL during the game, natural position silhouette of his body reason

That's bollocks but its what they said

2nd one is never handball

The offside is a weird one, still not seen the lines but watching the game he looked more off than firmino last week

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20 hours ago, StefanAVFC said:

Apaprently they're saying that it hit Bernardo's hand first so it wouldn't have been a penalty anyway.

Who **** knows

According to the IFAB’s new laws on handball, the close-quarters ricochet onto Bernardo’s hand should only be a factor if it leads to a goal. In general play, it remains ‘accidental’ and not an offence. In other words, had the ricochet off Bernardo’s hand reached Sterling, and been put into the net, the goal would have been disallowed (but since that never happened, Bernardo has not committed an offence and the handball by Alexander-Arnold should be viewed in isolation). It is a glaring paradox in the new handball laws.

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These are all a result of the rules, not necessarily VAR which is just following them. VAR is shit for its own reasons, but not because of the way handball and offside are interpreted.

In my opinion, if you need to pick up a micrometer just go with the initial call from the linesman. Or alternatively err in favour of either the attack or defender. 

As for handball, it's even more ridiculous. The ball grazing Rodri's hand before Jesus scored a goal invalidates the goal but the ball hitting TAA outstretched hand isn't a penalty? They really need to sort out these rules because they're just counter-intuitive and don't really align with the spirit of the game.

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8 hours ago, Five Ken McNaughts said:

Just heard Neil Swarbrick (Premier League Head of VAR Operations) on Sky Sports News saying that refs going to the pitch side monitor “is not being discouraged”. Either he is lying through his teeth or there isn’t a single Premier League referee with an independent mind. I am not sure which is worse.

He also gave it a 7 out of 10 so far. Neil Taylor has been more reliable this season than VAR

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