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  1. Goal: El Ghazi (11’) Assist: Keinan “Laudrup” Davis
  2. Love the way Cash covers ground with such ease. Great acceleration and top speed. Looks a real athlete. On another note, how good was it to see the stadium banners changed to actual Claret & Blue after all that “mauve” crap last season? (It’s the little things in life that make me happy).
  3. Pretty sure I was even more nervous than Keinan when he was one-on-one. I know it’s Burton. I know it’s the Carabao Cup. But that must feel like one helluva weight off his shoulders.
  4. My memory was sadly of no assistance on this. But the closest I could find to that scenario (by cheating with Google) was Steve Hunt scoring a last minute equaliser for Albion in a 1-1 draw at Villa Park in Dec 1985, then re-signing for Villa shortly afterwards. No idea if it went through the keeper’s legs or not as it doesn’t seem to be on You Tube. Perhaps your memory is a few weeks out of sync and already putting him in a Villa shirt (he was one of my early favourites – great touch and composure on the ball).
  5. And there was me thinking they got one each!
  6. On the subject of mid-80s Villa, do you recall the product placement that used to follow a goal at Villa Park? “Goalscorer for Aston Villa, Steve Hunt... Steve Hunt drives Austin Montego.” Not sure why that stuck with me.
  7. Jack brought this on himself. Repeatedly dribbling past Aaron Mooy like that when Southgate was watching v Brighton? Forcing the poor lad to kick him until he got sent off? Jack should have known that his subsequent Goal, Assist and MOTM performance “against 10 men” would be as good as mocked by Southgate. I mean, this is a manager who only caps midfielders who are truly world class... Jack Cork of Burnley (2017 v Germany)... Nathaniel Chalobah of Watford (2018 v Spain)... Jack can only dream of being spoken of in the same breath as these guys.
  8. And to think Jack managed those numbers in a team that finished 17th with serious striker issues.
  9. Seems a long time ago now, but Jota played an absolutely key role in that 2-0 home win vs Everton. Were those three points worth the transfer fee? I’d say so.
  10. So true. Makes me sad to think how many Villa chants have succumbed to the invasive knotweed of Allez Allez (I think 2-3 times a game is your optimum frequency for an “anthem” type chant. Certainly less than 25).
  11. Will this be replacing “Prepared” and can we have it in Latin?
  12. Transfermarkt also state that Wesley was valued at £18m after his final season with FC Brugge. Luckily we beat them down to £22.5m. Ruthless.
  13. Well, true, though I am already taking that as a given after these phoney “drinks breaks”. Who will be the first Sky pundit to refer to the “third period” etc.? No doubt it will be wrapped up in analytics and made to look very progressive (“Look at the amount of goals they concede in quarter one compared to quarter four...”). And then it will be just a small step to four official quarters. Yep, the marketing men always find a way.
  14. VAR... five subs... drinks breaks... Three of the four horsemen of the (football) apocalypse as far as I’m concerned. I’m not sure what the fourth will be – a European Super League perhaps – but when it arrives I can see myself sticking to Villa history books and non-league games, while leaving the bloated “product” to its target audiences.
  15. Yep. I imagine Exhibit A for the defence will be the previous Villa v Sheff Utd game: 0-3 after 82 mins. Final score 3-3. (It would tend to suggest that going 1-0 down in the 42nd minute is not a cast-iron guarantee of obtaining zero points).
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