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  1. Last season, in my opinion, we had 4 stand-out match-winners (Jack, Mings, Abraham, McGinn). This season, I think we've had a maximum of 3.5 in that bracket (Jack, Mings, Heaton and an off-colour McGinn). I'm not writing off any of our new outfield signings, but if just one had been able to take the season by the scruff of the neck and step into that top echelon of influential players, I think our campaign would be looking very different.
  2. The ticket office during office hours. They're normally pretty helpful. 0333 323 1874
  3. Indiana (Jones) Vassilev! Took me a while. Bit gutted we aren't really in for Eric Bumpa-Dumpa – he sounds like quite a unit.
  4. Jack must be glad Maupay didn't get himself sent off. Gareth Southgate has already explained that Man of the Match displays against Brighton mean nothing if they get a red card.
  5. Have noticed the drop off in his top speed too. He was turbo-charged in those early performances. The rigours of a first PL season? Still love his attitude and will-to-win.
  6. Pedant alert. He is 29 and turns 30 in six weeks (March 5th).
  7. No problem at all with people not wanting him back. It's all just opinions. But the overkill of mocking / disrespectful posts towards a very fine former Villa player – not so keen on that.
  8. Andy Gray was 6'1" in my Top Trumps, though it didn't specify how much was hair. Maybe he was 5'9" in his second spell at Villa.
  9. Birmingham an "unattractive place to live"? Telly Savalas would beg to differ...
  10. I guess it's a change from having an army of right-backs and no centre-back. Maybe next season we'll have fifteen strikers and no goalie.
  11. Looks to me like we are re-signing Carlos Cuellar and Alan Wright (who may have gone a bit overboard at Advanced Hair Studio).
  12. Come on, @briny_ear, you know the answer to this. It's sung from the heart, not the head. Hell, maybe we'll all be standing on an uncovered terrace and belting it out in the Evo-Stik Premier a few years from now. But who would ever change their team? Villa Till I Die... four simple, truthful words (sung by supporters of the greatest team the world has ever seen).
  13. A fine example of the insanity of the new handball situation. Once the ball has hit Declan Rice's hand from very close range, West Ham are correctly and legally in possession of the ball (under IFAB laws, Rice has committed no offence) yet cannot legally score. When the goal is ruled out, VAR is not correcting an error or oversight by the match officials – it is actually implementing a totally different criterion to the on-field laws.
  14. Söyüncü: "Hold me back! Hold me back!... You are SO lucky these people are holding me back."
  15. I think your point of view is rather harsh, @Laughable Chimp, though you are not alone in holding it. A striker who buries every chance he is "expected" to is called clinical or lethal. A goalkeeper who makes every save he is "expected" to rarely gets the same plaudits. Seems a tad unfair. I thought Nyland was superb from beginning to end.
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