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  1. That's not your, or anyone else's, honest held opinion, mate. "Screwdriver"? A thing that's good at "winding up". We get it.
  2. Yep, that's a rather disappointing crowd. Seems the record attendance memo didn't quite make it to B6. But a 2-1 win and three wins from three keeps Villa Women joint top (second on goal difference). If this does actually turn into a promotion campaign, I am sure any Spring matches at Villa Park will pull in a few more.
  3. Not surprised the bookies are finding this one hard to call. I can see a narrow Villa win. One-goal margin. With a deafening Villa Park dragging the lads over the line again. Would also love to have a totally anonymous ref, who saw his role as merely facilitating a fair sporting contest between two sides (pure crazy talk, I know).
  4. Not quite the sentence involving "Kevin Friend" and "investigative committee" that I have been hoping to read.
  5. Is that you, David Cameron?
  6. Villa Women playing Blackburn at Villa Park tomorrow. Might well have gone out of curiosity had I been free. I'm sure the club will be hoping to smash the 1,600 record from last season. I wonder what a game against Blues on an international weekend would draw if the women's side went up (there looks to be pretty healthy crowd at the Etihad today).
  7. While his career says he must be better than what we have seen, he always looked like he was playing in oven gloves to me. So many shots just pushed straight back into the danger zone. I would imagine he doesn't cut a very happy figure around the training ground. Shame for everyone that we couldn't move him on, really.
  8. EDIT: I will move my rather specific (abd slightly dull) VAR question to the Video Assistant Referee Thread. On another note, I watched this Jack Grealish highlights video while thinking about the suggestion of @sne that Jack could do a job on the left. It is interesting to see how comfortable and effective he is in this part of the pitch. And no slouch either. Depending on how much restructuring our midfield requires in the weeks ahead, I wouldn't necessarily rule out the option.
  9. I'm disappointed we haven't heard more from Villa regarding the Jack Grealish situation. I know the FA rules say we can't appeal the yellow card, but that's exactly what the Scottish FA rules used to say until two years ago. Then a couple of teams kicked up a big fuss over blatant fouls given as simulation and the SFA were forced into a re-think. Now cards wrongly given for diving can be reviewed and revoked in Scotland. Why is this common sense approach totally beyond our own FA? Why are we not hammering on their door with the Grealish case? The only argument we ever hear for the long list of things that can't be reviewed – compared to the tiny list of things that can – is something to do with "workload". Cry me a river! I've never heard such nonsense. In what other profession can someone be accused of dishonesty, then told – by that profession's governing body, no less – that they have NO RIGHT to object and clear their name? Against an allegation that was demonstrably false?!? What kind of Orwellian bullshit is this? And how is the FA's stance even legal in wider employment law? These clowns and their panels have plenty of time to go looking for something that isn't there (remember the laughable "Grealish cleared to play in second leg" headlines after the first match against West Brom?). But when it comes to doing the simple, obvious and right thing to clear up an injustice, they want to hide behind illogical and unfair rules as if they are unchallengeable holy scripture. Heavy-handed, authoritarian, bullying behaviour is what it is. A court with a prosecution but no defence. All from the people who want to talk to you about "Respect". So, come on Villa. Even if it gets us nowhere. Let's have an official complaint against Kevin Friend and a press release calling on the FA to change their rules. I, for one, would feel better for it.
  10. Did not know that. Thanks for the book tip. Am currently reading "Aston Villa: A Nostalgic Look at a Century of the Club." Could look at those old pictures all day long. It got me thinking – I would love to see the the new owners invite Peter McParland to be guest of honour for a home game this season. The idea of him taking the applause from a sell-out Villa Park singing his name is enough to give anyone goosebumps. North American sports do so much more to honour past heroes (as Wes Edens will well know). We should do these things, not just wait for the black armband days.
  11. @The Fun Factory I was looking at that exact same patch of seats today as I was booking a couple for the Burnley game (ended up in Trinity upper again). Like you say, I'm surprised they can't call them "Extreme Restricted View" and sell them at a knockdown price. It's more money for the club and more Villa voices in the ground, after all. I hadn't thought of any Health & Safety / Falling over the edge reasons for non-sale, though your comment did remind me of playing "Lemmings" on the Amiga 500. This new "Gas Lamp Lounge" in the North Stand sounds interesting (from the promotional piece on the official website at least). Someone mentioned on this thread that the North Stand hospitality boxes were all being knocked through and I guess this is the result of it. So, a kind of budget executive experience with tickets for the lounge starting from £75? Sounds very good in principle. I'm already thinking birthday treat for my old dad. Just hope they have made a good job of it.
  12. VillaTalkers were already pointing out this very thing by half-time in the match thread. The front-loading of just under half the Villa team with yellow cards – while Palace enjoyed diplomatic immunity – all but guaranteed the last 30-40 minutes of this match would be 11 v 10. And so it proved. It is actually a very clever way to orchestrate a desired outcome – no controversial incidents for Match of the Day's 5 minutes, no interest from the wider football world... just set the match going in one direction and let nature take its course. Apart from a bunch of "whinging Villa fans" it would all have been so wonderfully under the radar. Unfortunately for Kevin Friend, as the ball rolled to Henri Lansbury in the 96th minute, his steering of this match hit a bloody big problem. I mean, how's your luck, Kev? 15 seconds from exiting stage left with a classic dimpled smirk. Of the two options available (hope that Lansbury misses, or simply "out" his agenda with a ludicrous decision) Friend chose the latter. Was that agenda personal, or broader? That, I couldnt possibly know. I do know it was clearly observable.
  13. The way Cahill throws out his arms and then his left leg, creating a "wall", no part of which gets anywhere near the ball as he brings Jack down... (again, thanks to @LakotaDakota for that particular clip). In the women's World Cup version of VAR, that's a penalty and a yellow for Cahill all day long. Yet in the Premier League version of VAR it's "no reason to overturn the 'dive' decision". Seriously, what the hell is happening this season? Then we have Dele Alli doing an absolute Superman dive against Arsenal – with a foot of clear daylight between him and the defender – while the ref and VAR couldn't care less and the commentator gives it the old "to be fair he got straight back up" (yeah, it's called embarrassment, mate). But how can we expect any better from our officials when a PL ref of 11 years, Peter Walton, can sit on the BT Sport sofa and say "Definitely the right call – Grealish was clearly trying to buy a foul" while half a dozen ex-pros laugh at him in disbelief? Premier League officiating is the laughing stock of the world right now.
  14. Well, fair enough. Though I have put that assumption about refs not actively cheating on hold for now
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