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  1. Oh dear, Conor. Once might be careless, twice is a pattern. Taking on the – quite obvious – role of agent provocateur (some might say puppet) to grease a few wheels for Jack's people or some mutual agent is not a good look. Would be far better served keeping his trap shut and focusing on his own game, which has hardly set the Premier League alight.
  2. I've only played FIFA once. Seven or eight pints beyond my optimum spatial awareness. I have a vague memory of being Man City and losing 12-0 to my friend's Derby County. Think I fell asleep in my kebab after that. That said... I think this e-football stuff might be good for Keinan. The long lay-off has – surely – allowed his hamstring to heal, while John McGinn named him as the club's strongest man in his earlier match (expressing surprise that the FIFA stats put Wesley's physical strength above Keinan's). Any public / media interaction is also surely good for someone who is obviously very shy. I haven't watched this 8-1 quarter-final win that @Nabby mentioned yet. But good on the lad.
  3. I love how much Villa history I am learning by looking up some of the names in your posts, @John. Cheers!
  4. Staunton is a decent shout at left-back but, for longevity alone, I don't think you can overlook Charlie Aitken (1959-1976). He starts off playing with the likes of McParland, Dixon, Sims et al. from the '57 FA Cup final side. Fast forward 650-odd games and he is still there, playing alongside people like Mortimer and Cowans, on their way to the '82 European Cup. For one player to bridge the years between those two Villa eras is mind-boggling.
  5. I think Clem Stephenson (1910-1920) was mentioned somewhere by @John. A left-sided "inside forward", I reckon he qualifies for the left midfield role and is one Villan who is already in the National Football Museum's Hall of Fame (largely for his later titles at Huddersfield, granted, but ten years and two FA Cups at Villa gives us a sizeable claim on him too). In the 1913 Cup Final on the Villa Boy You Tube channel, a youthful Stephenson can be seen making a cheeky little no-look pass (1:46) and being hacked down for a penalty (2:00) – sadly missed by both Villa and the cameraman. Two other candidates for the All Time XI: Forwards can also be seen pressing their claim. Joe Bache skins a couple of Sunderland players (1:33 and 1:57) – I also love how he dominates the coin toss – while Harry Hampton sticks the ball in the roof of the net (2:22) only for it to be disallowed for a dodgy offside. (The footage looks even better if you click in the top right and change the playback speed to 0.75x). https://youtu.be/9pT3WmTJ5EQ
  6. The period 1900-1920 has recently become my favourite Villa era, so I have a soft spot for Victorian man-mountain Billy George (1897-1911) and his willowy successor Sam Hardy (1912-1921). George played in three title-winning sides (as well as cricket for Warwickshire) while Hardy – two FA Cups either side of WW1 – was apparently one of the earliest exponents of coming out to narrow the angle. In terms of the names on the list, however, I am torn between Spink and Rimmer. On the one hand Spink can point to 19 years at Villa, a European Cup, Super Cup, promotion campaign and League Cup (not to mention two top flight runners-up medals). On the other hand, I have always felt a bit sorry for Rimmer and how events in Rotterdam turned a title-winning keeper – who also played all but 81 minutes of the European Cup campaign – into something of a footnote in the remarkable Nigel Spink story. Perhaps Rimmer topping the poll would finally be giving him due recognition for his achievements. That said, in terms of the most outrageously talented keeper I have seen live at Villa Park (so since 84/85) – Bosnich. Yep, this is a tough one.
  7. Yes, most likely scenario is a line through the whole season. Second most likely (IMO) involves Liverpool being awarded the title while Leeds and West Brom are awarded promotion. Graded compensation for Championship teams in 3rd to 6th. A 22-team PL would be the perfect excuse to scrap the League Cup and, even after two years of four going down to restore a 20-team PL, I doubt it would ever be seen again. The final 8 of the Champions League would be played out in the US in late July / early August (one-leg matches), taking the place of the usual pre-season tournament there. Ditto the final 8 of the Europa League somewhere in the gulf states. Both tournaments would provide the necessary boost for these summer "International Champions Trophy" competitions (or whatever the hell they are called) to complete the step-up from friendly games to officially sanctioned UEFA tournaments – being able to claim a shared heritage with the real deal. Thus making UEFA and the host countries very happy. That's my best guess anyway.
  8. Amen! Ten "Hail Mary" balls to Davis – about 3-5 good outcomes. Ten attempts to recreate Brazil 1970 from our own box – zero good outcomes.
  9. We bought so many little cogs in the summer. Really needed a couple of big proven ones for those little cogs to slot in around, find their place and purpose. But no, lots of little cogs was the order of the day. it hasn't worked.
  10. Davis at around 8:30... Back to goal... Nothing on... (yes, it ended in a fingertip save, but just look at that control and strength).
  11. For some extra context... since every 5-10 min cameo goes down as a non-scoring "appearance"... his total minutes at U23 level amount to a shade over 25 full matches (7 goals, 8 assists). And at first team level a shade under 25 full matches (4 goals, 5 assists). Not horrific by any means. Also not sure why his deflected turn-and-shot that Samatta headed home at Bournemouth doesn't seem to have registered as an assist, but what do I know? Anyway, unsurprisingly, I totally agree with those suggesting Davis play in a two with Samatta. The entire Premier League figured out our "isolated frontman" approach ages ago. This would tear it all up and might just give us – for the first time in forever – an element of surprise.
  12. Oh, and Nyland's overall record with penalties is actually better than Reina's (about 1 save in 5, opposed to 1 save in 7 if memory serves – looked it up before the semi-final).
  13. I agree. Plus, it's a brilliant Rocky comeback story. The guy was absolutely finished at Villa.
  14. Those lists of the club's honours... a lot of years starting with 18, some starting with 19, nothing starting with 20 (unless you count the Intertoto Cup). It's trophies that a club's "history" is built on, along with the stories and memories – from players and fans alike – that go with each success. Premier League PLC are very keen for us to forget that.
  15. We were coming off three league defeats then too...
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