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  1. The really impressive thing about Pele though is that he isn’t getting any younger. It’s witchcraft.
  2. Linked with a loan move for Lenglet at Barcelona in January if their reported move for Matthijs de Ligt fails. They should probably focus on staying in the league before they start trying to sign players who could get in to most teams in Europe.
  3. Completely agree. Watkins is definitely older now than he was when he was 19.
  4. Hopefully the club will be run like Watford and they have a new manager every 3 months.
  5. I’m order for Newcastle to get where they want to go in the next few years, they will probably have to do some creative accounting for FFP. It’ll become pointless to even have FFP. I wonder if the likes of City, Utd and Chelsea, who were so behind it in the first place, will try to get it scrapped so that they can keep up with Newcastle’s spending power.
  6. The one manager I completely forgot about, that would jump at the chance of managing Newcastle now, would be Brendan Rodgers. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was one of the ones on the shortlist.
  7. Their fans will be horrendously annoying, but they already are anyway. I get the feeling that Spurs and Arsenal fans will be most butt hurt by this takeover.
  8. Such a lack of legends that they have to put Keegan on there twice.
  9. Brilliant listening to a Newcastle fan on 5Live trying to convince the presenters that the Saudi state will have no indirect involvement in the running of the club. She completely lost the argument and eventually changed her tune to “I’m just a fan, I’m not bothered who runs the club”. I sense that this will be the party line for most fans.
  10. Good point. Completely forgot about the new “don’t worry, you’ll get in anyway” Champions League rules for the “big” clubs.
  11. The player has been released on conditional bail apparently. I haven't seen anything from Brighton about whether or not the player is suspended either. Could still be completely innocent.
  12. You can make someone argue anything if you give them a big enough suitcase full of cash. Although I'm pretty gutted about how we are going to move to a position of being able to sign players as long as Newcastle don't want them, but I'm also intrigued to see who from Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City will suffer most. 5 PL places for the Champions League incoming.
  13. My biggest frustration is that it's another team with shit loads of money that we need to compete with. I wouldn't be surprised if Conte is their manager by the end of the month and then they manage to spend £150m in January. Pretty sure they will have many ways of circumnavigating FFP.
  14. Most Newcastle fans have convinced themselves that Ashley is a tyrant who has ruined the club, so they won’t give a shit what their new owners do if they’re successful. They should probably take a look at Derby if they want to see what a ruined club actually looks like.
  15. Beating Orphan of Kos on Bloodborne, or those pissing giant fish pricks in the well. Other than it’s the feeling of playing in a movie that Naughty Dog games give me.
  16. Metroid Prime is still my favourite ahead of Super Metroid, but only just. I tend to stick to the Zelda / Super Metroid combo randomiser whenever I play on the old mini SNES, as opposed to one or the other. Still hoping for a Switch remaster of Prime one day.
  17. Buckled and picked this up on PS4. Actually enjoying it more than Fifa 21 as I've changed the camera angle to "Broadcast" and it actually feels and looks very different to previous versions, even though really it isn't that different. It looks more realistic in terms of the way the camera moves, which is something at least. Still a bit annoying that they haven't done much with career mode, especially in terms of how you can pretty much sign anyone when you're a PL team, which takes away from the realism a bit. GK's are better and the ball physics are more satisfying, but still a rip off for £50.
  18. His Name Is James Bond is a very funny theme song. A poster called Onyx BlackScale has posted it on YouTube for anyone that wants to look it up I'd post a link on here but I'd get another warning.
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