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  1. If we announce that we’ve agreed a deal for Cantwell too then I have no doubt that Grealish is off. We still need to invest £100m in the team on other players though.
  2. I see Mings as more someone that picked up a couple of really serious injuries, whereas Saint-Maximin seems to pick up niggling injuries, like pulled hamstrings or thigh strains, every couple of months.
  3. Leeds linked with Damsgaard. Looked class at the Euro's. Would be a good option at the reported £22m, certainly better than Cantwell for the CAM role.
  4. Supposedly the offers for Bailey and Ward-Prowse were made with the assumption that Grealish stays, so it will be disappointing if we don’t invest another £150m this summer if Grealish is sold. Would take our net spend to £85m, which is reasonable.
  5. Fernando Nelson? Yeah, I think so.
  6. You are either 8 pints in to a heavy session or totally on the wind up. If Grealish leaves I’ll be grateful for what he has done for us and look forward to seeing what he can achieve at the highest level. If our owners thought that selling Grealish would have a catastrophic effect on future plans I would imagine they’ll reject the offer. He does have a 4-year deal still after all.
  7. Sarr and Bailey would be good. Sadly I don’t think any player will fill the gap left by Grealish leaving, but we have to do better than Cantwell. As a squad player ok, but we’d not exactly be competing with top 8 PL teams to bring him in.
  8. DM - Kamara (£20m) CM - Ward-Prowse (£45m) Winger - Bailey (£40m) ST - Alvarez (£15m) CB - Schurrs (£15m)
  9. True, but I’d imagine they would rather sell a few other players ahead of selling Ward-Prowse for £25m. Ings and Vestergaard for example.
  10. But what’s the point when you know it’s going to be rejected?
  11. The good thing is that FFP stops our owners from heavily investing to really try and convince Grealish that he’d be a fool to think about leaving. We can just buy players and then have to lose them in a couple of seasons. It will be Watkins next year if he is another really good season. Can’t wait.
  12. We had it written in to Grealish's contract that it's £90m + Morgan Rogers.
  13. This. Grealish owes us nothing. He was a key part of helping us get back out of the Championship, and gave everything to ensure that we stayed up in our first season back. If he leaves then so be it, I doubt it will be because he forces a move. Man City will offer a fee that we deem acceptable. The key bit will be how we re-invest, which is a bigger concern for me.
  14. Jamie O'Hara slating Grealish on talkSPORT because of his stats, but still thinks he's worth £100m. Clueless.
  15. I think we can do better if we're still looking for a CAM, which I hope we are.
  16. I'm just using the reported interest in Cantwell. Of course Grealish is better, but that will be the case with all of our signings for the next couple of windows anyway.
  17. Cantwell, JWP, Bailey, Edouard and a CB and that will just about make up for Grealish leaving, if he actually does.
  18. Ward-Prowse is also the captain of his team. We need more leadership in midfield, and will need it even more if Grealish leaves.
  19. £25m? No chance that story is true. It would be hypocritical for us to be pissed about the offer from City for Grealish if we then offer £25m for Southampton's captain.
  20. £120m + Rogers would be ok. I'd be pretty miffed if we accepted £90m + Rogers.
  21. If Grealish does leave, the blow will be cushioned slightly by the new 3-year deal that Newcastle are offering Steve Bruce.
  22. If he goes, we need to get a move on and spend £150m to improve the squad.
  23. Our only phone line is currently in use talking to Man City.
  24. I just hope this doesn’t drag on either way. We still have quite a bit of work to do in terms of bringing in players no matter what happens to Grealish in this window.
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