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  1. I make that 3 in a row now. A summer with the Brazilian squad can't have done him any harm. Hope he can keep this run of form for as long as possible. You'd have to assume with the lack of any real break over the summer the fitness is going to have to be an issue at some point. That's when we need the likes of Marvelous, Sanson, Chuck to play their part in the squad and be ready to go.
  2. Well yes exactly it’s such a clear and obvious red and pen really struggle to understand what they’ve seen to over turn it.
  3. With such a long wait for us to be live back at Villa Park I expected Newcastle to have that kind of atmosphere but for reasons that got discussed it didn’t happen. That atmosphere last night it’s what it’s all about. Felt so so good to be part of that kind of atmosphere again. Mane wants to play Palace every week. I want to play Everton every evening!
  4. Also thought he was very good on Sat which was great to see following a good performance against Brentford. Replacing Jack needs every player to raise their game, hopefully Dougie can keep it up.
  5. That’s interesting because I thought Targett looked lost and and a waste of a position in that formation. I’m a big fan generally but he didn’t look like a wing back to me, barely touched the ball attacking or defending.
  6. I think this is what Jack was referring to about “how football really works” when responding to Preeces article.
  7. How many billion would it cost to get a beer at half time without leaving after 35mins? I feel like we’d struggle to do it for 1
  8. Yeah took me four goes and then got lucky. Last time I aimed for a time when nowt else was on sale to avoid certain criteria calling for tickets. It’s well beyond a farce. Carrier pigeon maybe?
  9. Start by speaking to someone on the phone is best bet. I called the ticket office.
  10. I did manage to speak to someone on the phone. Even though you got tickets for Brentford or Newcastle (as did I) the memberships weren’t active they opened it up for everyone (effectively) because of the problems with the system. On mine it wouldn’t let me activate the kids as it had the wrong DOB on the form. It wouldn’t let me change the DOB but they could over the phone so it worked. Basically if anything on the form doesn’t match the details they have it won’t work. Anyway they managed to sort it over the phone and both my kids got activated. until I got another email telling me to activate their accounts!!!!!!!! I then wrote a very strongly worded email to memberships email address outlining every step of the farce and it appears to have been sorted now as they are showing as activated on the Villa website. An amazing system they’ve designed there genuinely think a dyslexic goat could have done a better job.
  11. I get the comparison and it’s definitely a risky season for them hence the investment. However as a club they are run so much better than we were in the late Lerner years (as much as I try not to think about them years).
  12. Sounds like a good game. For those of us too tight to spend a £10 on this do we know if the replay will be on AvTv or just highlights?
  13. Any ideas how to access the game don’t see it anywhere on AVTV?
  14. No problem with the thread existing and as I said I totally get why its still so active. I was just wondering a loud how long it'll remain like that and hoping we don't become a club obsessed for a long time over an ex player.
  15. What is the over/under on volume of time that needs to pass until this thread is no longer permanently on first page of unread threads. 2/3 years or are we going to be permanently obsessed with this guy. I get it he was my favourite player too, but he's dead to me now. Dont wish him ill, just dont care about him at all anymore. He is a competitor now so gets treated that way. Yes.....I do realise me posting this is contributing to the problem.
  16. Overall I’m at a 6/10 for the window but the main reason for that is we lost our best player. Every signing is a risk we know Jack was good for us but we don’t know yet how well Emi, Bailey and Ings will work out for us. If they work out well then yes you could argue we are less reliant on one player and therefore stronger overall. But nobody has any idea on that point yet. It’s disappointing we haven’t used the big money to push on but I guess they were mindful of wasting it and willing to wait for the right players. Hopefully it all works out and the new players settle in well as part of a longer term plan.
  17. I’m definitely one who doesn’t like most of AEGs performances even though his output last season was very good. However I’ll always call each game as I see it and he did play well yesterday. Ability has never been the issue with him, all wingers can be inconsistent but he needs to play like that 1 in 2/3 games rather than 1 in 10.
  18. MOTM for me too today. Number of big players out for us today we needed him to have a good game and he stepped up. Keep it up Dougie! Talent never been in doubt it’s all consistency.
  19. A very solid first start, reminiscent of a lot of Ramsey’s games. Did most things right not a lot wrong. Nothing outstanding but didn’t let anyone down which given his age and the occasion he should be proud of.
  20. Well this was wrong!!!!
  21. Deano was specifically asked if there were any other fitness concerns ahead of tomorrow and he said No. I don’t think it would be good optics for the club in the current climate if he openly lied about a Covid outbreak in the heart of the club during a press conference. Im going to have a cheeky bet on JJ to get his first goal today. Feel like today’s the day!
  22. Perhaps they are planning to offer him in person. Knocking on the door, anyone home style.
  23. Do you know if the away kit is in the shop (for adults)? Seems its only available for pre order online, was thinking about nipping in to the shop before the game tomorrow.
  24. Yes this is right. Its been a real false start for him, 4 starts for us and barely made it past the hour mark, then injured (for a long time). No surprise the fans dont know what to make of it, we've signed plenty of players in the past and even under current regime which just dont work out for one reason or another. Obviously hope that isnt the case with Sanson as we'll really need him to step up now. I also wonder whether this is a big vote in confidence for Carney and he sees him getting plenty of action this year (off bench and odd start like Ramsey last year).
  25. If we don't sign anyone else its a HUGE vote of confidence in Jacob Ramsey to play a big big part in our season. He did well last week but he needs to build on that AND be consistent with it too.
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