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  1. Edouard could be a deadline day transfer for West Ham after everyone else has turned down Celtic’s ridiculous demands. Oh well, Myron Boadu it is then.
  2. Thing is we have Grealish and Young that can play on the left now, with Buendia and Traore on the right. We really need a CAM and Smith-Rowe would be perfect for that I think. Then bring in Edouard, Sarr and Ward-Prowse and we would have a fantastic squad. It is a lot to bring in for one window but if the rumours are true that our owners want to take advantage of other clubs financial issues then it could be possible.
  3. This. If we are really going for it this summer another striker is a must. Edouard for £15m is a no-brainer. Bring him in to fight for a place with Watkins. If he gets in on merit, great. If Watkins is playing so well he has to make do with sitting on the bench for a bit, great.
  4. Might as well sign Jack Wilshere if we’re looking for someone to come in and be injured all the time. Would be cheaper too.
  5. Can’t see Grealish leaving this summer but maybe we’re thinking ahead for next summer when I think Grealish could go if we don’t make Europe. If Smith-Rowe has a blinder this season we will have even less chance of getting him next year.
  6. Maybe the Edouard deal has hit a snag. Surely they don’t need Daka, Iheanacho, Vardy and Edouard.
  7. Yep. Supposedly posted a picture on his Instagram. Another high potential youth signing.
  8. How dare we try to leapfrog Spurs and Arsenal, two European Super League contenders before it was tragically stripped away from their greedy prick owners. We’re not a big a club because we’ve not won anything since English football started, which I’m guessing is around the time Wenger started managing Arsenal.
  9. You forgot to mention that he seems to have stuck his pubes on his chin to look more manly. Unfortunately for him he just looks like a partially shaved rat.
  10. Italy will be a tough team to stop in this tournament. They look excellent so far.
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