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  1. Darren Bent has apparently told WBA to sign Abraham. We need to sign Tammy just to stop him helping them.
  2. Just sat on the BOX website for 20 minutes. Had one in my basket, website crashed, and now out of stock. Oh well, hopefully some places will get a few more over the coming weeks.
  3. Werner had a buy-out clause and wouldn't come to us anyway.
  4. It worries me that we would be down to Davis and an injured Wesley as backup strikers if Samatta goes. Maybe Traore can play a striker role, but even having someone like Josh King in the squad would help if the unthinkable happens and Watkins gets injured. If he starts doing well you know there will be certain players, like Ben Mee, who won't mind tackling Watkins around the shin / knee area.
  5. Nope, not seen either play other than YouTube as well, so not in a place to comment on specifics. But others have mentioned before about them playing on opposite sides. Whatever happens, this window will be the best we've had in years.
  6. I think we need another striker if we let Samatta go, even if we bring in Traore and Rashica. Especially as we've also let Birmingham sign the next Jamie Vardy.
  7. I've had a day off today as well. My boss doesn't know that yet, but when he sees how much work I've actually done today he'll realise it pretty quickly.
  8. Fishing for Likes in a thread with 100's of fish puns. Well played Sir, well played.
  9. Come on. We've just been given a lot of (hopefully) ITK info. How recently is "very recently"?
  10. Only news I've seen on this is that Werder Bremen are saying they won't sell him on the cheap.
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