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  1. Conclusive proof of the Bran : Night King link...
  2. First major death in tonight's episode as little Sam appears to have been eaten by Gilly.
  3. Just finished Limbo, very atmospheric and a nice little brain workout at times. Now on to getting my ass handed to me on Sekiro, as I take my Bloodborne skills and try to shoehorn them into a game where it is completely the wrong thing to do.
  4. I've got it on the Switch. Although it's a trimmed down version it is still decent. The main frustration is that you're limited as to how many leagues you want to load, which is understandable given the power of the Switch vs. a PC. The look and feel though is still great so would recommend it. Plus they have recently released the January transfer update. It's also good to play on the go if you sometimes use your Switch as a handheld device.
  5. True. Given how recent seasons have been it could also have been far worse.
  6. Last night's episode was another good one. This season is certainly better than the last few, long may it continue.
  7. I feel that it is, admittedly slowly, starting to bring a bit of horror back to the show. After the last 2 series which felt very much like gang warfare and the zombies were irrelevant for most of the time. The next 2 episodes will be interesting, and potentially a turning point if done right. I would love nothing more than a mass cull to trim down the show a bit. It has got a bit bloated and the focus has been lost on what made the show great to begin with. Fast paced, tense episodes with dialogue that gets to the point. Problem at the moment is that there are so many characters it takes a bloody age to do anything. I'd even like a series with the threat of an army sent out to destroy everything. Anyway, how are you feeling about it?
  8. A rather good episode this week. This season has certainly demonstrated that the show as a whole can still be decent. Fingers crossed the last 2 episodes are just as good.
  9. I thought he had a couple of shocking moments today, then completely forgot that I was watching it on TV and actually there was a hell of a lot of wind to contend with.
  10. Loved the new trailer. Just re-watching 1-7 again now they're back on Sky as well so should be done just in time. Can't wait.
  11. I can't see us moving for Maupay, especially as Brentford would want upwards of £15m for him. Given his age and potential I can see a PL club moving for him in the summer.
  12. Please can we sign him permanently in the summer.
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