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  1. I **** hate FFP. Without it our mega rich owners would more than likely put us in a position where we become a self sustaining PL club that performs really well consistently. Because of FFP we are forced to take a lot of punts on players from abroad, some of which will pay off, but ultimately we could get relegated and yo-yo between the leagues, putting us in a shitter position financially. I get why they do it. But there's a difference in protecting a club from bankrupting itself and stopping a club from building with strategic investment from willing affluent owners.
  2. jacketspuds

    Louie Barry

    I think we should ask WBA if they want him on loan for the rest of the season.
  3. Bournemouth in talks to sign Danny Rose. Would take him as competition for Targett.
  4. Rooney was a bit of a beast at 16 though. But still, I agree that Barry's size shouldn't deter us from putting him in the squad.
  5. If Barry is already better than Vassilev I'd have him on the bench right now.
  6. I don't think my emotions could cope with us being linked to Benrahma right up to deadline day, only for us not to sign him.
  7. Fingers crossed we will sign another striker very shortly. Plus a winger. Have we ever signed 3 strikers in 1 window before?
  8. Come on Man Utd,!!! Not only do I want you to win to help us in the PL, I also want you to win because I'm so bored of listening to United fans ringing up talkSPORT every day whinging about Solskjaer.
  9. Still really hope we make a move for Jarrod Bowen. His goal-scoring record is so good I'm sure he would cause problems in the PL. I think it would be something that we'd regret if we didn't sign him.
  10. I'd certainly take that if it helps establish us as a consistently quality PL club for the next 10 years.
  11. I didn't even notice that. Actually decent form, but really hasn't felt like it. Hopefully we can push on now and have our turn to pick up a few more wins on the bounce.
  12. At least the next PL game is after the transfer window closes so fingers crossed Smith gets the players in that he needs and he can get a good week of training with a complete squad.
  13. We are currently level with a Brighton team who look to have had a better season than us so far. We're also only 4 points behind Arsenal at the moment. Crazy.
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