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  1. Good save Reina. If that was Nyland that would have been 2 own goals.
  2. McGinn needs to be careful. Ref is itching to send him off.
  3. All we need now is for West Ham to lose 5-0 and we'll be out of the relegation zone.
  4. I know we're bad, but how did we lose twice to this dogshit Bournemouth team?
  5. We've managed to get progressively worse as the season has gone on. It's almost as if our new signings took time to adjust to Smith's shit tactics.
  6. When you play in the PL and your Championship level CB is a better striker than your actual striker you are asking for trouble.
  7. We just aren't going to score enough to stay in this league.
  8. Apparently Hause has had 11 of our 40 shots since the PL restarted. That's a problem.
  9. I don't understand us signing Reina if we are now going to persist with someone this error prone.
  10. I think the tactic of nil-nil'ing our way to safety is a flawed idea.
  11. The defending is better. But at what cost? We looked awful going forward against Chelsea and we didn't score against Sheff Utd when they were crap.
  12. Of all the teams down there we look the least likely to fluke a win. Just because we can't deal with pressure for a full match without someone making a mistake or switching off. How Terry and Smith haven't managed to coach a solid back 4 is beyond me.
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