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  1. The retro gaming thread!

    Secret of Mana is being released on PS4 next year. So tempting as long as they keep the look and feel of the original version.
  2. *spoilers* The Walking Dead *spoilers*

    The last 2 episodes have certainly been better than the first 3. The challenge they have had is stretching about 8 hours of events across 5 episodes. Hopefully it will start to pickup again now. Also, really need to give a bit more detail on the significance of the helicopter(s).
  3. Match Thread: sha v Villa

    How many times has Onomah touched the ball? No point playing him if we're going to lump it passed him every time.
  4. Match Thread: sha v Villa

    This is ridiculous. We've got Onomah, Snodgrass, Adomah, Kodjia and Hourihane but Bruce has us hoofing the ball at every opportunity.
  5. Pre match buildup

    I just can't take Steve Cotterill seriously. "Ello moy loveleee". I do think we won't win this game though. Need a big performance from Kodjia and Snodgrass today as our midfield should be too strong for most teams in this division.
  6. FIFA18

    Played it for half a season and it really feels like a slightly prettier Fifa 17. Not sure if I'll be bothered to keep it.
  7. The retro gaming thread!

    Going to look to add more games to my SNES mini this week. Needs Chrono Trigger adding to it at least.
  8. Pre-match thread

    I know he's a bit hit and miss but Hogan cost us £14m and really needs to be given the chance to find some form.
  9. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    If Elmohamady plays like this every week a lot more front lines will look too good for this league.
  10. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    It's OK though. Bruce will get us in the playoffs for sure. Oh no wait, this is 2017, teams actually need to play football to get promoted.
  11. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    The "Scottish Cafu" is rolling back the years. Having a really good game.
  12. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Bruce has done a good job for the last 4 games but this game proves that we aren't really ready to challenge to top 2. I can't remember the last time we played like Wolves are playing tonight, and the Wolves boss has been there a lot less time than Bruce has managed us. They've probably spent as much as we have in the last 12 months but have used it so much better than we have. All a bit meh really.
  13. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Will take a draw already. Can't see it though.
  14. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    2 completely contrasting Scottish tackles.
  15. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Kodjia looks a bit too petulant at the moment.