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  1. 5 quality players needed this summer. A LB, CB, Attacking midfielder, Winger and a striker. Some, if not all, of them hopefully better than what we already have.
  2. Definitely highlights the need for more quality in key areas, which will hopefully come in the summer. To once again fail against 10 men is very poor.
  3. Man Utd will be awarded 3 penalties against Palace on Wednesday to make up for today. Handshakes with officials have already happened.
  4. The worst thing for me is the play acting to try and get people booked or sent off. Even when Grealish goes to ground he doesn't flop around like a fish out of water pretending to be on death's door and, as many have said, he is genuinely fouled most of the time anyway. In terms of the match last night, I can understand why some Leeds fans would be miffed that Targett wasn't sent off as he did commit a few fouls that some refs would have given a yellow for. If anything though, I think the play acting of some of the Leeds players probably kept Targett on the pitch. Boy who cried
  5. Would take a draw, but think we will get bullied a bit in this one. Either way the Leeds jizz fest will be unbearable.
  6. Man Utd in slightly dodgy penalty shocker.
  7. Today just highlights the lack of strength in depth that we have, which is no real surprise considering this squad has more or less been put together across 4 transfer windows. This summer is crucial for us to push on.
  8. We aren't in a position to be able to spend £30m on squad players that are inconsistent; excellent when they play well but passengers in games when they are not playing well. As much as I would like us to keep Barkley, there must better out there when you factor in consistency and fitness record.
  9. Klopp's post match interviews should be interesting. He has run the players ragged over the last 2 seasons, with plenty of success. But they look a bit burnt out and rudderless. Admittedly losing Van Dijk is a huge deal, but I never thought it would be like this.
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