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  1. Nakamba in DM, with Luiz and McGinn in the 2 CM position. Push Grealish out to LF just drifting about a bit.
  2. Can't wait until we can get him in the DM role.
  3. It took the players a bit of time to get used to Smith's way of playing when he first joined the club. Having brought in 12 new players it is clearly going to take them time to get up to speed as well. The only thing I am concerned about is the lack of striking options that we have as it's putting a lot of pressure on Wesley, but I guess that there was no point shelling out for a player that wouldn't have fit in to the style that we are playing.
  4. He will be dropped in a couple of games. We didn't spend £14m on Targett for him to sit on the bench.
  5. Did my eyes deceive me or did Shearer and co. spend the whole of the MOTD analysis talking about how naive Luiz was as a DM and completely ignored the fact that he scored a wonder goal?
  6. It's ridiculous. It seems that the Man City VAR decision is getting all of the headlines, when actually it was probably more of a correct decision than the Billing 2nd yellow. Even Eddie Howe knew it by taking him off at half-time. The worst thing is that Billing would've been given a 2nd yellow by the ref if he made that tackle against a Top 6 player, and VAR would not have corrected the decision.
  7. I'm going to file his last 2 shit performances under "trying too hard to impress in the PL".
  8. Losing to Spurs away and Bournemouth at home, after getting promoted from the Championship and needing to sign 12 new players, is not something that I'm surprised or worried about. Smith will get it right and still has Targett, Guibert, Konsa and Nakamba to bring in if he feels that they will make a difference. He is right to play Elmo and Taylor at the start as we have a new GK and a new CB in the first 11 as well.
  9. If we're going to play this way I'm not sure how we will squeeze Nakamba, Luiz, McGinn and Grealish in to the same midfield. Unless we can push Grealish out to LF. To be honest I'd rather we play Jed Steer at LF instead of El Ghazy at the moment.
  10. Pretty sure Phil Thompson just said that we were really good today. Typically unlucky.
  11. Although a defeat won't be horrendous, an equaliser here could give our season a real kick up the arse.
  12. Get in!!!! They should be down to 10 men and we potentially should have had a penalty. Not all doom and gloom.
  13. Can't write Wesley off after 135 minutes. We need to come out for the 2nd half knowing that we can turn the score around.
  14. 2 mistakes from our side leading to 2 goals. Another debutant scoring against us. VAR not doing what it was brought in to do. Awesome.

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