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  1. Would love a remake of Body Harvest on the N64. Great game that I'm currently working through on my N64.
  2. Wonder if it would have been overturned if the ref had awarded the penalty.
  3. **** shit. Taylor does **** all going forward and is then massively out of position to allow for the counter attack. Surely someone should have been covering him.
  4. Always good to see our 6'3 striker crossing the ball in for our midfielders to try and head.
  5. A much better 2nd half performance, but that's mostly because the 1st half was so poor.
  6. Grealish has lent Nyland his hair for the match.
  7. El Ghazy is either really good or really shit. It's the latter today then.
  8. Quite a few times they have had Jiminez up in our half, on his own, but the 4 defenders we have are nowhere to be seen.
  9. Unless you can be "streetwise", like Daniel James... Hmmm.
  10. I just think we don't really know what to do without Grealish in the team.
  11. Great finish from Neves. We've been so poor in this match. Oh well, at least we are still out of the relegation zone.
  12. Currently one of those games where we seem to have no defenders when the opposition attack, but somehow also no attackers when we try to counter.
  13. We seem to be a playing at a much slower pace than Wolves.
  14. Need another summer window to improve the overall quality of the squad. That bench is very average at best.
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