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  1. First movie you remember seeing? - The Black Cauldron Scariest film? - IT (the Tim Curry one) Funniest film? - Me, Myself & Irene Movie that made you cry the most? - Lion King Film you loved as a kid and think is shit now? - Bambi Film people don't rate but you love? - Starchaser - The Legend of Orin Film people love but you don't rate? - Close Encounters of the Third Kind Worst film? - Waterworld Film that means something special to you? - Big Trouble In Little China Film you relate to the most? - American Pie Sexiest film? - Clitty Shitty Gang Bang Strange stiffies weird wide ons (like things your found sexy in a film like the midget from total recall or lady from lady and the tramp)? - Neytiri (Avatar) Best case of cinematography (not your favourite more like Lawrence of Arabia where it's a masterpiece but it's not a film you'd watch loads)? - Saving Private Ryan Favourite film? - L.A. Confidential What one film would you take to heaven with you (doesn't have to be any from the list)? - Die Hard
  2. FFP should be scrapped regardless. It doesn't stop our owners actually spending the money. Just that if we do we could be relegated or massively fined, putting us in a shitter financial position than if the owners were allowed to invest and cover what they wanted. Hasn't seemed to hurt Man City.
  3. Smith didn't sign those players. He may have approved them a bit, but Brentford's ridiculously good scouting team managed all of this.
  4. Jayden Bogle is a good option at RB. Nuno Tavares (I think that's his name) at LB. Pedro De La Vega is an excellent option for the wings and is very cheap. Ryan Gravenberch is a monster in CM as well.
  5. Still wouldn't be fair as every team hasn't played the same fixtures up to this point.
  6. I thought Rafa and Purslow didn't get on? I'm sure Suso could find us some random bloke who has managed in the Uzbekistan 4th division.
  7. No promotion or relegation. However, there needs to be significant financial compensation for those teams who have had their chance of promotion snatched away.
  8. This. Must be some top players we can chuck a shit load of money at for 6 months.
  9. My biggest concern is that this will make Fifa 21 an even bigger shitshow than Fifa 20.
  10. Clubs would argue that it still wouldn't be fair because we haven't all played the same fixtures. I can't see how the PL will start again in 3 weeks time. It's not as if the risk will be any less in such a short time period. All it would take is for 1 player to be diagnosed and it'll descend further in to chaos.
  11. I wonder how the league would finish if they took all remaining fixtures and just used the result from the reverse fixtures. It would be a farce if they did that but would be interesting. Pretty sure we'd still be in the bottom 3.
  12. Half the squad will have retired by then.
  13. At this stage I would honestly look at Allardyce. An experienced PL manager that wouldn't sugar coat performances from the players. Could sort the defence out and actually have a few different game plans. It would absolutely be a difficult one to accept, but I feel that it would give us a better chance of staying up. I'm not sure I'd want us to keep Smith in charge if we got relegated anyway, especially when we would lose Grealish, McGinn and Mings.
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