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  1. Also still think we should be looking at Barcelona's Marc Cucurella, who is allowed to leave and looks a great prospect at LB. Especially as we probably need 2 of them.
  2. As much as I want us to sign Phillips I'm sure we could get an excellent player from abroad for £15m-£20m. For example, Ruben Neves cost Wolves £15m and he is outstanding.
  3. I'd rather spend £3m on Hause and sign 2 £15m CB starters than 3 £10m CB's who are all pretty similar but not as good as the 2 starters we could have got for £15m each. The squad needs quantity but the first team needs quality.
  4. I agree, I think £25m would be the top end of his valuation. I'm not too bothered about not getting him for £15m in January as who knows what that signing could've done to our eventual promotion. We may have saved £10m on a signing but lost the £100m+ by missing out on promotion. I'll stick with where we are now.
  5. With all this talk of Butland it wouldn't surprise me if we ended up announcing someone completely left-field like Pau Lopez.
  6. I agree. I can't see Wesley coming in as our first choice number 9 with only Kodjia and Hogan as competition, we are just asking to be relegated. I wouldn't be surprised if we were shoving £35m in front of Brentford for Benrahma and Maupay. Chuck in Hogan as well and you never know.
  7. What does your head tell you when you think of a price for Maupay? Forget the fact that you're a Brentford fan.
  8. If it makes you feel better I don't think Micah Richards will have a highlight reel of his time at Villa anytime soon.
  9. Can see him going somewhere like Ajax when they have £400m to spend this summer.
  10. That's one of the big things for me. If the worst happened and we got relegated in a year or 2 I'm sure we could get £30m+ for him after a season or 2 in the PL, especially as he's only just turned 26.
  11. Quite like the look of Olivier Ntcham at Celtic. 23-year old France U-21 who has played in Serie A as well. Could be a good / cheaper option compared to Phillips.
  12. I'd be surprised if we couldn't make our money back on Kalinic. Would be some clubs in Europe that would want him. Whatever happens we need a new keeper and I really hope it's Butland.
  13. No idea. Just read that he has been described as very similar to Pirlo. Played 30+ games last season in Serie B. Italy U21, can't be too bad.
  14. Let's just go crazy and make a move for Sandro Tonali. 19-year old CM who plays for Brescia as a deep lying playmaker. Looks a very decent player, but would imagine he would cost a lot of money to shift.
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