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  1. jacketspuds

    All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    Inconsiderate bastards taking a selfie at the crucifixion of Jesus.
  2. jacketspuds

    Alan Hutton

    We've got to keep some of the squad together. We can't just ship everyone out and replace them with younger players. Hutton is a good squad player to have and will probably be our LB next season, and great value for the experience we get with it.
  3. jacketspuds

    Tony Xia

    I've tried to stop letting it get me down. Barring some good stuff from Benteke we've got progressively shitter each season since MON left. I'm expecting a relegation battle this season so anything more will be a bonus.
  4. jacketspuds

    Jack Grealish

    Good old Daniel Levy. If we asked to buy Josh Onomah he'd probably ask for £80m.
  5. jacketspuds

    Alan Hutton

    Ugh. 23-year old highly rated CM signing for Forest. If Bruce had £13m he'd probably spend it on another striker that doesn't suit his style of play.
  6. jacketspuds

    Villa and FFP

    No sorry I don't mean that's what we should do. I mean that's what owners should be allowed to do. You don't put risk on the club as the money has been put in upfront solely for the fees as opposed to the longer term wages. That way even if the owner decided to stop investing, the wage budget would still be manageable as that would be based on FFP rules.
  7. jacketspuds

    Villa and FFP

    There needs to be tighter controls over wage bills as opposed to anything else. If an owner wants to spend millions on transfer fees and signing on fees to reduce the wage then that should be allowed. It's the wages that are killing us and this needs to be the focus of sustainability. Imagine if an owner could spend £50m on 5 players, but pay them a signing on bonus to keep the wage low, which is probably what Wolves have done to a degree. This won't create a Portsmouth situation because the money is paid up front and the wage bill is manageable. Wishful thinking but it would work if the owner wants to do it. Not saying ours would but FFP is a flawed process designed to keep the bigger clubs at the top of the pile. Even TV rights are being contested as the bigger clubs want it to be pro-rata'd as opposed to evenly split. The gulf is only going to get bigger.
  8. jacketspuds

    E3 2018

    Nintendo need to follow suit with other companies and remake Ocarina of Time, maybe with a dark Twilight Princess sort of aesthetic.
  9. jacketspuds

    Steve Bruce

    Sadly the stats around goals scored proves our inconsistency, which is one of the main reasons why we failed to get promoted.
  10. jacketspuds

    Steve Bruce

    No don't worry, I'm just being facetious, or a faeces.
  11. jacketspuds

    Steve Bruce

    Maybe that's it. We were too good to go up as Bruce only works his magic with "bang average" teams.
  12. jacketspuds

    Steve Bruce

    Definitely agree with this, I'm just judging the stats differently. Whichever way you look at it we scored 72 goals (3rd highest in the league), but the pessimist in me doesn't see it as much of a positive because I'm still sulking that we failed to get promoted. I would have just liked to have traded one of the 4-0's for a 2-0 and then a 2-1 in the Play-off final.
  13. jacketspuds

    Steve Bruce

    But the 11 games where we scored 12 goals and didn't get a win in any of them certainly counted to us not going up. I guess the argument should be more geared to our shit defence?
  14. jacketspuds

    Steve Bruce

    We did. But we scored something like 25 of those goals in 6 games, meaning the other 47 came in 40 games. Gotta love a good stat.
  15. jacketspuds

    Tony Xia

    I would be very surprised if he got an investment. Who would put 30m quid in to get equity in a mis-managed club. Surely you would want full control or none at all. I certainly wouldn't trust Xia.