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  1. So glad we didn't sign Maupay when we had the chance. Odious little cry baby dickhead.
  2. One of their biggest problems is their over-reliance on Bamford. When he’s not playing well, or at all as is the case currently, they miss that focal point. A bit like how we relied so much on Watkins doing that job for us last season. Raphinha is class though. He won’t hang around long if Bielsa goes.
  3. He must be looking at what Archer has done and be pretty frustrated. Might as well bring him back if he’s not going to play.
  4. Solskjaer having a right whinge. Apparently our goal was offside and we were wrong to get around the players before the penalty. Bitter baby faced bellend.
  5. I’m expecting Mike Dean to award a 90th minute penalty because Martinez touches the ball with his hands in the penalty area.
  6. I can’t wait for the day where we are more clinical. We missed some big chances against Chelsea and we’re doing the same here. Need to make these count.
  7. This will be a comfortable win for United. The officials will make sure that they don’t lose 2 games in a row at Old Trafford. We will be lucky to lose 2-0 and keep 11 men on the pitch for the whole match.
  8. We have had shite luck with injuries so far this season, and we're still in September. Fingers crossed he actually comes back after the international break and not in November or December.
  9. So you're saying that now that Nakamba has settled in he's starting to find his feet and put in better performances? Nah, not for me. I'll stick to writing a player off after 5 games. Sanson and Buendia OUT!!!
  10. He’s shit at penalties. Sell him, sell him now!!!!!!!!
  11. He now has the privilege of putting on one of the best and one of the worst GK performances in a penalty shootout that I’ve ever seen. No idea what was going on with him tonight.
  12. Barkley has grown out his hair to a more pubic consistency.
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