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  1. jacketspuds

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Agreed. Completely the wrong kind of striker for the way we play. Plus he's never going to score the number of goals we will need to go up. I have no idea who is available but I guess we don't have to look exclusively in the UK for players.
  2. jacketspuds

    Steve Bruce

    As happy as I am about the result, the performance was pretty woeful. I know Bruce is pissed about the performance but I'm one of those that has no idea of what our supposed game plan is each week, other than "go and try to win". Bielsa has been at Leeds for 2 months but already it's pretty bloody obvious what he is trying to instill into his team, and they are doing it. Bruce has had 2 years and I'm none the wiser and I doubt the players are either.
  3. jacketspuds

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Although it's highly unlikely, I'd like to see us try and loan a pacy DM who can sit in front of our rather slow defence and also allow for the likes of McGinn and Grealish to push forward without the fear of watching Jedinak or Whelan try to stifle a counter attack at walking speed. I agree though, we do need a CB and LB as well, and probably a striker and winger. Too much to do I think. Shame we didn't have any other LB options to sign permanently.
  4. jacketspuds

    André Moreira

    Mixed bag tonight. Good penalty save but some poor decision making at times, particularly regarding kicking. Hopefully just a confidence thing given that it's his debut.
  5. jacketspuds

    Micah Richards

    Would not be surprised if McCormack is picked up by a Championship team and he will typically start to find form again. Can't believe how much money we've wasted on this guy.
  6. jacketspuds

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce has to use the loan window to sort out the squad so that he isn't tempted to play players out of position. If things don't improve at that point then I will be concerned.
  7. jacketspuds

    Steve Bruce

    Although I wasn't sure about Henry I would love us to try and get Arteta if Bruce fails this season. My concern is that Bruce may get us up but his football will be disastrous in the Premier League.
  8. jacketspuds

    Steve Bruce

    I would love to see how we would do with a manager like Bielsa. We must don't seem to strike fear in to our opposition, which is exactly what we should do with a squad of this quality. Bruce is too conservative.
  9. jacketspuds

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Wigan

    Could be a massive morale booster. Bruce now needs to start playing players in their rightful position and also look to bring in a LB and a ST.
  10. jacketspuds

    Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    Let me Brucify that for you. "Hold on Villa. We can still lose this..."
  11. jacketspuds

    Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    Guess not (but only because I missed that game).
  12. jacketspuds

    Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    I'm not going to criticise Bruce too harshly for playing Jedinak at CB in this game. If he does it again tthough, based on today's performance, he deserves all the criticism he can get.
  13. jacketspuds

    Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    Has he brought on Moreira?
  14. jacketspuds

    Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    Piss off mate.