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  1. The retro gaming thread!

    The motion controls is the reason why I stopped. Might have to boot it back up if the game is that good.
  2. All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    Scribbling a slaughterer...
  3. What game you currently playing?

    Secret of Mana HD out on Thursday. Unsure about this one as I've got it on the SNES Classic and it's great. The gameplay footage is pretty uninspiring at the moment, and the voice acting seems utter shite. Will only get it if 1) the reviews are very positive and 2) you can change the voice-over volume to 0.
  4. Post your Condolences to the Bruce Family

    Condolences to the Bruce family. Thoughts are with you.
  5. Steve Bruce

    Fair play to him, it's another win on the board, and I think it's good we had a bit of a scare against a team near the foot of the table as it should give the players a bit of a kick up the arse not to believe the hype of being the in-form team and just get back to basics. Well done Steve.
  6. Lewis Grabban

    12 goals for a dogshit Sunderland team in 1/2 a season isn't too bad. Plus, it's better than signing nobody.
  7. January transfer window 2018

    This. We don't need potential at this stage given our budget restrictions, we need a proven Championship striker who isn't playing at a PL club that can come in and help us climb one more place into the automatic promotion spots.
  8. Match Thread: Sheff Utd v Villa

    Need to get a foothold in the game. Would like to see us stop hitting up for Hogan to chase as it just comes straight back to us.
  9. January transfer window 2018

    Off to Palace. Benteke?
  10. January transfer window 2018

    Sad state of English football that Man City can sign Laporte for £57m, and bid £50m for Mahrez in the same window, yet we are having to bring in 2 players (the 2nd if we're lucky) on loan so as to not get hammered because of FFP.
  11. January transfer window 2018

    Hope not. He's in my FF team as a cheap 3rd striker that has been playing a fair bit.
  12. January transfer window 2018

    Rather we signed this guy...
  13. January transfer window 2018

    Considering where we are in the league it would be suicide not to bring another striker in. If Hogan gets injured, we are really going to struggle as Davis, despite being good, will not get us enough goals to help us get promoted.
  14. January transfer window 2018

    Surely RVP's knees are made of wicker at this point?