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  1. I like Saka. He actively looks to make nice little interchanges with Grealish (while most of the team seem to try hard to avoid passing to him... sometimes embarrassingly so).
  2. Apologies if these have been mentioned already (alongside Cowans, Staunton and Milner) but you got me thinking with that question... I came up with three players I only saw in their second spells at Villa Park – Andy Blair, Steve Hunt and Andy Gray. In truth, I wasn’t even aware Steve Hunt was a re-signing until someone gave me a 1975 League Cup final programme a couple of years ago, and there he was (with loads of hair!). I thought the bald version I watched in the mid/late 80s had one of the best touches I have ever seen in a Villa midfielder.
  3. If Sheffield United can play a home FA Cup semi-final in “When Saturday Comes” then we can definitely play a home FA Youth Cup final.
  4. A source / close friend / onlooker / bystander told the Sun: “I am a purely fictitious character with made-up quotes, but never let on about that – you need me to pad celebrity stories and steer the reader as to what their reaction should be.”
  5. First thoughts... Start next season at 10, moving to LW every time Chukwuemeka comes off the bench. When Chuk is ready to start, keep Jack at LW just to accommodate the two of them on the same pitch. Villa destroy all before them. Simples.
  6. I know what you mean. He “prowls” around the pitch. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a 17-year-old with that kind of presence. Remarkable.
  7. I can think of a very simple one (with a little tweak to “Olé”): Ollieeeee, Ollie, Ollie, Ollieeeee, Ollieeeee, Ollieeeee.
  8. Maybe chuck in a Kane red card for diving or endangering an opponent in the air? (Crazy talk, I know).
  9. Hopefully the squad will have had a meeting and vowed to get to grips with this new-fangled “90 minutes” thing that was sneaked into the laws circa 1863.
  10. This is what so infuriated me yesterday (and led to a couple of posts where I should probably have counted to ten). Where did all that energy and will-to-win suddenly disappear to? Why are we seemingly so incapable of applying ourselves for 90 minutes? The “first half at Burnley”, the “last half-hour against Fulham” and now the “first half at Palace” – great. Plenty of skill and plenty of spirit in those segments. But how often do we actually put in a solid 90 minutes of focus and graft? 1 in 5 games? 1 in 10? To me, it feels like such a fundamental weakness in the group psyche that until the reasons behind it are identified and addressed we will always be limited in what we can achieve. All too often it seems to be a case of “Fight like lions... for a bit.”
  11. Came here to post exactly this... Found exactly this... I concur... Exactly.
  12. Whenever we take the lead we act like the underdog fighter who has landed a lucky blow and is now terrified he’s going to get KO’d for making the other guy angry. Back pedal, hide, hope the bell saves us... eventually the self-fulfilling prophecy comes true. Every time.
  13. May as well take El Ghazi off rather than move him to the right. He mentally checks out every time we do it.
  14. Pathetic. Spineless. Embarrassing. That second half performance is is a stain on this season.
  15. “I don’t know what Benteke’s done wrong there”. Sky’s coverage living up to its usual high standards.
  16. The co-commentator came out with some genius logic near the start... “Villa have scored an impressive 22 goals in this competition, but if you take out the 9 and the 6 from the last two rounds things start to look a little different.” Eh? Why stop there? Who not take out the 3 and the 4 from the first two rounds and say we are yet to score? Anyway, these lads are a joy to watch. Exciting times.
  17. What a depressing amount of stick in these comments for a perfectly solid-if-unspectacular performance from a back-up striker. I saw four mistakes and about three or four times as many positive contributions (a few free kicks, half a dozen aerial successes, lots of possessions maintained with neat footwork in tight spots). And some people seriously saw that as a shocking display? “Pub footballer”? “League One”? “Doesn’t even try”? Absolute nonsense. Like everyone else, I’ll be glad to see Ollie back, but not being as good as Ollie doesn’t mean you’re shit.
  18. Our greatest ever triumph was in a white away kit. How can anyone not like it?
  19. I just saw the VAR official will be Graham Scott. Oh, God. The same VAR official who thinks Bruno Fernandes leaping into the Villa area and recreating that illegal kick on Daniel LaRusso in Karate Kid is a penalty against Konsa. My expectations for even the most basic levels of competence are now an evidence-based zero (if that).
  20. In the same breath that Dermot Gallagher disagrees with the red card, he ties himself in knots with some absolute nonsense: “If the referee looks back and he sees what I’ve just seen now, which he couldn’t on the day, he might have made a different decision.” Eh?!? Asking us to have sympathy with the ref? Of course Chris Kavanagh could have seen that on the day! It was the main angle FFS! He and Paul Tierney in the VAR booth could have watched it in super slo-mo and had a good old chat about it. You know, actually shown some interest in the fact Henderson’s foot was high, he arrived a week late, and connected with Watkins’ knee. Compare and contrast with the level of VAR analysis when the on-field decision goes against Man United, like when West Brom had the cheek to win a pen at Old Trafford. Five minutes of forensic observations later, it is decided golden child Fernandes got 1% of the ball and only 99% of Conor Gallagher’s shin, and a clear-as-day penalty is magicked into a clear-and-obvious-error. i would say the whole system is broken but, sadly, I suspect it is working exactly as was always intended.
  21. It was interesting watching the exchange when Watkins came back to confront Henderson. He held his thumb and forefinger close together as if to say “You know you got a bit of me”. Henderson mimicked the same gesture, suggesting “just a bit”, then waved an arm at the byeline, as if claiming the ball was going out anyway. None of the angry finger wagging when a player knows another has cheated. He knew he had caught him.
  22. Two frames of Henderson’s raised boot connecting with Watkins’ knee. Note how, in the second, the keeper’s foot has been moved back by the contact, his knee now at a new angle. (“But Ollie was going down already”... I should hope so too! It’s not his job to drive his quad muscles into the six waiting studs!).
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