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VT Film of the Year 2017


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The season of lists is upon us. There's still 10 days to go ish, but time to get your thinking caps on, for best films. IMDB Releases in 2017 is a useful list, albeit a bit extensive. I'll put a few category ideas up if people want to nominate individual people for "VT Awards" or not - just for fun. No points or prizes, but if people do plonk it in list order I'll work out the definitive film of the year based on a simple points system ( 10 for 1st, 1 for 10th etc ) because I have an odd need to play with numbers and be listy. Also, to be clear I'm counting films only released this year, cinema, DVD or netflix etc, preferably in the UK, but if you're a dastardly VT foreigner  with different release dates then I'll let you off.  The other thread serves older classics you've enjoyed / hated / noted as having been witnessed well enough. 

  • Top 10 / 5/ 3 (delete as applicable) Films
  • Worst Film of the Year
  • Best Performance - Male / Female / Robot 
  • Best Score / Music / Whatever Attribute you care about etc. 
  • Please Quit Acting Bad Performance Award


So will it be the annoying dancers in La La Land who get your vote, Casey Affleck suffering miserably in Manchester by the Sea or various incarnations of Lego / Comic Book creations. 

I have a provisional list of 20 that I'm cutting down to this, subject to edit and any new DVD's obtained over christmas. Also I realised I can't count Your Name as apparently that came out last year. :( 


1. T2: Trainspotting - a surprise entry , but honestly the more I think back on, the more I really enjoyed the focus on Spud as a plot point and enjoyed the re-acquaintance with old friends. 

2. Dunkirk - as a cinematic experience it was utterly intense, gripped me the whole way and I was glad of the chance to breathe again when it finished. For me the non-linear approach worked well, the score was gruelling and the experience memorable. 

3. Thor - just nails the humour so well - had a tremendous amount of fun, more or less from the start. 

4. Manchester by the Sea - bleak, but powerful and Casey Affleck get's a nod from me for best performer here. But as good as the film is, it made me so depressed I cannot put it in a top 3, as re-watchability is one of my personal metrics for these lists. 

5. The Death of Stalin - black comedy pitched at just about the right level, makes you understandably feel awkward in times but the comic absurdity is a gem. Buscemi and Isaacs are great but Simon Russell Beale is fantastic. 

6. Battle of the Sexes - well made, soaks you in the period, and Emma Stone and Steve Carrell are both terrific. Empathic portrayals of all the characters made it a really pleasant film to watch. 

7. Star Wars Last Jedi - it's great fun, and shows some ambition with the character arcs, has it's flaws but I'm not too fussed by them to be honest, it was a terrifically entertaining film. 

8. Baby Driver - lower than I thought as on re-watch it seemed to have lost a bit of it's charm - nothing to do with Spacey either, I just think at the time I watched it I was mentally in the right zone to enjoy a pulsating musical ride. 

9.  Blade Runner 2049 - Sumptuous but did take it's time to get going at times, I was a little impatient at the time watching it, but I think on reflection afterwards I will enjoy re-watching this again and absorbing myself fully into it. Immersive atmosphere and score. Probably a better film than others up the list, but I am part judging on how I enjoyed it on first viewing. 

10. Logan - more intensity, and great to see a much darker take with these characters. 

Just missing out: Atomic Blonde, cold war noirish glam thriller; Wonder Woman - great to see to a well executed female lead superhero film, though CGI was naff, Lego Batman - another giggle fit, and definitely re-watchable. 


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Was a good year for cinema


Film of the Year: The Big Sick

Worst Film: Suburbicon

Best Performance: James Franco Disaster Artist

Overhyped Film: Get Out a good movie but massively overrated. Dunkirk and Blade Runner notable mentions

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Things that stand out off the top of my head :



Atomic Blonde

Tulip Fever

Personal Shopper

Good Time

Logan Lucky

American Made



I can probably think of 50 off the top of my head that were absolute shite or majorly disappointing

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I’ll stand by my statement at the time and say Paddington 2 is the best film of the year... Death of Stalin gets a commendable second spot 


biggest disappointment was Dunkirk and guardians 2 to a degree it just lacked the charm of the original

thor was a surprise hit for me and despite my misgivings after the first few minutes Baby Driver was also up there... IT deserves a shout I liked the humour in it and not being a huge horror fan I was surprised how much I enjoyed it 

life I thought was good but predictable and I enjoyed battle of the sexes as well


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I do agree Guardians 2 was very disappointing for me too. It was like they heard all the praise for the. Humour in the first one and decided to flood the whole of the damn film with it second time round which didn't actually make for a good coherent film, rather a series of skits.


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17 hours ago, Ingram85 said:

1. The Meyerowitz Stories

2. John Wick 2

3. Lost City of Z


The only movie I've watched in 12 months so it gets my vote too.

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I can't believe Detroit hasn't had a mention yet. Hands down film of the year for me, I couldn't fault it at all. 

Thor ragnorak was much much better than GOTG2, with spiderman homecoming a close second. Get out was good but I'm not a huge fan of that genre so I probably wouldn't watch it again. 

Justice league was as awful as expected. 

I didn't see dunkirk because the reviews made it sound like my worst nightmare. And I didn't see baby driver but definately want to. In fact going through the imdb list makes me a realise how many I wanted to see but never got round to watching. Next year I'll be getting the odeon monthly pass! 

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Not been to the cinema so reliant on early releases that have since been shown on Sky

To that end... probably T2. 

Although John Wick 2 is going to get watched later.

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Well after waiting 6 months to watxh it I can now vote Free Fire as the most disappointing film of the year. Absolute garbage. Dull, unfunny pointless and even at 85 minutes it's too long. Beginning to think Wheatley is a con man. Sightseers aside his work has largely been so boring or weird.

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