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  1. I'm sure people will put them on at the station because they are afraid a member of staff will stop and ask them to put one on and they are unlikely to be asked by someone while actually on the train. I personally haven't worn one since the rules were relaxed to make it optional, I've had both jabs and I'll be damned if i am helping to protect people who don't fancy the jab at this point. I'm still aware of my distances to older people for example and wouldn't get within 1 metre of someone at a supermarket pre pandemic anyway. I don't take much public transport so thankfully haven't had the issue of sharing a train seat or bus seat with someone yet.
  2. On re watching i didn't think the 2nd one was too bad, the 3rd just disappeared up its own arse with all the mythology and lore that nobody really cared about. If this is stripped back like the first one it could be good. I cant help but feel NPH is a great bit of casting as well but no idea how much he is in the film. I'm certainly looking forward to it but very much prepared to be disappointed.
  3. Shot Caller which seems to have been recently added to Netflix really is quite good. Its a prison drama and while maybe not the most accurate portrayal of American prison its very hard hitting and stayed with me for a couple of days afterwards. Definitely recommend watching.
  4. I thought the same thing. You could actually see the merits of keeping Bottas over promoting a potentially better younger driver with something to prove. The risk of them coming together returns and as you say taking points off each other at critical moments potentially.
  5. Can only be good for F1 in general if one of the second drivers of the top teams is a threat for the race win. Feels like for the last 3 years its generally Lewis or Max. I miss the days of the Mercs and Red Bulls running each other off the road.
  6. Matching last years place looks like a success to me for this season. We're still a couple of players short of being top 8. I'm sure the money is there but this is an organic process and you cant just bring 5-6 new players into your team at the same time and expect instant results. The problem is that without European football or a top 10 finish how are we going to attract these players?
  7. Just cements the fact we are aiming for 10th for me, come the end of the season these are the games where you have to get 3 points, put away record will not be as good this season with crowds but with the team we could put out today a draw isn’t the end of the world.
  8. If it’s just a minor knock for Mings expect him back sometime after Christmas.
  9. I don’t think so? happy to hear your counter points jut a half decent performance against Newcastle isn’t going to convince me everyone is suddenly fantastic again after last week, this is a relegation candidate without a doubt and we absolutely had to win that game.
  10. Young man of the match from me. El Ghazi great on pens but awful in the game, thankfully we have upgrades to come in. Ings clearly just a goal machine, just think last season Davis would have been playing now instead of Watkins. Buendia quiet again I thought, not certain he’s actually going to fit into our style of play the way he would at other teams, one to watch I think. Ramsay was busy but didn’t do anything spectacular, not a starter for a top 10 team imo. McGinn solid but see Ramsay comment. Ming’s great contribution to the goals but thought he was shaky most of the game to be honest, Konsa continues to prove he’s the better defender. Moment of madness from the keeper and he has not started this season like last for some reason.
  11. Appreciate it’s mainly down to injuries but that team doesn’t finish anywhere near the top half of the table, I’ll be off to back Newcastle today.
  12. Need time to bed in new players and formations, quite risky at the start of a season where you could lose your first 3-4 games and then you’re chasing the pack. The biggest problem we are facing now is that we may well be able to spend 40 mill on another player but then you are asking 4-5 new players to hit the ground running and it’s just not going to happen, we’re trying to skip a stage here and we’ll be punished for it. On another note Targett was absolutely dreadful today, he will do well to put in a worse performance in the rest of his villa career.
  13. 4 out of the 5 games are winnable. Newcastle and Brentford are must wins if we want to finish top 10 this season.
  14. People really need to readjust their opinions on non mask wearers, we’ve spent 18 months thinking people are ignorant, selfish etc for not wearing them, that’s not the case anymore and people are perfectly entitled to ditch them at this point. If people still aren’t comfortable in those scenarios you just have to remove yourself from those situations, it can’t continue to be forced on everybody otherwise we’ll never take them off.
  15. His couple of shaky moments were in the build up games were they not? I don't remember him putting a foot wrong in the actual group games.
  16. What a race, just fantastic. Alonso harboring some 14 year old Mclaren retaliation there. Cost Lewis the win no doubt.
  17. Top 6 quality? He has been good for us but he shouldn't be undroppable for a team that has aspirations to be in the top 6. He had numerous avergae games last season and was anonymous quite a few times as well. YOu could blame that on Dean for not cementing an actual position for him but i know one thing for sure, that floating role he generally plays in wont work if we intend to play with Jack, Buendia, Traore, or Bailey next year. A midfield two of Mcginn and Luiz would get overrun every game against any top 10 team with the rest of the midfield being so attack minded and i can't see us pushing on for top 10 while that is a our midfield two personally.
  18. You’ve got a better eye than me if you can judge good value at 33 million from 2 friendly games against lower league opposition. Were still 2 quality players short in my eyes.
  19. Still find it strange that we just have 30 mill lying around to spend on an unproven talent at Arsenal. Obviously the agent made some noises when in reality it was just to get his player a better deal. Im just hoping that cash can now be directed elsewhere, if the scouting is right that can get us a hell of a player, especially if they can stretch to 35-40.
  20. Foden and Grealish must be wondering what they have to do, you can see why both have been left out as they are more attack minded and that obviously goes against Southgate's cautious approach.
  21. I feel like I want this to happen but have we honestly seen enough to justify around 35 million on this guy?

    Eye Floaters

    There is a procedure to remove them but it’s very invasive and no doubt costly unless you can convince the NHS you need it.
  23. So 3 attacking players in the lineup, one is a teenager and one is a striker who looks totally out of form. What could possibly go wrong.
  24. Not a fan of Max but wouldn’t say I dislike him. Same For Vettel but certainly easier to get onboard since he’s become rubbish. Norris and Russell both seem like nice guys, I really do hope Russel gets that Merc drive next year instead of Mr Non existent personality Bottas.
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