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  1. I'll watch them as they are Star Wars but they'll never beat the original three (ep 4-6) Plus they'll never be as ingrained in the public consciousness as the originals were.
  2. Halcyon days of Neighbours Also plain Jane... the nerd turned glamorous! Mike couldn't see the potential, the drongo! Some heavy hitters on the sofas there... Donovan, Minogue and Pearce.
  3. Xela

    The Boring Thread

    Aren't you looking at your phone posting on VT?
  4. Joe Lolley please. Would be a great addition. Jack on left, Joe on the right and Wes in the middle Could also do with another striker.
  5. That wasn't the point I was making. The childish, churlish and arrogant behaviour of elected officials is what has got my proverbial goat. Behaviour that would never be tolerated in any other profession
  6. Good job Coventry aren't in the premier league otherwise they would crush everyone.
  7. Alphas, according to most reports.
  8. I voted to remain. If there was a 2nd referendum I wouldn't vote again. The behaviour of all parties in this process has switched me off from ever taking an interest in politics again.
  9. Do England stand any chance against the All Blacks?
  10. Worrying thing is, I knew exactly what this meant straight away.
  11. Xela

    The Film Thread

    Trivia of the day. Matt Damon is now older than Robins Williams was when he acted with him in Good Will Hunting. Just an excuse to post this amazing scene
  12. Looks like he's just looking to make sure it'll be given before celebrating.
  13. Cheers. You could get a waterproof case for your iPad? I'm sure they are out there.
  14. Will sign up for it before I go on my next break. How is the experience of reading it on a tablet? Does it take anything away from it?
  15. You're playing me, i'm sure you could beat me with half a team!
  16. He was just doing "research".
  17. Pype Hayes used to have a massive one before useless Birmingham City Council decided to axe it to save money (£30k).
  18. Your social credit score will be shot to pieces now.
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