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  1. Xela

    U.S. Politics

    Careful what you wish for hey!
  2. People queuing for hours to get into IKEA today. I know a lot of people have **** all to do at the moment but bloody hell.
  3. Further update on this. The one car still hasn't moved so that is close to 3 months. Overall train station car park still empty - no more than 10-15 cars daily. The train company (West Mids Railway) must be losing a fortune.
  4. This weather has made me desperate for a garden. I know it doesn't happen often but the last 2 years seem to have been really warm. Been spending a lot of time on Zoopla recently looking.
  5. A lot of people generally don't know how to behave anymore. I don't think I have ever littered. When I see people in cars throwing rubbish out the window I secretly hope they will crash shortly after.
  6. This is superb. Zesty and sharp. 9/10. WB
  7. I've had a day off the beers today. Purchased a few ciders and they're chilling in the fridge next week.
  8. Xela

    General Chat

    Just spent an hour reading news websites and twitter. The world is a thoroughly depressing and selfish place nowadays.
  9. Sutton Park yesterday Why can't people clean up their mess?
  10. Phil Neville, Wes Brown, John O'Shea, Darren Fletcher, Quinten Fortune et al. Just goes to show it isn't always about ability. Its about effort and a winning mentality. Sir Alex was a genius.
  11. Italian managers like Conte, Ancelotti and Allegri all started at smaller teams, showed promise (some didn't set the world on fire) and got a top job. Doesn't happen in England anymore. If Eddie Howe was Italian or German, he'd have been given a top job. No top team in England will touch him. Lampard only got the Chelsea job because of the transfer ban. Klopp has a relegation on his record, which didn't hamper him in Germany, unlike it would have done if he was English/British
  12. Ahhh ok. Don't go in that thread often anymore.
  13. One of the reasons my folks moved house was due to selfish neighbours. Every summer weekend they'd be out in garden with their pals drinking and singing and screeching until the early hours. No regard for their neighbours, some of who had kids.
  14. Talking of selfish, this was Durdle Door beach today in Dorset. Due to a few incidents (people jumping off the cliffs into the sea) the air ambulance was out a few times. Look at the people crammed together on the way off the beach. Locals said there were more people there today than at any point in recent memory. People just don't care anymore, and can you blame them after the way the Government acts.
  15. 28 years since an Englishman last managed a team who won the top division. Howard Wilkinson in 1992. Prior to that it was Howard Kendall in 1987. Why do you think that is? Why aren't English managers getting the top jobs anymore? There must be the talent there but they aren't getting the chances. Are they written off too quickly?
  16. Refreshing lager tonight and one of my very favourites
  17. Talking of streaming, I was watching an Inspector Morse on Britbox last night and was enjoying it and all of a sudden there was a huge jump in the storyline. He'd gone from chatting to Lewis one second to another scene in another. I looked up the details online afterwards and most Morse episodes are around 100-103 mins long. This one was 92 mins. Seemingly 10 mins from the middle had disappeared. Britbox must have though... ahh **** it, we've got 90% of the it, lets upload it. I needed to channel my inner Morse to work out what happened in the middle!
  18. It'll only get worse as more steaming platforms open up.. we've had Apple and Disney this year and i'm sure there will be more. You'll need 10 subscriptions soon to watch everything decent that comes out. Luckily with music, 99% of stuff is on most platforms.
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