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  1. Xela


    A good few inches here
  2. Xela


    Blizzard conditions outside. Heaviest snow i've seen in a while.
  3. I don't know why he still does it. He must be **** minted. He had a really good career at Man Utd at the top of the game and has been in football management every since. If I was him, i'd knock it on the head and play golf in Portugal and lose some weight.
  4. Conor has been great for us. He deserves game time somewhere and I hope he does well with Swansea
  5. Xela

    Dean Smith

    The 5 players brought in to the club over the summer are all 100% hits. You don't often get a strike rate like that.
  6. Xela

    Dean Smith

    What a job he has done. We are now one of the most exciting sides in the league. 2 years ago we were mid table in the Championship along with small heath and Bolton! Love the guy!
  7. Yeah had moved to corner of Hurst Street/Smallbrook Queensway. Not meant to be anything like the old venue. That won't be beaten. Erm... back on topic... Sanson!
  8. What was Lambert's post match verdict https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/496296/lambert-i-thought-we-were-really-good-i-couldnt-ask-for-any-more/#2 Charlatan
  9. Ipswich forum: https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/496286/i-used-to-feel-really-vexed-when-we-lost./#16 The comments could have been Villa fans during the last 12/18 months of his time at VP
  10. The people that disappointed me most were the regime selling us to Xia/whoever. Hollis made all the right noises saying they had other interested parties but Xia was the best and they were confident they were selling to the right consortium. He was involved in HS2 last I heard.
  11. Good result. 5 points clear of relegation and game in hand, plus much better goal difference.
  12. The last time I saw such a haphazard biscuit tin was that documentary on Barry Austin.
  13. I think you can upload your files to Spotify via the desktop app, so you'd have all your music, both streamed and uploaded, in one place. I've never done it though, so don't know how user friendly it is
  14. I hadn't seen a milk float in about 15 years. I saw two today.
  15. Interviewer: Can you perform under pressure? Candidate: No but I do a cracking version of Bohemian Rhapsody
  16. Xela


    My Dad texted earlier - was snowing quite heavy over by them, in Shropshire. Nothing here in Sutton. Just rain.
  17. I feel lockdown 3 has impacted more people than the previous two. Noticing a lot more of my work colleagues, as well as people on here, struggling. I'm ok, relatively speaking, but I cant do another 12 months of this shit.
  18. The Recon website still lists Villa as a club it owns. You could make a film of this saga. Quite how it happened, will we ever know? He must have had very powerful backers. Once he ceased to become useful to them, they backed out and we nearly went pop.
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