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    Its a tough one... he wants a rumoured £500k a week and he's 29. I'd be reluctant to put a player that age on a huge deal. Unless it was a 2 year contract.
  2. Xela

    Keinan Davis

    I'd have Davis over Wesley any day of the week.
  3. 88 points for me this week. Bunch of shithouses, my team are.
  4. My Dad was on duty that day, being based at Queens Road. He has a few tales to tell! .Plenty of overtime that night!
  5. They take a dim view of that at my place. Especially in the open plan office.
  6. I used them to change a bulb in the rear light cluster of my car. Now, i knew from experience that it was an absolute shitter of a job. Audi made it so difficult you need to be an octopus on roids to get the rear cluster out. For a charge of £5 they will do little jobs for you. I sat down and watched this bloke take 45 mins to do it. Best £5 I have ever spent! Also. I had a build up of water in the cluster (loose seal) so when he finally got it out, about a pint of water landed on his trousers.
  7. I must have scared them away last Wednesday! The car park was full of decent stuff though... the usual selection of Audi and Mercs 4x4s along with Range Rovers, 2x Aston Martins and an older TVR (Chimera I think)
  8. Its like being back in On-Topic
  9. Xela

    General Chat

    I agree. My theory (probably wrong) is that people in our age range are the generation that grew up on the net using forums/message boards/user groups, and we still prefer them to the newer methods of discussion like Facebook / Discord / social media, etc. Lots of great forums I used to be on have been lost to the dreaded Facebook Groups.
  10. Xela

    General Chat

    Was that the one on Dale End? I used to go semi regularly around 2002-2003. I remember staggering out one night, into the road and getting hit by a taxi!
  11. In a foul mood. First day back after a week and people chasing me at 9am for things they emailed me when i was away! It's the arrogance of them. I had a face like thunder for the first few hours today... beginning to thaw a bit now. Need a drink. Might have a stiff one (insert KW..sorry @mottaloo )
  12. Enjoy the good times. Ignore the bad ones! Thats the way to do it. The result is out of our control so why get worked up by it? Thats the view I try and take. I can get wound up a little bit still, but I don't dwell on it too long anymore.
  13. Alternated with Woodpecker cider
  14. The full list is on the Tipple thread on here, but in summary, circa 70% of my ale intake was Wherry
  15. James Michael Tyler, (aka Gunther from Friends), 59, cancer.
  16. Xela

    General Chat

    I think nights out have definitely changed. The nightclubs that we remember (I say we, as people in late 30's / early 40's) are petty much gone now. Or they are a niche thing nowadays. A night out was simple for me - meet in pub, then go to a slightly more upmarket bar, then into the queue for the nightclub and hope you get in! That club was usually Dome II. Good times! Nights out have evolved - better selection of bars, pubs with later licences, etc. The old ear splitting euro dance club seems to be gone. Maybe thats a good thing, but for me, I'm glad I experienced them
  17. I've told you before about chatting to strange men in pub toilets. Nothing good can happen!
  18. Went out last night in my new funky t-shirt and tried to chat to some football fans in the pub, but they were ever so rude. Why are people so miserable? So much so, I didn't offer them a bite of my scotch egg.
  19. If they could roll out the WFH order before Wednesday that would be great, as it means I wouldn't have to iron a work shirt.
  20. Properties on Rightmove/Zoopla with only 1 photo. Lazy words removed.
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