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  1. The latest name on the manager’s door (which presumably these days is written in chalk) is former Swansea boss, Steve Cooper.
  2. Spurs being very good and failing to actually, y’know, win something. Been about ten years? Those ten years have essentially been -
  3. We could finally discover what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.
  4. Hughton sacked today. Probably a leading contender for the least surprising development given how the season has begun. As per Chris above I am also kinda surprised it has gone as badly as it has for him and Forest. My guess is that his reputation will more or less be ok because of the ongoing basket case situation at Forest.
  5. Manchester should have and does have a rich history and lots of things it can lay claim to. But for me it goes hand in hand with that not to long ago held conversation about taking pride in things just because they’re from the country you were born in or live in. Some Manc getting all misty eyed because Alan Turing did some of his work there and acting like that also makes it their accomplishment is a bit odd.
  6. Same reason they claim to be the second biggest city in the UK (like that’s something to truly aspire to). Just simple arrogance.
  7. From what I’ve seen, whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza is a very popular “prompt” comment used by women on dating apps (as a conversational ice breaker). FWIW it’s about equal those in favour compared to those against. And judging from the occasional comment from women who have put “I don’t care whether you like pineapple on pizza”, it would suggest men are also very vocal on the subject.
  8. From my own general observations, I’d say that mask wearing in supermarkets is more prevalent than in somewhere like Bull Ring or similar indoor shopping centre. Wearing masks at supermarkets obviously isn’t at the same level they were a month ago, but it seems like it’s the place people are more prepared to wear them. Not sure why that doesn’t translate to indoor shopping centres. I’d estimate it’s something like 50% in supermarkets (Lidl, Sainsbury’s are the most recent I’ve been in). And maybe 10-20% in the likes of the Bull Ring. Also, another curious thing I’ve seen. People on the train, not wearing a mask the entire journey. Arriving into New Street, as they’re leaving the train, they put a mask on.
  9. Charlotte Johnson Wahl, Boris Johnson’s mother has died, 79. For a day, I’ll attempt to not think about her son’s work performance.
  10. As she’s in a couple of them and I’ve been reminded of her, I always thought Amy Smart was slightly too good to just disappear into relative obscurity. It’s almost like she was a prototype Elizabeth Banks.
  11. Out of interest when was it agreed by everyone to just collectively forget that time he wanted to leave United and agreed with the notion of him being a “slave”, being paid handsomely while playing (and succeeding) for a club and manager who he supposedly holds dear to him? It’s fine, I just wanted to make sure so I can edit my hymn sheet to allow myself the ability to join in with the fawning.
  12. I think Mings is defended on here more, but then I think he’s attacked on here more. You only have to remember the Man City interfering with play goal last season, some could not wait to rush in here to criticise him. Then it transpired the ref had indeed ****ed it up. I can’t recall the same number of people returning to put their hands up and say “yeah, perhaps I shouldn’t have criticised him for that one.” He is prone to making a mistake, he’s probably not going to be one of the players that leads the club into the top four/six (FWIW I suspect only a select few in the first XI are likely to do that - if it happens at all). But for where we’re currently at and where we’re still essentially trying to establish ourselves in the short term (mid table initially, with a view to push on in the next couple of years is my view), he’s likely to be as good as we can get unless the club find a gem of a bargain as I don’t see them spending £30m-50m on a defender anytime soon.
  13. I doubt it’s possible but I would be mildly curious to know which poster’s content I’ve “liked” the most and who has done likewise with me the most often. And I sometimes wonder how many posts I’ve agreed with at the time but wouldn’t do so now. Let alone the rubbish I’ve posted myself. While I’m thinking of it, I often wonder how many dynamics there are where two posters lock horns in On Topic but they share a mutual interest in Off Topic and so get on perfectly fine there.
  14. Yes it’s the number of posts they’ve ever made, but the leaderboard shows how many likes (or reactions) they’ve received in that month, or whatever time period you’re looking at. I believe the leaderboard has been there for at least as long as I’ve been here (6 years), and longer than that.
  15. The Ronson/Winehouse version was massively overplayed to the point that the original now sounds refreshing, comparatively speaking. I didn’t mind the zutons, admittedly not owning anything they ever released. But they had a run of 2 or 3 catchy singles. Plus I had a bit of crush on the sax player which didn’t hurt their appeal.
  16. His Sopranos chum “Paulie Walnuts” can also be spotted in Goodfellas (centre). edit - “Pauline Walnuts” doesn’t sound quite as menacing.
  17. I was just over two months in to my first job. It was about 2pm GMT I think? A colleague sent an e-mail to the staff, about two lines long. Short and to the point. Our computers didn’t have access to the internet so we were fairly reliant on information being reported through this method. The office had a minute (or two) silence a couple of days later. Unsurprisingly I can’t offer anything profound or a unique thought. I will say it’s odd the things that stick with me, in this case it was the radio stations just going from song to song with no “banter” in between for the next couple of days. Just announcing what the last song was and what the next song will be, one after the other, until the next news bulletin. That, in it’s own small, insignificant way, was a little bit surreal.
  18. Oh Paul, you did this without any consideration whatsoever as to whether I should repost this in the police state thread or the BBC thread, didn’t you? Throwing punches everywhere with a blatant disregard for going off topic in threads. You narrowly missed out on the cheery tweet thread as well, me laddo. Because your original point was giving Cressida a kicking, I’ll put it here. If your televised bout with the higher ups of the beeb transpires, it shall be posted in the appropriate thread.
  19. It’s not often I use the shocked reaction Michael. I’m resisting the temptation to make a “Pink Moon” gag…
  20. I was going to try and explain the meaning of the meme and inadvertently make it convoluted and messy, but @villa4europe has put it perfectly.
  21. The Ghost of Nick Drake is feeling melancholic (more than usual) regarding your choice of an alternative Drake.
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