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Found 80 results

  1. I should have said...

    For all those times in which a certain situation arose, you wish you had said something different or ages after the event, the perfect quip comes to mind. This thread is for those moments. Whether it is the perfect comeback, a one liner that makes you a comedy legend in your lunch break, or even the right words to use that would quell an angry partner's rage rather than condemn you to the destitution of singledom (again), what are the best things we could say in the moment rather than in hindsight? Hopefully, with the collective wisdom and experience of VT, we may be able to have a ready catalogue of the best things to say in just about any random scenario, right here in this very thread! OK, I will start. I have " banked" a couple of retorts for people who piss me off. I am usually pretty tolerant, and I try to refrain from swearing, but if someone truly deserves it, I have these grenades. " Why don't you f### your boot, there is a c### in it." and ( while handing somebody a 50c coin) " Here is 50 cents. Go buy yourself a carrot and go f### yourself." I intend to use these for people who really piss me off, and truly deserve it. Of course, being mature would be the correct course of action, but there would be a great deal of satisfaction saying it to someone who truly deserves it. Hindsight is a goldmine. Now please, share the wealth!
  2. The Predictions Thread

    This is slightly inspired by the 'Seniors' thread, as it got me thinking about the way we thought about 'the future' (i.e. now) back in the 1960s. All the futuristic science fiction was about transport - flying cars, personal jetpacks, matter transporters, interstellar spaceships, and so on. Very few people predicted the big changes in computing and telecoms that have been the real game changers. OK, there were videophones, but (apart from the Star Trek communicator), they were normally shown in phone booths! And computers were assumed to be room-sized mainframes with banks of spinning tape decks, rather than cheap, but powerful, bits of kit in everybody's homes and pockets. But this thread is mainly about our own personal predictions - what did you predict, and did you get it spot-on, or laughably wrong? You can also make some new ones, that we can revisit - as long as VT and this thread survive... will it, or won't it? Sport, technology, society, anything. Here are a few of mine: At the start of the 1970s, a pint of beer cost about 2/6d. That's two shillings and sixpence. Half a crown. Oh, all right, 12 and a half pence. Of course, prices always go up, and it crept towards three bob. My boldly stated prediction was the price of a pint would never, ever, go above an absolute maximum of (an outrageous) five shillings - 25p. I was convinced that The British Working Man © would never stand for it - there would surely be rioting in the streets. Ha ha. Then in the early 90s, as part of my MSc course, I learned about developments in mobile phone technology. I was intrigued - until I was told that such a network would require hundreds of thousands of phone masts being erected all over the country. At that point, I scoffed - no way was that EVER going to happen. Wrong again. On the plus side, at round about the same time, the World Wide Web was in its infancy, and the first few retail websites had started to appear. I remember hearing a radio interview with an 'expert' who was asked if this would take off - would people REALLY do shopping from a home computer? His reply was that it would happen to a small extent, but would remain a niche market for rich geeks, and would never account for more than an absolute maximum of 10% of retail sales. I turned to my mate and said "He's wrong - this is going to be MASSIVE, you just watch". So I do get it right some of the time. Over to you, folks.
  3. What's your accent?

    After Rob posted his company's (fantastic) video in the Rogue's Gallery and graciously took a bit of a ribbing about his dulcet Brummy tones, it might be a funny idea to hear what the rest of your bar-stewards sound like: I propose we all do the same paragraph and record it using Vocaroo If somebody has a paragraph, please post it, or just say what you want, I don't care I'll do it first if someone gives me something to say
  4. Questions for the seniors

    What's the biggest thing you can think of? ONLY FRIGGIN' KIDDING!! HAR HAR. No, I'm somewhat fascinated by life in the 60s and 70s at the minute.. it's from my old man and mom, who lived through the time. But there's loads of things and questions I'm asking him about that time like; What was it like before motorways? The M5 was built outside my mom's mom's house, and she used to sit on the side waiting ages for a car to come past.. now look at the ****. It seemed we went from Steam engines, to electric really quickly.. when did diesels fit in? What did you think when they pulled up all the local train stations? As my parents were never from affluent families, it be interesting to know what life was like for people from the middle classes in those days. Having cars when not many people did etc. A lot happened and I'll think of more, feel free to ask more, but it would be cool to get the people in their 40/50/60s answers (if they don't mind!!)
  5. Or succeeded in the most difficult scenario? Like legitimately. No cheats or bugs. You get the idea. Also, what would you have liked to finish, but never did? Completed - Atic Atac Uncompleted - Knightlore Many 8 bit games were rock. Wasn't aware until decades after that Jet Set Willy was impossible without a poke.
  6. Games like Far cry

    As mentioned in a different thread, I've lost all patience for games apart from Far Cry 3 and 4 which I was able to play to the end. Couldn't get in to Primal though. Are there any other games out there they you feel are very similar to Fry cry? I tried Hitman which is stealth but didn't have the same appeal. Is Assassins creed similar?
  7. I was always a massive gamer. But the past few years I have dropped off. Previously I would play RPG games, car racing sims, FPS games, football, cricket and more - a wide range. I’ve tried so many games in the past 2 years which are highly rated but do nothing for me (Witcher 3, Skyrim, Fifa 17, Project Cars) and more. I have absolutely loved BOTW and Mario Odyssey - more than any other games for a while. But I really didn’t ‘feel’ Persona 5 which is usually a big hitter for me. Anybody else struggling to find more games to enjoy?
  8. "I Hate Their Guts"

    Who and why? Go!
  9. The last couple of years has seen a real comeback for fighting games. We've had a new Street Fighter (and a revision), Netherrealm has given us a really good DC Comics fighter with Injustice 2, Tekken 7 was very well received, we got a new Mahvel, which bombed commercially but was actually considered quite good by the community I understand, today Dragon Ball Fighter Z (or Fighterz, which is stupid) comes out and so far word on that has been excellent (and it's gorgeous). Looking forward, there's a new Soul Calibur coming, and you'd get short odds on a new Mortal Kombat being announced at E3. And I'm certain I've missed something. Always loved a good fighting game. I've never been great at them, the best I ever got was being ok with Scorpion, Smoke and Reptile in the newest Mortal Kombats. I get schooled online without fail. Yet I can't help picking them up. I've never even watched Dragon Ball but I've got a copy of Fighter Z here. And I need to get back to Mahvel, which I've always been particularly shite at but it's got Marvel characters so it has my heart.
  10. VT Film of the Year 2017

    The season of lists is upon us. There's still 10 days to go ish, but time to get your thinking caps on, for best films. IMDB Releases in 2017 is a useful list, albeit a bit extensive. I'll put a few category ideas up if people want to nominate individual people for "VT Awards" or not - just for fun. No points or prizes, but if people do plonk it in list order I'll work out the definitive film of the year based on a simple points system ( 10 for 1st, 1 for 10th etc ) because I have an odd need to play with numbers and be listy. Also, to be clear I'm counting films only released this year, cinema, DVD or netflix etc, preferably in the UK, but if you're a dastardly VT foreigner with different release dates then I'll let you off. The other thread serves older classics you've enjoyed / hated / noted as having been witnessed well enough. Top 10 / 5/ 3 (delete as applicable) Films Worst Film of the Year Best Performance - Male / Female / Robot Best Score / Music / Whatever Attribute you care about etc. Please Quit Acting Bad Performance Award So will it be the annoying dancers in La La Land who get your vote, Casey Affleck suffering miserably in Manchester by the Sea or various incarnations of Lego / Comic Book creations. I have a provisional list of 20 that I'm cutting down to this, subject to edit and any new DVD's obtained over christmas. Also I realised I can't count Your Name as apparently that came out last year. 1. T2: Trainspotting - a surprise entry , but honestly the more I think back on, the more I really enjoyed the focus on Spud as a plot point and enjoyed the re-acquaintance with old friends. 2. Dunkirk - as a cinematic experience it was utterly intense, gripped me the whole way and I was glad of the chance to breathe again when it finished. For me the non-linear approach worked well, the score was gruelling and the experience memorable. 3. Thor - just nails the humour so well - had a tremendous amount of fun, more or less from the start. 4. Manchester by the Sea - bleak, but powerful and Casey Affleck get's a nod from me for best performer here. But as good as the film is, it made me so depressed I cannot put it in a top 3, as re-watchability is one of my personal metrics for these lists. 5. The Death of Stalin - black comedy pitched at just about the right level, makes you understandably feel awkward in times but the comic absurdity is a gem. Buscemi and Isaacs are great but Simon Russell Beale is fantastic. 6. Battle of the Sexes - well made, soaks you in the period, and Emma Stone and Steve Carrell are both terrific. Empathic portrayals of all the characters made it a really pleasant film to watch. 7. Star Wars Last Jedi - it's great fun, and shows some ambition with the character arcs, has it's flaws but I'm not too fussed by them to be honest, it was a terrifically entertaining film. 8. Baby Driver - lower than I thought as on re-watch it seemed to have lost a bit of it's charm - nothing to do with Spacey either, I just think at the time I watched it I was mentally in the right zone to enjoy a pulsating musical ride. 9. Blade Runner 2049 - Sumptuous but did take it's time to get going at times, I was a little impatient at the time watching it, but I think on reflection afterwards I will enjoy re-watching this again and absorbing myself fully into it. Immersive atmosphere and score. Probably a better film than others up the list, but I am part judging on how I enjoyed it on first viewing. 10. Logan - more intensity, and great to see a much darker take with these characters. Just missing out: Atomic Blonde, cold war noirish glam thriller; Wonder Woman - great to see to a well executed female lead superhero film, though CGI was naff, Lego Batman - another giggle fit, and definitely re-watchable.
  11. Pre Match Chitty Chatty

    Please win Please win Please win Please win Please win Please win Please win Please win Please win Please win Please win Please win Please win Please win
  12. The Game's Gone

    A thread to put your examples of modern football being rubbish. I'm expecting this to be at 1000 pages by the end of the season. I'll start. This is the Madrid derby tonight, at Atletico's new Wanda Metropolitano stadium. Firstly the stadium name is horrible because of the sponsor, but we're kind of used to that nonsense now. But look at the advertising boards. Seemingly it's a system called "Chroma" that shows different advertising boards on TV than in the stadium based on your location. Image watching Villa v Small Heath on telly and seeing "'Arry's Tax Consultants" running round the sides. Money 1 Local rivalry 0.
  13. X-moose 2k17 P-ART-EE TIE-M

    So what do you want? What are you buying for others (of note). Are Furby's still in? DO YOU WANT SOME LEDs?! PUT THEM ON EVERYTHING! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (It's not too early so shut up you idiot)
  14. Things you'd love to do

    Couldn't find any prior thread, so thought I'd start one... Oh, and keep it clean! I'll start with: I'd love to spend a day at Maho Beach, St. Maarten.
  15. Christmas Party Season 2017

    Got the invite... Will probably decline next week. Someone is right now trying to persuade me go, suggesting we "cause some anarchy" She's nice and I'm quite fond of her, but her potential to cause anarchy is fairly low IMHO.
  16. Lots of discussion currently on these. They're getting worse. **** vile cynical money grubbing and has to be getting close to getting gambling regulations involved soon. They're shit. Jim Sterling had some good videos recently on them, might link to them later here.
  17. Web Browsing Suggestions

    So, any recommendations for somewhere nice to visit tomorrow afternoon? A favourite live traffic camera, a police helicopter live feed pay site, art, recipes, second hand soul vinyl emporium, funny puppies... ...where do you go when the wife is out and you've got 20 minutes?
  18. Nottingham Villans

    So... from the housing market thread it seems there are a few Nottingham based Villans so thought I'd start a thread and see who is out there. Maybe we could arrange a VT Nottingham meet up for a TV game this season.
  19. Let's rather annoyingly start with a Huddersfield Town story. Annoying because they're in the Premier League and we're not. Good guy Dean Hoyle. Loyal Huddersfield fans can watch home Premier League games for £5.26
  20. Home Brewing

    I've done some searching and I can't seem to find a thread about brewing (apologies if there is one but it didn't come up in my searching). I've always liked beer but I got in to brewing my own beer about 3 years ago now, mainly for fun at first but then I progressed to trying to make the best beer possible. I started with kit beers and I've done probably 15+ of those, with mostly very positive results. I've recently taken the plunge to all grain brewing and I'm loving it! The cost of the set up for all grain is a more but the quality is higher, whereas you can get the set up for kit brewing for around £50, and still produce very good beers. I've done some great kits, including the youngs kits (American amber ale, american Pale Ale were both good), the woodfordes kits are good (made by muntons I believe) and I've done Wherry, admirals reserve, and they are all two can kits so have all liquid malt extracts and produce pretty good results. I've recently got a grainfather to to start all grain brewing and it's brilliant, the quality is brilliant, brewery quality to be honest and perhaps better. Does anyone else brew, or have you done homebrew in the past or are thinking about doing it? Anybody done anything other than beer?
  21. Sometimes I consider taking a year off the internet. I think I might really like it.
  22. Business Ethics

    Would you knowingly destroy another person's business if you could increase your own sales by 50%?
  23. On This Day In History

    A thread to celebrate whatever happened on X years to the day. Funny, sad, political, sporting - an opportunity for dewy-eyed nostalgia. It's 28 years today since Maradona did the most iconic warm-up ever -
  24. Moving to Basel in July and would be good to meet up with some fellow Villa fans, will prob attend a few FC Basel matches too but will definitely head home to watch some Villa games too. Looking also for some local 5 or 7 aside footy to play and of course a decent bar where the footy will be on. Any advice etc please PM me and if keen to meet up then let me know, cheers Steve
  25. Transgenderism

    Obviously a hot button issue these days...today I read an article about a high school wrestler who is a male that identifies as a female, and he's destroying the competition, sparking some debate about if he/she should be allowed to compete against girls. IMO, it's an honest question, and with merit, but nowadays you'll get crucified for even questioning it. I support transgender rights, but where do you draw the line? In a case like this, in sport, it's so obviously unfair to the girls. What about their right to compete on a level playing field so to speak?