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  1. Bruce had Whelan playing a totally different game to how Smith does. That's probably the difference!
  2. A girl on my office has a mouse pad and coaster that are just her face. It's ridiculous and perfectly sums her up!
  3. also, I hope they stream that goal on repeat into that scumbags prison cell!
  4. That's why I love this club! That's why I hate theirs! Dirty vile club who should have the book thrown at them! Aside from the disipicable, a fantastic performance all round. The subs changed the game and anything could happen now.
  5. I loved hotel Artemis, thought it was pretty original. Wasn't at all what I expected but a really fun watch.
  6. Green book is simply superb. If it doesn't clean up at the awards there are serious issues. Both main actors put in at times breathtaking performances. I tend to see quite a lot of films, but rarely do I wake up the next day still thinking about them. I'd be amazed if it doesn't remain my favourite film of the year, and honestly if it doesn't remain one of the best films I've watched. Also saw the mule this week. As said before, it's good enough to be enjoyable. I found the ending a little disappointing but Eastwood is still good to watch even now. Can't say I'd watch it again, but glad I did.
  7. Shocking from Taylor. Barely tried to stop him getting last, gets done and then barely jogs to catch up to him. Awful!
  8. Not sure if anyone watched the recent Louis theroux documentary on assisted dying groups in the US but it was a fantastic watch. Harrowing and difficult at times but one of his best.
  9. How did you find cologne? We were there a few weeks ago, stunning location especially at night, but really busy and felt cramped. We also did Dusseldorf which I preferred as it was more spread out into 7 smaller markets so nicer to eat and drink in, with some entertainment put on. Did Essen in the day which was nice but reminded me of Brum as it's right down their high street. Brum isn't a touch on any of them though. Always love a trip to Germany but first time doing the markets was a great experience. Off to buy ingredients for a cheesecake and collect a couple of last minute presents, then national lampoon's Christmas vacation tonight!
  10. It's almost too simplistic to say we missed grealish (which of course we did) but I think the game wasn't won on the fact hourihane was almost needed to do the work of two men as a result.(I thought he was great today, so this isn't criticism). It was the right call to play him further advanced almost in grealishs spot, but we missed him massively further back in his usual role and mcginn missed his support alongside him. When he dropped back to do that we then missed him up top and although we were getting more in terms of regaining the ball and retaining it, we didn't have his runs which were great in the first half. If we had two hourihanes today (one sitting in his usual role and one further forward like first half) I think we'd have won. The midfield was key today, I thought their midfield were great and really effective. But we weren't just missing grealish, we were also missing bjarnasson and Lansbury who I'm sure would've played ahead of Whelan otherwise. A draw was a fair result all things considered, and today's poor performance probably would've been considered a good one earlier this season. Defensive errors may cost us this season, but there's a lot of games to play and automatic isn't impossible. Unbeaten in 8 now I think, keep it up and we will be (dare I say it!) There or thereabouts to automatic promotion.
  11. If Abraham was putting all of those chances away he wouldn't be with us.
  12. Off to Germany next sunday, based in Dusseldorf but an overnight stay in Essen for the schalke v lokomotiv Moscow game, and day trip to cologne planned. Mainly plan to take in the Christmas markets, but any other suggestions welcome!
  13. Sky apparently totally ignored that this was happening. It's disgraceful how little the media give time to this.
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