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  1. Madness! He has broken up play really well. Every player has done their bit so far, some more than others but don't know how people are complaining!
  2. In Smith we trust...until he plays Taylor 
  3. We have strengthened and improved. One is seemingly injured, and the the other for some reason on the bench. Doesn't mean we haven't improved. I think a big part of his thinking is maintaining last season's back four to an extent.
  4. Luton really seeing the best and worst of their keeper tonight. Got to think they'll have enough to survive.
  5. The idea that Man City are the reason we fell apart is absolutely absurd! There are so many reasons, but man city do not even come close to the most significant. Madness!
  6. The only way this can get better is if they appoint Monk, and the blues realise they could've had compensation paid to them instead of sacking him!
  7. Can't help but think they should have anticipated this demand and set up a waiting list before selling any new season tickets. People who have consistently attended over the last few years should be prioritised, a bit like what they did with Wembley. Pretty poor from the club, but what amazing support!
  8. Looks like Wealdstone FC will be opening up for villa fans again so that's our plan. They have a cheap bar, burger vans, always a good atmosphere and not too far on the tube in.
  9. The difference between lampard and Smith is crazy. I know which I prefer.
  10. I may be wrong but pretty sure they subbed him at half time against us earlier this year because he was getting ripped apart!
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