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  1. Can't help but think they should have anticipated this demand and set up a waiting list before selling any new season tickets. People who have consistently attended over the last few years should be prioritised, a bit like what they did with Wembley. Pretty poor from the club, but what amazing support!
  2. Looks like Wealdstone FC will be opening up for villa fans again so that's our plan. They have a cheap bar, burger vans, always a good atmosphere and not too far on the tube in.
  3. The difference between lampard and Smith is crazy. I know which I prefer.
  4. I may be wrong but pretty sure they subbed him at half time against us earlier this year because he was getting ripped apart!
  5. How could you not enjoy watching football?
  6. Bamford is shameful. Can't wait for us all to have a right go at Wembley!
  7. Less if, but when there is a red in this. And how many? Why didn't we have a ref like this last night?
  8. Bruce had Whelan playing a totally different game to how Smith does. That's probably the difference!
  9. A girl on my office has a mouse pad and coaster that are just her face. It's ridiculous and perfectly sums her up!
  10. also, I hope they stream that goal on repeat into that scumbags prison cell!
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