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  1. dAVe80

    Soft drinks

    I don't like those snooty cans of pop, that think they're better than the other cans of pop, and wear tinfoil lids. Pretentious.
  2. dAVe80

    Soft drinks

    I think the last time I bought some was one pancake day. The lass I was seeing wanted pancakes with lemon juice and sugar (sadly that's not a euphemism).
  3. dAVe80

    Soft drinks

    I think I could count on one hand the number of bags of sugar I've bought in my adult life. Don't have it in tea or coffee, and don't have it on cereal.
  4. dAVe80

    Soft drinks

    My dentist always tell me not to drink fizzy pop. I tried to give it up for a little while, but there are some occasions when only a can of Pepsi Max Cherry will do.
  5. I can't imagine the turn out would have been massive. Probably comparable to Unite. Those who make the effort to vote, and campaign for particular candidates missed the opportunity. I speak to a few mates who are Unison members, one of who I know was furious with them having two different slates, and not learning from the Gen Sec election. The voter turn out for most unions when it come to picking NEC and GS positions isn't normally massive. Unless you have someone who is particularly woeful, most members won't care. My union do have a fantastic reputation for getting the vote out when i
  6. If the left of Unite don't learn form Unison, then the left might as well give up. I know Unison was slightly different, where there was a Labour left backed candidate, and then a candidate backed my the Socilaist Party (plus a few other fringe groups), but they've ended up with a Starmer pick as GS, even though more people voted for left candidates than voted for her. Happened again in the recent Unison NEC elections, when the SP split the vote with their slate, for positions that should have seen a single left candidate romp home. I'm glad we've managed to avoid this kind of crap in my union
  7. Morgan just got out, probably puts Surrey in the box seat.
  8. Middlesex vs Surrey has been a bit tasty in the T20. Middlessex doing a half decent job of chasing down 224. Also had an amazing catch from Tom Curren. Should be an exciting finish this.
  9. I cut down over lockdown, but I'm ready to rock again. First proper opportunity for a few scoops since restrictions got lifted.
  10. I'm going for a piss up in a brewery tonight. Place I've wanted to go for a while, but not got round to yet, cus you know, covid and that. Steam Machine Brewery
  11. They need to be bloody careful with the flag shagging, considering the connections with Jo Cox to Batley and Spen.
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