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  1. The group that posted the tweet doesn't actually have any relevance to the point though. The point was this won't be on the agenda at conference, when it's probably the biggest issue in the world right now. So yeah it is pretty outrageous. It's also something else Starmer campaigned on to become leader he's back tracked on.
  2. My right wing ran CLP submitted a motion on the green new deal, which included a contribution from our former MP who was working for Starmer. But yeah Marxist Green Wing. We're pissing in the wind anyway, motions to the opposition party in UK's conference won't stop climate change.
  3. Be interesting to see what Keef has to say at the TUC Congress tomorrow, and how his speech goes down. He and the PLP have been getting panned in a lot of the speeches I've seen. A lot of unions making the point the Labour Party won't help make the changes needed, so the trade union movement will have to find its own way of forcing change.
  4. Me mate got me a ticket for the Leeds gig. Am right excited.
  5. The fact that small heathens will end every conversation they ever have by saying "shit on da villa" shows how they feel. They are consumed by their hatred of us. Petty, jealous, childish, ridiculous, and very funny. As much as we do talk about them, and take an interest in them doing badly, our level of interest in them doesn't compare. Ivan Toney did that lulu hand thing last weekend, and he's now listed in their top 5 sha heroes of all time, alongside Carr for making a hand gesture at us, Tait for wearing his fruity little t-shirt, the bloke who run on the pitch after the Enkleman goal, and the lad who punched Joe.
  6. Labour left and the Greens could co exist in a coalition, and would probably make a better broad church than they do with the Labour right, but from a personal point of view I'd never join the Green Party. I look terrible in a Berghaus walking jacket for one.
  7. This thread is pretty depressing, and shows the fairly depressing state of play in the party at the moment. A total coincidence that Jess and most of the Young Labour Committee are on the left, I'm sure. No platform for Palistine Solidarity Campaign either. Getting harder and harder for me to justify being a member, but then I think that's the point.
  8. I was the same when I heard. I was also unsure which of his songs to post on fb, so I just said fb will be getting spammed with my favourite Scratch joints ove the next week.
  9. I've just checked and it seems as if there's a documentary on iplayer, so I'll have a look at that. Thanks for the heads up. @theboyangel check out The Last Waltz if you've never seen it. Amazing film.
  10. What was on the Telly, and what channel? I'd have watched if I knew something about them was on.
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