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  1. Seemingly asked to leave at the request of some potential rich donors. Nice one Keith.
  2. M&B Brew XI, or a pint of Mild. As the old song goes... Come to Birmingham you will see. Ansells Brewery, M&B. We don't drink whisky, we don't drink rum. We are the Villa boys, from Brum.
  3. Keith has said there needs to be full lockdown, and yet still not managed to do what the figure head of the labour movement should do, and back the education unions in calling schools to be shut. I mean fair enough, he's actually made a statement about something instead of abstaining, but I still don't get it. 400,000 people viewed the NEU's zoom call today, and even Unison are calling for a shut down of schools. It's an absolute no brainer to back them surely?
  4. Regardless of whether he stays or not, he wants to be making noises about backing the NEU and other education unions. I won't hold my breath.
  5. At some point in 2021 I'd like to be stood in front of a big stack of speakers, holding a can of Red Stripe. It would be cool if this song is playing when that happens. If I was the selector, it definitely would be.
  6. dAVe80

    New Year 2021

    I was just writing out all the stuff I didn't get to do in 2020. I was then going to say something along the lines of, oh but we got through it. Seems inappropriate though, talking about myself. I'm pretty angry about a lot of things that happened this year. I'm sad too. We could have done things much better. We should have. We're going to have to live with that into 2021 and beyond unfortunately. I'm also kind of optimistic. I've seen the best of people this year too. Amazing acts of kindness and bravery. Things to give hope. What an utterly bonkers year. Hope 2021 br
  7. Not the biggest Manics fan (although I have seen them live, and thought they were excellent), but I'll seek it out and have a listen.
  8. We had them this year, as we had rib of beef. If we'd have had turkey we wouldn't have. I was brought up on only having Yorkshire pud with beef, but living up North, I'm converted to the idea of having them with every roast. Only one I wouldn't is lamb, and that's because of the mint sauce.
  9. To go with your Dulka Prague away shirt?
  10. It's been a bit of a shit year, so I hope everyone gets a nice Christmas. I know that it's going to be a tough one for some, so I hope you get through it. Take care everyone. Look after yourselves, and each other. Enjoy your day in which ever way you want. Merry Christmas. UTV!
  11. It was incredible. Like the best 45 mins of Star Wars since the three original films good.
  12. I live a little bit further north, and Tees Valley was pretty similar. The Tories taking the Tees Valley Mayor election was the beginning of things falling apart for Labour in that area of the country. Obviously the B word played a big part in that so hopefully that won't play a part in this election.
  13. It's obviously a significant seat too for Labour, with regards to the sad circumstances Tracy Brabin got the seat. I'd hope Labour would hold it. I think it's definitely important that Labour take the Mayoral vote. They do tend to be a low turn out, which is never good for Labour in my experience.
  14. Yeah, it was between her and the leader of Bradford Council, Susan Hinchcliffe. They both spoke to our regional political committee, when they were touting the unions for nominations. That was one of the questions we asked her, if she was going to step down if she gets elected? The by-election should be interesting, if that come to fruition.
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