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  1. And the opposite has happened in the City of Durham seat. The left candidate hasn't been long listed, despite having the support of a large portion of the exec of her CLP, support from the members and branches, as well as the backing of local union officials.
  2. I saw a version of MC5 in the mid 2000s. Mark Arm from Mudhoney was singing for them, and they were pretty damn good.
  3. Bit harsh like. Mods: please note that this is a screen grab, and the original tweet has been deleted, hence why I didn't post the link to the tweet.
  4. Sebadoh in Leeds were top notch. Drive back up north was a bit sketchy though.
  5. Just got a ticket for Shellac in Leeds, in December.
  6. I like how Momentum can be Tankies and Trots at the same time. Cus they famously get on very well don't they?
  7. I have no love for Lansman. He's an opportunist, who has risen on the back of others to get himself into a position of power in the party. As much as I love that Momentum rallied ordinary people, and got them into politics, ask anyone serious on the left of the party, and they'll tell you it's pretty much run it's corse. There was shown to be a serious lack of real democracy in the movement, which has seen many fine activists seek to disassociate themselves from Momentum. Obviously those lazy enough not to bother checking still paint those on the left of the party as being Momentum, but what ya gonna do? The Watson thing is very ill timed, but I understand why it's been raised. He's been a thorn in the side of the leadership, shown contempt for his local CLP, and possibly the worse thing he's done was his treatment of Jenny Formby, while she's battling cancer. I was of the opinion his time would come, but not like this. Ironically, it's probably going to be Corbyn that's going to save him. Let's not get outraged by this idea though. The deputy leader position was only created to placate the left of the party when Blair ran the show, when he put Jonh Prescott in place as his 'socialist beard'. A broad church? Well that's ultimately what the party needs to be, but let's not pretend the right have been squeaky clean on this. Massive purges of new members when they had control of the NEC. Plus suspension for spurious reasons were common place in the build up to the second leadership contest. Then the second leader contest in its self. I've seen #stopthecoup trending on twitter. I wonder where they got that idea from?
  8. I've heard many stories about Mandy's time in Hartlepool, but one of my favourite stories is almost certainly not true, which is the time he referred to mushy peas as guacamole, when eating fish and chips.
  9. Oh can totally understand that. An acquired taste for sure. Obviously very flawed, eccentric as hell, and suffered terribly with mental health issues. You may well have already seen it, but I'd highly recommend watching The Devil & Daniel Johnston too. I found I appreciated his music a lot more when I saw what inspired him to write it.
  10. Singer songwriter, and artist, Daniel Johnston has died of a heart attack, aged 58. His music would probably leave most leave cold, but to me he was a genius. I'll cherish the two occasions I saw him play live. RIP
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