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  1. Yeah it normally comes, and gets cooked on the bone. I leave that bit up to our Mom though!
  2. In the past few years, we've ditched the turkey, and gone with a rib of beef. Local butchers is tremendous, and always gives us a tremendous cut of meat. There's only 3 of us usually (unless I've got a lass on the go, but try to avoid that this time of year, so I don't have to buy her any presents ), as the numbers have dwindled over the last few years. We used to get a meat hamper, with a turkey, a joint of pork, with sausage, bacon, sausage meat, and a massive pork pie, but it would just go to waste now.
  3. Pah! Just no pleasing some people! Inner 4 year old dAVe80 is absolutely loving Then Mandalorian. Jawas, characters (or similar looking) from Empire and Jedi, Yoda Jr, and a Boba looking dude! If you'd told me I could watch a TV show like this, when I was a kid, my head would have exploded. I have spoken.
  4. The counter argument to that would be pay the lowest earning staff more money, then the execs can earn the wages to compete with the private sector, but I see your point of view. Alas the revolution is thwarted for another day!
  5. We'd be talking about a publically owned service though, rather than a private company, like a football club. It would be hard to enforce it in the private sector, granted. Although the commie in me is screaming privatise the top 100 companies, and make football clubs fan owned, but we'll leave that one for a few years down the line of a Corbyn government!
  6. As an example of what Labour want to do, in term of bridging the gap between bosses and workers, is to introduce a 20:1 pay scale, where the top earner can not earn anything more than 20 times more than the lowest paid worker. This will certainly be the case, if the plans to bring the Royal Mail back into public ownership takes place. I don't see anything wrong with that personally. It would stop people like Rico Back coming into a company like the Royal Mail, and being given £6m straight away, before he's even done anything.
  7. Leave supporting, LGBTQ+ baiting, "laziest MP in the UK", Roger Gorsiff should be seen off by any decent candidate, you'd hope.
  8. Glad to see Tahir Ali has been selected as the candidate. A great trade unionist, from my own union, the CWU.
  9. Just been reading something very similar happened in Enfield North.
  10. And the opposite has happened in the City of Durham seat. The left candidate hasn't been long listed, despite having the support of a large portion of the exec of her CLP, support from the members and branches, as well as the backing of local union officials.
  11. I saw a version of MC5 in the mid 2000s. Mark Arm from Mudhoney was singing for them, and they were pretty damn good.
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