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  1. This is kind of cool. Two of my favourite bands combined. If you know Yo La Tengo, you know they'll often just bang out a cover at a live show, without actually rehearsing it, or often bothering to learn the words! This made me smile though.
  2. Bosnich Delaney, Lauren, McGrath, Bouma Petrov, Platt, McGinn Yorke, Benteke, JPA
  3. Bosnich Delaney, Laursen, McGrath, Staunton Milner, Cowans, Platt Yorke, Benteke, A Young Madness that I couldn't find room for the likes of Barry, Saunders, JPA, McInally, Daley, Merson, Carew etc.
  4. First movie you remember seeing? - Star Wars Scariest film? - The Exorcist Funniest film? - Blazing Saddles Movie that made you cry the most? - Schindler's List Film you loved as a kid and think is shit now? - The Mask Film people don't rate but you love? - Freddy Got Fingered Film people love but you don't rate? - The Dark Knight Worst film? - Mean Machine (the Vinnie Jones remake of Longest Yard) Film that means something special to you? - The Big Lebowski Film you relate to the most? - Quadrophenia (not so much now, but from the ages of 14 to about 18, I related to Jimmy so much) Sexiest film? - Black Snake Moan Strange stiffies weird wide ons (like things your found sexy in a film like the midget from total recall or lady from lady and the tramp)? - Princess Leia chained to a giant slug Best case of cinematography (not your favourite more like Lawrence of Arabia where it's a masterpiece but it's not a film you'd watch loads)? - Alien Favourite film? - Amelie What one film would you take to heaven with you (doesn't have to be any from the list)? - The Blues Brothers
  5. Little plug for a friend's band. Guitar player is my mukka, and comrade. If you like your Punky Rock, worth a listen.
  6. Being bombarded with questions from our staff, a lot of who are classed in the vulnerable group. Most of our members fall into the key worker groups too. Very hard biting my lip, and not just encourage them to get themselves away, and tell the bosses to do one! Obviously government guidelines are as clear as mud, and hindering people's decisions more than helping.
  7. I was just thinking, if you wanted to make a bit of money, start thinking of ways to make money from pregnancy and new born babies. I'd be willing to bet once this all blows over, and people start going out into the world again, there may be a bit of a baby boom!
  8. I was recently released from my day job, so as to be a full time union rep. What a first couple of weeks! I've pretty much just been trying to keep it together, and stop the workforce having a full on meltdown. My job is pretty much to give as much information as I can to our members, and keep going till it's unavoidable for me to have to self isolate. I can do most of my day to day duties from home, but my face to face duties, and being on site for the members will eventually have to be put on hold.
  9. Warmduscher in Stockton, in a couple of week's time. I'm not that familiar with them, but ticket for about a tenner, and a recommendation from my mate (who tells me they're often on 6 Music, and I'd probably recognise some of their tunes), so why not?
  10. Teenage Fanclub lined up in Leeds, later in the year.
  11. Got my 2000s UK Hip Hop head on this evening. I recall Mos Def using this sample/beat too, but think The Sundragon used it better.
  12. No tickets purchased yet, but got Gentleman's Dub Club, and High on Fire penciled in.
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