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  1. I've looked at a lot of social media of the Tories who won their seats in the Red Wall North East seats, and they all pretty much follow the same pattern of, Labour brought this bill in for political gain, virtue signalling, Tories doing more than any other government ever, can claim Universal Credit, parents should take responsibility, the nasty lady called us scum. They even use the same graphic. Not one of these word removeds has an independent thought in their heads. They parrot what they're told by Tory HQ, and worship at the church of Boris. I am heartened to see they're being called out
  2. The fact this is true, makes it all the more galling. Why wouldn't the party who exists because of, and is backed financially by the trade unions not support us by voting against it? The average person isn't going to understand, or take the time to find out what this bill means, and that goes double if they see it got voted through with minimal opposition.
  3. It has occurred to me this is what they want. They want us to leave. I'm staying put till at least after the NEC elections. Part of my job in my union now involves me being a member of the party too. Looking on Twitter, our Deputy General Secretary has already has called it out.
  4. I'm the nearest I've been to resigning from the party, since Starmer put us under "New Leadership". Abstaining on the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill puts me personally in danger of being blacklisted, and in the most extreme circumstances, tortured or murdered by the state, due to my involvement trade union activities. I cannot rationalise this one. Feel very let down by the party's leadership.
  5. My mate asked me to recommend him a new hifi. I assume he thinks I know owt about them, due to the fact I listen to a lot of music, however I still have the same hifi I got in 1994 (having some issues with that now, so may return to discuss that at a later date). Anyway, he has a budget of around £500, and wants a turntable, cd player and Bluetooth. Any recommendations, or someone want to point us in the right direction of where to look? Ta.
  6. Ah the good old parmo! I've got mates who will drive for miles around Teesside to get the a good Parmo. Your traditional parmo is breaded chicken (you can use pork too), with bechamel sauce, and cheddar cheese. Serve it with chips, and salad, in a pizza box. I like to take it up a notch, and add pepperoni and jalapeños. Most Teessiders will have a tub of garlic sauce to go with it. My local pie shop has taken it to a whole other level of artery clogging goodness, by putting the humble parmo in a pie. It's ridiculously tasty.
  7. Ah good stuff. That's made my day, hearing that. I agree, it's rather splendid, isn't it?
  8. I think for me, the worst thing about all of this, has been listening to Southern journalists referring to Barney, as Castle Bar-nard, and talking about it like there's nothing there, other than an actual castle. As someone who spent at least one day week in Barney, for a good 2 or 3 years, it just makes them sound mental.
  9. Music for the afternoon, stomp round the kitchen break.
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