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So he liked the post, then removed it. Nakamba’s posted that pic of them together, are they just bored and taking the piss out of us? Or are we definitely signing him. Those are the only two options, so I say welcome Milot! 

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5 minutes ago, It's Your Round said:

So what time does masturbation club start today then lads? The usual time? 

And who’s bringing the photos of Grealish’s calves this week? 

Just for you x


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I know. My Italian friends from the north literally can't understand those from the south. There was an HBO show they watched from Naples/Sicily and they had to have English subtitles. 


It’s the reverse over here (Ie north vs south), apart from Cornwall......pure scouse or geordie is a totally alien dialect.

What’s funny is that they both think Brummies are southerners but Londoners think Brummies are southerners.

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19 minutes ago, Phinnonymous said:

Looks like he deleted his like.

unfortunately, his like is still there. 

I wouldn't read too much in to it, it's just a like on a football fan page, rather than on RBL's instagram.

Also, Vassilev liked the same picture, does that mean he's going to Leipzig? like **** he is.  

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