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  1. Tbf if I was a fan of any other championship club, I'd be livid with us. We totally flouted the rules for years under Xia and should have been punished. Our saving grace was Purslow, his knowledge of the rules enabled him to expertly circumvent them (helped enormously by getting promoted). The other clubs who did a ground sale have all fallen into hit water for the way it was done. No idea how we did it (or whether just lucky no longer in EFL) but hopefully it's a bullet dodged
  2. If he was struggling with addiction, 100% he'd have been targeted for a test by now, it's literally the way they work. It's nonsense. He just has a very serious chronic condition, the club are trying to manage it but struggling. Nothing more than desperation for him to be fit from both club and player
  3. Looks like he may have a potentially serious injury. The way he pulled up with his knee, tried to play on then ended up in tears. Just screams medial / cruciate ligament damage. Hope it's not too serious
  4. Shin splints aren't an impact injury, they are an overuse repetitive stress injury. They often coincide with a large uplift in training schedules to a higher intensity. Which is exactly what Jack did a few years back, he went away and trained like a MF and came back ripped like a beast. At some point they will need to have an extended period of rest as they won't just go away with careful management. They are also a bastard for recurrences.
  5. Have we all heard FFP is set to be scrapped by UEFA? Could be incredibly good news for us
  6. Not qualifying for Europe this year will be a blessing in disguise. We are heading in the right way but need another year or two to add quality in depth. I also truly believe if we drop out of the European race this year it's a perfect opportunity to give the likes of Kesler, JPB, Chuk, Ramsey a real opportunity to be blooded in first team football which could be huge in a years time
  7. Even when we put aside the joke that we loaned Freddie out with only Elmo as back up. If a youngster says to be as highly rated as Kane Kessler doesn't get a look in ahead of him then what message does that send to the other prospects? Same with JPB and Trezeguet. If they aren't willing to try them ahead of these players who will likely be upgraded in summer when will they ever play
  8. I actually thought in the ten minutes before he was subbed he was growing into the game was taking the ball more than anyone and giving and going and plenty of one touch link play. Think it was wrong decision to sub him
  9. Yet Trez Comes off the bench most games with JPB nowhere to be seen. The point stands. If he doesn't get in the bench of someone like Trez, who we all agree we will look to upgrade in the summer, then when will he ever get a chance. Same goes for Kessler and Elmo As you are well aware those stats hinge mostly on Jack and AEG. While Anwar has a goal in him it's fairly clear most would like him upgraded. If when Jack and Bertie are out / injured JPB is still not making the squad why have we bothered signing him
  10. I suppose it's great he has signed, but if he isn't instantly given the opportunity at 19 years of age to show he can be better than Trezeguet then what's the point? He is a highly rated winger at 19 in a team that isn't known for decent wingers and get has never even made a squad. He could well be great, but as a club we need to get better and mapping the pathway to the first team. Signs it's beginning to happen with Ramsey, Chuk and Kessler. Hopefully this guy's omission is more down to the contract situation so hopefully see a bit more of him
  11. The criticism he gets is totally unwarranted..he works as hard as many others and miles more than Barkley. Also has a bit of quality. He isn't the problem I was very underwhelmed by his signing but to be honest, I've been delighted with him and his increase in work rate and tracking back in his time here shows he has a good attitude.
  12. It's laughable this guy is still brought on every game. He's a bloody competition winner!
  13. So clearly happened after his move. So how are they sitting nose to nose on a camera recorded interview?
  14. I was laughed at a few months ago for suggesting he will be the best player on the planet. I'm genuinely still of that opinion and for me I think he is already. There is literally no one who can do what he does, he is a bonafide genius and would walk into any team in the world. The people we are comparing him to are surrounded by world class talent. Jack has Villa it's miraculous what he is achieving
  15. I don't think Barca or Madrid are in a position to sign the £100+ million signing at the moment. Interesting piece by Guillem Blague that Barca are absolute **** financially but also Madrid's days of galacticos are behind them with Covid pressure plus their billion pound stadium redevelopment. Might be the perfect timing to hopefully keep hold of jack. My only concern is City. Jack has always been complimentary about them
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