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  1. So to never give him another opportunity following what everyone accepts was an outstanding debut is just crazy? Particularly as it's more than likely going to be giving him a chance in the championship next year
  2. No but if you are a technical player it is often more difficult down there as it is primarily hoofball, on poorer pitches surrounded by poor quality. I wasn't saying he is stronger as playing in more physical league, I'm saying his game is one that proves with better players around him. Given the outstanding performance in his one chance in the first team, I think it's absolutely criminal that he has never had another opportunity with us, despite performing well on loans
  3. I genuinely think this is a mistake. He is a ball playing midfielder, yet has looked good in lower leagues with increased physicality where it is hard to be a ball playing midfielder. In his appearances with first team he has stood out and looked better with better players around him. I think not signing him up particularly with relegation likely may really come back to haunt us.
  4. Got to go. Club won't pull the trigger just got to hope Deano walks for the good of the club, but would be mad on a personal level to quit. Can't blame him for staying on. But we are down if he stays, players haven't bought into the system he is playing. They are all trying their own thing and it shows
  5. I take the point, but no. I'm willing to bet any money he is absolutely fine. Was humiliated by Ming's and grealish and to stubborn to just get up
  6. First time criticising him, but he needs to go. There is simply no excuse for how soft and easy to beat we are. Even in championships we were conceding so many shots at goal. Almost every game this season it's been between 20-35 shots conceded. Every side needs to be well drilled and hard to beat first and foremost. We are neither of those things, absolute shambles defensively throughout the whole team. The team aren't good enough and too many of the summer midfield signings are weak and cowardly. So not expecting anyone to keep us up or magically make us better, but Smith clearly hasn't a clue in how to set up a well drilled team who are tough to beat
  7. I have never criticised him and always fought his corner. But sorry after that absolute gutless display of cowardice he can get out. Promote someone from u23s. Should never put the shirt on again. Absolute disgraceful
  8. Isn't his contract up in May? So won't get anything for him
  9. If we stay up and that's a big IF. Then nothing shy of coutinho money gets him. even then I'd like us to show a real show of ambition and knock it back. If we go down, he will be on his way for about 60-70 mill
  10. ramshackler

    Keinan Davis

    I've been banging on for years that Davis should be starting. People on here bang on about his goal record but he has barely had a decent run in the team which is always tough for a young striker. For me he occupies and troubles defenders like no one else in our squad. This alone allows us to retain possession and play 15-20 yards further up the pitch where Jack, AEG and McGinn can trouble the opposition. It's a huge advantage and one we need to start using quickly otherwise it's lights out
  11. This. It wasn't even a difficult decision Konsa jumps in the air and while fully both feet off the floor gets shoved out from under it ffs
  12. Reports saying Chester is keen on an MLS move. Imagine it's financially attractive. For me what he did for the club last year, causing lasting damage to his own body means we owe him some credit. I'd be disappointed if we played hardball for a bigger fee. Should do right by Chester if this deal gets him another few years playing despite his now desperate knee issues
  13. I said at the time don't be surprised to not see a fully fit and productive McGinn again this season. Having dislocated an ankle you can be back in 8-12 weeks but the ligaments and tendons around the ankle are very liable for tweaks and strains when back running and twisting. Is a very frustrating injury as once the actual injury is healed due to the complexity of the joint lots of little niggles usually follow. While he will be back I wouldn't be surprised if he is quite stop start for rest of season
  14. I think he is agreeing that the big man little man works. But stating the club clearly had intentions to play a lone big man in Wesley this year. This transfer moves away from that idea, showing perhaps poor planning or a complete change in direction admitting that the Wesley plan hasn't worked If we revert back to the original plan next year Samatta becomes a bit part squad player again. If we don't then potentially Wesley is the one pushed out. I think that's his point anyway?!
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