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  1. That finish given the circumstances, the pressure, almost being tripped , two players hot on his heels, was superb. That is a really really positive sign. Shows he is a natural finisher which is so rare these days. I was pleasantly surprised with his physicality as well. He did a fifty yard run showing good strength shrugging off two players and for the goal he used his body really well to get across the defender. He needs proper experience, let him experience professional football. We all know Davis isn't going to make it anymore. As much as I like him, so either get him out on loan
  2. Jack is at his best against better opposition. When you are pinned deep he can pick up the ball and run the length of the pitch. It's priceless and could turn England from also rans to the real deal. He's playing well against Wales and Ireland, but I can't wait to see him against a Belgium or france
  3. That assist, weak foot volley from a fifty yards pass was absolutely magnificent
  4. This sums him up for me. Has ability, but when it matters he seems to lack belief and that bit of cockiness and composure when it matters most.
  5. What makes you say this? His long list of assists? Key passes? Goals?
  6. Yep. If this lad isn't Brazilian he cops a lot of stick on here. As it is he's a rolls Royce. Lax defensively. Silly fouls. Poor passing going forward. No assists no goals
  7. Yeah. This is Doug in a nutshell. We can all see he is a good footballer and he continues to improve, but the take off him being a rolls Royce of a baller is too much for me. He can become great, but at the moment he is solid and improving The constant assumption that man city would be mad not to drop £50mill on him and buy back is mad. He isn't there yet. Essentially if he was to leave I'd be fairly confident we could replace what he brings to them team by bringing in a more typical destroyer type for £20-30 mill bracket, as going forward he isn't particularly creative in terms of
  8. He was crap in a pre lockdown side that was even more open and defensively hapless than last night. I'm not saying he is the answer but certainly hasn't hada fair shake
  9. I have to say I'm surprised by the support in here and even calls for motm. Yes Trez and the midfield left him brutally exposed, but there were plenty of times one v one particularly second half where Harrison just breezed past him like he wasn't even there. So far he has either been excellent or poor. I'm beginning to think Guilbert complete freezing out is looking very very harsh indeed
  10. Disagree. He completely lost his head. Don't forget Ming's was already on a yellow card. He dragged him up then threw him to the floor (at that point Bamford actually stayed on his feet!!) It was an absolute definite second yellow. Following that and the quickfire second, Ming's went mental, he was charging forward, was at left wing and centre mid a few times, just completely lost his discipline and positional awareness. Bamford knew he had rattled him and was absolutely loving it and you could see his confidence grow and grow. Stay calm, don't get involved and walk off
  11. Whilst it was pathetic. It clearly got in Ming's head and from that point on he totally mugged him off
  12. Come on now, while it's not the end of the world lets be honest with ourselves. It was a very bad miss. Anyone else does the same they are rightly criticised
  13. Mings absolutely fell apart tonight. That penalty review at 1-0 Ming's lost his head and played like a headless chicken for the next 15 minutes. Bamford actually stayed cool and seemed to actively look to mug him off. The way he took those two shots on you could see him slowing it down making sure he showed his quality over Ming's. Really hope it's picked up by Smith in the review and Ming's learns from this as it was very poor professionalism
  14. He's been poor tonight. 1st half he did some really positive things, quick turns or stealing the ball, but then doesn't run direct at last man and try to beat him, it's like he doesn't quite have the self belief when he has to beat a man. I think he does have it in his locker, but confidence is a big thing for a young striker, missing chances like that is not going to help
  15. Would love to know how much a 17 year old kid that is this highly rated and sought after is paid for their first professional contract. I'd imagine he is now earning more than 99% of this forum
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