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  1. I always think Hause should be a huge threat from set plays. He wins everything, sadly it seems when he wins an attacking header he’s got a head like a balloon
  2. To be fair Jack himself has admitted he was going to Spurs. The only thing that saved us was Daniel levy offering £3 million and josh onomah! let’s be perfectly clear if the idiot had offered £5million and onomah, Jack would have been gone. Instead Levy didn’t even offer enough liquid cash for Xia the crook to pay the tax bill! then the next week we were taken over and Levy realised he had **** the goose. It was and still is a wonderful memory
  3. My post wasn’t the heat it was practical. He has had many opportunities to leave. when we were stuck in the championship he could have moved to the premier league at any point, he stuck with us. When Spurs bid just as xia left many wouldn’t have begrudged him a move away, it wouldn’t even have taken him to down tools. He dragged us to within a game of the PL single handed. Then the next year after three months out he dragged us on a ten game winning run back to where we belong. his form since then has undoubtedly kept us in the league. Yes he didn’t have to sign a five year deal, yes it got him more money, but if he didn’t he would have had a year left and left for peanuts. By not signing he would have forced the club to cash in. Instead he risked it all staking on himself that he was good enough for a top club to pay top dollar and get us a record transfer fee. More than paid for any other player in PL history ffs! Jack owes us nothing. we are where we are because of him he rescued us from the abyss after Lerner and xia. Eden’s and Sawiris had barely any chance to make an impact before he graded us back to the PL single handed. He is and always will be one of us. I am sure we will go from strength to strength and I wouldn’t bet against jack winning a golden ball if he stays fit. however feelings and sentiment aside, my original post made clear I believe Jack has a serious injury. One which I suffered with for many years. It is usually a chronic condition that only becomes worse at elite level as it struggles to cope with the loading required at that level. It genuinely would not surprise he to see Jack struggle more frequently from now on with that type of injury. At the euros he hasn’t looked anything like his explosive self. Yet city are willing to blow that kind of money. It’s a huge risk. I also maintain that we are too reliant on Jack, when he plays others wait for him to do something rather than stepping up to the plate. When he is out we are devoid. We are now in a place we can build. I genuinely believe in many Watts both the club and Jack May be holding each other back in some small way. Both can go on to achieve greater things. I also think we shouldn’t underestimate the commitment a 200k a week contract is for villa. Jack May be special but others coming in will expect parity. We may have rich owners but our turnover cannot sustain that. We have all seen rich playboys lose interest to the point the very future of our club was in the balance. We shouldn’t be going that road again. We are building with youth and sound recruitment and should increase as our profile and turnover do. jack is special but not enough to risk the future of the club. Paying a contract like that will have all new signing and current players wanting more, much more. It’s dangerous and for the reasons pointed above, I feel this offer may be actually more of an opportunity than many realise
  4. It’s an incredibly difficult , complex situation. the snake comments are ridiculous. Jack has shown tremendous loyalty to us and surely we can all accept (however begrudgingly) that a player of his talents deserves to test himself at the highest level. He doesn’t have many years left until he is at his peak so it’s not like he is 21 and can just give us a few years. on the other side of it, we are and have been for many years been over reliant on Jack. That isn’t healthy for the club, particularly when he does miss on average a third of every season. He has questionable injury history and an injury to an area which often turns out to be chronic (I genuinely believe there is an issue with the shins with recurrent stress fractures) the club have done everything to down play it each time it’s occurred but on each occasion it’s been 3/4 months out. £100 million for a 26 year old with that kind of injury history (with a currently managed problem) doesn’t seem like such a bad deal. We have to avoid getting dragged in by the romantics of one of our own. As hard as that is to say. Jack literally gave me my love back of club after a torturous ten years. we currently have an exceptional set up and recruitment team, better than we have ever had. If we get £100 million we can trust it will be reinvested well and in other areas of the team to improve the overall quality of the squad and becoming less reliant on one player. as much as it breaks my heart to say it, now is probably the best time to do it, his shin issue is still being managed and if he has another period out his value will go down and we will have another huge drop off in form. I think in a strange way it may be in our best interests (and probably Jack’s) that if a few can be agreed we both part ways. We end up with a stronger more competitive and consistent side full of young hungry and valuable assets, he goes on to show just how brilliant he is. I just hope we invest the money well in young hungry players and not waste half of it on JWP!!
  5. Just been informed of something that happened a year ago? Tactical times with their finger on the pulse!!
  6. Listen it’s obvious this is common place. The player doesn’t even need to speak to the club. It’s all done via agents who discuss via representatives so no direct contact with club. It’s easy enough to establish the personal terms are not an issue this way. that’s when clubs and agents even bother to adhere to this rule, which the majority don’t as almost impossible to prove and when has anyone ever been given a punishment for breaching it?
  7. Strong suggestions this afternoon Arsenal are going for Maddison. Surely that would see ESR not renew his contract as would severely limit his minutes?
  8. Exactly that. Bringing on Jack last night would have been absolutely ridiculous. His game is getting on the ball and drawing fouls he would have been kicked to pieces by a frustrated and angry team of Ukrainians. Correct decision to have him stay on the bench
  9. The thought of us offering £40 million for TA makes me cry to be honest. Great lad and attitude but he’s a decent player at this level nothing more and needs too many chances to score. He doesn’t have the sheer work rate of Ollie. if there was an opportunity at around £20-25m I wouldn’t be averse to it as I said he is decent and a good egg but he just isn’t an elite striker worth the money being talked about
  10. As funny and brilliant as this signing would be, I just can’t see this as anything other than agent upping his clients contract. he is playing regularly at his boyhood team who at the moment are a bigger club than us and he can continue living at home close to family in the city he grew up in. Just makes no sense unless Arsenal have indicated he will not be first team, but can’t see why they would
  11. He will drop him. Played well first half but was anonymous in second. If mount is available he will be straight back in
  12. https://theathletic.com/news/ashley-young-aston-villa-transfer/GLsPEH4XZjSd athletic saying we enquiring about Ashley Young as versatile full back option. still a good player playing at a high level. 35 though
  13. With where we are and where we want to be, JR needed to come in and be spectacular. In reality he was average and if we improve again will struggle to make an impact next year. send him out on loan and let him develop and then if he progresses give him another look. Let’s not keep him around like Davis only giving him 5 minutes here or there, that will absolutely hinder his progression
  14. Delighted for Jack, excited for England’s chances, **** terrified Jack will be his usual self at the Euros and he will be off this summer
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