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  1. Think there is some very harsh criticism on here on his highlights reel! What I saw was a goalkeeper who stays on his feet right until the shot, leading to very good saves often off his head shoulder or arms. Also while there were a few camera saves, there were alot of genuinely excellent stops. Very strong hands / wrists. And watch it again, almost every parry was out of danger or straight to his own player. Even the punch back out down the middle at the end which on first glance looked poor. It was very controlled and straight to his own player in space. In fact every parry in the video either went safe or straight to his own player in space Looks good Not much shown in terms of claiming crosses though
  2. Owners have categorically stated we won't fall foul. We have all seen the various workings made behind the scenes reflected in tit bits seen from companies house since Eden's and sawaris took over. We will be fine. Had we not gone up it would have been a struggle. May have required similar tactics to derby by selling VP. But thankfully we went up Anyway there is strong precedent. Even if we fail, as Leicester did when they came up, they were made to lay a paltry fine. Can't move the goalposts now FFP is so vague and unenforceable at the best of times, so with such clear precedent there is zero chance of a points deduction. And are we bollocks under a soft embargo
  3. Hope the Ryan Kent rumours are true. Genuinley quick skilful winger, young and at ten million, cheap as chips in today's market
  4. ramshackler

    John Terry

    If we win the play off final surely JT has to embrace it and run on full kit rocket polisher!? Would be legendary
  5. It's is kind of incredible just how rarely Abraham makes a clean contact on the football. And how often he seems to trip himself up or get his legs tangled when attempting a shot /volley. Looks like Bambi on ice at times. Yeah he has scored 25 goals you can't argue with the figures but in tight games he has missed easy chances and for me I don't want him at the club next year. It would be a waste of money if we are in premier league as he isn't good enough. Certainly not on his own up front. Looked far better before Christmas when played with a partner occasionally
  6. Whelan definitely the right call. Livermore is out and they playing front three of Phillips Rodriguez and Gayle. They going for it. We need to boss the midfield and win the right to play
  7. ramshackler

    Keinan Davis

    I think it's fairly obvious we are talking about potential rather than actual ability. That couldn't really be clearer considering we are talking about a striker who has barely played!!! My point is that Heskey was a brilliant player whose game revolved completely on power and pace. We have already seen with Davis he has more about him that. Hence my comment. Calm down dear
  8. ramshackler

    Keinan Davis

    I've said since last year we are missing a trick with this boy. I will admit he is unlikely to be a 20 goal a season striker, but neither was peak Emile Heskey. But at Leicester and Liverpool he created so many goals for team mates I think he has a bit more in his locker than Heskey though, he has intelligence and a deft touch and ability to beat a man. From what I've seen the only thing missing is that he isn't a natural finisher. But when he was in the team last year he got a respectable amount of goals but totally transformed our form and got goals for others playing off him We are a better side now and he would create even more this year. And sorry to keep harking on, but Abraham won't be here next year, playing him doesn't benefit our future long term, playing Davis does. Abraham was undroppable before Christmas but he certainly isn't now. For me Davis must be knocking on the door.
  9. Credit were credit is due. Second half showing was quite possibly our best performance of season. Seemed to create something everytime we went forward. If it was not for their goalkeeper it probably should have been 6/7. We really needed that, that performance will give the rest of the team such belief that they are good players too. No matter what you say in the back of their minds a few of them probably believe that without Grealish they will struggle. That should put that well and truly to bed. Taylor, jedinak, tuanzebe and Elmo were outstanding. Taylor and Elmo also great bombing on. McGinn his usual brilliant self, but special mention to the often much maligned Glenn Whelan. Make no mistake he was outstanding today. Absolutely ran the midfield. Hourihane SHOULD have had four goals, not great overall but credit him for keeping going and getting into good positions. El Ghazi was a beast today, looked like a cross between Ashely young and Ronaldo. Unstoppable, his crossing deserved better finishes than hourihanes. Abraham was **** woeful again. I'm not just having a go for a gos sake. He has been woeful in his hold up and link up play for months. Davis when he came on was an absolute monster. We saw last year when he was fit, defenders cannot handle him. With him up top holding the ball up with the midfield threat we have now (that we lacked last year) we will be great going forward. For me he really has to be knocking on the door. Really believe we have a potential gem on our hands. He may never be a prolific goalscorer. But he just physically dominates like few others has pace and skill to boot. And he is ours. Tammy will be off next year
  10. Get in. Well done CH for keeping going. Shown good character at least. Very pleasing how well we are playing as a team with so many big players out!!!
  11. At least we are genuinely playing well, hunting in packs and have a good tempo without Jack
  12. You can get away with playing someone like Hourihane for his set pieces when you have a pairing like McGinn and Grealish in there. If you don't, CH is as close to a passenger as you will ever find. So weak, no ambition in his open play passing, never wins a tackle or header. Just so so poor at times. That said we have battled well, should be ahead, missed some great chances. I agree TA should be brought off, confidence is rock bottom
  13. They have changed the law for handball recently. Removing the need for it to be deliberate. It's why we are seeing some strange decisions in the champions League. Now if you make your body bigger with your arms and it's hits arm its a penalty regardless of intent. Although think may be start of next season in England, but uefa have started already

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