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  1. Statistically speaking, considering the age and general fitness of players, they have been unlucky!
  2. No one wants another game suspended, and the training ground has been open since yesterday. Id say this is as near as 100% on!
  3. They played a complete different team at the weekend.
  4. I actually cant believe they are considering it! I mean it's the seemingly obvious thing to do, and would simply solve a problem, but when have the pl ever acted rationally before? It is indeed serious times!
  5. It will simply be unfair if they make us play this game after 3 others were allowed to cancel, in less serious situations too. You should be proud of yourselves sky!
  6. As for the actual performances there were some great performances from all but Rowe in that 1st half was particularly good. Calm, assured, pacy and up against one of the best players in the world and kept him quiet. Then he made that pass for the goal ....outstanding half!
  7. As was said on the match thread loved the Referees smile to Barry when he scored the goal!
  8. Couldnt be prouder of the kids! The fact liverpool had to put out such a strong side to break them down speaks volumes!
  9. Rowe is looking the part! Pace, concentration in defence ...and what a pass for the gaol!
  10. The only thing better than this is if one of Liverpools 1st teamers goes down with an injury! Klopps hopes to rub our noses in it is backfiring!
  11. He hasnt been registered....he cant play can he?
  12. No fans will be the obvious way to go!
  13. The cup can be played with the kids. The big worry is not only Spurs but Everton too! The players have to isolate till the day before the later
  14. Why dont we simply play the reserves and win?
  15. ...and my misses asks why I go to the footy! Who else earns a million quid in 2 hours!!!!
  16. There has to be rotation for this one, the current schedule is ridiculous!
  17. The saddest part is that is that we knew we would be on the end of horrendous officiating.
  18. All i asked for was a fair crack of the whip from the ref......
  19. i think hes saying we miss the option from the bench
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