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  1. The way I live my life!
  2. Its the worst....but 'utter bobbins' is no where near!
  3. But that won't be his only chance. Injuries and suspensions will always leave gaps.
  4. Talking about Wilson i didn't realise how quick he is, one of the fastest in the league apparently!
  5. There is no difference in playing 3 at the back than playing 2 and marv.
  6. 1-1 Iroegbanum....cracker apparently! Villa players drift in from the right and Iroegbanum shimmies past Gibbs and unleashes a brilliant strike from 25 yards, top-left corner, so powerful.
  7. Got over 20 quid with my donation....not so small now!
  8. I'm thinking 9-7, we haven't had one in ages!
  9. .....Until chuck starts it all again!
  10. ...and we have this all again in a few weeks!
  11. Exactly, City and England are trying to remove the part of his game that is special. A real shame!
  12. I'd like to think if Argentina do decide not to release them early that we will think twice about letting them go for the other meetings. Its not as if we haven't been fair with both parties!
  13. He was quiet today tbh, the game passed him by a bit. To be expected after such a lay off. Definitely needs games now!
  14. Nigel

    Cameron Archer

    Really good work ethic too!
  15. Nigel

    Cameron Archer

    He was our best player in the first half. Considering the talent on display thats quite impressive!
  16. Im not so sure about that tbh, he will be better but El Ghazi dominated the game when he played at this level last week. A few years time maybe!
  17. His flaws revolve around timing for me, thats it, but he needs regular game time to iron them out. He wont get the level of game time he needs this year here. Id say he would benefit more than most from a loan!
  18. Just got his second. He looked good at times tonight, still a bit to work on though. A loan would work wonders with him as he just needs game time.
  19. I dont mind giving lower league football teams my hard earned... You can thank Mr Sanson!
  20. Bloody bissouma, he's just nabbed the last sausage roll from the Shirley Gregg's!
  21. Its not but in addition it gives players a greater spotlight
  22. Can attract better players from outside the UK.
  23. I voted ings as motm....not because of any stand out performance just that I wanted to get to the ref verdict quickly! By god that was some performance!
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