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Found 169 results

  1. So with our new Sporting Director, Manager and Assistant Manager in place, who do we think we'll be looking at in January? Wonder if Terry might be able to lure Gary Cahill back to Villa? We sorely need a solid CB to partner Chester.
  2. AngelGabriel

    James Collins

    Felt we needed a thread on him too.. Stand out performances from Collins since he arrived? And er..he passed a fitness test yesterday - How can he be not fit to face Wolves but after a day off on match day with no training at all be fit to face England?
  3. maqroll

    New Manager Speculation

    If we don't win promotion Bruce is surely out. If we win promotion, I can't see Tony sticking with him in the Premier League. Who would you like to have (realistically) to replace him?
  4. Vive_La_Villa

    Thierry Henry

    Va-Va-Voom or way too soon?
  5. Demitri_C

    Next Aston Villa Manager Poll

    I have added a variety of names who do you want? I voted for Rodgers, but would be happy with Wilder, or Flores

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    So. I know it's early and there's a long way to go this year. We may even be in a different division. We may not. One thing that is for sure is the rules have changed. The transfer window opens on June 9th and closes on Thursday 9th August at 5pm. So there are no transfers after the first fixture of the PL. And no one is staying up till midnight anymore. A week or so ago the EFL decided to join the party. https://www.efl.com/news/2018/february/earlier-closure-of-transfer-window-agreed-by-efl-clubs/ So if we don't go up we would still be able to loan players or sign free contract players up until the 31st August then. If we manage to go up then we'll need to have everything done before the first game. Senior contracts that expire (according to transfermarkt) this summer are John Terry (37) Chris Samba (34 in a few weeks time) Alan Hutton (33) Mark Bunn (33) Gabriel Agbonlahor (31) Snodgrass, Johnstone, Tuanzebe, Onomah and Grabban all come to the end of their loans. Gollini, Gil, Elphick, DeLaet, Gardner and Tshibola also come to the end of theirs. Players with 1 year left on their contracts will be Whelan (34) Jedinak (34 in the summer) Elphick (30) Richards (30 in the summer) DeLaet (29) Gil (25) Steer (25) Lyden (22) Green (20 in the summer) Anyway the summer transfer talk is starting to come out a bit so I thought maybe it was already time for a thread. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-manchester-united-johnstone-14380943 Anyway window closes early so its only fair to open the thread so early is what I'm claiming and standing by I like the window closing basically before the league starts. It's about time really.
  7. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Robert Huth

    He comes with 3 PL winners medals and a name worthy of our defensive gameplan. Edit: agent is a fake account and just seen already discussing in speculation thread. Delete thread mods.
  8. KJT123

    John Terry

  9. romavillan

    Top level appointments

    Any news on the DOF and CEO appointments?
  10. Jareth

    Time for a takeover

    With news of American baseball investors, British consortiums and no doubt a few other problematic nationalities, and Tony's accounts locked down in China (believe that or not) - I have a feeling we will be sold on quite soon. I would be quite happy with a lower level figure this time, with 'only' a few hundred million to their name but with all the necessary business savvy to get us back and keep us there. Provided we aren't docked a squillion points for going into administration.
  11. TRO

    Thierry Henry

    stop press!!! Corals suspend the betting on Thierry Henry to replace Steve Bruce.
  12. hippo

    Going Under ?

    Apparently HMRC have issued a winding up order..... Other than this no being good news - I don't know the implications ? - any finance gurus ?
  13. hippo

    CEO Vacancy - who's next ?

    We don't have a CEO at the moment - Obviously we need one before long (or do we ?) a few options Xia Himself Brian Little Howard Hodgson Steve Round Or could we have a new board with a combo of some of the above and some Xia's trusted staff
  14. AshVilla


    So who do we sell to try and raise funds and meet FFP because of the diminishing parachute payments Kodija and Hogan for me
  15. I now feel there has been enough time to assess Bruce, now that we know pretty much where this season is ending. I still count this (not everyone does I know I know) as his first full season and he's pretty much got us play-offs barring something daft. This squad, whatever happens will change wholesale next season, and actually I don't mind that, I think we've witnessed a very good effort from a team composed of loan signings and others all of who do not know their future after this year - it was only ever to be a one season squad. The manager, has to take credit for achieving play-offs (not certain yet yes yes yes) and he will take enormous credit if he gets us promoted (I do think we have a great shot) - and he should stay at the club next season if he achieves that. If he doesn't then, he has said so himself, it's time for a different model and cutting our cloth accordingly - and I for one, do not mind the prospect of this one bit. It's actually how I'm insulating myself from the crushing despair that may come our way in a few weeks. So what next? This is a topic about what next in the prem, or what next in the championship. I'll leave the prem ideas to others, what I'm quite excited about is a new manager working with our talented youngsters including I hope Grealish, dashed with a bit of experience (Jedi, Chester if they stay, Kodjia might too after that injury) and us building a style of play that we can take into the prem and stick with, not building a squad for one season only, ever again.
  16. Jareth

    January transfer window 2018

    Right then, the clocks have changed and it's getting colder, and we've been linked to Carrick. Is it time to start discussing the Jan window? I think so. MANCHESTER UNITED legend Michael Carrick is attracting interest from Aston Villa and Leicester, according to reports. http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/872640/Manchester-United-Aston-Villa-Leicester-Michael-Carrick-Transfer-News
  17. AvfcRigo82

    The Chop List - Winter 2017

    So with the start of the window coming soon do we think any faces will be leaving us come January? Surplus imo:- Bunn- contract expires end of season anyway. Richards, Elphick, De Laet, Lyden,- contracts end in summer 2019 and Tshisbola & McCormack end 2020. If we can offload this bunch and recoup about £6m in fees and slice a big chunk off the wage bill too and allow us to bring in players that we will use.
  18. Grasshopper

    So what would you do?

    My thoughts are clear Bruce out But what happens then? So here‘s what I‘d do. I‘d ask BL IT to take temporary charge with JT as assistant I‘d go through the coaches and check who does what and how good (or bad) they do it. I‘d then clear out one by one. I‘d get on to Round to draw up lists of who is available (managers coaches) Then I‘d re-employ Steve Hollis to gather info of how to go forward I‘d keep Wyness and Round for now to do admin and work load - no decisions from them and see how the temporary team goes. Any backchat or shit from anyone and they are out the door. I honestly think that when Hollis came in, he simply got people in who were good, were honest and had integrity. Wyness & Bruce appear to be „Jobs for the boys - in it for the money - f*** the results“ I‘d seriously consider re-hiring Bernstein, King, Hollis and Steve stride. I think the Dr has to go at this 2 fold. 1 - Our season is not lost. We have the players to get in the playoffs. we need a manager to keep us in there with a style of football that at least gives us a fighting chance in the playoffs against 2 teams who are good enough to finish 3rd-6th. Even 2nd may not be „gone“ with a new boss. 2nd->8th is gone with Bruce. 2 - work on a blue print for long term success NO more quick fixes. I would also be a bit dastardly. F**** it we have nothing to lose. Let it publicly „slip out“ that we have a short list of Warnock, Rowett, Lee Johnstone, ShefU (name please?) Dean Smith. Lets rock the boat a bit, stir some shit, de-rail our rivals. Once we‘ve sacked Bruce we‘ll be Media public enemy nr 1 anyway, so F**** ‚em. Give em sommat to write about. This is a great chance for someone with a concept, philosophy and Balls. We are Villa
  19. Demitri_C

    Next Aston Villa Manager

    Only a matter of time now Bruce is on his last legs now. Who do you want? I haven't put people like Jokanovic and Stam as the compensation will be insane and we won't be able to afford it. For example 5m for jokanovic. who do you want? I've gone for dean smith
  20. Villan4Life

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Already been linked with few players including Sam Gallagher of Southampton: http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/784486/Aston-Villa-Southampton-Sunderland-Steve-Bruce-Championship-Transfer-News-Gossip http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/rumour-aston-villa-could-face-12799498
  21. PatrickCousens

    The Chop List - Summer 2016

    Usually the transfer window is a time for excitement about new players, and I am very pleased with the Terry signing. I've really come round to it in a big way. Clearly we also need a keeper (probably Johnstone), we know Bruce wants Whelan (and you have to think it'll happen), and personally I'd like to see a quality attacking player come in given that this was our main downfall last year. This is all well and good, but our squad size is ridiculous. In many ways therefore I'd argue that pruning the squad effectively is at least as important as who comes in. Currently we have 34 players in and around the first team including likely signings - that's far too many to maintain the sort of solid, driven team spirit we need to mount a title challenge. It's a long season but I think we need to get this down to 25/26 max - which means cutting 9 or so. This thread is for discussion about where that might happen. Goalkeepers: Jed Steer, Mark Bunn, Sam Johnstone (probably) [3] Assuming Johnstone comes in you'd think we'll stick here, although I do wonder whether Steer might think it's time to move on in which case we may need to buy again somewhere. Obviously if Johnstone doesn't happen we need another number 1, it's an important position. Defenders: Alan Hutton, Richie de Laet, Micah Richards, James Bree, Tommy Elphick, John Terry, James Chester, Nathan Baker, Neil Taylor, Jordan Amavi, Aly Cissokho [11] We're way overloaded at the back - right back especially. I'd love to ship Richards but it's not going to happen, but this means we have four right backs even before you consider that Bacuna can play here. I see Hutton says he's staying but it might be time to be ruthless. He's been a good servant but one of him or de Laet has to go in my view as they're not young but retain resale value. Elsewhere Elphick isn't up to it and you'd think he'd have suitors - I'd see him go given that Jedinak and Richards can play there as needed. On the left you'd think Amavi will leave, which is a shame IMO but understandable from all sides. If Cissokho is happy to stay as our back-up left back then we're OK here, if not we'll need to replace him. Midfielders: Jedinak, Bacuna, Tshibola, Lansbury, Hourihane, Veretout, Bjarnason, Gardner, Lyden, Gil, Adomah, Green, Grealish, Whelan (probably) [14] Again, 14 midfielders is absurd. I don't really know why we signed Bjarnason for this squad but he's obviously going to stay. I'm not totally sure why we're in for Whelan either. On ability I'd happily ship Gardner but I don't think we will, and he seems a good character anyway. Veretout is probably a decent player at this level but if we can get £6m or so for him he's an obvious choice to leave. Gil will surely leave, Lyden should go out on loan, and Tshibola too if Bruce isn't going to use him. If someone wants to take Bacuna I'm open to it but he's a decent utility player so not too fussed either way. I think it's a big season for Green, and I like Adomah, but even still I wouldn't mind some additional quality on the wing if the right player is available. Forwards: McCormack, Kodjia, Hogan, Agbonlahor, Hepburn-Murphy, Davis (6) One area we're not overloaded in IMO, despite the numbers. Hogan and Gabby are both very injury prone, we have no idea how RMC will perform and frankly the same for RHM. Davis should head out on loan, maybe RHM too if he's not ready. We're stuck with Gabby but we're in real danger on being over-reliant on Kodjia again IMO. Striker is so vital so I'd like us to strengthen here - maybe someone who can also play wing. I've seen Walters mentioned so maybe Bruce is feeling the same. The chop list So whittling down all of the above, I think we should realistically be looking to get rid of: - Hutton/de Laet - Elphick - Amavi - Veretout - Gil - Tshibola (loan) - Lyden (loan) - Davis (loan) - Hepburn-Murphy (loan) Thoughts?
  22. mwj

    New Manager 2017 Part 2

    Surely its time for a new one of these? BRUCE OUT
  23. Aston Villa transfer priorities: The players Steve Bruce needs for promotion A 13th place finish in the Championship in 2016-17 shows the extent of the job at hand for Steve Bruce at Aston Villa, with a big summer ahead for the Midlands club. The Villans boss has been vocal over his desire to clear out a lot of the current squad in the next few months, while a host of new men have been linked with a move to the club ahead of next season. Given the amount of expenditure Villa have outlaid since Dr Tony Xia took over at the club, there will certainly be plenty of failed acquisitions and players surplus to requirements to leave the Championship side. The likes of Ross McCormack, Jordan Veretout, Carlos Sanchez and Aaron Tshibola are just some of the names being linked with an exit across a huge range of football betting sites, which would provide funds and available spots for new faces. Bruce will certainly have a couple of key positions in mind when looking for summer recruits. Goalkeeper will be high on his priority list, with Sam Johnstone fulfilling the role in 2016-17 while on loan from Manchester United. If Villa can tempt the stopper back to the Midlands that would surely be seen as a positive move, but other custodians such as Eldin Jakupovic, Logan Bailly and even Allan McGregor have been touted as targets. A new centre-half would be a sensible purchase but it remains to be seen if Bruce will land one or stick with the players he already has. While Chris Samba trains with the Midlands club in a bid to earn a permanent contract, Barnsley’s Marc Roberts and Bristol City’s Aden Flint continue to be linked with a switch to B6. James Bree was signed in January to contest the right-back role, but talk of Bruce reuniting with Hull City wideman Ahmed Elmohamady for a third time in their respective career continues to do the rounds. An exciting potential recruit named in the press of late has been Aaron Mooy, who has starred at Huddersfield Town while on loan from Manchester City. With the Australia international unlikely to replace David Silva at the Etihad Stadium any time soon, the gifted playmaker has been touted as a possible Villa recruit - but he would come with a significant price tag. A man at the other end of the pricing scale is Marley Watkins, who will leave Barnsley after his contract expires this summer and is a free agent. While there are no shortage of reported suitors for the gifted and versatile winger, his addition at Villa would add pace and power to an attack that has misfired over the last 12 months. Up front, it feels like Bruce has put all his eggs in Scott Hogan’s basket after splurging on the striker in January. With McCormack on the fringes and Jonathan Kodjia to miss the start of the new season through injury, the Villa fans will hope the former Brentford hitman can find form. There is certainly no reason that Villa cannot be fighting for promotion to the Premier League next term but Bruce has a lot of work to do this summer to streamline his squad. If he can do this early in the window and the players get a solid pre-season under their belts, the Villa Park faithful will have hope that the team can hit the ground running in 2017-18.
  24. These are the usual suspects when discussing who we all want to see leave, or arguing should be kept on for another season. I was just curious if you could only pick one, who it would be? I always have a sense of the silent majority being against certain players leaving, the flip side of the coin being some people wanting them all gone. But for both those extremes and everyone in the middle, who is it you dislike being part of our club the most?
  25. Jareth

    January 2017 transfer window

    What - too early? Well Christmas is about to bite you on the b*llocks, so I disagree. More so because we have a new manager almost in and I want to discuss the most likely signings of Huddlestone and Elmohamady.