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  1. The question is IF he had it and the symptoms were clearly mild (for him as FACT given the all clear so quickly) why was it even revealed? The ONLY reason for it to be made public is that Trump and his advisers believe there is political capital for him to have / had Covid.
  2. That it was nigh on impossible for Trump not to have COVID-19 IF WH staffers do have it. Of course you can have a situation where Trump remains Covid negative even if WH staffers do have it.
  3. That’s nice hindsight....the question was more to make a point so still rhetorical buddy.
  4. On this particular point......absolutely! He denigrates genuine news as fake news so knows how to work fake news as genuine news. Surely that should come as NO surprise to anyone? Oh and by the way, he has the most to lose.
  5. I take it you don’t understand the concept of a genuine question and a rhetorical one.
  6. Oh it’s perfect for him. He can now play the comeback kid, the underdog etc which he loves. And if he loses then it’s well a ‘heroic fail’ for him. Remember ego drives everything he does.
  7. I’m not one for conspiracy theories but does anyone think Trump ‘conveniently contracted’ COVID-19 either as a last ditch attempt to generate support or laying an excuse as to why he lost the election (should that happen)?
  8. Crazy people are considering Welbeck when we could have Sturridge instead....
  9. I tell you what, I want Rashica’s agent just representing me in life generally...... Talk about talking something out of nothing.
  10. The Jan window is closer than normal......we can always pick up a CB then. Nelsson or Axel I’d be happy with.
  11. I don’t think anyone can fault who we did sign, just maybe a bit of regret about players we didn’t sign. I’m with everyone on that but at last I trust the club in terms of who they sign and what price we sign players.
  12. I’m a bit disappointed that we haven’t signed anyone on deadline day BUT, this season was always about not being in the relegation fight. And 3 wins out of 3 and with 4 teams already in the relegation mix.....we’re NOT gonna get relegated. I still think we might get Sarr or Benrahma at the end of the domestic window.....maybe even raid the Chumps for a back up LB and CB. If not we always have the Jan window which is obviously sooner than normal.
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