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  1. Dressing room humour. He also said he’d have to give Bertrand credit and give him the benefit of the doubt.
  2. But JT is only going to comment on players we have.....not players we might still be after.
  3. That’s 6 players for two starting positions because Jack will be moved to AM.
  4. If we sign Barkley, Ramsey will be off on loan and it’s the best place for his development.....just like it was for Jack going to Notts County and even our own time in the Championship.
  5. I doubt we’ll sign a ST like Edoaurd, but we’ll go for a wide forward who can play either wide or up front in a way that El Ghazi and Trez cant Thats why I’m really hoping Sarr signs.
  6. Just echoing others but it wasn’t a pass in front of goal, it was a pass into the back of the net on his weaker foot. Bertrand didn’t get out of fist gear tonight.....he’s going to be very important to us this season.....especially if we can get someone like Sarr in on the opposite flank.
  7. Don’t agree, for Ramsey’s sake (and ours ultimately) he needs to be playing in the Championship week in week out. Bring in Barkley or preferably RLC, and Nakamba, Hourihane and Lansbury are enough back up.
  8. So how does Ramsey push for a place alongside Luiz and SJM when you then suggest bringing in Barkley?
  9. We don’t need to replace Hause we just need to replace Engels who clearly looks like he’s off.
  10. There’s too much negativity around too many players who are obviously SQUAD players. But these squad players have brushed aside a team currently top of the Championship. I’m buzzing at what our season could be like especially considering we could sign another couple of first team players.
  11. I agree, having him and Trez is what is called having strength and depth behind Traore and hopefully Sarr.
  12. Ramsey needs to be playing week in week out in the Championship this season.....there’s no need to rush him if we can get RLC Barkley on loan for this season.
  13. What’s great is that even though Jacob looks the business his brother Aaron is supposed to be even better!
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