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  1. Haven’t followed the comments on this thread over the last few days. Is the feeling about the Olise and Brooks rumours that it’s one or the other or both?
  2. rayk

    Dry January

    Just saw this.....a Keto diet really doesn’t have to be expensive cuts of meat - it can be basic eggs, cheese, bacon, decent sausages, mushrooms, tinned fish and the right veg (not fruit). Also, as I’m sure you found you feel fuller for much, much longer so don’t snack, eat smaller portion size and maybe eat just twice a day rather than three times a day. And obviously if you combine it with quitting alcohol and you’re seriously quids in.
  3. rayk

    Dry January

    It’s funny but I stopped drinking Christmas Day (2019) but that was after trying countless times without much success. I managed to get to New Year alright and then I think what MASSIVELY helped quitting booze (ie craving alcohol) AND losing weight was doing a strict Keto diet. After one week I’d lost half a stone and the positive effect of Ketosis (see link below) on the brain.....ie your brain is much more efficient than when running of glucose (ie alcohol) and bingo, that was it for me.....no turning back. https://lifeapps.io/nutrition/this-is-your-brain-on-ketones/ I really
  4. rayk

    Dry January

    Mate, you’ve taken a very brave step by admitting you have a problem. In AA terms you’ve just taken step 1 and for most alcoholics admitting that you are powerless over alcohol is the hardest step. I’m not necessarily advocating AA (as it can be very hit and miss) but give it a go. Most of the meetings are online at the moment due to lockdown so it really is a great way of seeing whether it’s something that may help. I have to say I’ve never met a bad person in AA.....in fact they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. And that’s the terrible thing about booze.....and as Hitz s
  5. You’re right though....it’s probably the only (and surprising) weakness of his game given his quality otherwise.
  6. Surely there’s got to be a deal done for Boulaye Dia (24 y/o Senegalese Intl) from Reims? He’s just behind Mbappe in the Ligue 1 scoring charts and yet Reims are in a relegation battle. Given the financial crisis in Ligue 1 they may be interested in the money. Send Keinan Davis in the opposite direction and at least that way he plays a high standard of first team football.
  7. Just on the RW question specifically, everyone has to remember that we play with inverted winger. That means a RW should be left footed and they left footed wingers don’t grow on trees. El Ghazi and Trez are both right footed, Traore is left footed. The problem with Traore is that he is painfully one footed.....on the RW he can ONLY cut inside. He also doesn’t track back enough which probably means Cash is reluctant to get forward as much as he could/should because he is left exposed. To find a left footed RW who can also use their right foot to hit the byline AND track back is
  8. We’re not even going to sign him for 6 months at £200k+ a week just to sit on the bench.
  9. Agree that Targett has also been superb this season, but Taylor is gash and out of contract in the Summer. As with Cash and his cover, I think it’s because the role of the FB is soooo important in today’s game......especially when you play with inverted wingers as we do. The argument for a Wijndal, Amavi or Rico Henry is because of that. I’d also add that should we get one of those three players, all of them could come on as a defensive LW sub late on in the game (like Elmo does at RW). It all depends on our ambitions and where we finish in the league this season, but if we do g
  10. It took me a few seconds but Wijnal of AZ = Wizard of Oz.......hence the yellow brick road reference.
  11. Cash has been superb for sure, but Guilbert and Elmo both look likely to be off by next season. So whilst we have high hopes for Kaine Kessler, he is still only 17......so we do need someone to challenge Cash. I know the question is would we spend £20m on that player. I’d say why not? Lots of people are saying we should buy Wijndal from AZ to challenge Targett and I agree - but he’s likely to cost c£12m-£15m so there’s really not that much difference between him and Aarons price wise. The other thing to consider is that Elmo has quite often come on as a sub late in a game a
  12. I think it depends on where we finish this season. If we finish top 6-8 I can see us wanting a squad to genuinely challenge in all competitions.
  13. If we were ever interested in him it would have been instead of Watkins. The only way I could ever see us getting him now would be some crazy player swap that included Wes.
  14. Right players just wrong time with the wrong manager(s) and wrong owner.
  15. There isn’t a travel ban on leaving the UK, just certain countries banning the entry of UK citizens (broadly). So it’s perfectly possible for EU players to fly into the UK and then be allowed back into their respective EU country. Ultimately money talks and so if a deal works the current flight restrictions largely won’t matter. What the rules will be in mid/end Jan who knows.
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