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  1. He's just an attention seeking cretin. Wish he didn't support us so we could ignite him.
  2. You can't knock someone for feeling positive. Nick has stuck to his guns and fair play to him. No need to rub people's noses in it for having a what might turn out to be valid opinion.
  3. https://neutralzoneinfraction.com/2021/04/08/exclusive-who-is-the-man-taking-nfl-twitter-by-storm/
  4. He may be a bit of a bullshitter in the end but looking at his tweeting history I'm more inclined to believe someone like this than someone who actively tweets only ITK stuff in an attention seeking way.
  5. You kind of did... I have no idea either but I do know that if a record breaking contract is on the table from us to Jack then it will take days at the very least. Something like that would never be done quickly. That was my only point.
  6. And what if it hasn't been going on for a month or two? What if we spoke to him about a potential new contract before his holiday but then whilst he was away we received a bid from the $hitholes and are now discussing a totally different contract with him? Either way, you don't just get off a plane and then the next minute sign a record breaking contract. His agent would be in talks for at least several days.
  7. New contracts take weeks. No way you'd just land and sign a new lucrative contract. That's called living in dream land. Doesn't work like that.
  8. Reason number 1286578939 why we shouldn't pay attention to Twatter ITKs. Hairyhands has now deleted that tweet saying Jack has turned his back and tweeted this...
  9. He's learned how to teleport hundreds of miles but sadly hasn't cured motion sickness for dogs.
  10. He sat out training with blisters. The videos and pictures have all been posted and discussed.
  11. It's sad that I read that most of the way trying to decide if it was genuine or not.
  12. If he's recently entered contract talks with us then, no I don't think we'd have heard anything at all. We won't until he signs it. The next bit of news we'll get will either be a) a bid has been accepted via the official site or b) a reliable journalist will announce that the $hitty deal is off.
  13. True. If he stays, I wouldn't expect him to sign a new contract for a couple of weeks at least.
  14. I took my blood pressure 2 mins after it finished. You won't even believe what it was. I think I legally died that night.
  15. Why the bold? They're trolling us all aren't they? The bold bits seem completely unnecessary.
  16. Yes, come on @tinker. Get back in here now!
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