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  1. Haha, probably another Villa goal is my net mate. They were flying in at a frantic pace!
  2. I would think that Carney and JPB will both still be out after their injuries. Or at least not match fit. I would go strong here too but bring in some of our first team fringe, such as Buendia and Traore.
  3. I think he’s been decent so far, looks pretty composed on the ball, and apart from Lukaku’s first goal I can’t remember him being shown up. I’m fairly certain that Tuanzebe will not be able to play at Old Trafford next weekend. So I’m expecting we’ll go back to 433 for that one. Which will be nice as we’ll get to see Bailey start
  4. All credit to Deano, I love the geezer.
  5. Shouldn’t Bailey at least be credited with an assist for the OG?
  6. Bailey is going to be some player, just gotta stay fit first.
  7. It’s either foul him or let him run through on goal.
  8. This is so much better, the lads are fired up for more goals now.
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