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  1. To be fair I think he will be right this week. **I am no more ITK than him**
  2. He’d a one in seven chance 52 weeks in the year. He had to get it right once. DELPHINO the legend...
  3. Possibly to couple up with the release of the away shirt.
  4. To be fair the first time I heard the phrase 'doing a Fulham' was her on Villa Talk!
  5. Dunno about you mate, but in hearing all the complaints about the tight Kappa gear I'd guess so haha.
  6. Yeah the deeper claret we see in the shots is indeed because of sweat! Looked great without the sponsor too didn't it?
  7. I have to say the images if the players wearing the home shirt looked very nice from the first preseason game, especially sponsorless. Very nice indeed. Nothing wrong with the fit of the kit on cut in any of the images I've seen.
  8. Maybe Dean will sign a new goalkeeper next Wednesday just for you then.
  9. Ginger model looks chav... Now where is this away shirt?

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