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  1. I totally agree with your last part. Although Tim Cahill, Damarai Gray, Daniel James, Lewis Cook, Michail Antonio, James Maddison, Aaron Cresswell, Aaron Ramsey, Joe Gomez, Jermaine Jenas, John Stones, Darren Bent amd Theo Walcott have or some will have solid Premier League careers. Over the years there have been other, not Just Bale and Walker. I do get what you mean though going forward, buying less players for probably a greater transfer and a greater chance of working out a success.
  2. Plenty of decent players in Lower leagues that could probably step up. It is a good grounding for young players, your comment read like you are looking down on the League. Didn't Spurs sign Gareth Bale and Kyle Walker from Championship clubs?
  3. Yes that is a joke, but it was a case of McCarthy going with the expierce or Whelan and Hendricks. Browne though? Conor should definitely have started.
  4. Probably make it available after it’s worn in the Man City game.
  5. I love John McGinn so much I bought the Scotland shirt with McGinn on the back. The man is a PLAYER.
  6. Exactly. It’s quite obvious the team 'shit the bed' and dropped too deep too soon. Might be alright to do that last ten to fifteen minutes to try and see a game out but against Arsenal in their own back yard it was always gonna come. As Smith said, ten minutes into the second half we drop deep. There was too long of the game still to play. WE as a team invited pressure. Chances are when that happens a mistake or two will be made and they were. We as a team need to learn from today.
  7. Haha I’m sure I’ll be able to get one.
  8. What date is the third shirt released?
  9. You’d look like a right muppet then.
  10. But he looks nothing like him!
  11. I am hoping after the mess up of the away shirt we try and get out of the deal to be honest. Big deal in every mentioning the ASICS away shirt from 1993/95, other than colour it has no other similarities. I’d have much preferred a third shirt based more closely in design to that classic.
  12. Everton had more than two chances. Just saying!
  13. We’d four on yellows at half time. Plus making three changes at half time would be silly just because they are on yellow cards. They’ll have been told be Smith to be very careful in any challenge going forward in the game. Taking three players off and half time and using all your subs would be a very silly move for obvious reasons.
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