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  1. They've certainly been impressive! Fair play as I originally had no expectations. Top Designs for the current home and away shirts.
  2. Hopefully we see a run of goals from Albert when he is on the pitch as the season draws to a close.
  3. I presume it means they sell to the highest bidder but if we match the fee then we getcfirst crack. He seems to like it here anyway, so here’s hoping! He’s settled in very well!
  4. Looks like I am staying off the chocolate then once lent finishes haha! I’ve a few old Italy and Roma shirts made by Kappa.
  5. Is this a loan with an agreement to purchase? He has been a class act. Leading be example, dominant and putting in top performances!
  6. Considering where Jack was at a few years back his career could have gone either way with his behaviour off field. Yes he was very young. I have to say I am proud to call him captain of Aston Villa and I am proud of how he handled himself on Sunday. He has become a man the last few months. He is leading be example and since coming back from injury. First class in his interview also after the game. It is there for all to see how proud he is himself in playing and captaining the Villa!
  7. An Adidas shirt designed by Luke Sport would be my preference. I'm an Adidas head but that being said I love the home and away shirts this season. They are classics. If it's not Adidas I would rather continue with Luke Sport.
  8. You wait for a left back and three right backs come along at once...
  9. So who is the new scapegoat because we’re average?
  10. While every defender tonight continued the casual passing and gifting opposition players chances Mings was a class above. Smart defender. I’ll be very honest in that I knew little about him before he came but he did well tonight. Long may that continue.
  11. Just quoting myself from last month. Well done Andre!
  12. Killeen30

    Tom Carroll

    Because Carroll is on loan?
  13. Killeen30

    Tom Carroll

    Haha just reminded my of Andy from Fyre!
  14. I meant he'll probably still get plenty of games starting between now and the end of the season.

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