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  1. Anyone know of any website’s that have any discount codes on the shirts? Thanks in advance guys!
  2. I’d have thought the exact same. Very low level.
  3. Don’t forget the biggest scapegoat, Conor Hourihane.
  4. Well I couldn’t care if he fails or not at another club. I’m only concerned with Villa and the players that play for us.
  5. Maybe Brentford are asking too much. Now that would be a shocker!
  6. No point in even mentioning Lansbury. Really don’t see him as a Villa player. Just picking up a wage. I honestly think we only give him minutes in the cup in the hope we can get him out on a loan. Personally I think it’s unfair in even mentioning Hourihane with Lansbury, he’s been a good player for us since signing. Whilst Lansbury has done virtually nothing. Although of course you are right, Barkley is a big upgrade. Barkley will hopefully be a great signing. Certainly a statement signing, and one people will sit up and take notice of. Fingers crossed Trent is right and there will be
  7. That’s how I seen it too. Great to see him play so well again!
  8. Well done Conor, another Villa goal. 2-0.
  9. Yeah and we also won the European Cup. For me it’s about what is happening on the pitch and who is playing better during the current game, not about the past and credit in the bank.
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