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  1. Our turn to take advantage of a team with mass injuries. I hope we take it...
  2. Some of the playacting by Brentford has been shameful again.
  3. I love the look of Iroegbounam. Thorndike is very talented but so frustrating.
  4. There is talk Argentina will be moved to the amber list this week which should help prevent us running into the same issue next month. Paraguay would be moved too where Argentina will travel for the first game.
  5. Leeds look a shadow of what they were last season. They've had some tough matches but these were matches which they made people take notice.
  6. He's always been a poor finisher. Probably the weakest part of his game.
  7. Yep he saved our arse twice that half.
  8. He's finding those pockets of space so well. Such a good trait to have. Great first touch do far this season too and drive. Lad had been working so hard you can tell.
  9. Best half of the season. The midfield 3 and Oli have been superb. Really encouraging performance and system we are playing as a proper team. We have been really unlucky although Watkins should have scored. Ramsey has evolved over the summer.
  10. Chelsea's last loss was when they played a team with 5 at the back.
  11. I like that line up for this game but it's very harsh on AEG after his last performance.
  12. Might be going to West Ham on loan...
  13. https://dataviz.theanalyst.com/season-reviews/2021/ This was interesting, given the changes in personnel and injuries it would have been somewhat expected we'd initially struggle to create. But given we've played three sides we'd expect to finish bottom half it's still somewhat disappointing. Only Crystal Palace have had less shots. We have the least XG from open play and have been reliant on set pieces. I think we have all seen that though. I can only hope that this is because we have played opposition who are playing deep and not giving us space. Our attacking approach is the fastest in the league but it seems it's breaking down with the final pass or in the final third. Our defensive statistics are ok so far but our pressures from the front are quite terrible. Again with Palace worst in the league with zero pressures leading to a shot or goal. It's clear we really miss Oli here and again highlighting that maybe we've been poor in the final third. Hopefully when Oli and Bailey come back in we'll see an improvement all round. As if you don't create goals don't always come from scraps and it'll be a long season. Given our backroom staff are keen on statistics I'm sure they are well aware of this.
  14. Disappointing. If we somehow beat Chelsea in the cup and eventually got to a final (highly unlikely), Martinez would have to feel no frustration in being left out if you turn the tables. Ultimately these missed games could cost us positions even Europe and said players (Martinez in particular) may question the direction of the club. This is particularly unfortunate for us given we are the only side to lose two key players. You wonder if we will actually see our strongest 11 this season on the pitch at the same time at this rate.
  15. Hope he's ok and Mings too. Already having nightmares of Steer, Tuanzebe and Hause Vs Chelsea. No offence to them but it's not something you want going against a team of Chelseas quality and form.
  16. His substitution was planned apparently. It was said he's been ill recently and was lacking match fitness, so the fact they even started him is promising compared to some of our other loans.
  17. Still not at his best today but a very good performance. Just need him to influence the game more but some of the passes he made, his finish and his work rate were all excellent.
  18. Absolutely superb. I liked how he showed fight even on the yellow card. His crossing, dribbling and work rate were the best on the pitch.
  19. And a second. Started the season on fire delighted for him.
  20. Wesley horror tackle season before. Target played all 38 games. Trez got injured again with a bad injury at Liverpool which was unfortunate. Barkley is injury prone. Martinez played 38 games. McGinn 37 (1 missed due to covid) Watkins 37 (1missed suspension) Konsa 36 games Mings 36 games Luiz 33 games (some he was dropped) Traore 36 games (joined late) Get your facts right.
  21. That's not true we had less injuries than most clubs last season. Only lost Jack for a large period of time. Most are starting 11 played 90% of matches they could.
  22. Delighted for Chuk on positive note. Premier League first start at 17 is a huge achievement and he deserves it even with the injuries.
  23. Suddenly explains why Aaron Ramsey didn't play for U23s... Would have liked JPB to start but I guess Dean is concerned about experience in side now so decided to bring Target back in.
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