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  1. Are we watching the same incident? Show me where he won the ball? The only contact with the ball that March had was when Trez flicked the ball onto him.
  2. Anyone watching the game now? Very similar decision overturned in favour of the Scum. Absolute disgrace, the standard of refereeing.
  3. Agree with all of this so much. For me, the way forward is: Goal line technology VAR is used ONLY for moments similar to Thierry Henry's handball against Ireland or offsides that are an absolute mile. Use it for the absolute all time refereeing howlers and nothing else. Not measuring if someone's heel is offside by a nanometre. Anything else can get the **** out of our game.
  4. You're wrong. How can you not see he was tripped?
  5. Either way, he knew it was a foul. Absolutely no doubt about that. Players reactions are often the best thing to look at. Try watching it back and don't look at the ball, just his face. Says it all, doesn't it.
  6. Trezeguet as clear as day nicks the ball around him and would have had the next touch. The only reason he didn't have the next touch is because he was taken out. The contact on the ball is irrelevant.
  7. And you can add Martinez into that. He looks pretty much an all round great goal keeper. Was very impressed with how quick he is off his line. First chance to really see that today.
  8. He was superb throughout. Thought Konsa was great too and Traore encouraging. All three would be ahead of Trezeguet for me.
  9. That missed sitter in the first half alone should be enough to cost him MOTM.
  10. Spot on. I thought we were great and they were pretty good too. Decent game. We could have scored 5 or 6 on another day. We even played well considering all of our best players were knackered from international duty and Grealish had a rare off day, showing we don't only play well when he does.
  11. Just to add to my point. The reason I posted those gifs is because lots of people (some on here but mostly on Twitter/TV) are saying if you get the ball it can't be a foul. I was simply trying to show how bad that logic is. Of course the foul was nothing like any of those.
  12. Where did I say what he did was as bad as some of them? The point I was making was TOUCHING THE BALL IS IRRELEVENT IF IT'S A FOUL. He clearly trips Trezeguet and the contact on the ball is accidental and not enough to dispossess him.
  13. Oh look, he got the ball. Not a foul then. Let's just ignore the two footed lunge. Yep, same here. No foul as the ball touched him. Doesn't matter that Salah could have had his ankle broken because Kompany touched the ball. Clear contact on the ball despite him not meaning it in any way. Fair tackle then.
  14. He did the old 'both hands in the air, I'm innocent' reaction. He knew what he'd done and knows he got away with it.
  15. Yep, it's amazing this has to be spelled out to some people, isn't it? HE DID NOT GET THE BALL. HE DID NOT DISPOSSES TREZEGUET. HE DID NOT MAKE A FAIR TACKLE. THE BALL HIT HIM AS HE TRIPPED TREZEGUET!
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