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  1. New contract soon. Please. Love the man.
  2. Agreed, but I think Tuanzebe has more of those lapses. Also, Hause is easily our best player in the air. He's a pure beast.
  3. Better than Tuanzebe by an absolute country mile. Should be starting every week, for me.
  4. The set piece routine after 15 minutes when Cash played it short to Targett, changing the angle for him to play it to Konsa at the back post who nodded it down to Mings who controlled it for Ings was so good to watch. I think it's a work of art to come up with clever set piece routines like that. He's had such an obvious immediate impact.
  5. My MOTM tonight. Absolutely worked his socks off for the team. I love his attitude. He's such a team player. Felt bad for him that he never really had a chance himself. When was the last time we had two strikers the same quality as these two?
  6. Getting better every game. Looks totally at home at this level.
  7. You think the pass from Tuanzebe to Mings was good then? Have another look. It was completely unnecessary. Mings' wasn't good either but neither was Tuanzebe. It put him completely on the wrong foot.
  8. Yeah, I'm not excusing Mings. He should have played it better but the pass to him really didn't help. Tuanzebe just needed to play it down the line towards the corner flag, away from danger. Mings would just have played it down the line then. No need for him to play it inside.
  9. We played well and created lots of chances against a top defensive team, proving we don't need Greasy to create chances. We also did so playing a totally new formation and still not being at full strength with several key places either missing or not being fit. It was not a 3-0 game at all. Not even close. We could have scored 4 in the first half alone. Our pressing was superb and shows real promise. We'll cause lesser teams a lot of problems playing like that. Not sure how you can't see that.
  10. I mean there's focusing on the negatives and then there's focusing on negatives that didn't even happen. Staggering.
  11. Play like that and we'll win more than we lose. We were great.
  12. Yes, I think Martinez would have been quicker off his line.
  13. The pass from Tuanzebe to Mings was probably worse than Mings' to Steer but it won't get picked up on.
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