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  1. Yeah, he's not injured. Kohfeldt said he'd be in the squad this week if transfer talks had stalled. He will leave soon.
  2. That would be such a waste. He needs to be playing first team football every week.
  3. Did you watch them last night though? As good as he is, he's not starting many games for them. They were stunningly good.
  4. Oh yeah it does. I just hate people in general to be honest.
  5. He wouldn't have been a replacement for Grealish though. Totally different players.
  6. Rashica not in the squad for today's game.
  7. I'm absolutely sick of going on Twitter and seeing a post from the club, looking at replies and a load of pricks saying "announce so and so" or "this isn't a singing" etc. It's embarrassing and childish. Said it before and I'll say it again, social media is the worst invention ever.
  8. Tammy scuffs it when he strikes the ball. Almost like he's kicking it with his heel. He also never looks stable when he's running, kind of like Bambi on ice.
  9. I hate people who think other people are interested in their tweets. I just hate Twitter actually. In fact, I think I just hate people.
  10. Agree about Terry but the Premier League is a very different place now.
  11. If he's seen all this he must think we're a load of stalkers
  12. It seems the insanity of this thread has spilled over onto Twitter now
  13. Hopefully. I just have a worry Bremen might stall us and wait for them to come in. If I was us I'd pay up and get this done because even at £25m, we're getting a bargain.
  14. The first goal against Southampton at home still haunts me. I've seen glaciers move quicker.
  15. They have no choice but to sell him though. They know they need to but they just want as much as they can get. He'll definitely leave them this window. I'm just concerned how Wolves will need a replacement for Jota now!
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