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  1. To anyone concerned about us signing a "36 year old"; this is no ordinary 36 year old, as @TROsaid. This is not like the days when we bought Joe Cole etc. This is a serial winner with a top attitude and drive to keep being the best he can be. A player who has by all accounts done very well at Inter, in an Antonio Conte team. This is a coach who puts heavy emphasis on his full backs getting up and down the pitch and demands that anyone who plays for him has to be in top condition. If you haven't already, try watching his interview on the club site and tell me if you think he's just here fo
  2. You are making the point that we don't need old players. Well we have less now than a few weeks ago so you should be happy.
  3. Yeah. Incredible value when you think how vital he was to us back then. That winner at Everton is still one of my favourite moments watching Villa.
  4. We have literally 1 player over the age of 30 in our team this season. Last season we had 3.
  5. I still can't believe it was 14 and a half years ago we signed him.
  6. Ah yeah, Pires. Sorry thought you meant currently in our squad. Been a long day...
  7. I was thinking more Lionel Hutz.
  8. Sanson? He's 27. Guilbert is 26.
  9. All teams need experienced players. Before this signing our oldest players were Hourihane (30), Martinez (28), Steer (28), Mings (28). Everyone else is 27 or under. We needed that bit of extra experience on board. This is absolutely nothing like the days of Joe Cole, Keiron Richardson, Joleon Lescott and Phillippe Senderos.
  10. Wow! I forgot he only had one year left on his deal when he left us. How badly run were we back then?
  11. The use of the word treason did make me laugh. Talk about exaggeration.
  12. Got that in my wardrobe still. Might have to dig it out again.
  13. So were you okay with all the times he "went down easily" playing for us? Seriously, time to move on. Things happen in the moment. He probably lost himself in the moment and then maybe immediately after felt bad for doing it against us. Things happen in the moment. It wasn't like he put in a transfer request or forced a move. It wasn't even like the dive was in a crucial game that relegated us. It was a nothing moment in a game we'd have probably lost dive or no dive. If he'd done a Delph, then yes fair enough. I'd not be welcoming him back either. But he was nothing but an abso
  14. It was one dive a decade ago. Time to let it go. You'll be happier for it. The good he did for us far outweighs that.
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