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  1. Same here. And proud of that fact
  2. He's been phenomenal. I don't think he's ever played worse than a 7/10 all season. I'd say he has pretty much all the aspects needed to be a top level full back. He has a bit of everything. After Grealish I think he's been our best player and I'm sure Southgate must have noticed. He deserves to be at least considered.
  3. Which of you has replied to this now? Own up. Loving the Cartman tasting tears reply
  4. I thought Nakamba was probably MOTM but I voted for Targett because he clearly got under their skin and I found it hilarious. He's a star.
  5. Yeah but Bielsa sits on a bucket and squats all game though. He's clearly the better manager.
  6. Bamford just had sand in his vagina. Best to just ignore the little prick.
  7. Spot on. Not sure how exactly Smith could have made it easier as the OP said. That was as easy as it gets really. Thoroughly professional performance. Walk in the park really.
  8. That one felt good. Beating them in their own FA cup final. Hi to all the lurking Leeds fans obsessed with us. Jog on now Ps - Bamford is a little prick.
  9. For me, if we can sign 2 top quality/world class level players, I'd want a CDM and a wide forward. Then any other transfers can be for squad depth like another CB and a striker.
  10. This summer will be massive for us as a club and could define the next few years. We don't need to build a team anymore. We are in the position to say to players like Grealish "we mean business" by going out and buying maybe 2 top, top quality players.
  11. That's thing thing isn't it? Most fans of other clubs are so far up themselves they don't even know how serious and wealthy our owners are. I keep seeing league tables of clubs net spend with us high up and fans saying things like "how are Villa up there?". It's kind of funny but also annoying to see us dismissed like that. The penny will drop soon though if we can keep improving as a club. We owe NSWE everything.
  12. But it is how it works if we're talking about a player who doesn't want to leave (or at least won't kick up a fuss if he's not allowed) and if the club has serious owners. All of this would apply to us and Grealish. What gets me is fans of other clubs saying what he is or isn't worth based on their limited insight into football in the real world.
  13. Grealish is worth what we say he's worth. Then it's up to anyone to pay that or he stays. Why don't people get this? Any club has the right to demand what they want for their players.
  14. The goals show for BTs Champions League group stage footage is perfect for you then. James Richardson is a very knowledgeable host and all the pundits genuinely know loads about football. Always find it really interesting listening to them. Nothing else I've seen comes close.
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