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  2. Adobe Premier Pro or After Effects. Put the moving frames on a layer, static layer of VP in the background...
  3. It just came into my head, like a gift from the universe.
  4. We need Butland to come to Villa and settle as our first choice keeper for the next 4/5 years. A £20 million outlay would be just about right, in order to sort out a key position during some very important seasons in our Premier League building process. Switching keepers has cost us defensive continuity, and signing JB could put an end to this.
  5. I personally think Tuanzebe was THAT good. A couple weaknesses but there's just so much potential I'd be doing everything possible to sign him permanently.
  6. Good luck on loan Matija
  7. It was all just a hopeless empty dream, no signings for us today or tomorrow, maybe some other beautiful day.
  8. To be honest maybe not, don't forget we have steer, kalinic and nyland still at the club....
  9. TRO

    Jack Butland

    I don't quite understand how some folk are thinking is ok to enter the fray ( The premier League) with just Jed Steer.......The other 2 don't look capable Kalinic and Nyland. Its crucial to have a top keeper IMV.
  10. Looks as though their Number 1 has left so it's between two of them to challenge for the first team spot. https://livingstonfc.co.uk/theres-a-new-keeper-in-town/
  11. For rough comparison purposes - Etheridge played 38 games last season, conceded 61 goals and kept 10 clean sheets. In the season stoke were relegated, Butland played 35 games, conceded 60 goals and kept 6 clean sheets. Last season, Butland kept 18 clean sheets from 45 appearances which was the third best in the Championship (Henderson at Sheff Utd and Randolph at Boro had 21 and 19 respectively).
  12. sne

    Jack Butland

    I did too at first Had to double check twice
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