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  1. To be 2-0 at home, we should 100% be closing that game out, absolutely no excuses
  2. They'll be bids for him in January
  3. 2-0 up and cruising and we lost 3-2, serious questions needs to asked
  4. Looks like Ollie is 4th choice striker now
  5. Tie him down to a 5 year contract asap
  6. I have a feeling he will be recalled in January and sent out on loan to a league 2 club, he's not even making the bench anymore
  7. No , Europe. They need to win the champions League before they claim that title
  8. I can't consider them the best unless they win a champions League first
  9. How old is Foden Vs Grealish? And I mean in terms of being a better player, I think when both retire, Foden will be considered better imo
  10. You can always stop posting in this thread, it seems like you are part of the growth.....
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