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  1. You have people like trez and AEG on the bench to fill in, that's what happens..
  2. If we somehow manage to scrape through this season I hope the board realise we need real quality and not quantity.
  3. You watch Nakamba do a Gueye and end up playing for PSG in 3 years
  4. I don't understand what we needed to do, ideally we needed both I guess, we seemed to just settled for quantity? Because clearly the quality isn't there.
  5. Don't see why Howe would leave Bournemouth tbh
  6. He's basically a combine harvester
  7. He just looks bemused and out of ideas, I'm not sure what to suggest.
  8. It's a shame we've brought through such a talented player and we've not surrounded him with quality players. And inevitably he will leave because of poor recruitment from higher up.
  9. Tends to happen when you not only lose but lose in such a shit manner. It's easy to be positive when you are winning, shit , even playing well but not getting results , we aren't doing any of that. It's so disappointing.
  10. What's the plan then purslow?
  11. The most annoying thing is that it's still in our hands , but we just have absolutely not fight or plan, it's still in our hands and it looks like the players have given up.
  12. Wasn't Smith decent at Brentford? Or was that just the set up and nothing to do with Smith ?
  13. Combine all the divisions and we'd still be bottom of the defensive error rankings
  14. Refuse to vote for a motm, we needed a higher quality of signing in the summer, we chose quantity over quality and it's showing.
  15. No you are right, clearly these players are working.
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