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  1. I mean, we got a cup final last year, so......
  2. Imagine when he actually gets consistent decent service looking at 20+ goals
  3. We need to exploit TAA and his shocking defensive play
  4. He gets a lot of flak but he's so good at getting in scoring positions
  5. He just got an assist, so he's made up for his error
  6. Great signing and will be a great example for the youngsters
  7. Hopefully Kane plays the full 120 mins
  8. So buzzing for him, he deserves it
  9. We should be beating these easy, there's a reason they're bottom.
  10. This guy was an absolute beast today, he needs to be starting every match. His passing has improved considerably as well, love to see it.
  11. Looks like quite an industrious midfield, which is what you need to play Leeds
  12. Dean needs to put his foot down and makes some HT subs, it's a key point in the match , we get one back and we've got a chance, something needs to change.
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