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  1. Huge win, thought Nakamba looked brilliant as well.. feels good to be out of the drop zone.
  2. Never been more convinced that a Villa manager will succeed , there's something about this appointment that just seems right. It's incredibly refreshing to see a Villa manager attack teams and have a certain style of play , one based on control of the ball, fluid movement. Long way to go yet, the signs are extremely encouraging.
  3. Apparently Pep phoned Dean up after the match and asked advice about how to have more possession..
  4. We'll come good, I'm 100% certain of that, even losing 2 in a row, we have showed signs in these last 2 matches that we want to play attacking high tempo positive football. The performance was encouraging despite the result. Sign good defenders in January and start finishing our chances and we are up.
  5. It's so refreshing to have a manager that actually knows about tactics, you can tell he like high energy press because when he talks about overloading and setting traps to win the ball back, very early on but also really encouraging signs, we will only get better the longer he has, the future is bright ?
  6. Honestly never been more excited, he seems like a perfect fit for Villa, a very correct decision by the board, and the fact that he likes to play attacking forward thinking football is very encouraging, it's strange being a Villa fan and have complete confidence in the board, and that they will do what is best for the club. could get used to it.
  7. Jack will be delighted to have him back in the dressing room, so will Chester, actually he will make a huge difference in the dressing room.
  8. Whoever they hire can't serve anything worse than Bruce served up at his time here, an attacking high intensity quick style of football please
  9. It's a shame because this group of players in really talented, a better manager would be top 3
  10. Don't stop though, keep on the pressure, we want 5
  11. Sometimes creative midfielders do better on the wing, gives them more space to cause havoc
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