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  1. Cash to Watkins back post is going to be some partnership
  2. We need to go all out and sign him, would send a real message to the rest of the premier league, would finally have someone to take set pieces.
  3. So he's content to play 2nd fiddle to Watkins?
  4. I guess the only person that knows the answer to that question is Totti , point is he remained loyal to Roma, when he could have easily joined Juve, Milan, Madrid... And won a lot more Serie A titles and champions Leagues.
  5. I was convinced he was a different breed This image needs to posted everywhere:
  6. I was sure Jack would have wanted to play 1 season back in front of the Holte end in a Villa top again, after the hollowness of the empty stadiums last season.
  7. I know it won't happen but it would be hilarious if city failed to win a trophy this season
  8. I guess he didn't believe in the project anymore
  9. Apparently jack disappears against the good teams, lol absolutely clueless, guess they're just ignoring Liverpool match, oh or when he had to come on and save the day against Germany.... Their fans really aren't going to appreciate him if he does go. Sign a new contract!
  10. Clearly keeping his new contract in his hairband so obviously can't hand it over
  11. I doubt he would want to strengthen City
  12. 12 points off 4th spot last year and that's with Grealish out for 3 months, I reckon if he was fit for the whole season we would have challenged
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