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  1. Most important transfer news all window
  2. He's part of the squad , doesn't have to be a starter, he can be a handful coming off the bench when the opposition are tired and fresh Trez running them ragged.
  3. Scored 13 goals in his first season for Lyon, if he can recapture that form he'll be a cracking signing , but it's big if.
  4. Scoring against West ham should be expected, they're woeful
  5. Can we just not offer them cash + Samatta... I feel like Samatta would score at least 25 up there.
  6. We don't need nyland giving points away... Hey him in.
  7. Sounds very calm and levelheaded, which is what you need in front of goal, I reckon he's going to have no problem with stepping up a level.
  8. A diamond is just 2 triangles together
  9. Edouard Watkins Grealish As a diamond
  10. He'll outscore Wilson I'm 100% certain of that
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