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Found 47 results

  1. Apologies all round. I appear to have inadvertently deleted the old thread, instead of a single post. (Hopefully it can be recovered by a less incompetent mod, but meanwhile, please carry on here.) Anyway, so, overpriced nuclear power stations, pig's heads, lies and incompetence... The thread on the condem gov't is here
  2. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    Obama has tapped John Kerry for Secretary of State, with Hillary Clinton resigning. He should easily be approved, meaning Massachusetts be short one senator and will have it's second special election for senator in three years. It's possible that the seat goes to a Republican, (most likely Scott Brown again) so this is a risky move by Obama. The early consensus is that Ted Kennedy Jr. will run for the Dems.
  3. As the original thread was a poll (coming over here, fixing our plumbing...no sorry that's Poles) it expired. So here's a new topic to discuss ever closer union in which we all have to speak Lithuanian / a return to the 1950s where Britannia was best at everything.
  4. Biden is enjoying a 10 point lead in national polling, but there are still four more months to go. What is your prediction?
  5. 1) Today we are greeted with a suggestion from one the countries chief of police that neighbourhood watch members could become more active in policing 2) Last week. the discredited ronnie flanagan said that the current level of policing was neither required nor sustainable. 3) And in the background "project griffin" has been tooling up private security firms since 2004 to man the barricades when it all goes pop. So is this privatisation of the police force by stealth? Taking it point by point, 1) I find it sinister that neighbourhood groups are increasingly energised to monitor and inform on their next door neighbours. Does this not remind of us of anything? 2) People critical of flanagans report stated that reducing police numbers would leave the state exposed at times of crisis. Of course the curtain twitchers in point (1) will help resolve the day to day commitments, but if there are needs for a large deployment, say, another miners strike or riots across inner cities, then that's where they need (3) 3) Project griffin started a few years back (I have mentioned it here a few times), bringing together heads of private security firms - you know those really trust worthy people (and I've worked with some) who increasingly employ immigrants, and were recently shown to have thousands of illegals in their employ - and explaining to these bosses how, in a time of need, they were the ones best placed to secure the second line. This is of course all done under the banner of readiness for "terrorist attack" or maybe civil disobediancy. In the US they have blackwater and private armies, over here we're going with a part-voluntary, part-salaried and part privatised police force. Is this the way to reduce crime? Or does having a private internal army supported by curtain twitchers rather dangerous?
  6. Think this needs its own thread so labour fans who do you fancy? I am tipping Chuka Umunna as Labour need a complete revamp and modernising after this disaster election. seems to have done well in his local area.
  7. It's been mentioned a lot in many of the Politics topics but our national broadcaster is becoming a disgrace when it comes to it's political content. I've always been a supporter and realise that slight biases will always be apparent in a service that has an obligation to be fair and unbiased but I do feel it has crossed the line from the unconscious bias programmes always showed (both ways) into an area where it's overt bias is now becoming very apparent and destructive to both itself and the country. I'm still a proponent of the licence fee but something really needs to change at the BBC, their political content is shockingly biased and seemingly they aren't even trying to hide it. I came across this story today and it highlights how ludicrous the situation has become. I'm a supporter of neither the Unionist or the SNP The National
  8. I don't think we've got a thread for the Liberals, or the Liberals that are hoping there will be a new sort of Liberal Party with a bunch of peeps from the middle bits of the other parties. So I started one. Anyway, let's all enjoy Vince's erotic spasm.
  9. bickster

    Murdoch Scum

    A topic about how much of a shithead Rupert Murdoch is. Todays piece of evidence from the Guardian:- Clicky I'm sure this topic will fill with plenty more examples of Rupe's minions doing his bidding in such a marvelous manner in the days, weeks and months to come. Discuss... Celebrities can sue for having their phones hacked but this one really is lower than low.
  10. Think this needs his own thread, as the bloke is getting a bigger and bigger following as time goes on. I've seen old friends radicalised by him, sharing his crap multiple times a day. He's still doorstepping his critics:
  11. Thought it was probably time for a thread specific to the 'kippers and their quest for a new leader. Fact is, they clearly have millions of supporters and some of them must be on this board, I guess. This shouldn't just be about the smug posting of clippings proving they are all nutjobs. Though I suspect approximately 92% of the content will be precisely that...
  12. Media reporting Trump has informed Macron that he’s pulling the US out of the JCPOA and reimposing sanctions on Iran.
  13. You would think that the longer this crisis goes on, the more authoritarian many governments will become. They will use the pandemic as a convenient excuse to apply an iron grip on their populations. If fundamental aspects of the global economy break down or become obsolete, there will be a massive shift in how societies structure themselves and what people do with their lives.
  14. I dont need a fraud Defence to help reach the billable hours target. 7.30 is the aim but with an assistant its routine to hit between 24 and 30. Costs targets are the important ones. Grafter me.
  15. There was some discussion of this in the Labour Party thread, in the context of II's attempts to smear Corbyn, but the activities of the group are rather wider than just that, so I thought I'd start this for anyone interested. Tim Hayward has a blog here which is regularly updated, giving links to articles about this operation as well as links to all the downloads of leaked documents. It's useful, since the mainstream media are blanking the story, I don't know whether because there's a D notice out, or because so many of their own staff are listed as being involved and are using their position to suppress coverage. Be careful about downloading the documents, though - it seems there are attempts to infect them, to discourage people from getting them.
  16. I know this combines Tory Labour threads but I'll be watching this like I would a world cup. Literally everything to play for, my own personal opinion is that I have no fooking clue what what will happen.
  17. I figure a catchall thread would be good for this part of the world. I'm starting one now because one time hero Daniel Ortega is now a murderous tyrant as 70% of the roads in Nicaragua are currently blocked by protesters who want him to resign. The heady days of the Sandinistas seem a long time ago. Ortega's armed forces are shooting to kill and are killing. He's got a civilian paramilitary carrying out most of it. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump sends the marines in there, it would be an easy win and he can rouse his base with it as the midterm elections near. Reagan invaded Grenada, Bush Sr. invaded Panama. If Bush Jr. didn't invade Iraq, I think he would have invaded Venezuela. It's a cynical quick fix for American presidents.
  18. Xann


    Big things and little things to make a better World.
  19. A perfunctory search failed to turn up a suitable thread to revive, so 'ow 'bout a new, special, dedicated thread for discussion of the ongoing sagas? My views? For all the bluster over which right winger will be US president next year, to me THIS is the real political struggle of our age. I think it's frankly laughable how much effort is put into politically convenient prosecutions like that of Slobodan Milosevic, while others (cough Bush, cough Blair cough cough) get away with what should be considered the ultimate War Crime: Starting one. Governments are on a mission to increase the amount of monitoring they can impose on ordinary internet users, but go mental when they are subjected to scrutiny themselves. As far as Sweden's case against Assange goes, there can be absolutely no doubt that it is politically motivated. The facts are that he had sex with two women on consecutive nights in Sweden. In one or both cases he didn't use a condom some or all of the time. Both the women in question were texting friends the next day expressing their thrill at being able to hang out with JA. The trouble started when they exchanged notes, and instantly there were two scorned women. The police got involved when one or both of them went to the cops to find out if they could force him to take an STD test (which he has since done and passed with flying colours, apparently). As for poor Bradley Manning, who provided Wikileaks with their biggest scoops, he is in a very unenviable position, but his original motives seem to have been sound, and indeed commendable. On the one hand you don't want your junior servicemen to go screaming to the press at every opportunity, but on the other hand Manning found clear evidence of institutional abuses and injustices. What could be more patriotic than taking a personal risk to expose something that in the long run is guaranteed to come back to haunt your fellow servicemen, your country, and frankly the whole world? Even if you don't think Manning should have done what he did, he has suffered a LOT, for a LONG time. As a deterrent against future whistleblowers, his detention has long since served its purpose.
  20. I know there are many posts in different threads about this, and I'm not asking mods to spend time collating them all here, but it does seem best to have a thread for this. Here's something from the Greens. From an email, not a website.
  21. The predictions thread had me thinking a lot about UBI. Automation and technology is going to make many jobs obsolete but we live with an incredible amount of abundance in the world. We also currently live in capitalism which allows whoever owns the systems to profit themselves into untold wealth. However UBI is a concept which has reasoning from both sides of the traditional political spectrum, so please discuss: and for those who aren't familiar here is a wiki. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_income
  22. My mgf's son just told me about a man in Scotland being in jail for teaching his dog to heil every time he says "Sieg heil!" as a joke to annoy his gf that loves the dog. He himself calls for free speech. I call bad sense of humour. If this story is true. Anyway, GF's son is an intelligent young man but he's spending to much time on the internet listening to too much bs without really looking out for the credibility of the sources, and for a time now he's heard and been quite convinced that the laws of the free speech GB are getting ridiculously hard and that you can get sentenced for next to nothing when it comes to that. That's not the experience I've got but I've got nothing to back it up with, really. So, therefor I'm turning to you guys to either confirm him or give me some backup, depending on who's right nd who's wrong. Or maybe it's a grey area.
  23. boy the news is relentlessly poor the Dow at the lowest levels for 5 years, the big car manufacturers abotu to go under, jobs being lost all over the place. Each country is having specfic issues but ay leats Oil is still coming down and thus inflation but now everyone is worried about deflation !!! In the states teh interest rate is likely to be cut to just 0.5% so where do they go if that does not work ? over here despite massive tax money the banks are still refusing to lend to small business's and it appears on Monday we are likely to see some tax cuts, the proposed new car tax bands being abanonded and god knwos what else, rumours of a free council tax month or VAT being lowered temporary and no one with any certainity knows what could happen plus much more I am sure said it before but this is history we are living through
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