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Hope we have learned not to leave both of our full backs exposed.

Not a chance. That would involve some kind of defensibe organisation.

The game will involve man city having 65% possesion, 20 shots on goal and a 3-0 win. Man of the match guzan.

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We've been woeful since the Liverpool game, we looked smooth before but now we can't seem to string passes together. With Benteke I think we could have taken something but I really don't see where the goals are coming, no disrespect to Kozak who I think has done well but he is a different player to Benteke, and jesus christ are we dying for a creative midfielder who can actually do things with the ball.


I hope we can hold out for a 1 - 1 draw.

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I just don't want to see us chasing the ball the whole game. Lets get back to playing football like we did at the backend of last season. If we loose lets at least go down fighting. Kozak has to have more support. Benteke may be good enougn to play that lone role but i'm not sure Kozak can.

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A free hit really, i think just about everyone in the World is expecting a severe home defeat for us as we are frankly Lower championship level at home but a decent Prem side away.


0-4 again for me, thankfully Sergio Aguerro & Silver are not playing so hopefully that may keep the score down a little. Would've gone down today normally but frankly with the state of us at home at the moment i won't waste my money as i have better things to do than get embarrassed watching our clueless lot. Our only hope is to play it like an away game as they may get a bit overconfident & go for us as though it was a home game for them.... even then though i could still see a defeat sadly.... Soz but i have zero confidence in us at home & watching us get comfortably stuffed week in week out is really not my idea of a fun day out. 

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we should go 4 3 1 2 as we need to have presence against there central midfield pairing.



lowton vlaar Clarke luna

       bacuna kea sylla


  gabby         weimann

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With Aguero and Silva rested we have a good chance. All we need to worry about is:


Zabelleta set pieces





Return goal for Milner (no celebration cos he's class)

Our lack of goal threat



Daily Mail readers

Fox News

An awol Gareth RDR

and the baby Jesus.

Simple. 2-1 to the Villa!!

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