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  1. KHV

    Henri Lansbury

    Discarding both Whelan and Jedinak with 1 centre back at the club would be suicide at the moment. Nothing wrong with either one of them infront of the back four. I don't think you can start with Hourihane, McGinn and Grealish at the same time though. I actually think Grealish is the difficult one to shoehorn in to the side. I get the impression McGinn was meant to be a replacement for Grealish so something has to give.
  2. KHV

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    I would piss myself if Fielding knocked Canelo out. It's not going to happen but it would be hilarious
  3. KHV

    Scott Hogan

    Not a cat in hells chance he starts ahead of Abraham or Kodjia
  4. KHV

    Saudi Arabia

    the real one
  5. KHV

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    You could post similar stats for the Moore brothers...............
  6. KHV

    Dean Smith

    Correct, he is a scouser
  7. KHV

    Dean Smith

    Given he has only managed smaller clubs with smaller ambitions, I wonder how he will find the pressure if it doesn't go well? We have a rather large section of our fanbase who are utter cockwombles
  8. KHV

    Dean Smith

    I have seen plenty of Brentford performances where they don't keep the ball that much. I think this Brentford keeping the ball thing is a bit of a myth overall. I have seen Brentford play a fast counter attacking style on numerous occasions, rather like when we were at our best under MON
  9. KHV

    Dean Smith

    If we don't go up this year then we will have to clear out the entire first team. No way next year we can be paying people between £20k-£75k per week. It may take us years to get out of this league if we miss it this year (which I think we will)
  10. KHV

    Dean Smith

    My biggest worry is the fans, I don't think there will be an instant upturn in results. Villa fans want and expect results, this squad is a shambles at the moment. I fear he may be on a hiding to nothing
  11. KHV

    Dean Smith

    I think people are expecting us to suddenly implement Brentford's style which is simply not going to happen, at least not in the short term. He has been managing smaller clubs his whole career and his record is decent but nothing spectacular IMO. I'm not sure he will be successful here. I hope I'm wrong but I am not convinced this is going to end well.
  12. KHV

    Dean Smith

    Hogan was just another example of Aston Villa paying too much money for an average footballer. Wages get doubled or trebled and then they contribute **** all
  13. KHV

    Dean Smith

    As more time goes by the more underwhelmed I become by Dean Smith's appointment. I have a feeling this will be a disaster
  14. KHV

    Dean Smith

    Drop to League 1
  15. KHV

    Dean Smith

    I love your optimism. After this season there will have to be huge cutbacks and a total overhaul of the entire 1st team. Realistically we cannot really afford anybody's wages within this 1st team squad. It will be a total rebuild and it will have to be done cheaply. I would not be at all surprised if we do a Leeds/Man City within the next two years