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  1. Millions of people in this country this can afford it like myself but don't do it Free healthcare should be for those that need it People or households of a certain income should not be entitled to it, you should have to cover yourself Im not expecting everyone to pay for it as clearly they cant. A large chunk of this country can which would relieve a huge drain on the NHS I don't mind still paying my taxes to fund the NHS even though I swerve it whenever possible I pay for private dental cover too as well as healthcare People are very willing to pay for pointless luxury crap but as soon as you mention paying for your health they look at you like you have bumped your head Does everyone in my house need a brand iPhone 11 or do they need the best healthcare cover? I know what my answer is even if it makes me less cool, sadly I'm in a minority these days Image is everything, looking after yourself weirdly isn't.
  2. It's £200 per month for me, my partner and my daughter. Fully covered no exclusions, we both smoke and no excess £6.57 per day For your health and wellbeing it's a no brainer
  3. Pay for it yourself with health insurance It doesn't cost a lot
  4. Nothing wrong with me The NHS is crap and has been for a long time I was born in the 70's and cant remember an election that didn't have have parties squabbling over how crap the state of the NHS was
  5. All the labour voters saying your evil if you don't vote for Corbyn and Labour on social media words removed
  6. Bollocks Lets be honest the NHS has been a bag of shit for about 30 years now. Every election argument for a long time has been based on bleating about the NHS and how it's underfunded and how it's going to be saved if you vote for us blah blah blah Labour are saying they are going to pump x amount of billions into it. Why? It doesn't work, it will never work and in truth has only really worked for half it's life span which was probably the first half The whole thing needs to be scrapped and completly replaced
  7. KHV

    Wesley Moraes

    It;s Celtic an Scottish football, you could have tested them with £2.20
  8. KHV

    Dean Smith

    If results are bad VP turns bad, if VP turns bad then the long contract isn't worth the paper its written on. It is just more expensive to boot him Contract should have waited until the summer IMO
  9. KHV

    Dean Smith

    Kodjia must have boned his missus
  10. KHV

    Dean Smith

    As much as people slated Pulis, he used to have trading drills where the starting XI would not play with the ball and learn where do drop without possesion and how to set up lines across midfield and the back four. He also used to drill people on where to drop if someone was caught upfield In no way am I suggesting we go full Pulis, but we could do with a week of these kind of drills I like what Smith does from an attacking perspective but defensivley he is woeful What staggers me more is that Terry and Smith should know defending!
  11. KHV

    Wesley Moraes

    Id rather we kept Hogan, and that's saying something!
  12. KHV

    Dean Smith

    He can **** Wesley off for a start
  13. KHV

    Dean Smith

    Id be happy keeping it under 3 to be honest
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