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  1. You don’t have to wear them in supermarkets You can go in without a mask to Co-op, Sainsbury’s and Tesco I assume the policy is the same at other supermarkets too
  2. One of the worst strikers I have ever seen us play Utter bollocks at everything and made of glass
  3. Not sure about this I must admit
  4. Bielsa would flop at Barcelona He has never really achieved anything at club level Winning the Championship is probably his greatest achievement
  5. I hope West Ham get at least a point They will go into full relax mode
  6. What are the odds on us being in the lead with about 15 mins to go before it all goes tits up
  7. KHV

    Dean Smith

    The board should have binned him months ago We have gone downhill since he got his new contract Why the hell we did that I will never know
  8. KHV

    Dean Smith

    Smith was crap in the Championship last season until Grealish returned He won’t have that luxury next season as Jack is going Stick with Smith and we will be about 14th in the Championship by Christmas He isn’t very good and he never has been really None of the teams he has managed have ever been able to defend to save their lives He is a League 1 / mid table championship manager at best and it shows
  9. I’m clinging on to Liverpool May be a case of after the Lord Mayors show
  10. Anyone else on here play Golf Clash?
  11. KHV

    Dean Smith

    See he is blaming fatigue and the schedule Clutching at straws now
  12. That is quite shocking I have been managed by two Afro Caribbean women, 2 Muslim women My current boss is gay, so I suppose I have had quite a diverse mix of people in the this current job over the last 15 years
  13. I wouldn’t queue at IKEA during a non pandemic Their stuff is is horrendously wank
  14. Double Sausage and Egg Muffin meal for a hangover That’s all maccies is good for
  15. I have zero interest in the remainder of the season I really have totally gone off all football during this lockdown I am almost totally put off by the whole concept and morals of the modern game This lockdown may have been the final nail in the coffin for me I feel totally disconnected from the whole thing
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