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  1. KHV

    Tony Xia

    Good. The bloke is a cockwomble
  2. KHV

    Tony Xia

    Looking for outside investment. Who wants to invest in a business that needs an injection of 4m each month just to keep it going
  3. Ronaldo always delivers on the biggest of stages. That's why he is better than Messi IMO.
  4. KHV

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Stephen Ireland
  5. KHV

    Tony Xia

    Probably embarrassed and in hiding given all of the bullshit he has come out with over the last two years. The guy is an imbecile and he knows that everyone can see that now.
  6. KHV

    Jack Grealish

    If we can get £30 million now take it. If we don't sell him now we won't get anything for him. He will be in the last year of his contract next year so we will either get peanuts for him or he will run his deal down for **** all. Beggars can't be choosers, £30m for someone who has had half a good season in the second tier is great business
  7. KHV

    Tony Xia

    Doug dismantling the European cup winning team must be up there. I'd actually put Xia up there in my life time. I have never seen anybody be so wreckless whilst in charge. Lerner over spent but at least he paid the bills!
  8. KHV


    Odds of Jedinak and Whelan being sold are somewhere between slim and non
  9. KHV

    Tony Xia

    I'd hardly say Bendall was our worst chairman ever though which is why that comment confused me
  10. KHV

    Tony Xia

  11. KHV

    Jack Grealish

    £20 million plus add ons is a fair price for Jack. He has barely any PL experience and has had half a good season in the championship. Plus he is a free agent in 2020
  12. KHV

    Tony Xia

    Probably helps if you can read chinese
  13. KHV

    Keith Wyness

    As I posted elsewhere. Average wage of a championship player is about 10k. We are paying double to 5 times that on every player!
  14. KHV

    Villa and FFP

    When you consider that the average salary of a championship player is around 8-10k per week it's not a shock that we are up shit creek, I doubt we pay anyone a wage that low. I'm afraid the whole lot will have to go and we will have to start again. Xia has been putting in 4m a month for 2 years and we have had parachute payments too!