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  1. Anfield is like a library. They sing YNWA pre kick off and then only make a noise when they score If Liverpool don’t score you can hear a pin drop The place is a myth
  2. KHV

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    That’s what the ladies say about me
  3. KHV

    Ørjan Nyland

    Spink in Rotterdam
  4. KHV

    Ørjan Nyland

    He had a mare against Man City
  5. KHV

    Ørjan Nyland

    Nylands biggest problem is that if he makes an error he completely crumbles If he makes a couple of good stops early doors and is confident he looks immense
  6. That is **** criminal and likely to be the reason we go down
  7. He offers protection
  8. No, the record of relegation teams that end up in cup finals trying to stay up is poor. Swansea did it however Boro, The scum, Portsmouth, Wigan etc all went down as well Our run in isn’t great and I don’t really want to see us at Wembley against Citeh Have a feeling that will be a repeat of our day out against Arsenal or even worse a repeat of Citeh vs Watford
  9. I’d put out a second string team Would rather rest the players for the weekend That is our only big game this week
  10. I’ve said this before, I have been on helicopters twice and I will never go on them again. I didn’t feel safe at all There is **** all you can do if something goes wrong I feel sorry for his family, awful news
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