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  1. Good job you never missed the 'l'
  2. You typed old Bush into Google
  3. KHV

    Scott Hogan

    My 9 year old chiahuaha has a lot of energy. She runs around in the park with no sense of direction or any kind of plan. I should rename her Hogan
  4. I don't for one second think they killed her. I don't think they were checking every 20 mins like they said and I think they gave their kids calpol to make them drowsy which didn't help the situation. None of the kids woke up or screamed with a stranger in the room and someone was seen carrying a sleepy child. Kids would scream to **** if grabbed by a weirdo coming into their room. They made a massive error of judgement and paid the ultimate price IMO. Their world tour and meeting the pope was massively OTT. Too much PR didn't go down too well with people. Although the online comments and hate mail they got was way out of line.
  5. I have always thought the McCann's were full of shit. So far this is not changing my mind one bit.
  6. I'm watching it now. The McCann's really didn't help themselves did they?
  7. A 23 year old who had managed 14 games in 4 years? I don't think so.
  8. Take a month off the booze, don't eat crap, drink plenty of water and your liver will do the rest
  9. KHV

    Jed Steer

    I feel Steer should have been given the whole season all about opinions though
  10. KHV

    Jed Steer

    I don't rate Kalinic at all
  11. KHV

    Tom Carroll

    Some people just love to hate Hourihane.
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