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  1. KHV


    Lack of investment has killed them It needed freshening up, Eriksen should have been sold Winks isn’t good enough for a top 4 team Selling Trippier for a pittance was baffling as Aurier is shocking They needed some central defenders A huge overhaul is needed there as I just think it’s gone stale
  2. They don’t tend to travel too well either
  3. KHV

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Seems to suffer from a touch of Hourihane syndrome. Pops up with goals and assists and is constantly doubted
  4. KHV

    Wesley Moraes

    Same number of premier league goals as Salah, more goals than Firminio. Not a bad start
  5. Great goal Great assist Won a penalty Good days work IMO
  6. Strap yourselves in lads and maybe have a couple of stiff drinks, this is going to be nervy! I hope we go 3 up
  7. The Norwich B team are cutting through us almost at will
  8. Anyone else waiting for Norwich to pull one back and then the panic setting in?
  9. God we are awful. Dread to think how many Liverpool/Man City will put past us. We are wide open. Norwich look like scoring everytime they come over the halfway line
  10. KHV

    Manchester United

    Lingard represents everything wrong with modern society. He is arguably the biggest bellend in the country and this is a country that is home to Piers Morgan and Katie Hopkins. I **** hate this arrogant cockwomble with a passion .
  11. It's a must win. We have got to get out of the basement
  12. KHV

    Dean Smith

    Massive game for Dean. Early doors but this is a basement battle. Defeat here is damaging. We have shown enough to show we can compete but he has to be more tactically astute here Dropped more points from winning positions than anyone else and we simply can't continue like this Biggest weekend so far by a country mile so everything has to be on point The midfield balance has to be right and he has to get his substitutions right this week which is something where he has seriously lacked Defeat here is a huge smack in the teeth and I think he has to get selection right
  13. My old boss from Virgin Media is on there! Scarlett
  14. Flybe won't be around much longer
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