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  1. KHV

    Pre-Match Thread

    This is exactly what I would do. Premier league has to be our priority
  2. KHV


    No keeper was saving Wesleys shot. Right in the corner, he nearly kept El Ghazi's out too. I'd say both were great 1 on 1 finishes, both slid across the keeper on the deck which is how you put away those type of chances. I don't think anyone in their right mind would criticise the keeper!
  3. I wouldn't say it was comfortable 1 off the line, 1 off the post, Walcott over the bar. They could have/should have had 3 goals. I think sometimes we are way too open and the marking is not existent. I still think the midfield is fairly poor at tracking runners especially when the fullbacks are pushed up. I think we need to do more when not in possession. That's my main concern with us at the moment, we can be cut wide open at times and concede glaring chances. Thats what we struggle with being as we have so many attack minded players.
  4. We need to start getting points on the board. No points from 3 games, two of which are at home would be poor to say the least
  5. Wesley, Kodjia, Davis, El Ghazi and Jota I don't believe are good enough
  6. Not sure about El Ghazi or Wesley
  7. A goal in the next 5 - 10 will make things interesting
  8. Playing well this half. The end product is severley lacking

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