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  1. I have just watched that. What a **** farce, Robert Byrd is either deaf and blind or cashing a cheque this morning
  2. Thought Chernobyl was excellent, just finished Good Omens and found it watchable but not great. Just finishing Bosch at the moment which I really enjoy and then I must get up to date with Gotham.
  3. If you have a high speed internet connection you don't have to give Sky or HBO a thing
  4. KHV

    Did You Like ABBA?

    Your probably right, I must admit though that I'd rather shit in my hands and clap than listen to one of their songs. Personally I think they were atrocious! I can't stand ABBA either btw
  5. Rumors are that AJ was knocked out badly in sparring and never fully recovered from it, hence why his old man lost his shit with Eddie Hearn.
  6. KHV


    If Diego Jota is level of player we are looking at it's going to be a long season ahead. He is **** shit
  7. He's a dirty little bluenose word removed
  8. Not sure that will cut it. Might need something stronger!
  9. I'd be happy with that. I'd leave Green at home, he is woeful
  10. Butterfly's in my stomach, can't eat, can't settle down. I'm already pacing round and there are still over 5 hours to go. Is it too early to start drinking?
  11. KHV

    Dean Smith

    A class coach that has won nothing outside Argentina and nothing since 1998
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