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  1. I wonder if this will help K Davies? A finishing master to help him sort it out? It may just mean he's off on loan of course Welcome Danny though. Delighted he's signed and i do look forward to seeing what he can do for us.
  2. So you're telling me the clubshop has run out of the letter "M" now too?! That's just Minging
  3. Pretty sick of footballers tbh. They are clearly full of I reckon this has been done for a lot longer than we think. The day he was called up for England was a sad day as it always is for Villa Players as the scummy 6 clubs greed mongers just get in their ears instantly. I mean Sterling is amongst the worst (Still remember him & Delph taking the P out of us with that snakes on a plane pic they posted when Delph had "Done a Grealish". To think half the reason he was even picked for England was down the the Villa fans constantly promoting him everywhere. Scum the lot of them. I now do not believe a single word uttered by any footballer. I will simply go & watch the game and decide whether to bother with a Season Ticket next time out as frankly i doubt i would have purchased this seasons had i seen whats transpired in advance. The Silence from the club is deafening in all this and the BS very apparent. As for the Balloon Ego that is Grealish..........Who?
  4. I think it's as clear as day he's off. Silence from the man himself, the club removing his shirt from the mannequins at the Villa store, JT leaving (Must admit i thought that was possibly to do with Grealish's situation as much as Terry wanting his own role.. just didn't feel right). All the smoke and yet complete silence from the club up to this point aside from rumours of another contract offer being on the table. No sign of Grealish on the away kit reveal etc etc Then apparent bids for players who could be to do with replacing him like Bailey who appears to play in a similar left sided position. As for the 100m? Well what's that gonna do exactly? Clubs will just tell us to do one or wait for stupid money for lesser players than Grealish (Southampton, Arsenal) just like Spurs did with Kane when City came darkening their doors (Take note AVFC). All appears a bit like we just rolled over up to this point. Hopefully Sawiris & Edens have some kind of plan & quick as this will practically put us back into a relegation battle as the squad stands. We saw that clearly last season when he was out. So my new season ticket has kind of lost the excitement it caused when it arrived, now it's makes me think.... Meh! when i look at it sadly. Over to you Sawiris & Edens... It really is dangling by a thread at the moment so plan your next moves carefully. Another issue is teams like Southampton will now see themselves as back ahead of us so no way they'll sell their better players to us. "
  5. Totally agree, The only way to stop this neverending cycle of the scummy 6 clubs retaining their dominance is to simply refuse to sell until you have all but closed the gap on them. It's the exact reason why the gap is there in the first place. Jack would be surely well aware of this as a Villa boy so i would be dismayed if he were to also repeat the same old boring cycle. Half these clubs only do it to clubs like us when they see us looming on the horizon as a potential threat. Does my head in and has done for decades. If for once we could stay strong and keep our best players for another couple of years it would clearly both help with us selling the dream to incoming new players and also close the gap a lot quicker than those above us would like. Then it's a different ball game entirely as if you get in those top 4 / 6 places others would come on the back of that and it becomes sustainable even if Grealish then did leave. So for me it's simply a year or two early for AVFC.
  6. Surely it would also give us the option of playing 2 up top? I think i am correct in saying we only came from behind to win ONCE last season? So effectively if we go a goal down normally that's it? So maybe having the option of actually putting 2 top strikers on the pitch would help with this? Especially with Beundia's ability to play them in.
  7. It sure is! Unfortunately the only way this will change is by us re-earning some long lost respect as a club. I remember walking back into Birmingham on my way back from Rotterdam knowing that AVFC was truly back where it should be. We had earned respect once again and were at the pinnacle of World football once more. I remember thinking "The cream has finally risen back to the top!" HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE THE CREAM TO RISE? Lets not forget that up until World War 1, which effectively changed the whole football landscape, AVFC was thought of as one of the true elite if not THE elite club. After the huge disruption of WW1 (1914-1918) we were just getting back to our place (Two FA cup wins & League title runners up twice between the two World Wars) before the second & much longer World War hit 1939 - 1945) and once again understandably this churned everything up massively in the Football World. Post WW2 It took us 35 years to rise to League Champions Once again. During that 35 year period we still managed to win 1 FA cup in 1957 & 3 League cups in 1960/61, 1974/75 & 1976/77 there were also several other achievments such as champions of the lower leagues during some darker times. It's worth noting that some of the more unsuccessful clubs, who the media now seem to group us with and see us amongst would be proud of this trophy haul even if it represented their entire history's achievements! I also think we need to understand that many of todays pundits & certainly fans of those glory hunter type clubs, simply do not have enough knowlegde of the history of the game nor any memory of these facts as they basically were not born or old enough to remember them. As we all know we finally got back to the pinnacle in 1980/81 winning the League title and even went a step further in 1982 with that European cup win in Rotterdam. Luckily i was there so i remember it. Then something hugely damaging to this club happened. A certain gentleman who one of our stands is named after, bought the club and ran us like a corner shop for 35 years. He destroyed the respect that this club had earned more than once over the previous hundred years or so. The evidence is as clear as day, he took over the European Champions and our very next achievement was in 1987/88 .....As second division runners up!! Need i say more? This 35 year stretch under one Doug Ellis was what broke AVFC and is why we are derided by todays pundits & fans as it was quite frankly the poorest ever 3 - 4 decade period in our history.. though even this saw us as title runners up in the early 90's and twice more League cup winners in 93/94 & 95/96. Then the Ellis effect had us just existing in midtable insignificant mediocrity for almost 2 decades! Lets remember that this is the only period most of these people have been alive through, so the rest they simply cannot comprehend. So we now have to re-earn that lost respect. We have historically done it before several times and we can do it again. NSWE are already 3 years into the process of doing this but it will take a while longer yet. Looking through our history it has taken around 12 years for this club to rise to big trophy wins after both World wars. Only when this happens will pundits/fans see us "worthy" of players with Jack's ability. Over to you NSWE!
  8. I have to say for me he would be leaving a year or two early IF he went. If he & his family are so Villa through & through & his Great Grandfather a former Villa Captain, then i simply cannot comprehend why you would not see where AVFC could get to this season & if we indeed then progressed into Europe then maybe even wait another to see if we could actually break into those top 4 places and you could fulfil you & you friends & families dreams, rather than being the catalyst which caused those dreams to yet again be set back for however long & even worse signing for one of the teams we were trying to catch which in itself would also alienate the very fans you were one of?! So easy for me to say but i feel it's just a year too early. I truly reckon this would be brought on by the muppet that is Southgate barely playing him in the Euros. I really think that has made him think he has to go to get in that England team as he won't fully unless he's playing on the biggest stage regularly. A "helpful" hint off Southgate maybe?
  9. For me from the few times i've watched him James woud be a downgraded version of Elghazi i'm afraid.
  10. Anyone in the Burnley squads stats are thraped in my eyes as Dyche pushes them above their station year in - year out, so there's every chance he'd come here & his stats may even drop. It reminds me of when we bought that awful striker from Brentford who ended up pledging his alegiance to SHA and being crap for them also after a falsely encouraging start. He was highly rated in a team that was over-reaching at the time in that division (although they reinvested the money they robbed off us very well) and this somehow feels like a premier league version of those events. Edit: Scott Hogan that's who i'm on about...says it all i'd practically forgotten his name already.
  11. I hear what you are saying here although i remember a time when all & sundry were concerned & up in arms when we sold our best player to a rival (Wolves). Everyone thought we were doomed until the following year, having signed Peter Withe as his replacement, we won the League! Since then i don't worry too much when key players leave. As per Jack it would of course hit us somewhat as he is if anything a bigger part of this club than Andy Gray was and i do worry that we would drop down several places as things stand if he left right now. You would think there would be a plan to make us stronger in several positions however if it did happen, so whilst it would be sad on many levels we could still move forward as a club.
  12. It appears they truly have joined the ballon ego fan types akin to Manure & the other scummy 6 clubs. Clearly not original Man City fans just more top wearing glory hunter types who live for belittling others from the delusion of being permanent residents of the top 4 spots that their owners wealth alone brings. I hope we do not ever get like that as a fan base if ever we gatecrash the party. They are not alone however, i speak to similarly blinkered fans at work every night who "support" all sorts of teams. Even had a Derby fan the other night who was genuinely convinced they were a much bigger club than Villa It was a couple of Forest fans who took the "p" out of him for it however not me so i didn't even need to bother saying a thing. As for Jack staying? Lets hope so. Maybe then with all the attention on him & the overall opposition fans view of "him being by far the best player we have in a really poor villa team" we can continue to slowly build a side who can challenge them and knock them of their perch from time to time.
  13. Well i swore i saw him being asked if he'd be up for taking one to which he nodded slightly & said yes, then shortly after he was told what number taker he'd be by Southgate? Someone else said he was told ten but i couldn't make that out from lip reading it. Or maybe i'm seeing things
  14. Maybe because Southgate was just a "Mr solid" type of player with no frills he just cannot see or appreciate someone with genuine talent / class? To him because he couldn't do the stuff Jack does he can't help but see it as risky because if he had tried to do those things without Jacks ability he would have been taking major risks... so he associates it with his own fears is what i think. As he sees it as his job on the line & responsibility he is therefore scared to use him. It says more about Southgates inadequacies than Jacks. Or basically Cowardice based around his own fears.
  15. Honestly thought that defeat was purely on Southgate for some shocking decisions. Bringing Saka on instead of Grealish for me was the wrong choice. We needed more of the ball and Saka gives it away far too much, Grealish less so. Mount was totally ineffective and should have come off for Grealish way sooner. Sterling was atrocious and should have come off for Sancho or Foden As for the Penalty takers? Bizarre!
  16. Danny Mills is just a Villa hater basically. I don't think i have ever heard him say one positive thing about this club or it's players.
  17. That was the game which made me aware there really was corruption in the game. We started like a house on fire but then the ref got involved and literally changed the game massively in Utd's favour with a series of disgraceful & clearly biased decisions. I was watching with a manc friend & even he was shocked with the decisions. It was like every time a Villa player tackled a Utd player he would give them a free kick & book our player yet for the exact same type of tackle (or in fact even worse) by a Utd Player on a Villa player usually no free kick even and no card! It ended up with virtually our entire defence on yellows and too fearful to tackle which is when they took over & scored the winner. A complete disgrace of a performance by a clearly dodgy official. We were totally robbed.
  18. Maybe an idea to read my post through properly?. The bit where it says "We may have tried a tester bid or two" for example. Obviously putting in a test bid or two would indicate there was real interest although i personally have never thought they would sell because from the Arsenal standpoint they have made it abundantly clear right from the start that he was not for sale and that they were expecting he would extend his deal. So it would therefore indicate that we were simply testing the water with a couple of bids. If you want to call that being a "Cynic" that's your perogative. Our bids were flatly rejected and practically ridiculed by Arsenal who stated i believe that "even eighty odd million would not be enough" as he was not for sale at any price. You would definately have to be some kind of optimist to think that meant it was going to happen! Since those flatly rejected offers there have been no more bids from us and just a whole swathe of click-bait stories surrounding the whole thing claiming ESR said this or that or his mates had said the other so i don't see whats "odd" about that at all. I do find half reading a post and picking out one bit & conveniently ignoring the other a little "odd" personally however
  19. It never felt like he was going to sign to me anyways so i really am totally not bothered about it all. All through it's just been a swathe of clickbait stories from the media. We may well have tried a tester bid or two but it never seemed like he'd would leave Arsenal at any point so far as i was concerned.
  20. I remember a stinking game away at Notts County in about 1983 when we lost 5-2. I had hitchiked there and couldn't get a lift back so had to walk to Derby and slept in a barn on straw (Not as comfy as it looks in films btw) on a farmers field for a few hours before getting into Derby and grabbing another couple of hours kip in the lift of a multi storey car park until about 6am when the city woke up a bit. Finally got a lift to brum down the A38 the next day. A truly horrid time.
  21. To see it from another angle entirely.... If England do win, will this doom us to negative stuff for the next 55 years? as it would kind of create the mold for "how to win a tornament". Considering it took so long to win one (if we do actually win of course) surely they will then be petrified to move away from what would then be a "Proven formula"....This is my biggest fear with it all.
  22. For me it's definately about the result, however i do like to feel as though the team could do something magical in a game too. I know sometimes that's not possible but what kills it for me is when that belief that something special could happen has disappeared totally and been replaced by a non stop barrage of turgid, dull lifeless football as did at AVFC for quite some time sadly. I guess i want to see a touch of sparkle now & then, a touch of class if you will. I totally get it that on occasion that has to be the secondary requirement but to remove it completely is extrememly tedious. Under O'neill i also got a little fed up with watching us being battered & under the cosh for 75 mins every game despite finishing 6th.
  23. He has done well to get into the positions to score those 3 goals for sure and he does cause some panic with his runs, however he detracts so much from the team with the rest of his play and attrocious decision making (We call him the move wrecker in our house) that i can't help but think if he were not in the team we would have lost his 3 goals but would likely have replaced them with far more. Kane needs someone to play off and becomes ineffective when that someone never plays him in and persistently gives the ball away. I don't think it's harsh really just reflecting on what i've been watching but each to their own i guess I am intrigued to see whether Grealish has earned his starting spot? I doubt it of course but something may have to change in midfield for the Ukraine game as both Phillps & Rice are on Yellows, surely Southgate won't risk both being banned for the semis if we get there? I can see one being dropped to protect him so could Grealish get his start?
  24. It's the number of right choices & speed of the execution with Grealish. He is lethal in those killer situations and it's practically indefensible. As for Sterling well.. I know all his mates keep trying to big him up & say stuff like "It's about time he gets more respect" etc etc but for me personally it boils down to the fact that he's really poor in possession. He constantly makes awful choices, nearly always gives the ball away, fails to spot the right pass, is over-selfish and tends to score mainly un-missable goals which are put perfectly in his path when a few yards from goal. If you remember it was his attrocious play which directly led to Mullers chance which 99 times out of 100 he would have buried...So he basically got really lucky. I think you also have to look at how much the players around him have struggled to make any impact at all, no coincidence Kane has been anonymous as frankly Sterling hogs the ball, never plays him in and loses good possession. No surprise that Kane suddenly scores when Grealish comes on and actually feeds something quality in his direction. For me Kane's poor form is more a reflection on Sterling than Kane. So yes he has 3 goals but all of them were more about the service to him than Sterling doing anything out of the ordinary. For me if you replaced Sterling with say Vardy he may be on about 5 goals by now and additionaly you would have a much bigger goal return from all of the front players as he also has pace & can get in behind but is much better with the ball too. Ditto Sancho. So yes he has 3 goals but how much has he detracted from the team in getting those?!
  25. Sadly I won’t be buying one of those
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