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  1. They stitched him up, failed to deliver on their promises of support, and left him out to dry as the only media facing representative of a club on it's knees. Now they're going to wash their hands of him because he hasn't served the club well enough? After everything he's faced over the past few months, the man deserves a chance to at least show what he can do with his own players.
  2. You can tell that Dwight is a Villa fan deep down, he sounds every bit as pissed off as any of us.
  3. Here's how we should play it second half: Midfielder picks up the ball, realises his lack of ability, puts his foot on the ball and turns back towards his own goal. Said midfielder plays an unambitious ball to his even more mediocre colleague, Bacuna in this instance. Player heads down a blind alleyway, and again, turns and passes a poorly weighted ball back to Guzan. Guzan **** it up the pitch, Gestede loses the knock on and SHA regain possession. Rinse and repeat.
  4. Not fair to blame Benteke leaving on Lerner. It was inevitable, we did a good job there. No I agree, and I'm under no illusions that we could have kept hold of him. But if we'd actually bothered to replace him, on top of the signings that we've made, then we'd be looking very good indeed. We should have been straight in for someone like Bony / Berahino (examples only).
  5. What frustrates me about our current situation is that we'd have one hell of a team if we'd have only kept hold of Benteke. It was never on the cards to spent £40m without selling our star striker, but with current TV revenues, this wasn't an un-holy amount to spend. Ergh, Lerner.
  6. We don't score enough goals to compensate for poor defending. We need to be keeping clean sheets in order to pick up a decent amount of points, which means we can't tolerate the 'odd' mistake by clark every now and then. He needs replacing.
  7. I don't think we're good enough to play with a goal poacher. It's why things didn't work out for Darren Bent, you're essentially carrying a player for 90 minutes.
  8. Thirdly, Richard clearly garners some kind of erotic benefit from winding everyone up. You can guarantee he's sat there smirking away as we all flock to feed on the scraps of his wisdom. Well played.
  9. Yeah, I mean defending is over rated anyway.
  10. On the subject of Austin; people do realise that repeatedly speculating about him won't actually make it happen, don't they?
  11. For who? Westwood / Gueye / Sanchez have all put in some good performances this season. Probably our strongest 3 members of the team. He needs to come in for Gabby, play Grealish behind Gestede/Ayew with Traore coming on as sub 2nd half. To build his match fitness he has to play 90 mins against Notts County So play 4 central midfielders? With Grealish centrally behind a central striker? We'd have no width at all.
  12. For who? Westwood / Gueye / Sanchez have all put in some good performances this season. Probably our strongest 3 members of the team.
  13. I'm not sure that anyone is saying that Gestede isn't a good striker, more that it's not reasonable to rely on a Championship striker to provide the goals we need. A good option, undoubtedly, but shouldn't be first choice. That particular accolade would ideally go to someone like Adebayor.
  14. I think people can complain, our net spend has been less than the amount Bristol City have just spent on a striker. That said, I do agree with a lot of your post. Perhaps we should have spent £18m on someone like the new lad at West Brom, rather than £12m on Ayew and £6m on Gestede. Replacing Benteke was always going to be our number one priority this summer, and we've not even come remotely close to achieving this. Blame for this gets shared between Lerner and Sherwood. But tbh, I don't think more net spend would have made much difference, given who sherwood has bought so far. I mean, he's spent another 15m or so on midfielders who don't seem to be any improvement on Westwood who, without bashing the lad as it seems he's one of our better players so far, we do need to improve on him to move forward as a team. The signings look average at best so far in the most part. The odd moment of magic sure but overall it's been disappointing. Early days yet of course but a lot depends on the bloke you've got spending the money net/not net. So far, sherwood doesn't seem to be as good as we hoped. For me it's been a mixed bag, although I'm not ready to write anyone off just yet, and i'm sure you won't either. Gestede always looked like a super-sub type signing. I stressed it a few times before the season had even begun, but it's far too much to expect a £6m signing from the Championship to lead the line in the premiership. That's cheap, even by Championship standards. Ayew, granted, has looked a little clueless so far, as has Veretout in reality. I am at least confident that Veretout will come good in time, though I do agree that Ayew could be a bit of a dud. But I still maintain hope that he'll come good, given a sensible amount of time. As for the others, Gueye, Amavi and Traore have the potential to be every bit as good business as Benteke was and Richards looks the strongest of our centre backs. I still think it's been a great window, but it will count for very little if we don't bring in the absolutely essential striker and centre back that we so badly need. Fail to do this, and the money spent on Veretout, Gestede and Ayew will look misplaced (in so far as we had other, more pressing, priorities).
  15. I think there's plenty of potential for someone like Gestede to do rather well in our team. Should we adopt a 4231 formation (like Chelsea) then Gestede could make the ideal hold up player in front of a trio of players looking to run beyond (Grealish, Gil and Traore). Sadly, I think our defense would get mullered without a 3 man midfield in front of them to provide some protection.
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