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  1. Subs : bhaji, pakora, prawn on purée, nahgis kebab , raj aloo.
  2. I find Balti has too much ghee Try a murgh chatki
  3. Woods was 20 I think when he blew the field away in his first masters. Maybe 21
  4. You do not school Augusta at 20 unless you are TW
  5. I'm not sure whether to watch the golf or look at the shrubbery. Absolutely stunning venue.
  6. Freddy Couples is going really well .
  7. Villan4life thanks for filming that and sharing, palace need a new roof though lol
  8. Looking at the images it's clear to me he's lost the dressing room. Get him gone ASAP .
  9. Not only am I shocked at the chants but the players demeanour after the game had ended. Sure you can be disappointed at losing but something much worse in the body language like that type of performance and result was inevitable. The players look like they didn't want to go back in the dressing room? Rift with the management ?
  10. I mention John Gregory on p.9 I think it's important we have a "villa man" next time.
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