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  1. Ah ok, i must have been wrong in my belief ... If he came i do feel it would be a good signing, and i hope he does as he looked a real tough cookie every time i saw him last season which is of course just what we need.
  2. I hear you DDID though of course that was mainly because at the time i believe he was effectively saving us financially by going. As soon as the money was sorted he unpacked those bags.
  3. Really can't see this happening if he is a Leeds boy and playing for his boyhood club and is also making noises that he wants to stay. It Smacks of Grealish with us Last summer and Spurs sniffing around him (who you might argue were a bigger pull last season being in champs league than we are as a newly promoted team this season).
  4. I find i'm clicking less & less now too on these fabricated and frankly annoying nothing headlines. it's getting worse each year! The really bad ones are the regurgitated old fake news ones which appear from time to time.
  5. Whoa! Steady on those Viagra Tabs Jim!
  6. Some good points raised in that Tifo video, As they mention, along with defence, the striking department is of course in need of work. It doesn't look like Tammy will be coming back and it is a concern to lose 25+ goals from the team. However in reality Abrahams' record in the prem is not so hot so it's not quite as obvious as just being about him in my view. Firstly we have Davis who has clearly impressed Dean Smith, although of course he is untried at Prem level. It's a start at least and in my experience a decent striker who is unknown to the division can be quite effective in their first season (See Benteke). I feel he may have more of an impact than has been mentioned. As for who else we have currently? I can't really see Kodija being hugely effective although maybe he might chip in with a few. I see a 6 - 8 striker in him at best so ok as a sub maybe and he certainly can produce the unexpected on occasion so he may come in handy. Hogan is surely gone now so we can forget him and that's about it! So yes we seriously need a striker who can score regularly at this level. It may be tough to attract someone though and it is a huge concern. As for midfield i think we are not far off.... but not quite there yet with a DM of course being urgent now Whelan & Jedi have departed. Elghazi if he signs & Hourihane are unknown at this level and will either fly or die which equals risk, Mcginn is too but surely he will thrive? It looks like it may be Jota on the right so i'll trust Deano's judgment on that one! So to defence. We just have to sign Mings as it looks like Tuanzebe will not be coming back. Hause can partner him but with Elphick also leaving and Chester crocked we need major work back there especially considering the weakness at LB too. I think it's been well documented that our weakness is the fullbacks. The new guy from France is again an unkown quantity and you can't help but worry if he was bought with the Chamionship in mind. Also looks from that podcast that Kalinic is unsettled so a keeper is needed too surely?! Exciting times indeed but also we need to move and get the team gelling pronto else it'll be over before it's really got going.
  7. danceoftheshamen


    I went via Zeelo coach and have to say it was poor. One of the main reasons i chose this route was that we were promised arrival by Midday to enable us to enjoy the pre-game atmosphere. Secondly my mate lives right by Wembley stadium and had the tickets so it was a good way to meet him as he knew where the "YELLOW" car park was which was what my ticket stated was our destination car park. As for the reality: It was very cold on the way down and no heaters were put on, in fact ice cold air con we had instead. Then we pulled off onto a service station about an hour from Wembley for some bizzarre reason. Nobody got off apart from half a dozen who used it to grab a fag. Half an hour we were there sat on a coach full of Villa fans itching to get to the stadium for obvious reasons. "Why have we stopped driver" someone asked.."Break" he replied..nothing more. As it turned out it was to swap drivers (the other one was presumably a bit late). On we went and eventually now around 1pm we arrived at Wembley but noticed we were going a different route to most of the other Villa coaches. In fact in dead slow traffic we went right round the opposite side of the stadium and queued for another 30 mins in a line of coaches when we realised he had taken us to the Orange car park. "Wrong car park driver" someone shouted (Now 1:30pm) ..."Well i was told Orange" he replied. At this point he got off and was in deep discussions with some other officials and drivers. Another 20 mins passed when he got on and quite bluntly said "oh get off here". "What about pick" up someone asked.. "oh well just come back here same place" he said. Annoyed we all got off and had to find our way to the stadium with no directions given (another 10 mins). I couldn't get through to my mate who was at the polar opposite side of the ground trying to find me. Eventually we got texts (phones wouldn't work due to poor signal area) and managed to find each other on Wembley way. Thankfully due to living by the ground my mate knew a short cut to the Villa fan zones & a good pub and we managed to grab a quick pint in the 40 minutes we had left before KO. WAY HOME So after an amazing celebration i saw i had 3 texts from Zeelo about the return coach. They were all the same message. "Your coach reg is """"""""""""" if you need help call 0330 """ """ "" " I had to make my way through all the Derby fans to reach the Orange car park to the drop off point where we had been told our coach would be. NO COACH! I rang 3 times the number in the text to speak to "one of the team" but the team were not replying. Instead it just rang out for a while until i got a "Please call back later" message. So i had to search the car park for our coach which was hidden away right at the far end. Many others who hadn't realized we were not on the Yellow car park at drop off (as this was not clearly indicated by the driver to everyone) took ages to come back as they all went to the wrong car park. Some didn't make it at all as we were still short on numbers when he drove off about an hour later than planned! On the way home we now hit all the traffic and being late leaving we were at the back of the queue so this again caused delay. Eventually we arrive back at the M40/M42 junction and now realised he had gone North instead of South. Some fans told him and he had to turn round at the next junction... More delay". There was no entertainment on the coach, no radio, no music and it flattened everyone as a result tbh. Shame after what was such a fantastic day overall. So Zeelo .... NOT IMPRESSED!
  8. Jumped up & down, hugged my mates, sang some songs and then tried to find our wayward coach having watched the celebrations of the players and the trophy presentation. Lots of Derby fans where i work (being near Derby lol) and they were all saying how crap our fans were after the game. They showed me some footage of a couple of hundred Villa fans waiting for trains silently. I don't think they could understand why they were not going wild having gotten promoted. I have to say our coach home was flat as arse too for some bizarre reason?! Almost silent in fact.
  9. Donated here too, Ridiculous behaviour.
  10. Just had a mate of mine confirm he has got us two tickets as of about an hour ago! Whhooop! £98, A friend of his can't go so asked if he wanted them.
  11. The big issue I have with all this ffp nonsense is that there are some glaring issues which are being totally ignored. It’s all well and good saying Burton and small teams like that don’t think it’s fair that bigger clubs can invest more etc but what about the overall good of the game in all this? The history of Avfc and global fan base does mean Villa is a huge club and one of the founding pillars of World football and it has taken over a century to build. Surely to goodness it’s only normal that a club with so many people supporting it and such a prestigious history should be able to invest more than a team like Burton! They earned the right over 150 years for goodness sake! It is important for the good of the game that the famous clubs “provided its sustainable and done in a way so as not to threaten its existence” are leading the game, otherwise you risk destroying the game in my opinion. So it’s only flipping right that AVFC, who attracted Billionaire owners because of these very reasons... the huge fan base, the history, the stadium etc etc should be allowed to spend more than say Burton Albion ( no offence to Burton) who struggle to fill a 6k stadium and have never won anything!! Surely to goodness anyone can see that? Same for Leeds, Forest etc they absolutely should be able to spend more than Smaller clubs... it’s the law of the jungle this is how it is in the Premier League too clubs like Man City, united, Liverpool, Chelsea etc will spend more than Watford, Bournemouth, Palace etc because they can. If you have a rule for one division it surely has to be the same all through, put in safety measures of course but there has to be a better way than the farce that is FFP
  12. I see that as the FFP bottling it i really do. Just enough points deducted to pretty much ensure they stay up, done at a time of the season when they could basically work that out. Twelve points would have put them at serious risk of relegation so no they reduce it to 9 hmmmmmn?! How convenient.
  13. Just got back from work, Most people agreed was a disgrace...... Aside from a Wolves fan who's comment was " If yo osk me e Shud ov it im arder" , Classless idiot.
  14. Don't JD Sports sponsor the Sha Kit? Wonder what they would think of their brand being brought into disrepute like this? Shame they don't get wind of it as i doubt any owners of a large company would be very happy about it
  15. Oh he'll always get a level of results i'm sure, and yes as stated above comparing an initial new manager bounce with a run of results of a manager with all his key players out injured and a revolving defence is maybe not the fairest comparison but crikey football is an entertainment business too and taking nothing away from SB i was bored stiff watching our games under his stuardship. Fair play to him though, any manager who can make a game against Sheff U dull & boring deserves some kind of plaudits. Another comparison: SB Style - Sheff Weds 0 - 0 Sheff Utd (Already forgotten anything which happened, Yawn) DS Style - Villa 3 - 3 Sheff Utd (Memorable game i will remember for ages) Both gleaned 1 point, I feel this perfectly makes the point.
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