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  1. This would be good to see but why is it we always end up saying "Eventually" here? Other clubs seem to benefit from youngsters so much earlier then we do. With ours they nearly always seem to have loads of hype surrounding them & then........ Nothing, or very little. Lets hope the latest noise about some of our youngsters actually comes to fruition!
  2. Have been reflecting on last nights game and for me the issues we had were mulitple. Grealish was actually the main culprit for wasting possession (19 times he gave the ball away someone posted) & Trez was just as bad. This effectively starved Watkins of any decent ball and set up wave after wave of needless Leeds attacks down our flanks as inevitably the pair of them were giving it away in area's ahead of our fullbacks. Leeds simply knocked it into the scantilly manned area's out wide and caused us loads of issue's as a result... especially with McGinn & Luiz often having gone fo
  3. How sickening to see Bielsa stating how delighted he is for the "Generous & Noble" Bamford. A Cheating, baby-like & shockingly bad example to all the kids out there more like. Our defenders were an embarrassment however Mings especially.
  4. He tries which is endearing but it seems that for every 10 situations he gets with the ball he gives it away cheaply on 5 of them through poor control or a poor pass, on another 2 of the 10 he plays a very basic sideways/backwards pass, on another he tries a run but gets outpaced and on one he goes down as though fouled although he usually hasn't been. 1 out of 10 he may actually beat his man and do something ok.
  5. Loads of them were off the pace tonight for me. I watched Trez closely and pretty much all he did was huff & puff a lot but just waste possession / give the ball away or put in a shocking pass/cross to nowhere & Give away a few free kicks. He also failed to help Cash out who was clearly being badly exposed. Grealish again held on to possession too long more often than not often giving the ball away as a result (albeit with a sprinkling of his quality of course on occasion). Targett looked really poor & McGinn was not having a great day at all despite his efforts. Luiz seemed averag
  6. Well clearly we need better defensive mids then!
  7. I thought at the start of the season that our weakness was in the full back area's. Not so much the full back's themselves (although they are certainly not World Class) but the players in front of them not tracking back properly... Trez & Grealish are not good at it & neither are Elghazi or Traore. Bielsa & other teams will see this & Leeds indeed exploited it very well. Sadly tonight our Midfield & strikers were simply not at it either which meant they had way too much possession and thus far too many opportunities to exploit our weak spot with us not offering much threat
  8. I thought Dean & the coaching staff were poor tonight. Did absolutely nothing to address the Leeds overload on the wings whatsoever which is quite bizarre and the reason Leeds won easily as has been correctly spotted by the commentators. Awful. You could see from the off we were not at it tonight, sloppy, constantly giving the ball away needlessly, slow & laborious all over the pitch. I'm surprised Subs didn't come on sooner to shake it up a bit.
  9. We've been shocking tonight. Made it so easy for Leeds and the Cheat that is Bamford. Embarrassing how easy it is for them out wide.
  10. Been coming all game that, we've been poor for me. Giving the ball away much too cheaply.
  11. Think i was there that day. Remember seeing around 500 Villa c-crew in their end waving their arms before the fighting started. I also remember some villa fans climbing into their ground overnight & spraying AVFC in Claret & Blue on the pitch.
  12. I did pay it against Leicester i have to admit although i will be trying other methods tomorrow as i felt robbed when i saw there was no post game interview of note. Even without that i felt somehow financially abused. I agree £15 is just a P Take.
  13. @White_WallYep absolutely it's a thread for just a bit of fun .. a bit of light relief after all the nail biting stuff over the last few seasons (Last min promotion & escaping relegation by our finger nails etc). We all know the squad is still being built and top half would be a good finish this time out.
  14. Was very impressed tonight and thought we showed grit, determination and we were cutting them apart in a similar way to hw we did Liverpool on occasion but this time our players were not quite so accurate with the pass nor so bang on with their decision making in the final third which cost us more goals. There were at least 3 or 4 occasions we had them desperately backtracking and were 3 on 3 or even 3 on 2 but we messed it up. That often happens after a team has scored 6 or 7 in my experience, more often than not in their next game they get nil or just a solitary goal... weird but seems to ha
  15. Last season My daughters (13) was A bargain at just £120 ish. Mine was nearer £600
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