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  1. I’m afraid I have to bring up Mings here. Gave the ball away badly straight to their player and was again mucking about with it resulting in a corner. Corner came over Mings was marking thin air and their player had a free run & header to score. Was also kind of responsible for Man U 1st goal by missing the ball and also a bit culpable for City’s 1st and as I remember Brighton’s 1st when again he inexplicably got in a mess and gave the ball straight to them resulting in their 1st too. Has to do better for me although I appreciate he has also saved us many times. Teams now know he
  2. I thought we won that game without really getting out of second gear which is either a sign of remarkable progress on our part &/or a damning indictment on Brucies Newcastle (Likely somewhere in the middle). It was so comfortable i felt we slipped into sloppy play especially in the second half but it was never going to cost us. We will need to be sharper in the week against a bouncing Burnley side who have just ended that Liverpool home run however. I hope we don't carry on and start that game in the sloppy manner we finished this one as go 1-0 down against that lot and your up
  3. Thing is though even then why did VAR not intervene? John Moss made a very odd decision & he also cost us away at Arsenal last season by ignoring a blatant hand ball by them which again mysteriously VAR ignored and yet again when he was the ref who gave Utd that ridiculous penalty at Villa Park when their player stamped on Konsas shin and dived ... guess what? Yep VAR also ignored that one too which was so clear on replays..embarrassing. Seems to be a pattern here no? It may even be suggested if a little sceptical that on the odd occasion to help get the desired result they bring out
  4. Absolutely spot on Tro for me. I despise having to question the integrity of the game i love but the evidence is just so overwhelming now it can no longer be ignored. VAR if one thing has ousted the ridiculous lengths to which these people will sink to attempt to either cover it up or completely ignore it and wait for the next set of games when we all inevitably get absorbed again and it all quiets down. It's akin to Groundhog day actually. Same thing over & over again but now the age old brush which has been used to sweep it under the carpet has been removed due to VAR. The fog is s
  5. It's just another highly suspicious re-interpretation of the rules amidst a swathe of such game altering decisions by FA employees which yet again clearly fit the overall agenda of the FA. Ask yourselves this... Had the roles been reversed last night and Villa had scored from that would the goal have stood? Of course not. Last time out a Pogba Penalty, ditto against them in both games last season. I'm pretty sure if memory serves correctly that we had a good goal disallowed at Old Trafford and they got their opener at Villa Park from yet another disgraceful decision whi
  6. Hmmn not sure, i see the Trez beard peeking out between his ear & neck.
  7. So worryingly Watkins, Luiz, Elghazi, Traore, Targett all missing? Crikey that's most of our attack gone!
  8. That looks like Trez to me in the background, would make sense with covering his head injury too
  9. Never quite been able to work him out. Sometimes he looks quality but then others he disappears for games on end. It seems if he is fighting hard for his place he perfoms but when he subconciously thinks his place is secured he takes his foot off the pedal & form drops alarmingly (I could say that about plenty of folk at work too mind)
  10. A lot will depend on whether we can keep energy levels up as we could lose any of the next 5 if it drops. Those potential bans to players on yellows could also have an impact of course. A tough period though i was hoping for between 4 & 7 points from Chelsea (a) Man U (a) Spurs (H) & Everton (h) so we need at least 1 win now from the next 2 to hit the low end of that. Not really bothered what happens on Friday against the plop although it would be great if we could rest a few & somehow progress to keep confidence levels high.. Can't see it though if i'm honest as they will surely b
  11. Yet another amazing stat.. Man Utd have only had 2 or their 10 wins this season not decided by a VAR "decision". I genuinely want to see us dive and do absolutely every possible trick in the book including maybe inventing some new "VAR deception" tactics when we play them in the return game. It would be intersting to see how often we got the decision compared to them (Although i think we all know the answer to that already)
  12. Yes it's clear as day like this one which was even compared to the Pogba one by Andy Townsend yesterday. Chelsea v Man City NO PENALTY Clearly it depends who's colours your wearing. I now predict a 3-way title race this season between Man Utd, Man City & Liverpool.. How appropriate I actually think the Pogba one was a mixture of Luiz getting too close but also Pogba hanging a leg slightly sideways & tripping himself so i can see why it was given however the issue is that they are the type which get given to certain teams and not others (like us v Brighton). Result
  13. MON used to frustrate the heck out of me. I agree about the Robertson effect too. Never will forget bringing Heskey in to prevent us getting a likely top 4 spot i mean what the heck was that about?
  14. 7th - 10th for me. We are so much improved it's incredible although i think the depth of the squad quality wise is lacking a little and we are very reliant on the first 14 or so players which will likely see us drop a bit over the second hlf of the season.. Unless we have a good Jan Window which is looking unlikely at the mo. I'd be very pleased finishing 7-10 however all things considered, especially as it would avoid the Europa League nonsense which would likely harm us next season.
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