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  1. The big issue I have with all this ffp nonsense is that there are some glaring issues which are being totally ignored. It’s all well and good saying Burton and small teams like that don’t think it’s fair that bigger clubs can invest more etc but what about the overall good of the game in all this? The history of Avfc and global fan base does mean Villa is a huge club and one of the founding pillars of World football and it has taken over a century to build. Surely to goodness it’s only normal that a club with so many people supporting it and such a prestigious history should be able to invest more than a team like Burton! They earned the right over 150 years for goodness sake! It is important for the good of the game that the famous clubs “provided its sustainable and done in a way so as not to threaten its existence” are leading the game, otherwise you risk destroying the game in my opinion. So it’s only flipping right that AVFC, who attracted Billionaire owners because of these very reasons... the huge fan base, the history, the stadium etc etc should be allowed to spend more than say Burton Albion ( no offence to Burton) who struggle to fill a 6k stadium and have never won anything!! Surely to goodness anyone can see that? Same for Leeds, Forest etc they absolutely should be able to spend more than Smaller clubs... it’s the law of the jungle this is how it is in the Premier League too clubs like Man City, united, Liverpool, Chelsea etc will spend more than Watford, Bournemouth, Palace etc because they can. If you have a rule for one division it surely has to be the same all through, put in safety measures of course but there has to be a better way than the farce that is FFP
  2. I see that as the FFP bottling it i really do. Just enough points deducted to pretty much ensure they stay up, done at a time of the season when they could basically work that out. Twelve points would have put them at serious risk of relegation so no they reduce it to 9 hmmmmmn?! How convenient.
  3. Just got back from work, Most people agreed was a disgrace...... Aside from a Wolves fan who's comment was " If yo osk me e Shud ov it im arder" , Classless idiot.
  4. Don't JD Sports sponsor the Sha Kit? Wonder what they would think of their brand being brought into disrepute like this? Shame they don't get wind of it as i doubt any owners of a large company would be very happy about it
  5. Oh he'll always get a level of results i'm sure, and yes as stated above comparing an initial new manager bounce with a run of results of a manager with all his key players out injured and a revolving defence is maybe not the fairest comparison but crikey football is an entertainment business too and taking nothing away from SB i was bored stiff watching our games under his stuardship. Fair play to him though, any manager who can make a game against Sheff U dull & boring deserves some kind of plaudits. Another comparison: SB Style - Sheff Weds 0 - 0 Sheff Utd (Already forgotten anything which happened, Yawn) DS Style - Villa 3 - 3 Sheff Utd (Memorable game i will remember for ages) Both gleaned 1 point, I feel this perfectly makes the point.
  6. So far Wednesdays game against Sheff U was a draw instead of a loss from the games on that list, better than them winning of course. Gosh did they look so much like us from last season, Bruceball at it's finest, just blocking all the holes and relying on one or two moments from the striker to try and win which never came. They won't lose many games though having watched that and will no doubt have their share of 1-0 & 2-1 wins amidst the draws.
  7. Just wanted to post on page 1000 :)
  8. I'm sure he will be gone one way or another....... His family we ensure that's the case if that's the behaviour they have to endure, ridiculous! We had this before did we not with Westwood a few seasons back and several others, Now it's Hourihane & Whelan in the main although i've also seen Adomah, Hogan, the keepers, Jedinak, Hutton, Taylor, Kodija &.......... Oh hang on that's most of the team!.....& people wonder why we seldom see a motivated team at Villa
  9. I find it staggering that a team with JT as a coach can be so poor defensively. We never hear from him either which is a big disappointment to me. See more stories linking him with Chelsea stuff than Villa which of course will always happen but even so it's all abit too quiet on the Terry front for my liking. Something clearly not right at Villa Towers Q: If we take the last 13 games points ratio and had that for the remainder of the season will we be relegated? Edit: Just worked it out, we are currently on a point a game ratio so we would end on 57 points.. should be safe at that.
  10. Crikey! We literally are still on the decline are we not? What a shower! When will it end
  11. It's alright for some isn't it! In our last game we had a non goal awarded against us AND a Penalty not given for us lol!
  12. I am convinced it's down to the ridiculous number of changes we keep having back there. Every time we get a decent partnership it changes mainly through injury. You simply cannot have that and expect to not ship goals. We need a settled back four before that will change and of course improvements at LB & RB
  13. Just re-watched the post match interview with Smith, When he's asked if that (last 10 mins) could be a turning point after a slight pause during which he didn't look very certain he just said " Well "i" think so". It seemed to me to be as though he knew there were issues with the players regards that although i could be reading too much into it maybe?
  14. Perfect game for them to go top really, against an very poor villa team, Let’s be honest we are easy opposition and beating Aston Villa makes them look good as they “ Go top” as all the headlines will read.
  15. Spoke to a big Spurs fan mate of mine about Tom, he says he's a very good technically gifted player who didn't get much time at Spurs purely because they had 2 or 3 other options (Erikson, Harry Winks for example) who were on fire in his position as a no.10 or deep lying central. He did say he wasn't the physical type though and would struggle in a battle without a rugged defensive mid beside him.
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