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  1. Personally Vreitti i have enjoyed the season immensley. Now it has progressed however we clearly have lost form recently and this has raised concern / discussion on here understandably so. It is only really everyone wanting the best for AVFC though from what I read. A kind of bursting ambition in the fan base to start competing for trophies again which manifests in frustration when it appears we are and have been going backwards form wise since that covid break. Up until that time we were a delight to watch but recently some glaring issues have emerged and keep re-emerging in virtually every g
  2. Well it was about a par performance when you look at our form since covid. We are basically "sloppy & can't be bothered FC" at the moment and we're hard to watch. I really wish he would stop wasting his time with Barkley and give some of the kids game time.... especially now they have thrown the opportunity of Europe away so carelessly. I just do not see what the point in playing him is. The ones who epitomise this in the main are Traore & Mings. Shocking lack of focus and lazy minded play from them week in week out now and it seems to then spread to the rest from there. I Ag
  3. Well Southgate couldn't wait to pick Lingard who had not played for ages for Man U so he has already set a precident here.... No doubt it would be just lame excuses if the roles were reversed with Grealish however and we'll likely get daft comments like "Oh i didn't think we could take him condisering his lack of games and the form of everybody else" Conveinienetly forgetting he did the exact same thing for Lingard and it's a 100% certainty he would if it was Mount in the same situation as Grealish is now. There is more & more noise about Grealish being off to Man City in the summer t
  4. This is so where we are now though as a club isn't it? We have remnants of the Chamionship team still and the main difference with top 6 Prem players & Lower League players is consistency. Some lower League or lower half Prem Players can be World beaters on their day..but they simply rarely have those days. From what i've seen the higher up the legue placings you go the more consistently those teams/players perform well. For top 4 you need 7 -10 of your best players performing week in week out. and to be good enough to scrape a win or draw more often than not when you have a below average
  5. Was thinking over the weekend what a bizarre story it would be for us to be the 7th team to beat Liverpool at home after scoring 7 against them earlier in the season.
  6. For me with regards to recent poor form it's definately more of a player mentality issue than anything else & this was clearly picked up by Greame Souness in his punditry today. He repeatedly mentioned some of our players being "in their armchair" etc. I think he's right too. What Dean can do about that who knows but you would think he & JT are properly on the case with that as i cannot see a lifelong fan and a player of Terry's passion putting up with that for long. Who exactly those "armchair" players are is open to debate of course but somethings happened for sure. As Souness
  7. Yes well done today for finding a way to impact a result which was rapidly going the other way! I think with Trez this is the main threat he poses... coming on late with bags of energy and a determination to prove himself... That must be daunting for the opposing defenders. It's when he starts games that he seems so much less effective. Keinan did well to pick their players pocket too and finally have an end product (assist) too! Well done Keinan! It was good to see Dean finally make a big change and call it right when losing the game too. All round a vital win for confidence h
  8. It would be a typical slanderous attempt by that lot to discredit our best player... (I know incredible how tiny minds work) Basically jealousy manifesting itself as infantile rumour-mongering. He's injured nothing more and the originator of this slander should be identified and prosecuted for defamation of character.
  9. I think this sums it up perfectly John It was looking so good. We need another of this teams 10 game miracle runs to get us back in it now. We couldn't .........could we?!
  10. The Trez / Elghazi debate will rumble on & on. Such a shame we can't blend the best points of two into one player but the two as they stand are not enough as we have witnessed over the last half dozen games or more. Personally i'd like to see a new striker who could both offer strong competition for Watkins to keep him on his toes whilst also easing the burden on him / covering him if he got injured. To only have Wesley as back up is very dangerous as if Watkins got injured & Wesley takes another season to get back up to his peak which could well happen, we would be in trouble.
  11. I'm on the fence regards Europa League. I can see the obvious benefit of being able to offer European competition to summer recruits, which may or may not impact the level of player we can attract (although i suspect ££££'s is the more interesting factor to most). On the other hand it would clearly be a burden regards fixture congestion.... Unless we did a Martin O'neill and threw it if it got too much as that's surely the only way it would help with signings but not deteriorate our form next season?
  12. So pleased for him, let’s Hope it gives him a booster in confidence for the last 10 games
  13. For me Elghazi and Traore are both potentially good but most of the time, apart from the very odd game (i'd suggest about 1 in 6 for Elghazi and 1 in 4 for Traore), do not have anywhere near enough good moments in games. Traore is very odd as he can be brilliant on the ball but also does the most crazy things which cost us goals. I could not believe one occasion against Spurs when he inexplicably booted the ball straight out for a corner from a harmless situation when he had loads of time & space to turn and maybe start an attack... the Sky Sports commentators were just as unimpressed btw
  14. Ok i'm gonna have a crack at trying to iron out some of the different opinions i see on here after games, especially poor performances / defeats. I know this is the Dean Smith Thread but this type of thing is going on in several posts above so hey ho! I often see posters getting wound up by other posters reactions and indeed i get some posts aimed at me when i'm perhaps "venting" a little after a defeat or generally poor performance. There's clearly a bit of a mixed post game reaction by people on here and i think the trouble is after a defeat everyone to varying degrees is emotiona
  15. To be honest, that could well be part of the issue. Our performances almost look like that of a bunch of people at work who didn't sleep properly and their concentration / focus is not quite right. Makes you wonder.
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