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  1. For me, rather than restrict the ability of a club to compete with the clubs who got there before the FFP nightmare came about, it would be better to redesign the whole fit & proper test and build in some new regulations to make it impossible for an owner to invest unless the entire costing is set aside for the entirety of a players contract. Thus removing the "risk" to a club running into future issues. This could surely be done in a way that would mean any investment had to be set aside / paid in advance to some governing body or whatever so that if the owner left the club, sold up or ran into financial difficulty of any kind due to relegation or a change in the marketplace, the money would still be there to cover the entire cost of that player including any loss on transfer fee, wages for the entire contract and future relegation costs or whatever. This could replace the fit & proper test even as basically the owner would be unable to do anything unless it was paid in advance in full and the money held accordingly so it would not be possible for that owner to renege on the arrangement. It could be optional too so a club could either choose to remain in the current system or if they decided they wanted to go for it they could apply for an extra "financial ability check" where they would need to commit to those rules. State how much they were prepared to invest for the next say 3 years (to fall in line with current FFP regs) and pay that money upfront to the governing body who could then ensure everything was safe. Obviously i'm no accountant but surely something like that could be worked out? It would certainly be better than the current ridiculous state of affairs.
  2. I still curse the day he brought Emile Heskey in
  3. Said it before but i like what he brings in heading ability but with his feet he absolutely petrifies me. He either plays a good ball forward to Grealish / Targett or does something totally daft like gets caught in possession or plays one of the oppositions guys in. Very unreliable on the ground but great in the air! What do you do? Drop him & we are weaker, especially against a team like say Burnley who have big lumps threatening, or play him and risk a silly error which costs a goal? I really dunno where i stand with him.
  4. OMG, Burnley winning at Old Trafford... yet another reason to dislike that horrid Manc club. As for Fergie apparently telling their owners to "Go & sign Grealish" i think he needs to reign his neck in as maybe just maybe we ain't gonna sell him! Why would he go to that second rate has-been outfit anyhow? Could do much better if / when he moves on. Great, now Norwich have equalised at Spurs
  5. Have to agree with many of the comments above that he clearly lacks in many area's, he does provide a spark however it's just that it's far too easily snuffed out by the opposition.
  6. Have to say he looked classy. I'd actually prefer him to Heaton... Can't we extend his stay for another couple of years?
  7. Just found out i've been granted a night off work so i can unexpectedly attend this game now! Not really seeing a win for us sadly but there we go miracles do happen.
  8. It is a conundrum with Hause, i do feel safer when high crosses come over with him in the team but am petrified when the balls at his feet. Our passing in general however is appalling all over the pitch but even more so from defence outwards. The number of times we have conceded by playing stupid passes across the pitch instead of out for a throw or forwards is astonishing. I can't believe it hasn't been raised in team talks & on the training ground so it must be just poor player quality or general lack of intelligence / composure under pressure.
  9. Surely Woy can see that insisting on only releasing Benteke for an actual sale not a loan doesn't exactly say a lot about the player & if anything devalues him further? It's like some dodgy salesman trying to force the money out of you before he lets you see the goods. "Avoid" would be my reaction.
  10. Thanks for the correction Briny, I think my point is that hardly any of the bottom 6 have gotten more points away against the to 6 than we have (Only West Ham & Bournemouth both of who beat Chelsea away). In fact both Watford & Brighton have less than us with Norwich matching our solitary away point. It is still poor of course but it is a record we have a chance of putting right over the run in.
  11. Goodness me it's frustrating. It's as though everything about this season is working against us (although no doubt fans of most clubs feel the same) VAR has been so anti-Villa it's embarrassing Injuries happening to our absolute best players (Grealish aside) & not just any old injuries, season ending ones. Delays in signings & injuries causing us to go "weak" just when we have a chance of wins. No wonder we're struggling.
  12. I think maybe we are getting a warped view of our games against the top 6 as most of those results were away. Nobody has points against Liverpool (H or A) either, aside from Man U. So i think a fairer comparison is who in the bottom 6 teams has points away at the top 6? So here you go Current bottom 6 --------Points won / available v top 6 (H)----------Points won / available v top 6 (A)-------------- TOTAL Played w/d/l-----left to play Brighton-------------------------2 / 9 (D vs Wolves & D vs Chelsea)-----------------------------------0 / 12----------------------------------------7 - 0/2/5----------------- 3 (H) 2 (A) West Ham --------------------------------3 / 6 (W vs Man U) ----------------------------------- 3 / 9 (W vs Chelsea)------------------------------5 - 2/0/3----------------- 4 (H) 3 (A) Watford --------------------------6 / 9 (W vs Man U, W vs Wolves) ---------------------------------- 0 / 12------------------------------------------ 7 - 2/0/5---------------- 3 (H) 2 (A) Aston Villa ---------------------------------------------- 0 / 9 -------------------------------------------- 1 / 12 (D vs Man U)----------------------------- 7 - 0/1/6---------------- 3 (H) 2(A) Bournemouth --------------------------- 3 /12 (W vs Man U) ----------------------------------- 3 / 6 (W vs Chelsea)--------------------------- 6 - 2/0/4----------------- 2 (H) 4 (A) Norwich ------------------------------------ 3 / 9 (W vs Man C) ------------- -----------------------1 / 12 (D vs Leicester)------------------------ 7 - 1/1/6----------------- 3 (H) 2 (A) So for me a key stat there is although we have lost 6 of 7 games against the current top 6 we actually only have 2 away from home left (Liverpool & Leicester). The rest are at home & if you look at the points gained in the home games of our relegation rivals most have been at home to Wolves & Man U with a few also getting points home & away against Chelsea. So those games have to be a target for points for us too.
  13. You really don't wanna see my dress pics at 16. Black spikey hair, chains and all sorts I remember i used to get picked on by the coppers due to my extreme look. Was at a game once at Villa Park in the Holte end (When it was terraced) and the whole crowd was swearing.... guess who got picked on & evicted. To get back on topic re transfers... Something is clearly not quite right in midfield, would like to see Nzonzi to add some grit and forward passing ability as those seem to be the missing ingredients.
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