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  1. For me we lack the vital ingredients to be effective in attack at the moment. So yes we will need someone in Jan. The things we clearly lack are pace, a top finisher & an aerial threat. We have none of those vital strengths and another issue is our best dead ball player Hourihane and regular scorer of good goals is not playing either. Result is we simply are not posing much of a goal threat. We lack true pace on the counter, pose little threat from set pieces either aerially or with a dead ball strike now Hourihane is not playing and the few chances we do create are often fluffed by not having a natural goal scorer in the team. Wesley (Still new i know but never actually been overly prolific even in lesser leagues) Davis (Another Heskey regards goal tally) Trez (usually misses good chances and did so at his last club too according to their fans) Elghazi (does score on occasion but also goes missing very often & is nowhere near "prolific") Kodija (Made of glass and is totally unproven at this level) I'm sure they might all score a few but i can only see Wesley getting 8 - 10 (which is his current 1 in 4 ratio) Davis 4 or 5 , Trez 3 or 4 & Elghazi 6 or 7. Yes there is Kodija but he is never fit and if he plays we would just be swapping his goals with the player he replaces so not much changes. That's a total of say 21 to 26 goals which would have seen us relegated in each of the last 3 seasons where really 40 goals or just under was around the number needed for survival. So we really do need midfield to chip in considerably to stay up in my eyes but are they really going to contribute between 14 to 19 goals? So yes for me we do need to buy in Jan although who's to say that player will settle quickly? It hopefully will come good but i'm not convinced by our attacking players at this time. Keeper, defence and midfield i'm ok with however.
  2. Oh lord i don't think i could stand another Heskey type! It was like putting a blanket over our forward line when Heskey arrived. We literally went from being in the top 4 and scoring for fun to ending up in 6th & struggling to score. As for the above comments which pose the question is it poor crossing or poor positioning as to why we are not converting the 5th highest number of crosses in the division i'd say it's a bit of both from what i've seen. Loads of really poor quality crosses with the occasional better one which is usually not reached for whatever reason. Whether that is down to poor positioning or whatever i'm still trying to work out
  3. The two early gifts is definitely what did us on Saturday. Prior to KO the crowd was noisy & loud, the atmosphere bubbling and Bournemouth must've been thinking "We're in for a tough gig today" or something along those lines. Then the game kicked off and within 30 seconds that crazy challenge from Heaton with the ball already going out for a goal kick changed everything. Within a minute the atmosphere disappeared as everyone myself included tried to fathom what they had just seen. Then just as we were coming round to it another poor series of mistakes starting with Elmo getting caught out and playing it across instead of forward which then was compounded by Luiz inexplicably letting it run straight to the scouser who got lucky with his deflected hit & hope shot... It was a crushing blow which took us ages to recover from unsurprisingly. This is the Premier League and you simply cannot give any team a 2 - 0 lead. Self inflicted defeat in my eyes which was compounded again by the poor forward play when trying to turn it around. I lost count off the poor crosses from out wide from Trez, & particularly Elghazi. One or two did get though though despite this but were either not reached or had a shockingly poor finish at the end of them. I am not all doom & gloom however i do think we can turn this around but those gifts (Grealish again at Spurs) simply have to stop as we ain't good enough to recover from that at present. Hardly any team would be... I liken it to Spurs v Liverpool in the final of that glorified cup competition (which used to be reserved for just champions but now you can win without actually playing a single champion) Similarrly Spurs gave away a daft penalty in almost identical circumstances in the first move of the game... Huffed & puffed but never recovered! We did that but then gave Bournemouth another for good measure.... So onto Everton, Come on lads time to make an impact!!!
  4. This is my concern too, lack of real pace along with our bizarre lack of apparent aerial threat!. I really thought that with the height in the team, Engels, Mings, Targett, Wesley, Hause, Elghazi etc, all being 6ft + we would be a real handful at set pieces and with crosses from out wide yet we look so easy to defend against aside from the threat from midfield which we genuinely do have. The crosses on Saturday were abysmal in the main, Grealsih, Trez & Elghazi were all way off with their delivery although i couldn't weigh up whether it was also due to players not busting a gut to get on the end of the odd good one which did get put over.... I'd say both actually! Of course some from that list have not played yet obviously but even so.
  5. I agree with the posts above & think that the main concern of myself and possibly some others on here is that Bournemouth are surely among the teams we should be taking at least a point from at home but we barely threatened their goal after gifting them the two goals. Heck even Bournemouth fans are saying we were toothless by all accounts, Don't get me wrong we can turn this around it's just that the same issues were apparent in both of our opening fixtures. Poor forward play and little goal threat from any of the forwards or wingers. The odd chance they got they fluffed. I do believe though that when gelling a new team the last thing to fall in place is the attack so i half expected this. It's just it's worse than i thought it would be after us scoring so many in pre-season. I think this is where a lot of the concern is coming from. Defence looks ok to me apart from the Right back position which looked weak i thought against Bournemouth. It looks like DS is going with the familiarity between Elmo & Trez over the creativity & pace of Guilbert. I kind of get that but i feel Guilbert was a real bright spark in pre-season who created at least two good goals and we are badly missing that as the Elmo Trez combo has produced zilch! If anything it was part of the issue for the second Bournemouth goal on Saturday. Not writing us off though far from it, i just think it will be a while until the forwards click and based on Saturday it may be longer than i thought.... Just hope not too long!!
  6. I'm very impressed with Engels so far. I feel more confident about him than any of the other signings at present.
  7. Just got back from the game, gotta say our front players look just so lightweight & sluggish that i can't see them scoring enough goals sadly. Huge mistake from the club not to buy Maupay or another striker as what options do we have to change it now? Elghazi was totally ineffective, Trez looks cumbersome and lacks a killer instinct & Wesley was barely a threat at all really especially in the air. So if we can't do teams with pace & offer no aerial threat it makes us rather easy to defend against and that's what happened today. Only a wonder goal was ever going to get us a goal today and that's what Luiz produced..... which he owed us after being liable for their 2nd. So kamikaze play from Heaton & Luiz and an ineffective strike force is what did us. Happy Christmas Bournemouth.
  8. Such a shame that Sturridge is the wrong personality type as he can clearly play (if he actually decides to). Still i guess he wouldn't be anywhere near that list if he was worth having. A balloon full of dressing room poison by the looks.
  9. He actually helped with our goal by holding off the Spurs defender long enough for McGinn to get away from what i recall. Our general fitness & strength seems lacking though compared to Spurs players.
  10. I have sorted it now, Apparently you don't just log into avfc.co.uk but you have to log into the actual ticket office part by clicking "TICKETS" then "HOME TICKETS" with your fan id & password then it's as stated click name top RH corner, then Alerts and the options appear.
  11. Very odd, I just logged in & followed the instructions above but my name does not show in the top RH corner only a torso icon and down arrow. When i click the down arrow it just gives me 4 options: none of which say "Alerts". I had to phone up and they said they would do it for me (list tickets to a game i can't make due to Sky moving the fixture) Still cannot see how to do this otherwise mind??
  12. Too early to call for me. Attackers worried me today as they looked poor & i fear we may have too many "sitter missers" to avoid a relegation scrap but will wait & see whether they can improve.
  13. I though all our attackers were pretty shocking today in all honesty as was Wesley. It's a real shame as if they had been better we could have won that today. Concerned that we didn't get someone in on deadline day as we look light up front ........ Lots to prove.
  14. Trying to look at tomorrow realistically and my main concern is i am still not overly convinced we are strong enough at LB nor RB. I know we have bought Targett & Guilbert but i think it's going to take a while for them to play as tight as we need them too in the Prem. So i can deffo see us conceding goals. I agree with some posts above that we may well score plenty over the season too. I feel we will lose tomorrow though purely as Spurs will surely be tighter as a unit than us at this stage and Poch will be well aware of our deficiencies in the full back positions and how to exploit them. We obviously can't get too downhearted with a defeat at Spurs however at this point. Hopefully the lads surprise me but head rules heart on this one & i see a 3-1 defeat

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