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  1. Ok ta :) Was gonna cancel it though, have a firestick now so...
  2. Well i was gonna cancel it but was put on hold for 50 mins after being transferred to the relevant department (Still no answer) so gave up in the end...( Which i guess is exactly what they wanted anyhow) Maybe try again in the week or just cancel the subscription payments
  3. Just onto them now up here! :)
  4. Here we go again, Surprise surprise yet another TV pundit attempting to give his club an advantage by spouting off some ridiculous idea which disadvantages their rivals. This time Gary Neville attempting to put things in Man Utd's favour by suggesting all the clubs play the remaining fixtures over a ridiculously short time frame... even all the games in 9 days at 1 per day if necessary. Now i wonder who would benefit most from that ridiculous suggestion? Surely not the clubs with the biggest squads like Man U etc? We would be completely screwed by that in our current state. Such an unfair suggestion which most likely would see Man U in champs league & he knows it. CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY IN BM Can't believe the BM have entitled it "THE BRILLIANT WAY VILLA'S SEASON COULD END" ..... Yeah really?
  5. Prem apparently pleading with clubs to finish the season including Villa, (well that's according to the BM at any rate) ... Hows about this as a response..."If you give us the points back that VAR has robbed from us and another 6 points as compensation for the loss of confidence which would have no doubt affected team confidence & therefore impacted further on results and we'll think about it" Otherwise one squad member every 2 weeks goes down with virus until further notice.
  6. Yes i sometimes listen on the way home from work (early hours often) & they were doing some quiz which they seemed to find hilarious but tbh was very dull for the listener. They do run an ok one on a Saturday night though, again early hours where they have callers pick a number & guess the age of whichever celebrity is revealed, the guys on there are very listenable i like them but some others have me reaching for the change channel button. As it happens at Wembley pre-game against Man CIty i was walking up Wembley way with my 12 year old daughter when a lady suddenly appeared in front of me and asked if we had a minute for a chat, i honestly thought she was from one of those electric/gas companies and was going to try & pitch me or sell me something so i brushed her aside and just said "no thanks". As we were walking away she then said "it's TalkSport radio do you want to answer a couple of questions?".. Which i would have done but all i could think of was "she's gonna ask what the score will be" & i really didn't want to go on national radio & say we'd likely lose so i just said "no thanks love".
  7. It's embarrassing how the Ex Liverpool people constantly say how the season MUST be completed and then criticise any other opinion as being selfish and down to a teams current plight.. jokers
  8. So why not just award them the title by asking Man City to concede it or something... Then see how much they pipe down about it all
  9. With the way VAR has warped things too it can only make sense to void what has basically become a farce of a season. Every other option gives compromised outcomes. Behind closed doors is unfair on teams due to home/crowd advantage which the other team had the benefit of in the return fixture. Stopping the season as it is, is just totally unfair. Not promoting teams from the Championship & other divisions is unfair. Not having playoffs for those teams in those positions is unfair. Holding playoffs is unfair on teams who might have made them had the season finished Relegating teams who could still mathematically survive is unfair. Allowing Liverpool to win anything at all, ever is grossly unfair.
  10. Frankly this season is now a farce. Whatever the outcome it is ridiculous to carry on with it. Even fixtures behind closed doors are not really an accurate reflection on what would have possibly happened had it been in front of a full house for either team. It is practically lunacy to attend games under the current circumstances and that will not be changing by the time Summer hits that is clear. I will never respect any decision to play or the results from games played "under duress" such as behind closed doors (especially as most of our remaining ones were at home thus we would lose that advantage) or whatever & if we got relegated as a result of such actions i doubt i could actually take football seriously from there on in. Of course however we all know that so long as the Sky 4 & the big London 4 are ok they do not care one iota about the rest.
  11. Post deleted as it was not being taken in the correct way it was intended to be.
  12. For me it's just so problematic whichever way you look at it. I agree the simplest option instead of trying to shoehorn a load of games into a ridiculously difficult set of circumstances is to just void it & re-run it. Of course there will be a few clubs annoyed & fans crying that the World is against them but frankly they have to just get a grip & realise that we are in the midst of the worst Pandemic since the Spanish Flu but with even worse ramifications due to the way the World is interlinked now in a much more intrinsic way. Saving lives is the only concern at this time, remember we may have in excess of 1.5 MILLION deaths+ just in the UK if worst case is realised. Football should just be voided and the season restarted from scratch once the coast is clear. Of course it would be hard on Liverpool & a few others but goodness me who cares in this situation. It would be hugely disrespectful to all of the dead & suffering on a never before seen scale to pipe up about what "might have been" in a flipping football season amidst these incredibly sad times.
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