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  1. Hmmmn ....I'm not so sure No Abraham, a true goalscorer or Tuanzebe for me our second best defender last season, same keepers effectively due to Heatons injury and although we have Reina on loan he is not what he used to be. Most games have seen the Norwegian playing "catch the hot potato too". Then we have duds in Jota & Trez & a few others, Targett has been average at best and we lack the drive of Hutton Jedinak & Whelan even, although i appreciate their legs had gone at Prem level. Grealish, Hourihane, Mings, Davies, Hause, Elghazi, Taylor & McGinn still there too. I actually think there was a tougher centre to that team. What has killed us is the injury to Heaton &..... Abraham / Tuanzebe / Whelan / Hutton / Jedinak > Wesley / Hause / Nakamba / Targett / Luiz Luiz appears to have improved since Lockdown but too little too late.
  2. I predicted this would happen to my daughter before the game. I was worried JG wouldn't perform as why would you try to make you're new team lose and thus potentially damage their push for Champs League which would directly affect you personally the following season? Of course we all view him as one of us but it appears he has moved on now to me. We all know from his antics over the Lockdown and previously that so long as JG is having a good time you can stuff everyone else...& that includes the club he supported as a lad clearly. He was the captain of this club when he did that little number in lockdown so clearly to him JG > AVFC. So do you really think he'd shoot himself & his new club in the foot next season by trying to take 3 points off them last night. I didn't think he would pre-game... no surprise to me he didn't turn up. If i was Smith i would not have played Grealish last night (assuming he is indeed off as appears to be abundantly clear) instead i would have used the "He picked up a knock" lie they usually use in these circumstances... possibly a naive managerial decision from him in my view.
  3. Wow, if that was the starting line up for us next season i would fear a double drop to League 1! Truly shocking and little wonder we have failed to stay up looking at that.
  4. I have supported Villa (Attending games wise) since 1979. I have been very fortunate to see us win everything going.....but that was a long time ago and i have felt so so many down moments of course over the years along with many false dawns and a few close to glory moments. I have had the same emotions as you and have often felt very distanced from certain Villa teams. Usually it is nothing a new bit of hope doesn't restore however. The worst time i can remember regards not feeling particularly interested was in the 1993 to 1996 spell and again post Martin O'neill. Last season rekindled my passion somewhat however and i am hoping for the same next season once this God awful team is sorted out. This season has been atrocious so i fully understand anyone feeling distanced or losing interest as i have done. The season was kinda over before it started when our top scorer left and our defence was shattered with the loss of Tuanzebe. Then VAR completely spoiled it when at the games live for me...it is for me just a corrupt tool being used to manipulate games such as tonights.... The FA want Man U in the Champs League basically so no surprise whatsoever that they gifted Man U the crucial first goal. I have completely written this stinker of a season off now and have barely enough interest to check the score as it's as good as a foregone conclusion that we've lost AGAIN. I have no doubt we are now down and will not beat any of the teams remaining on our fixture list as this lot are simply not at it nor good enough either defensively or most definitely in attack. Palace will beat us on Sunday or at best we may scrape a draw, although i severely doubt it. Next season will as ever be a fresh start however. No corrupt VAR (just crap refs) in the Championship. Less corrupt than the Premier League too so fewer rigged games. I just want this season over now, it's been crap.
  5. Quite probably the worst Villa team I have ever seen in 45 years total losers and can’t even pass a football well
  6. Far better than us in all honesty. They have strikers who actually appear a threat and have a modicum of pace for a start.
  7. Agree totally, Premier League is all geared towards the top 4 or 5 clubs clearly. Even more so with this 5 subs rule favoring the large established squads. Then of course you have the "rub of the green" which often in my view is merely the layman's way of saying "unfair Bias towards the top clubs". This includes "pick & choose as you like" VAR decisions now too, along with the age old "Fergie Time" (Still used today for the top clubs from what i witnessed this season) and all the other usual tricks which are hidden behind a veil of officialdom. So if you manage to work your way through that little lot you still have to beat the team you're playing itself, which of course is difficult anyway. So no wonder we have zero wins against them this season (despite some of them being bang average in reality). So this makes the whole Premier League thing a little dull & frustrating, unless you are one of the millions of top wearing glory hunter fans from wherever of course. There is always a "token gesture" of a club each season of course which does surprisingly well, a Leicester one year Burnley the next or Sheff Utd another, almost as though it's by design in an attempt to cover up the fakery of the whole thing. It reminds me a little bit now of WWF Wrestling actually in the Prem. Just a big money making stage show which is pre-arranged each year, although i am of course being cynical now lol! So i won't miss it in all honesty footballing wise nor excitement wise although of course AVFC needs to be there really for financial reasons if it's ever to become great again!
  8. Ones I’d like to keep Gk Heaton, Steer, Targett, Hause Mings Luiz, McGinn not fussed about the rest I say Hause as his sheer size would help us in the Championship physically,
  9. For me the only problem with Jack is that our wingers & strikers are so dire that despite anything he does it seldom results in anything regards goals. Unless he scores himself which is difficult as he is so well marked. But the fact that our forward players are so horribly unproductive and very rarely actually threaten let alone take a chance means it is just far too easy for opposition teams to free up 2 or 3 players to mark him out. Hence the crazy number of free kicks as he is usually surrounded. If our forwards offered a decent alternative threat to Grealish opposition teams would not be able to spare quite so many players to surround him with which would equate to a few less free kicks too in my view. Sadly i really do not rate any of our forwards Elghazi - seldom turns up and is not quite quick enough / lazy Trez - a rabbit but not Prem quality whatsoever. Davies - Heskey (Never score) MK 11, Awful finisher and no strikers instinct which is a shame as he is strong. Wesley - Too slow and awful in the air for a big guy. Samatta - Appears to be our best header of the ball but lacks the physicality of Davies so is easily knocked off it in the box at corners etc and is too slow to be much of a threat otherwise. Early days still though maybe he'll prove me wrong. Is there actually anyone else?? A shocking bunch of forwards for a Premier League team. Could you see any of them even on the bench at a top half club? We lack aerial ability, pace & fox in the box /strikers instinct...No wonder our strikers barely score. As for Jack how on Earth do you play in someone who lacks pace, aerial ability and rarely makes the right run in the box? Even if they do they usually fluff it with a poor shot.
  10. I'm actually now completely accepting and looking forward to next season & as appears likely (but still by no means definite quite yet) it will be a promotion push from the Championship. I am pleased there will be no VAR. I'm also excited to see if we can at last go up in the top 2 or even as Champions which would be very enjoyable, although naturally is by no means guaranteed. Once the stench of this dismal campaign has evaporated i think exciting times can come back to Villa Park and who knows maybe even fans can too! The squad will no doubt have some losses including Grealish but then we have Louis Barry to look forward to along with some new signings no doubt. We may even get some better ones in as loans to buy in that division whereas in the Premier League clubs are more reluctant to loan to us it seems... unless they are woefully out of shape & form. This was a bit like "The season that wasn't" with Covid-19, a dysfunctional VAR system / corruption depending on how you see it, ridiculous top 6 favoring rule changes part way through the season like 5 subs etc and an incomprehensible sham fixtures wise which again has seen us disadvantaged with congested games and less recovery time than all of our rivals in the relegation fight..... and that's not mentioning the unfair loss of home crowds which affected us more than any other team, Man City aside, as the FA forced through the restart for ££££'s sake. So all in all, especially if you then add in the ridiculous bad luck with injuries to virtually the whole spine of our team and the constant rotation of the defence & keepers it has been a truly shocking experience and it's little wonder we have struggled so badly. So i eagerly await the riddance of this awful season and welcome a fresh start, even if that does mean the Championship once more. BRING IT ON! UTV
  11. Exactly this, it is our system which of course has Grealish as the main creator that scores goals not individual brilliance by our strikers. You could see the impact top forwards have yesterday when Liverpool's came on. When is the last time you can remember a wonder goal by a Villa forward? More likely to happen with our midfielders even like Grealish, Hourihane or McGinn.. Even Luiz popped one in early season but i struggle to remember a goal from a striker / winger other than a straightforward finish.
  12. Added Bournemouth's fixtures as it appears to be a 3 - way shoot out now. IF & it's a massive IF, we can get to the Arsenal game only a point or two behind then we have a chance. I really do though struggle to see any more than 3 point more for this team as they are clearly incapable of winning a game especially looking at those remaining fixtures. Honestly? I think we'll be as good as down by the time we play Everton away. I can see Watford beating Norwich and drawing with Newcastle by that point and we are just too poor to be able to overhaul them if that's the case. I wish i could say it was fun whilst it lasted but actually it has been the worst season i think i can ever remember. Even worse than the last relegation as although that was a shocking team at least we kind of saw it coming for a couple of years and didn't have the false hope that this one offered after winning the Play offs. Then with VAR ruining the live games on numerous occasions, dodgy decisions, serious injuries to key players (our new normal going by the last few years) and such awful strikers and wingers who are clearly not Premier League quality it has quickly become possibly the worst season i can recall.. (although i know we've had several since those heady early 80's days) I actually now am looking forward to seeing what the new owners cook up ahead of what is hopefully a much more enjoyable time albeit in the Championship next season.
  13. I bet United's players are quaking in their boots at the thought of playing this lot We managed to keep the score down against a semi on the beach Liverpool team who had just 3 days rest compared to our 7.. hardly an advert for a contract extension now is it. A poor Villa team this one.
  14. I always thought West Ham would click at some point to be quite honest as they have too much quality in their squad compared to other teams down there. Disappointed in Chelsea however last night. Weirdly it may be our only way out however as if West Ham go on a run and pull well clear prior to meeting us and beating Watford & Norwich in the process it could provide us with a glimmer of a route out....IF we can get some points that is, which is the bit that worries me as we appear devoid of the ability to win a game of football. Obvious loss incoming on Sunday and against Man U, though if by some miracle we are only a point or two adrift by the time those two losses are out of the way then we have a slim chance. Ironically our season rests in Norwich's hands now..... GREAT!
  15. For me Grealish is a fantastic player No doubt. He will go on to much bigger things too I believe and do well on the international scene eventually too. I do question a few things though about his influence as a captain. For me a captain is the role model for the team. Grealish lets himself down too often to be a role model. A captain rallies the troops when the going gets tough. Grealish rolls his eyes throws his hands in the air displaying his exasperation and mutters under his breath at the lack of ability of his teammates. I understand his frustration of course but as a captain you surely have to encourage and direct and occasionally dish out a rollicking but never belittle your colleagues publicly. It’s bad leadership.
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