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  1. I doubt it as Southgate only starts players who are at a top 4 club apparently (Except keepers & DM's that is ... hypocrite)
  2. Oh i see, so Saudi Arabia... "The State of" came to an agreement to stop one of the crimes it was involved with and suddenly the football club which they apparently won't be running even though it's their money, (We know because a legally binding piece of paper says so don't you know) is allowed to be sold to them?! Hmmn??!! I think i can see how the FA works now... "Do this and we'll do that" Interesting.
  3. I reckon the whole league should go all out to relegate the fekkers now. But of course i guess they'll buy a slice of the corruption pie and work their way onto the FA's "protected list" along with the scummy 6. Penalties aplenty and VAR blind spots await no doubt. Clearly something dodgy has already taken place for them to be allowed to takeover at all. Maybe they dealt with the objectors in the same way they normally do? Or are you telling me some ridiculous and apparently "legally binding Piece of paper promising that the state of SA would not be in charge of the club" is anything more than a pathetic piece of spin drummed up by the FA which they think they can hide behind as the reason they have gone back on their word? In other words they are trying to say "It's our money but we're not running it".... Yeah whatever! Clearly some brown paper bags have exchanged hands at government level somewhere and the word has been given. On that point i thought Boris Johnson had stated it should not go ahead? Very quiet now no? I suppose we are now looking at the scummy 7 as that kind of wealth buys you a seat at the exclusive table straight away. No doubt any break away proposal would now suddenly see fit to include Newcastle. I've No issue with their fans as they are a passionate bunch who have been starved of success by their version of Doug Eliis (Mike Ashley) for a long time... Not as long as we had to endure Mr Ellis for mind you! Football really is pretty pointless now and corruption continues to rule at FA Towers.
  4. The problem is it could so easily be a bunch of bitter noses doing what they do and sinking to astonishingly low depths to feed their sad & pathetically infantile hatred. It has to be Twitter who step in but the club should do something to embrace them in my view.
  5. It will be a very tough ask to achieve it this season. Losing whatsisname to oil fc put a bit of a spoke into what was already a mess of a pre-season and we have paid a price for that. Losing at Watford and several players still not at the races 7 games in has cost us points for sure but hey ho it is what it is. Being where we are now on 10 points & in10th is not too bad but we of course need to get all the players fit & firing asap if we are serious about finishing high enough for Europe. I think we have an outside chance but we have to improve and become more consistent of course. You would say next season is more realistic but then who's to say the talent skimming clubs don't come & wreck things again in the summer which they will surely do to try to prevent us threatening as much as anything else!? That's my biggest fear. Already we have rumours linking McGinn with Manure and a few others. It's really a case of can we continually strengthen whilst the inevitable poaching of our best players takes place. We need to find a way to take one step back but two forward every summer.
  6. I think playing this 532 system is basically nullifying our attacking play. It is relying on Cash & Targett to suddenly become consistently good as an attacking threat adding goals & assists to their game in abundance. I just can't see this happening often enough to justify using the system consistently. On the odd occasion maybe but Watkins & Ings, a potentially top notch duo, are chasing shadows in this system and with Cash & Targetts usually poor delivery of crosses & through balls coming to the fore they are getting no service or are nullified by having to go out of position to get the ball. No coincidence that we suddenly stuck 3 past Everton when Bailey replaced Targett.
  7. Thought Smith got out managed today basically. Nuno simply got his players in our faces in midfield and as a result we kept giving the ball away... exactly what he wanted and set up for in my view. Nothing was done to change this by Smith until what 10 mins from the end? This typifies why we are not a top team currently. Amazing win at Old Trafford but once again we don't follow it up the week after.... and that's against a team who played in midweek too! Not buying into the "Ah well 3 points from 6 is ok from those fixtures" that's a losers attitude and questions need to be asked of that horror show today as it was unacceptable from Smith & the players. If we have higher aspirations this is exactly the type of performance that needs abolishing. For me to play this system well you need wingbacks who excell when going forwards. I'm afraid Cash & Targett whilst having some quality in some area's are not the best in an attacking sense & so it puts two of our least creatively talented players in the position of needing to be our main creators. Rafa Benitez saw this when we played Everton and simply let them have the ball whilst marking everyone else and it almost worked as we created very little until Targett was replaced by Bailey which is what changed the game. I know it was Cash who scored the opener but lets be honest it was about time he chipped in considering the number of occasions he's been in good positions. Normally its Row z or a useless ballooned cross straight to the keeper. Targetts missed sitter from a few yards out against Manure was more the norm. Poor today all round for me.
  8. Personally i think the US system makes it much more fun and is a much more sustainable model for clubs. The college football i guess is almost what the lower leagues are to us where lots of new upcoming players are blooded and discovered. The big difference of course is that the're all young players not a mixture of old pro's & the like that we have in the pyramid. The no risk or relegation is huge and takes away that awful sceptre of doom which we have meaning clubs can plan better. I know there are some small points like the fairytale of a Wimbledon or Bournemouth suddenly making it to the big time but in all honesty i would rather have a set 2 top divisions each with 22 teams which would effectively mean the Premier League & Championship would be alamgamated into North /South divisions with playoffs at the end of each season to reach the ultimate final between North & South Champions! That way enough teams could be in it to represent all parts of the UK (Scotland included) and with no risk of relegation. All of the traditional big clubs could be part of it and all would have a chance of winning the title.... Much better in my eyes.
  9. I really hate it when our players get called up for England. It's just a huge tapping up "time you got to a proper club" camp. No doubt Mings & Watkins will be next out the door. I note Grealish is now a permanent starter after he followed Southgates orders and got to a "Proper team". No wonder he left! Quite bizarre how he was formerly "up against such good players in his position" to the second he moves it's no longer an issue and he starts every game. He must have learned so much after playing 2 games under Pep that he is now undroppable. What a farce!
  10. So once again here we are! Surely that's a Red for McGuire?! Right in the refs view and he waves play-on. That is 100% a foul /yellow or red if it's our player on a Utd player. Yet again we have evidence of the corruption from the FA. There is no way Mike Dean did not see that. Add to that the iffy penalty (Yet again occurs when UTD are losing and in need, seldom does when they are winning comfortably "as it happens") Surely Hause's arm is down in a natural position and the ball deflects onto it, at pace & nearby him. Let's put it this way.. there is no way we are getting that if it was a UTD player who'd done it and that is the issue here, the scummy 6 alone get those. Ok we got the decision for our goal but that is only correct anyway. Every pundit, former ref who has commented have all said it was a good goal as when the ball was headed (which is the moment when the keeper should not have his view impared otherwise it is offside) Watkins is nowhere near his eyeline and the ball even came from the opposite side so he cannot be interfering ....Correct decision! Despite what OGS is attempting to portray. The biggest mystery is why wasn't the McGuire rugby tackle not even shown on MOTD?! A surefire red card and they don't even mention it! Bizarre!
  11. What a result, didn't see the "hand ball" for their inevitable penalty so i cannot fairly comment but would not be at all surprised if it was a ridiculous one as that's how the corruption works. Man Utd in trouble and losing so bring out the dodgy decisions! Happens without fail every single time which is a huge factor in why it's been so long since we beat them. Fortunately for us for once they missed it so we can celebrate a famous win! So for those who saw it was it a Pen? Well done the lads though! That makes up for the loss at Watford! We are back on track!!
  12. Erm ..... nope he doesn't! The actual cheek of the guy! The number of dodgy pennos they get and he has the gaul to actually call out the officials for refusing to give a penalty to some blatant cheating/diving. Even if one of them could have been a Pen they also denied West Ham a clear one earlier in the game but i don't hear Moyes bleating on about that one! Instead Jermaine Jenas and all those who came out crowing about how wonderful it was to see Ollie Watkins sent off for going down a bit easy (Even though actually contacted) should be shouting hard & loud as to how on Earth the corrupt FA & their officials found a way to not book Ronaldo despite repeated (At least twice) clear & obvious dives. The one he was not even touched whatsoever, dragged his foot and dived blatantly....much worse than Watkins' against them last season....Not even a yellow card! They disgust me quite frankly. The number of dodgy pens they have had against us and Jenas (A former player no less) actually saw fit to come out and slate Watkins for ONCE trying to reiprocate their antics (even though he got some contact) and he gets a red! I mean really?! It's Ridiculous! The ref & VAR could obviously see Ronaldo was diving as could we all. In another of the incidents he clearly kicks the ball away from goal to the left of the defender and deliberately carries his run on straight away from the ball and then at the last minute bends into the defender initiating contact. A typical UTD penalty normally. They are only so staggered because they normally get 100% of those and especially when employee No.1 Mike Dean or Martin Atkinson are officiating ... that would have likely been 3 pennos had it been against us rather than one of the current darlings of the London media West Ham. Ollie GS is clearly taking instruction from Alex Ferguson on how to pursuade the FA to play along. Simple tactic.. Shout loud when you don't get any decision and hey presto, because they are greasing the tracks for the scummy six especially Man U & Liverpool & have been for years, the week after (sadly against us this time) they will slot in the Ref of the moment to redress the balance and restore order. It used to be Howard Webb or whoever (Apparently huge rumours that he was a Man U fan but tried to cover it up & still does according to UTD fans at work but who knows i guess) Nailed on dodgy penno or two against us incoming tomorrow i reckon. The only time that tends to not happen is if it's not required like if UTD go 3-0 up so they therefore don't have any need to intervene.
  13. Sadly i think if we want to have a real go at Manure we need this guy fit.
  14. This game has come at an unfortunate time with us being at Old Trafford on Saturday. For me we may as well go strong as Old Trafford will undoubtably be yet another dodgy defeat most likely down to the very predictable dodgy penalty & or sending off which we get against us every time we play them. Especially as it's on the back of Rondildo being denied 3 penno's for his Tom Daley esque diving performance against West Ham. No doubt Mike Dean will be under FA orders to make amends against us as he always does when they wheel him out when we play them or Liverpool. Very odd isn't it how Ronaldo blatantly dives 3 times & gets no card at all & yet when we play them Ollie Watkins gets contact & goes down ONCE and gets sent off for it... & that's on top of the dodgy penalty they always get against us... No coincidence either that Man City & Arsenal both had penalties against them at the weekend & VAR overturns both. The scummy 6 really are protected are they not... Oh & West ham should have had a penalty too but of course being against Manure it wasn't given. I make that 3 game changing decisions for the Scummy 6 in one weekend alone.
  15. Great result and a stunning 20 minute performance surrounded by a solid performance. Was delighted with Mings, Bailey & Cash in particular and impressed with Luiz, Nakamba, Konsa (Although i did not spot his foul on their player) & Tuanzebe. I felt Watkins Ings & Ramsey were decent too but all have played better. One thing needs improving however though & that's Targetts play in the opposition half. I lost count of the amount of times he wasted really good posession. Crossing was abysmal and most of our moves up until he went off came to an end when he got on the ball.. Sorry but he was poor in my view. No surprise we suddenly clicked when he went off as he was the weak link.
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