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  1. It is getting worrying now, all these injuries just as we are due to play the one game on paper we have the biggest chance of 3 points from for the next 6 games! Newcastle will be very tough, they will be out to get one in for Bruce as will Clark. They keep picking up results too, won at Arsenal, won at West Ham Beat Man U etc. Must admit i am starting to get very concerned about the next half dozen games off the back of 3 straight losses too. We need at least 5 points from them in my opinion which would put us on 16 from 18 games but with a load of the toughest fixtures done.
  2. Still no news on Heatons injury?
  3. Wesley will come good, he is still young & will learn. He took one huge step up from the Belgian League to what is a very tough Premier League this season. Continued coaching and mixing with the Brazil squad & coaches will gradually strengthen his game of that i'm sure. However... I feel it was very unfair to expect him & Kienan to hold the fort this season. They are surely both back up/secondary strikers to the main man we for some reason didn't sign. I fear it could cost us dearly come the end of the season. Having said that & very bizarrely, scoring goals doesn't appear to be our issue. It appears to be the mental switch offs which happen resulting in late goals against. If it wasn't for that we would be very comfortable in the table at present. This for me is caused by a basic inability to keep hold of the ball & game management leading eventually to a mental pressure overload and thus basic mistakes creep in.
  4. From what i've seen we have a major issue with ball retention too. I've lost count of the times we win the ball and just play it straight back the the opposition in an unforced manner in the space between the 18 yard line & half way line in our own half of the pitch... It happens game in, game out repeatedly and eventually wears the defenders out. Can't quite put my finger on why we keep doing it either it's odd but almost every player on the pitch is guilty of it. It happens around 5 to 10 times a game and scares & frustrates the life out of me when i'm there. Not sure what the answer is mind or if it's just something which is happening due to the way we're set up? Or maybe just poor quality players. I watched Liverpool and they barely did that once unless it was forced. Grealish also does this a heck of a lot when in possession just outside their penalty area, he does some sweet moves and then more often than not a lame pass to nobody or a cross which goes out for a goal kick or throw in follows.... So frustrating! This i do partly put down to us needing a new striker in Jan as it's as though he is waiting for someone to make a decent run for a pass but nobody (Wesley) does and in the end he either loses it or plays to nobody as there is simply nothing on! So for me YES!! we do need a striker in Jan urgently. Someone who will be on the same wavelength as Grealish who is a bit more crafty than Wesley and knows where the net is. Maupay would have been ideal for me. but that ship has sailed. We need someone in the mold of Aguero, Kane or Salah, a Vardy or whatever. Easier said than done of course but we are seriously lacking a poacher. Go find one Dean it will likely make or break us.
  5. We cannot underestimate Watford, they have actually been playing very well just not quite getting the results from what i've heard. A very dangerous team and Deeney the Bluenose who hates us coming back from injury will likely make all the difference to them.
  6. Goddam it! I only came on here to check the final score as i thought this game was finished by now as it was an early KO ...........UGH! Now another 45 mins of misery awaiting the inevitable .
  7. I remember going to an away game at West Ham and a certain Brendan Ormsby scoring a worldy to win it in the last minute! What a goal it was!
  8. A typical smarmy Scouse win when i felt we deserved a result. I did think it was our bench which let us down today. We were coping with them until they brought on the late reinforcements and we brought on 3 players all of whom worsened us by quite some margin. The first eleven though deserved the win, the poor quality subs killed us and the more i see us the more i think this is why we keep throwing away all the good work.... Basically when you get past the 1st eleven we are weak. Kodija just did not have any impact whatsoever and any hold up play vanished allowing them to lay siege. Elmohamady weakened us at the back & even Hourihane was no match for Luiz. That's what lost us the game i feel as it was on a tightrope and their subs v our subs made a huge difference. Their fans were very poor, no doubt upset at the thought they wouldn't be able to have their normal gloating session..... until they scored of course. As for Mane? The blokes a disgrace!.. Diving cheat, but then the scousers always have had a soft spot for cheats have they not. The Ref greased the tracks for them... increasingly so as the game went on which of course was very predictable because they were at risk of losing. Baffled me how when we scored VAR took an absolute age to confirm the goal and yet on both of there's there was barely a moments pause taken to check them. At least Goal difference only took a -4 hit over the last two games which i guess is something.
  9. Most boringly obvious result ever.. Another incoming next week so buckle up and grit yer teeth. Was surprised it was only 3 - 0 to be quite honest as we give away so many chances in games. We are nowhere near competing with the like of City & Liverpoo at the moment. As for VAR?... well it's clearly rigged... unsurprisingly Or are we still supposed to swallow those "it all balances out over the season" type excuses.... which incidentally nobody actually ever checks. So i'll start: So far this season....... VAR & Villa Decisions for 0 Decisions against 8 (at least half of which have been shown to have been wrong decisions with others debatable at best) That will take some turn around to "Balance out" already & we're only in October.
  10. I think part of the problem is they seem to freeze frame incidents and make a judgement on a slow mo or frozen image which can miss vital pieces of the evidence so to speak. For example freeze frame Wesley's arm across the Brighton keepers face and it looks like a free kick. What it misses however is that their keeper effectively jumped & arrived after Wesley's arm (which he had used to fairly gain momentum for his leap with no foul being committed in the process) was already there & so the keeper basically jumped into his arm as he arrived too late. At best that is a subjective decision though in reality no foul & yet the freeze frame image discounts all the key points in the incident and makes it look like a foul. I cannot find anyway of understanding why that would result in an overrule of the on field decision. Maybe the VAR ref just wanted to feel important or something. It's a total mess.
  11. Was at the game again today, VAR is a disgrace quite frankly! To prevent ruining the game completely they either need to sort out the muppets who are in charge of it & clearly have no clue what they're doing or get rid of it. That is now incredibly the Eighth time this season we have fallen foul of it from what i've seen. 1. Spurs (a) we had a couple of incidents which went against us and were shown afterwards to have been incorrect. 2. Palace away disallowed goal which was proven to be incorrect on MOTD 3. Arsenal away.. where do you start?! The Hand ball incident (not given) & two of their players stood within 1m of our wall (one of them actually in the wall) at a free kick which should have been a disallowed goal for them but of course VAR don't intervene even though it's a clear & obvious error when a goal is scored. . 4. Norwich (a) Player stamped on our player.. not given. 5. Burnley (h) Goal disallowed for a ridiculous offside 6. Brighton (h) Goal incorrectly disallowed as at best the decision was objective yet they still disallow it. So we have in my eyes lost at least 4 points in that little lot because of VAR being incorrectly used. Oh & by the way ... unless you folks saw something i didn't, we have zero decisions in our favour! That is just downright suspicious if you ask me. I wonder how many bad VAR decisions Liverpool have had for & against? So to summise VAR & Villa For 0 Against 8 One can only say ....... That's Dodgy.
  12. 99.9% of the Liverpool top wearers i come into contact with are, much like the huge wave of Manure top wearers we had to endure for a couple of decades, nothing more than deluded hangers on who no doubt started supporting Liverpool when at school because they enjoy gloating and taking the mick out of genuine fans of their local clubs. I actually see that as a character weakness in all honesty. The genuine fans have been very easy targets in recent times of course especially here in the midlands. No doubt a new wave of the top wearing fake fans will surface from schools now along with a sudden wave of Man City top wearers. As with some posters above, I have no time for these people either as they appear to only like football because they enjoy belittling others. I don't mind a bit of banter with genuine fans of any club but those top wearers i have no time for.
  13. Typical Jack, lots of huffing & puffing with little end product. Lost count of how many times he gave the ball away today... I stopped counting at 7 in the first half alone/ He has real quality in possession but it's what he does with it when he passes or shoots which needs improvement.
  14. It's no doubt a controversial view i have but i am more & more convinced the Premier League is corrupt. I must admit when VAR was confirmed i did think to myself that i must be wrong as they would not allow VAR in otherwise as "Control" over results would be vanquished..... What i have seen thus far however has answered my questions as to how that "Control" would be retained.... The simple "Avoid making a decision" tactic! Must admit i didn't think of that as i thought it would make it too obvious but instead they just hide away and give ridiculous nonsensical arguments as required in an attempt to cover it up. Shame on them all. How you can disallow a goal for being offside by 1mm or whatever it was (Leicester v Spurs) and then ignore a blatant handball which should have been a penalty (Arsenal v us) and allow a goal to stand when there had been a clear & blatant breaking of one of the new rules by not one but two Arsenal players in the same game which should have resulted in the goal being disallowed and an indirect free kick to us is beyond me and it always but always happens against either the London clubs, Man U or Liverpool. ..... Coincidence? No doubt it will either be ignored or some lame pathetic nonsensical excuse will be made...again.
  15. It shows a lack of intelligence & confidence in their own ability in the team to me. We get a goal up and then stop doing the things which got us there. It happened twice against Arsenal. We show a real lack of nous in those situations. From DS comments post game it looks like he is saying the same thing too. If you sit back and try to defend a single goal lead against pretty much any Premier League team you are more often than not going to mess it up and being against 10 or 11 men is pretty irrelevant (See Spurs & Arsenal away both virtually identical defeats thrown away in exactly the same way) & when you are posing no threat going forwards and just trying to block holes as it means they will find a way through you at some point. We basically allowed them to do that by being clueless in possession and not threatening them nearly enough thus allowing them to push on against us and nullifying any numerical advantage we had. Shocking really for a Premier League team. Trouble now is you can only see confidence being even more shot after that nightmare on Saturday and we have that horrid nightmare back of knowing with this team no win is secure until the final whistle blows regardless of the score or any numerical advantage we have player wise.... Didn't we have that before when we had been relegated and it took Steve Bruce ages to turn it around?? I see no quick fix for this sadly Burnley will be licking their lips for Saturday.
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