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  1. gutted lads, thought we'd dodge this bullet
  2. Certainly think there are better options for cheaper abroad. 8m is a bit steep for him and we don't really need the type of player Cleverley is (Even Stevie Wonder can see we need an effective CAM and probably a striker on loan) so it's a bit strange if this happens. 8fuckingmillion!!!
  3. He gave his best for the club in the few games he did play, I hope he's happy about his move and moves his way up the leagues.
  4. Gutted, nothing else to say, just gutted.
  5. Really? I can. This is Lambert we're talking about. I hope he doesn't though. If we need it later then fair enough but the team's shape and potency with those top three is pretty established. Yes although we find it harder to break teams down at home, it will certainly be interested if the score is 0-0 with 30 minutes to go to throw kozak on in place of one of the midfield players. I think this is more likely than him starting tomorrow.
  6. It's a great read, Harry has gained a bit of respect in my mind for this.
  7. I agree with everyone who said we should've picked up a creative midfielder, before we signed anyone in the window I thought that would be a top priority. We just don't have what it takes to unlock a team we've pinned back. I want a dejan savicevic.
  8. briefly skimmed this thread on him: http://forzainterforums.com/showthread.php?11376-Zdravko-Kuzmanovic/page14 not exactly shining recommendations. I honestly think this is just b.s. speculation.
  9. Kiyotake looks great in that video (yeah I know it's a youtube vid). Am wondering whether he is really a playmaker though or an attacking mid, also wondering whether Westwood will become fulfil the playmaker role in the future, he is sort of filling it at the moment I guess.
  10. I like him but I wouldn't take him now, his best years are behind him and I really don't think we need what he can offer, not enough creativity. He's also on stupid money. Not happening imo.
  11. Looking at the team now, realistically if Lambert's plans come together I think we can finish 10th. I'd be really impressed with any higher than that. Praying for a season where I'm not bricking it towards the end of each game.
  12. Though we do have defensive problems I think we also need a creative midfielder because last year it was obvious we ran out of ideas quickly when the opposition sat deep.
  13. This has been one of our major problems over the past few years. Last season it was positively embarrassing, to the point that when Keane came in on loan he actually had to tell the players where to run. It's so basic as well. 'Pass and move, the fabric of the game' as Martin Tyler likes to repeat. We've been much better at it as a team this year, thank goodness, although there's still room for improvement. Couldn't agree more with this. It was so frustrating to watch when the team were static and no one was looking for the pass. I know we're a long way from this finished article but
  14. Everton have barely turned up to their game.
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