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  1. well, i think, in order to devote more time to writing and further study i'm going to have to pack it in here. it's been a a blast folks. y'all helped steer me through some tough times, especially the mcleish year, and that period when jedward were in eurovision. i joined up many moons ago in the pits of depression and now i'm embarking on a dissertation. how life moves on. i've said some daft things, some would say many, and some damn fine stuff if i say so myself. it's strange, really, how a forum can play a role in one's life, sometimes quite a big one, especially when life hits and you need to find a place to just put it into words, only to have someone type DHUTWU in return. thanks for the music, the book and film recommendations, and most importantly for many, many good laughs. enjoy your lives VTers, i hope they are long and wonderful and full of joy!
  2. got into trouble with the FA a while back for it.
  3. why is morrison even rated he's done the best part of **** all his entire career. he's a homophobic wee shite and i would be really, really let down in the club if we went near him.
  4. I reckon he's done for good the moment his tax returns are made public, and I'm sure the Dems will bang on about his reluctance to make them public. Whatever he is hiding (rumours of links to Russia, but I think he's just not as rich as he says he is) must be tasty.
  5. I definitely trust bookmakers' opinions definitely definitely does anyone have any gambling sites to advertise i'm definitely a fan of them definitely give me some more odds i definitely never hear enough of them on sky sports or talkshite or bt sport or anything really it's amazing how low key they are just a sign of their trustworthiness definitely
  6. I'm not sure how that constitutes 'defending' Lerner, but OK.
  7. I think if Lerner were still in charge this preseason would have gone much the same up to this point tbh.
  8. the confessions thread was great but it got a bit dark when someone started to, er, incriminate themselves IIRC
  9. Yes, this is certainly when he should be investing and quelling the anxious fans and getting the gosh darn evil media off his back.
  10. He's far too prone to mistakes for my liking. I won't be fussed if he leaves.
  11. Ravel Morrison can **** off and spread his particular brand of poison somewhere else, thank you very much.
  12. None! Haven't played it since 2010, before it got all fiddly.
  13. on topic is overrun with suspected brexiteers. time to hideout in the relative calms of off topic.
  14. Few gambles: Defence! Robertson for Hull, though less certain about this one with Zola in charge now. Chambers for Arsenal as I think it's his year with Mertesacker aging and Gabriel being decidedly meh. Stones in the hope that he moves to Citeh as they will have a lot of clean sheets. Midfield! Gudmundsson, assist machine for Burnley. Hojbjerg, pure gamble. Torn between him and Fischer. Feghouli. Good player in a good attacking team. Attack! Rhodes. Torn between him and Negredo. Think Middlesbrough will have a good season and those strikers will be the key to their success. Just depends on how well Rhodes adapts.
  15. Lerner, even with his faults, at least left us with a reputation as a sound and fair club to do business with. That has a value all of its own, and something I don't want trashed by some easily rattled baby. This kind of behavior is weak. Being unable to take criticism is weak. I don't buy this Trumpian notion that attacking people is fair game because it shows you are strong. In truth it is the opposite. And if I hear one more numpty complain about political correctness... christ above.
  16. in the future news footage of this olympics will open documentaries about the beginning of the zombie apocalypse
  17. Totally embarrassing way for an owner of any business, never mind a football club, to behave. Holloway gets paid to watch the championship and give his opinion. If you don't like it, so be it. There really is no need to attack the man for stating his opinion. That said, he is a bit of a tit. Nothing to do with his assessment, which I can't really disagree with at this stage. He just is a bit of a tit, really. Fortunately, this is a football forum and I'm not the public face of Aston Villa... yet
  18. The Recon Group clearly have grand ambitions, all of which will be down the pan if we don't get PL status any time soon.
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