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  1. Got the Moto G myself the 4G version. Got what I think is a good deal. Paid £60 for the handset and got a 1 year contract on EE 4gb of 4g data unlimited text and calls at £20 a mmonth can't complain.
  2. She got a right pair of BJ lips
  3. Been vaping since September, not touched a cig since.... Back in September I played in a Jody craddocks charity match when still on the cigs I lasted 5 mins before getting out of breath and giving up.....now since vaping I'm playing footy 3 times a week and not getting tired and saved alot of £££ I'm weaning myself off the vaping now ...I'm all for them
  4. Last day at my current job tomorrow roll on 3.15. Monday new job better prospects and better pay
  5. Shocking ref some decisions not given
  6. You can play it now. Even 2 weeks early, they still won't ban you. Oh right I've always been cautious on playing before release. I'm enjoying playing rayman legends atm too.
  7. I've got the game already. My Xbox is flashed but waiting till official release date to play it. Can't wait.
  8. The woman in the coral advert would deffo get it
  9. My last week has cheered me up. I managed to get my first car, it's only a old Pequot 106 but a old lady owned it and its just done 40,000 miles and is in very good nick. Then a few days ago I got offered a better job with better career opportunities and better salary. Been working in a factory earning crap money and it was a dead end job last 4 years.
  10. I haven't listened to radio 1 since Moyes left. I quite enjoyed listening to him and also he hardly played music which suited me as 97% of the music is utter shite.
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