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  1. Yeah, they'll turn on him pretty soon I feel. I'm not sure how many suitable candidates want the Spurs job though?
  2. Not sure we're allowed to talk about what allegedly happened in the US...
  3. I was shocked in the bum wiping thread in OT just how many people stood up to wipe their arse.
  4. It would have been Peter Drury and Matt Holland. Drury in particular said that he always considers it a privilege to come to Villa Park as it's the "embodiment of what English football should be about".
  5. Last season I think we notched quite a few of our goals in the first half - in fact quite early in the fist half - and conceded a few after the break. How often we needed to take advantage of our early pressure as we knew it would come back to bite us? Yesterday was an example of us finally being able to go up through the gears. Many times in the recent past, we've kept a first-half 0-0 with a better team only for them to crank it up a notch in the second. That's exactly what we did yesterday.
  6. Ings is just a really good player and I hope he gets a few more chances in the next game. Marv did well when he came on.
  7. Deano has just said they didn't change formation. Targett found himself playing high up the pitch and he decided to swap him out with Bailey.
  8. Same if trying to do an international order with Lids, another Fanatics company. Absolute dogshit.
  9. What!?! They sent Ben Mee to Brugge too. Oh no! Reminds me of this...
  10. Perhaps similarly, Axel thought that Lukaku would shoot on his preferred left from having played with him.
  11. Getting a fair bit of stick on Twitter from their lovely plastic fanbase. Sorry Tom, not sure why it quoted you.
  12. Palace looking decent but without that final delivery. Had no idea Gallagher and Edouarde are with them this season.
  13. What are the sizes on hoodies and sweatshirts like? Normal, or still best to pick a size above?
  14. I love the way Bertie finishes!
  15. The Merc was the most modern feeling of all the 80's / 90's mobils. The S Class chassis and tech was way ahead of anything in its day, and that V8 engine was smooth and had grunt. I think the W126 is only going to appreciate in value, similar to the R107 and 90's SL models. That 996 in C4S and Turbo wide body looked great in white, silver, black and yellow IMO.
  16. Apologies to the vast majority who probably couldn't give a shit.... but here goes: Bentley Continental GT W12. Still here, although mainly used by the other half. F150 5.0 Roush. Most used car, and will run this until it breaks. Alpina B10 3.5, 1985 E28. Sold now. Ended up back in Germany and spent some time at Tyrell's Workshop I believe. No. 12 / 77. Was a great car. Merc 560 SEC, 1989. Just great, but also sold now. 996 C4S. Sold, and regret selling. To my mind, a great 911 that really grew into it's looks. Jaguar XJR 2005 Supercharged. Spent more time in the workshop than on the road, but I still miss this car. Tried to buy it back, but it was knackered when I went to see it. FIAT Barchetta, 1995. Still have this, and looking forward to razzing around in it again when it cools down in the winter.
  17. I can readily say that in comparison to my old 996 C4S, the 928 needs a lot more TLC. However, I'm a sucker for pop-up headlights.
  18. Thanks mate. Sure, I'll dig out some pics and post them in here shortly.
  19. With that in mind, I took some pics of the 928 around town recently...
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