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  1. Said it during pre-season and I'm still saying it now. We didn't need a Danny Ings despite how good he is, he can't play with Watkins and it's going to damage his development and our style of play when we try and cram them into a team together. No point having two good strikers on the pitch when we can't then get our creative players on and create chances. Once Bailey/Traore are back one of them has to be benched.
  2. It is but can you aren't getting to the top with that approach to the game IMO and Arsenal have spent 50m mostly on his potential. Imagine an Arsenal coach telling him to go home and study old great defenders like Terry, Vidic etc "Oh, nah mate sorry, I don't watch football in my spare time".
  3. I'd like to say that was a nice 2 week break but it wasn't. Haven't looked at FPL but International football is dreadful as always, why do we have 3 breaks at the start of the season? Got another one next month, get in the bin! I saw there's a lot of injuries and hacking though. I haven't changed my FPL password since 2006, might have to look into that.
  4. Ben White has said he doesn't watch football. I wouldn't sign a guy for 50m if he didn't watch football, might be own my own but I think that's pretty bad.
  5. These guys have had strict diets and trained their entire adult life, don't blame him for blowing out for a while.
  6. England have one of the best teams in the world and Hungary are probably a championship level team at best. You could draw names out of a hat for each position and they should still beat these lot. He will be back to his 7 defenders as soon as anyone remotely decent turns up to play them.
  7. Spent 100m on one of the worlds best left sided forwards to play him as a 8 or a false 9. Brilliant stuff. Already had some of the creativity taken out of him, played almost every minute in the league and created 1 big chance, 1 assist, 1 goal (that hit him and went in). Funny though, his stats miles down compared to Villa and straight into the England team. Sad to see.
  8. It wouldn't because the front 3 press, you don't need to fly the CMs forward like we have been doing. I'd prefer to just go back to a 4-2-3-1 and actually get Buendia and the wingers we paid 20-30m for into the team.
  9. If we want to continue with this high press/wing back system and also get our more creative players in there then we need to go to 3-4-3. Axel - Konsa - Mings Cash - McGinn - Luiz - Targett Buendia - Watkins - Bailey Can put Traore/Ings in for Bailey and or shift Watkins wide (I don't like that though).
  10. Usually good against teams like Burnley, Palace, Newcastle but if he's isolated against pace he's getting done and that's what happened. Shouldn't have been so easy to cut through us and leave our CBs exposed mind.
  11. Green arrow with 28 points. Salah won't help me but a Jota hat trick will, lets go!
  12. Yep. Ings a great player but just don't understand the signing. If we swap formation he has to bench one of them (No, Watkins can't play out wide).
  13. I think our squad would always have been a lot better. Watkins, Grealish, Buendia, Traore with likely one of Ings/Bailey would have been good. We didn't actually spend any money on the squad this summer.
  14. Can't do it against a team from the 6th ranked league in Europe. Poor.
  15. Don't forget Scott Carson is on the bench!
  16. Is that much different for what AWB got sent off for?
  17. I didn't think of anything of it at the time, just find it a bit surprising the issue seems to have totally gone away as soon as he's joined Man City.
  18. Don't think anyone thinks that, I hope not anyway. At best we'd maybe sneak into a CL spot somehow over the next 5-7 seasons if he stayed with us but we'd be smashed out of it pretty quickly.
  19. I also think its very hard to shine for Man City, they are all quality players but they are such a system team.
  20. I don't but Smith said often 'We have to go off how Jack is feeling' and a lot of people were saying 100m is good for a guy with dodgy shins when we have to use him at every opportunity. I thought Man City might not mind if he's got a slight issue with his shins and needs to have a rest because they do that a lot anyway but it's interesting how he's been rolled out every single game, they don't seem concerned considering he was icing his shins only a few week prior to the start of the season when getting a 60 min run out for England.
  21. His shins don't seem to be having any issues. Funny that.
  22. EO 120% Salah, 160% Ronaldo, 98% Antonio.. I can't really complain but it's annoying me. Lot of content creators on Twitter etc now and it's such an easy game to just copy someone, which I think a lot of people are doing. Rotation of City and Chelsea has changed the dynamic of the game a bit too much and everyone is locked into a fairly template team. Chelsea are yet to concede from open play and the ownership on their defenders are shockingly low, purely due to rotation. I think that kind of sucks, maybe they need to increase the budget and make the bench bigger.
  23. I also did Benrahma to Raph. Benched Coufal and played Gilmour on the off chance he pops up with a return. Too many clashes with that West Ham v Utd game so all hammers not in my 11. Captain Salah. Praying Torres starts for City but that is also a risk. Torres, Coufal, Shaw, Amartey, Toney all need to go in my team but won't use a WC because they are very much fringe players and I don't need to change the core.
  24. Yeh I don't love the Wolves option but its a nice cheap 4.5m (ish) set and forget for 5-6 weeks with their fixtures.
  25. I'm surprised how many wildcards still have Shaw. I want rid asap and will bring him back when I wildcard around GW 14. I'll be taking him out for a Wolves defender if I get the chance, few other issues to fix first though for me.
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