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  1. ENjoying this so far but cant work out how to move items and upgrades between inventory slots, I know X (on the PC) transfers them between suit and ship, but apparently if you have related upgrades next to each other in the grid they boost each other more? Now I have built them I cant seem to move them, will I need to destroy then reconstruct them?
  2. He can sod off, but then again I dont blame him
  3. He has always looked like a red card waiting to happen, mostly in a good way up until Tuesday though in that he didnt actually get one.....
  4. Just seen him interviewed on SSN, business bullshit bingo. What a tit.
  5. I think keiran Richardson just gave the worst performance I have ever seen in a villa shirt Surely we have someone from the youth team who would do better than this clown?
  6. Truly truly horrific, purely because it would mean that Kieron Richardson would now be our first choice left back
  7. Excellent point, earned our luck It funny how good we looked without Lescott Richardson and Gestede in the starting lineup isnt it Tim?
  8. Already look 1000% better than any time in the last six months, the Scottish cafu is great when he plays like this!
  9. The scottish Cafu looks our best player again RIchardson is dogshit
  10. Lol I hope Remie bought a return ticket
  11. Embarrassing team selection, kmac out....
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