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  1. KSV

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    well Unibet are still sponsoring the training tops..so maybe there is two separate deals?
  2. KSV


    I can see Stoke coming back for Whelan.
  3. KSV

    James Chester

    10 million wont make or break our financial issues. Worth keeping at all costs. Grealish i can understand. 40 million will make a drastic difference. Talk that Adama will goto Chelsea (which we have a sell on clause and Boro want to buy Adomah. I am sure we can raise enough sales without Chesterl eaving.
  4. KSV

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce experience will help next season.. with the young lads.. but my fear he will just sign some pls cheap players instead. If he plays our youth I'd be happy he stays... But I dont think he would. I'd get Terry in as manager. Make sure if we get Chelsea in the cup he doesn't walk out on us in that match!
  5. KSV

    James Chester

    He's not on the highest wage. He will be our skipper. He is the heart of the defense. We will have huge problems at the back. He and grealish must be kept if we have any aspiration next season. Sell the rest. I don't care. We can't afford to let him go. Save the wages elsewhere.
  6. KSV

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    (4-3-3 Sarkic; Bree, Suliman, Bedeau, Clark; Lyden, Doyle-Hayes; Green, Clarke, O’Hare; Hepburn-Murphy, So is this our best under 23 side? If that side were forced to start the Championship.. we would be in a bit of bother. Where are the weak links. To me with the players we have and what we would need to compete: Steer in goal for Sarkic. Chester MUST remain. If not we need two CB's. Suliman can be the back up CB. Really need a new left back. Try and sell Taylor if possible. Id like to see Lyden Bikir and Grealish (Hourihane if we have to sell Jack) in midfield. Sell Mile and Whelan if we can. Adomah to come in for Clarke. It really does depend who we can sell and who we can afford to keep. Realistic line up. Steer, Bree, Chester, Tuanzebe, (Loan LB), Lyden, Bjarnason, O'Hare, Green, Adomah, Hepburn Murphy. A few loans, free signings. to push a few kids to the bench.. otherwise we wont win too many. Big big job. I think we need to keep Bruce. We need him to wheel and deal here.
  7. KSV


    call me crazy but im kind of excited to see our kids play together (who already have combinations) sprinkled with a bit of experience players like Whelan Chester Hourihane if we can keep them. We need to sell Jedinak Kodjia and Lansbury who are on massive wages and didnt play more than 20 games last season. Then somehow get rid of Richards McCormack Tshibola.
  8. KSV

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Hopefully thats the end of the big wages.. players come here and collect their big wages and dont give a shit. Terry changed that a little this season.. but still too many players at this club not earning their keep.
  9. KSV

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Surely someone will gamble on McCormack? WBA? fee can be as low as 2-3 million just to get his wages off our books. Hogan still has some use.. hes still young. If we play the right way.
  10. KSV

    Tony Xia

    Not looking good for Dr. I think he thought we would be promoted by now. He thought we would be competing with europeans finest within 5-10 years. His silence is concerning me. Normally he would debunk a bad rumour on twitter quite quickly. Calling them Jerknalists. Now about himself selling the club... hes deadly silent?
  11. KSV

    New Manager Speculation

    Mellberg may get the Malmo job. Id love him it if he became our manager one day and brought in Laursen as his assistant. At least we would have passion for the club.
  12. KSV

    Villa and FFP

    thats when we start selling our best player from that season.. RHM or whoever breaks through. We are on our way to being a small feeder club. Sad. I think selling Grealish is our best hope whilst we still have some good players around. May give us a chance to buy a few or get a few in on loan as well to help them.
  13. KSV

    Micah Richards

    Apparently hes good with the young lads. As said above. Just give him a coaching gig and force him to retire to free up funds.
  14. KSV

    Villa and FFP

    Doesnt he have any mates in the Chinese football league. They can buy Grealish for 40 million. Loan him out to us. Then we can pay 15 million the year after and get him back. Tony can build them some houses or whatever he does over there
  15. KSV

    Villa and FFP

    Good effort mate. Only problem i see.. we will need to buy 5-6 players + there wages as well. So may bring us under 40M again. Hopefully we rename the ground to make up for our 'spending spree' to replace the players we released/sold.