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  1. KSV

    André Moreira

    So if a keeper saves a shot back into play.. and it gets cleared by a defender before the opposition.. that's not a stop? Think your being harsh. It wasn't a clean stop as such but he did enough to put the striker off. Its a 1 on 1 chance.. a bit different comparing a shot that was badly fumbled. Most 1 on 1's you would back the striker. Like I said he could have easily brought him down.. gave away a pen and a straight red. He stayed big and put the striker off.
  2. KSV

    André Moreira

    But he stopped it.. a lot of other keepers could have given a penalty away rushing out or got rounded. He stood his ground.. made himself big and stopped the striker legally. Yes a defender had to help out but thats what its all about. He delayed the striker until help came in. I saw some bad signs in his game but for me that was not one. Penalty save - lets face it.. that was a pretty shit shot.. but at least he went the right way. I hate when keepers guess/dive early and give them an easy goal. The chip kick that went to their striker was awful.. but miskicks can happen. Lets see if it continues to occur. I thought his kicking was quite good until he lost a bit of confidence and it got worse as the game went on. One cross he flapped at was a bit of a concern too. Mixed bag from me. Looks like a good shot stopper. He is still only 22 in a new country etc.. i wish people just gave our players more chances than they get.
  3. KSV

    Axel Tuanzebe

    Man Utd will always buy better CB's than Tuanzebe. He will inevitably leave the club to get games. Especially as hes established at a young age. We could have a chance if we got promoted. Anyway.. must start at CB with Chester from now on. Mile and Elphick have shown they are not good enough. In fact.. a back four of De Laet Chester Tuanzebe Hutton is quite strong and has lots of speed. Picks itself imo.
  4. KSV

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    Harsh on the youngster. He was shite but so was the whole team. He barely got given any decent ball and they took him off when Grealish came on. Looked quite sharp in the two games off the bench in the Championship. What we do know.. he cant play the lone striker on his own yet. I think hes more of a wide forward. Same with Kodjia actually.
  5. KSV

    Jonathan Kodjia

    We have no other choice at the moment. RHM showed hes not ready yet.. not in the way we play. Kodjia will come good again once he gets his swagger back
  6. KSV

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I was thinking Huth is still unsigned. No need for loan
  7. KSV

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    We still need a CB if Bruce doesnt trust Tuanzebe there. We cant go the rest of the season with Elphick and Mile. Suicidal. I am hoping once De Laet returns.. he can push Tuanzebe in. But if this was the case.. wouldnt he have played Elmo at RB and pushed Tuanzebe and played Adomah on the wing instead of Elmo. Tuanzebe doesnt seem to be an option for Bruce there just yet. Kid plays against Bayern but cant handle Wigan?
  8. KSV

    Birkir Bjarnason

    My point is.. he wouldnt have made that run in the 94th minute to score a winner. His record is irrelevant.
  9. KSV

    Ørjan Nyland

    Thought he was ok.. 1 cross he came to get he completely missed it... and by far. Terrible. Other than that.. wasnt really tested. Slightly concerned but lets see how he goes.
  10. KSV

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Wasn't his best game.. but hourihane and Bikir are always good for a goal. Decent finish too in a crowded box. Made a great run in. Credit where credit is due. If that was Whelan we wouldn't have won.
  11. KSV

    Isaac Success

    Forget if hes shit or not... hes a bad egg. Trouble maker.. At least he could keep RMC happy. Big no from me.
  12. KSV

    Gary Gardner

    him and his brother are poor excuse for villa fans. No villa fan in their right mind would sign for them. Would have went to QPR personally.
  13. KSV

    Axel Tuanzebe

    Man Utd fans say he can play CB and DM but not as a full back.
  14. KSV

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    was very much a reserve line up. Think the manager wanted to see the fringes in action. Wouldnt rule him out just yet.
  15. KSV

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    why not play Moreira though.. I think he had a year extension.