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  1. KSV

    Tyrone Mings

    At full strength he will be our left back Mings Axel Chester Elmo Even though Elmo had a horrid last few games. He was alot better at rb then Hutton is. He at least got like 5 assists this season. Other option is playing Chester or Axel at RB and Elphick starting.
  2. O'Hare Lyden Clark Clarke blackett Taylor all off contract after this season? I'm hoping now that the window is over we would be handing out new contracts. Other clubs usually make the kids sign extensions and then send them out on loan. We don't want to lose a few of them and come back to bite us. Even if they don't make it here we could sell a few here and there. Madness to let a few go who actually look decent.
  3. Let's not forget the guy doesn't speak a word of English. Hope he starts taking classes. Hard to move your family in January. Plus they rate him enough to want to keep him for their promotion push. Least we got him locked in as apparently he's a very good player.
  4. Grealish talent is there for all to see. Unfortunately he has come through at a time where we have had awful anti football managers and he basicatis still a raw talent who has never been coached. I can't think of a manager who has improved him. Yes he had a spell and in a way Bruce/Terry had an impact on his attitude and professionalism but has there been a manager who sits him down and tells him what he does right and weong and improve him as an indiviual. He seems self taught where as these tottwbokids for example get good coaching and learning have have improved much faster. I hope Dean Smith can teach Grealish when to attack.. where to attack.. where to be to receive the ball.. not to dwell on the ball too long.. move it quicker etc. If this happens... We will finally see the true potential of the lad.
  5. KSV

    Loan watch 2018/19

    Has JT just hung up the boots.. doesnt seem hes going anywhere
  6. nor the weekend or even the cup match last week. Hes been poor in the air. Maybe why Bruce doesnt fancy him at CB. But why on earth did we sign him to play at RB? Madness again from Bruce.
  7. KSV

    John Terry

    I dont know.. it is quite an over sight to think.. ok Chester Tuanzebe (kid on loan) are my only CB's available. Most managers will tell you that you need 4 at the club. So we are actually 2 down.. but Bruce considers Mile a CB now (sackable offence alone) Now Bruce is a smart guy.. hes a defender.. hes been managing for years.. there is no way in hell he was not going to bring in a CB. A few failed bids on the final day.. He has played our new owners. Well done Steve. Although it just might back fire on you when they hire JT to replace you.
  8. KSV


    We lack organisation. I think Terry is exactly what we need.
  9. Bunn for number 1. He would do a job..
  10. When's the circus known as Aston Villa going to end... Im eager to see who the new owners hire... We're going nowhere fast with Bruce.
  11. I agree but he is a target.. so my point was.. we know a few things are in the fire and im sure theres a back up.
  12. so if Kodjia is out will he start RHM upfront against Shefifeld. He will more likely play Adomah upfront and people will get on his back when we lose playing players out of position. He needs to back these kids.. not stick it to them when they dont perform.
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